Friday, 26 February 2010

What should have been asked on Question Time last night.

Following the disappointment which was the Question Time broadcast from Cardiff last night - without a single question put about the situation in Wales - the Druid has been pondering what questions should have been asked to a panel of Welsh politicians. Here are his suggestions:

  • Is Peter Hain correct to say Wales is a "wealthy country"? And is Rwanda the right country to be benchmarking ourselves against?
  • Why is it that despite spending more money per head on economic development than any other region in the UK, Wales still remains at or near the bottom of economic health indicators such as GVA, unemployment and business failures?
  • Wales used to be known as a nation of farmers. Why is it that the contribution of agriculture to the Welsh economy has declined by 68% over the past ten years compared to just a 7% decline elsewhere in the UK?
  • Is Plaid Cymru's election pledge to increase the state pension by 30% credible in the current economic climate - or is it just electioneering?
  • With even the Department of Energy and Climate Change predicting energy blackouts by 2015, should the Government have begun replacing Britain's ageing power stations, including the Wylfa reactor, earlier? 
  • Does the fact that the Welsh Assembly has announced yet another 'Economic Renewal Programme" with another round of consultations with businesses mean that all the billions spent to date have been wasted?
  • Is the deepest recession in 60 years the right time for the Welsh Assembly to spend time debating a referendum for more powers?

And finally, to replace the ridiculous John Terry question we had last night, I would suggest this alternative:

  • Was the Welsh Rugby Union right to drop Andy Powell from the squad for his antics after the Scotland match?

If you have any other suggestions for questions, the Druid would love to hear them...

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Anonymous said...

At last there is somebody in Wales that talks a bit sense, all questions asked on question time had nothing to do with Wales. Question time was more out to embarrass Nigel Farage !!!!
Well done the "Druid" expose them for what they are ???