Monday, 22 March 2010

++ Peter Rogers WILL stand in General Election ++

A little bird has informed the Druid that despite his recent surgery ex-Tory Independent Peter Rogers has now confirmed to family and friends that he WILL be standing in the General Election.


Anonymous said...

I think it would have been easier to bear if I had been more obviously imprisoned- locked in a cell, for instance. That kind of imprisonment clearly, defines a human bring's relationship to reality. There is no mistaking your situation: the cell is a world in itself, containing only your own imprisonment,never interlocking with the distant world of freedom. You can dream of the world if you have the time and inclination; however, if you don't think of it, it will not force itself on your notice of it's own accord. It is not always there before your eyes, tormenting you with reminders of the free life you have lost.
The reality of being a political prisoner in Wales is all the worse because it has the appearance of freedom. You can walk into the street and maintain the illusion of being in a perfectly normal Welsh town. However, the streets of the town and those streets alone end in walls. Walls built by the politicians of this Country to keep us in, and to stop us living a normal decent life in Wales.

Anonymous said...

The Anglesey 2 was supported by a very influencial Council Leader why didn't he support them all the way? Why did he ignore them once he was made Council Leader, because he was a fat greedy slob, who was only interested in his own gains! Why isn't he on trial?

Anonymous said...

1. We call on the Government of Anglesey to allow the Welsh Assembly to conduct an inquiry into human rights crime and crimes against humanity perpetrated during the first stages of the war between the Government of Anglesey and the Anglesey 2 and during the aftermath.

2. We call on the Government of Anglesey to release all documents relating to the human rights abuses against the Anglesey 2

3. We call on the Government of Anglesey to end the use of violence and deprevation and to apologise in public for the enforcement notice that was used as a weapon against the Anglesey 2.

4. We call on the Government of Anglesey to end the suppression of political dissent by violent or other means.

5. We call on the Government of Anglesey to fully implement human rights for all citizens of Anglesey and a political solution involving the full participation of the Welsh population, ending the systematic historical discriminatory measures of the Anglesey Government against the Anglesey 2.

Anonymous said...

Druid confirms his intimate links with the Rogers camp. Can we sure Druid isn't Peter Rogers?

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Anon - errr, actually the Druid confirms his intimate links with friends of friends & family of Peter Rogers. But then this is a small island - I could probably say the same of most of the candidates.

Anonymous said...

The life of a swill eating councillor is a delightful one, his generous snout in the trough, but there is no need for me to cultivate this malicious way of describing these fools, the people all feel the same, political life in Anglesey is on it's knees.

The people know who to blame for the mess, the fools we elected to represent us all, and then dragged this Island to the abyss. Having had our economy destroyed. our identity as a race, ravaged and raped, these fools expect us to respect them, for what?

The mish mash of political parties on this desolated island have all contributed to this mess, no party will agree with another, but at no time did they consider the result of their misusive power struggle to gain the upper hand on each rival party. The political mess is of their own making.

They were indifferent, they didn't care, and that's why, they are all facing extinction, we need one party and one leader to lead us out of this mess of biblical proportions.

The Labour fools and Plaid Cymru idiots have sold us all out, not one of them is willing to defend the rights of the Welsh People, sorry, residents of Anglesey, the only man willing to draw a line and say the future starts now, and it involves all of us, is, the champion of the people, Peter Rogers.

As, a footnote, the Anglesey 2 and Peter Rogers are all guilty, guilty of fighting to defend the rights of the people of Anglesey, without an ounce of help from any other political party, and for that Peter, we are grateful.

The Council and politicians seem to think that they are not accountable or responsible for their actions and decisions, be it another missing Enforcement Notice, not did they not have one for the Anglesey 2, but bragged and brawled their way around as if they had, now it turns out there's another Enforcement Notice that is being sent round the same circuit, to act unlawfully once is horrific, to do it again and think they can get away with it is unbelievably arrogant.

This is the way the Communist run their country, should we have to put up with the same? Or should we consider asking the other bunch of clowns in the Welsh Assembly to inquire into these facts, but how can we, when Ieuan Joskin Jones is there to block all attemts at democracy and have this Authority under the spotlight, he has tried umpteem times to block all attempts to have an inquiry into any wrongdoings in the Politburo in Llangefni.

Anonymous said...

A comparison.

The Council of Betrayal, commited an unlawful act, they were responsible for creating a political mess, where the victims would be hounded and humiliated, their property confiscated and destroyed, the efforts and pleas of the victims went unheeded. No one cared, no one bothered. The Chief Executive rubber stamped this ethnic cleansing, the victims assets were taken by the state, the prize was the elimination of the festering eyesore, a Welsh family business. Who cares, no one. No one ever does on this festering eyesore,this tinker's paradise, but who was dirtier, a lawful business or this filthy dirty Council who betrayed this family can walk away unpunished. Would you speak up for them Peter or do we have to wait for another Simon Weisenthal, to come along, and make the voices of the victims heard.

Would Ieuan and Albert care, they haven't done anything and I doubt they ever will. This festering sore was a welsh family home, a place of love, cartre, but, these criminals who destroy families and businesses, don't worry about that.
In one age, that family would had been separated, the males would had been separated from the wife and babies, the former would had been used as slave labour for the state, the latter would had been gassed. Ethnic cleansing against the jews and others in Nazi occupied Germany, the other is ethnic cleansing in occupied Anglesey.

I served my Queen and Country, I was a defender of the realm and this is what I fought for my country for, ethnic cleansing on my own doorstep.

It's not too late to ask for an inquiry, or do we have to wait for the abuse and horrors to diappear when the victims expire. Won't anyone listen, or do they want us all to face extinction.

Anonymous said...


Please explain where the Enforcement Notice is, and how do we get a copy on this site. The refererance is to An Enforcement Notice which was served on the Pritchard Brother's of Amlwch Port, trading as Glan Aber Cravan Park, now known as the Anglesey 2.

Angry of Anglesey.

Anonymous said...


If you cannot get one, then shouldn't the police and criminal prosecution services be advised and requested to investigate this unlawful practice of lying by a Government?

Anonymous said...

By trawling thorugh the internet you can gather a great deal of information, what is rightful what is lawful and what is unlawful.

Is interferring with property lawful?

Is the lie about an Enforcement Notice lawful or is it a perfectly normal unlawful practice to do such things, or maybe it's the Anglesey way.

Peter, have you taken a walk round the Council of Betrayal and asked for a copy of the Enforcement Notice? There's plenty of people working there and they don't issue a lot of them, I know there's two floating around Anglesey, one should have Pritchard Brothers, stamped on it, with a little sub heading.."festering eyesore, let's get rid of this Welsh Business", if you need to ask about the other one, he still lives on the Island and has been through hell.

But there again Peter, all I am is a small voice in the wilderness, asking questions about indifference and human rights.

By the way Peter, I do know one important fact, the Anglesey 2 are GUILTY, and are still GUILTY.

GUILTY, of fighting to defend the legal rights and Human Rights of the people of Anglesey.

I put my faith and trust in you, and others who are reading this blog will be putting their faith in you, to see if you are able to get a copy of the Enforcement Notice into the hands of the Anglesey 2.

You could always ask the Managing Director,he's on a nice fat wage, I'm certain he has got 5 minutes to spare to ask him to help you look for it.

You may need a torch, to search into the dark recesses of the Council Offices, mind you don't bump into meetings behind closed doors, you never know they may be trying to conjure up another Enforcement Notice, or a speciality like a highway objection against a non existant Highway Objection, it's amazing what goes on in the offices of the Council of Betrayal.

Mind you a good tip would be to ask the Chief Hot Dog seller, sorry, executive if it's worth looking at getting the boys in blue in, don't you think it smells a bit suspicious, claiming an Enforcement Notice was issued, and served, closing a business down unlawfully, then pretending that they nothing about it.

I'll put it this way, you passed your driving test, when you were young, and got a nice shiny driving licence, however, PC Arse, doesn't like you, he pulls you over, and asks you questions.
You being young, tell PC Arse, that you've passed your test and are allowed to drive.
PC Arse, who doesn't like to be told, grabs your licence and says " You won't be needing this again, you can't drive anymore" Does the Pc have the right to take your licence or was he acting unlawfully? Did the Council have the right to go round bragging and brawling that they had given the Anglesey 2 an Enforcement Notice or were they acting unlawfully?

32 years later the PC gives you your licence back, without an apology, a word of sorry, and you have spent the last 32 years trying to work out why?

very angry voter

Anonymous said...

We have been reading about the Anglesey 2, and the Real Welsh Nationalist Army demand an inquiry into the allegations of breaches of Human Rights against the Anglesey 2.

To not do so, is to condone the wrongdoers, the R.W.N.A, demand that that the Chief Executive of Anglesey County Council conducts an open inquiry into these allegations.

(i) An inquiry into the Human Rights Abuses against the Anglesey 2.

(ii) An inquiry into the allegations of Enforcement Notice being used to destroy a Welsh Anglesey Business, when none existed, and the Council knew this fact.

(iii) An inquiry into Crimes against Hmanity by Anglesey Council against the Anglesey 2.

(iv) An open inquiry, means open and public, no compromise, no surrender.

(v) Failing to meet the demands will deem that the Council has failed in it's obligations to the voter and tax payer of Anglesey and can be deemed no longer fit for purpose.

(vi) Failure to comply should result in the dismissal of the Chief Executive, for allowing these allegations to happen.

We don't breach Human Rights in Wales, The R.W.N.A., respect the Human Rights Act, the Country next door, is famous for abusing the Human Rights Act, one word waterboarding should quash any reponse from them.

Anonymous said...

We support the Anglesey 2 in taking back the rights that they had, that were taken from them unlawfully, if a thief takes your money and you take it back does that also make you a thief?

The people of Anglesey are watching this abuse of power case with new interest, how can a
Council go around saying there was an Enforcement Notive when THEY knew there wasn't one all along.

I suggest, Peter, that you contact people in the WELSH ASSEMBLY and inform them of your deep concerns about this matter and ask them if they will investigate, urgently.

I suggest that you do NOT contact Ieuan Joskin as he is too busy sorting out his now defunct airline.

Alberto is too busy wiping his snout and ignoring the Human Rights of the Welsh People, he knows the voters are angry, he has got enough on his plate, looking for another job.

Life is a storm Peter. You will bask in the sunlight one moment and be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes.

Tax Payer and voter.

Anonymous said...

All that is necessary for the truimph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke

Anonymous said...

We need to get at the truth, we need to get rid of the present regime, we need a Goverment that is open and truthful, we need a lot of things, and we need to take a leap over the abyss, where we all stand at the moment, and get to the other side.

While, these unresolved disputes keep going on and on, the Goverment in Llangefni will lose it's reputation and will fail. It is a sign of weakness by Plaid and Labour that this dispute has not been kept in the public eye.

We know of the culture that exists in Llangefni, but this shameful ugly episode involving the Anglesey 2 is an obscene episode. The revelations make horrific reading, there should had been an inquiry into this affair years ago, be it painful for the Council, at least they could had apologised and made good these abuses.
" It's for a Court to decide" they will defend, "What Court will defend the Council for the breaches of Human Rights" The taxpayer and the squabblers we call councillors will walk away with their hands held high, with the blood of this Welsh Family dripping from their tainted hands.

It's a disgrace episode in the traditions of a disgraceful dishonourable Council. May common sense prevail and let the inquiry begin. We had one for the Iraq War, why can't we have one here, we can call it the Pritchard Inquiry.

Peter, here's another task for you, ask the Chief Executive for the Welsh Assembly to organise an inquiry into this affair, or better still ask the Chief Executive to reign if he refuses.

Voter of Amlwch

Anonymous said...

Inquiry? should be a Criminal Court not an inquiry with no punishment, why does the Council and Councillors hold such resentment against getting at the truth, it's justice and rights that are stake here, the Council hanker after past mistakes, present problems, when they have no hope of dealing with the future.

It is essential that Peter gets in, speaks to the executives and demands an inquiry before the voters think that they are all collaborating to deny democracy and free speech.
A Welsh business has the same rights as an English Business.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, English businesses have more rights than Welsh ones, we have more rights, and whatever we want we take, it's your own fault for having a weak and ineffective Council.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against Mr Peter Rogers, but does the island need another independent?

Anonymous said...

An Independent voice is better than a Party that runs under it's own manifesto, a manifesto generated by greed, and taking advantage over the voter.

We had a great future, once, a future fit for the generations that were being raised on Anglesey, but what happened.

The first disaster to hit Anglesey was the exodus of the young, away from the island to go and work, these are the lost generations, they left in droves, and what replaced them, a new breed of incomers, from Manchester, Liverpool and England, who moved here, took away our homes, our jobs, and bastardise our race. We didn't ask them to come here, they were encouraged, while our people were ignored, the whole island bent over and let these migrants, take what they want, while our main parties sat on the fence and allowed it all to happen. If a Labour Government encouraged these migrants, then they were rewarded with their votes. We want an Independent Party to stop migration of the welsh home stealer, we need them to defend Welsh jobs for Welsh people, and we need an Independent party to stop Plaid and Labour ruining this island.

We blame this mess on those two parties, Plaid and Labour, they are the ones who let Anglesey Aluminium close, they are the ones who closed Octel, any reasonable man party would had offered insentives for them to stay, instead of wringing their hands in shame.

We need an Independent Party to give people direction, a way out of this mess, and into the future, good luck Peter, we need you, and we are all behind you.

Anonymous said...

i would like to know where Peter Rogers stands on nuclear power?