Friday, 9 April 2010

Our 0.893 of a vote

One person, one vote? Actually not on Anglesey - or indeed anywhere else. The reality is that depending on the constituency where we live, our vote does not necessarily have the same 'influence' as someone else's vote in another constituency. Based on the probability of the seat changing hands and its size, its possible to calculate how influence each vote actually has. Here's the result for voters on Anglesey:

0.893 doesn't sound a lot, but our votes apparently have 3.53 time more influence than the UK average:

We rank number 25 out of 650 constituencies apparently. Interestingly our new adjacent constituency of Arfon is the number 1! Who knew the Covvies have the most powerful votes in the UK...? You can check out how other constituencies compare on the Voter Power website.

In other news, Waleshome have just published their Ynys Mon constituency profile here. Its not entirely accurate but worth a read nevertheless.

And in the meantime think carefully how you are going to use your 0.893 of a vote!


Anonymous said...

So when can we expect you to come out in favour of Peter Rogers?

Anonymous said...

A lot of people support Peter Rogers for his honesty and integrity all attributes the other party fuhrers lack.
I don't mean it personally, but there is total resentment towards them, the only way forward is to make sure that every vote counts, never vote for the wasters again, the house flipping, the claims fiasco, the lack of trust that we have in Plaid Cymru and Labour,is something they are all aware of, it frightens them, our vote counts, to not only remove this party of parasites from power,but it's elimination from the family of Anglesey people. What seemed impossible two years ago, now gradually step-by- step is becoming a reality, the end of Ieuan Wyn jones and his private airline, the end of Albert, will see an Anglesey free of Traitors.

Anonymous said...

I note that you don't mention the Tories in your rant! There were as many Tory MPs as Labour caught in the expenses fiasco.

And as for Rogers integrity - he only walked out of the Tory party when they decided not to select him as a candidate. Some integrity!

Anonymous said...

A change in time and place is vitally important, it was his time to leave, and his time to do the right thing.

The ultimate inspiration and authority for a policy change and culture change on Anglesey is to vote for Peter Rogers, he is the only one who has proclaimed goals and refereed disputes, while the other fools have stood by wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth. A man of integrity.