Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow

Still away today, but fear not: normal service will be resumed tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Dear Druid.

I hope you had a nice break away from this desolate and desperate shit hole we call Anglesey, may I give you a tip, make sure all bloggers stick to the topic, and if they don't bin their postings, as well as being a fervent campaigner for openness and democracy, please ensure that you maintain the freedom of expression and stop the idiots from gagging the people, just as they did in the forum, one character there was a critic of the Council and his comments were slashed and cut to please the clowns in Llangefni.

Keep up the good work, keep the topics open and honest and remember we are all a small voice, all we want is the opportunity to be heard.

Human Rights, the biggest thorn in the Council's side, I know I hate them with a vengeance.

Huw Terry
Real Welsh Nationalists Army.

Anonymous said...

These comments are childish, David Bowles isn't that pretty I must admit, but, he does have a face only a mother could love.......
If I was that ugly I would teach my arse to speak..

Anonymous said...

There is no Justice, there is just us, the people of Anglesey..

stats man said...

To those who commented above - If you wish to see improvement, and see no answer in those who lead us today, why not put forward ideas of your own. I believe in your potential, I believe your thoughts matter. Why rely on others, why not take a positive step yourself. An honest debate about your concerns should not be avoided - your voice, your choice. Putting down others no matter how much it is deserved will not improve your world.

I can only hope you agree, it's really up to you prove that my confidence in you is justified.

Anonymous said...

How constructive and visionary. Anglesy is a 'desperate and desolate shit hole' (so why live/stay here?), and all this is down to the fact that the Messiah is apparently ugly (beauty is in the eye of the beholder mate, so post a picture of yourself here so that we can make a similar judgement on your probably even ugllier mug). I don't even think he has a beard - but this is Anglesey after all where a moustache can become a beard overnight and vice-versa! Commentators here should grow up or grow a beard!

The Great Councillini said...

Huw Terry,

Insightful observations, as always. is a sorry tale of interference in open expression in our supposed democracy. Criticism of the Town Council brought a letter demanding the removal of their own section on that forum, and several valid observations were indeed cut to shreds.

But it didn't stop there. When I criticised the Shell fund for investing in weapons, oil and sweatshops, the Treasurer - David Elis Williams - circulated a print-out of the entire discussion at a meeting of their investments committee. There was also a certain leaning towards being critical of those who had dared expressed their views on a public forum. Last week, David Elis Williams asserted that it was I who had passed on copies of his correspondence on Why would he be worried about circulating a public document obtained under FoIA? More importantly, how did he find out for sure that my name was associated with a username, and why did he want to know?

This place is run by petty people who cannot and think they will not tolerate views different from their own.

Anonymous said...

We opened a massive can of worms when we mentioned the Shell Fund, yet to date we have heard nothing....why..and don't tell us that there is a comittee looking after it, when it belongs to the people of AMLWCH.

Huw Terry
Real Welsh Nationalists Armt.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Comments made at 17:16 & 18:21 deleted.

The Great Councillini said...

Huw Terry

To be fair to the treasurer, he has sent me a lot of information about the trust. But there is a worrying trend of huge delays in filing legally required accounts to the charities commission. My highlighting this seems to be unwelcome, even though the commission had been writing to Bowles with their concerns since January. Last year the accounts were 450 odd days late. That's not the kind of responsibility they taught me at school.

An accountant on channel 4 said that a council awarding itself funds from a charitable trust was "highly unusual" but this is what the shell fund does every year, giving 300,000 to the Llangefni gallery per year. Nobody has asked any of us if the council should effectively give itself this amount to keep the gallery afloat. But dare to bring this kind of question to them, and you'll find a rapid move to self-congratulation and then to shooting the messenger.

My own view is that public interest in the trust is unwelcome and anyone making comments is targetted for mocking. Carry on boys. What you'll never silence is lawful and true comment on blogs like this. It might be a lot easier to see yourselves as serving us, not telling us how thongs are going be.

Anonymous said...

I always knew that the Shell Fund would end up with shit on it, either on me or them, the latter is the truth, when the Swimming pool in Amlwch was earmarked for closure I was the clown who mentioned the Shell Fund on the forum, I knew they were watching and reading my attacks, all I was genuinely interested in was where had the Shell Money gone?

There was only apathy, as usual, there was a bit of interest but that was quickly silenced by the people who still think that the Shell Fund is their "baby".

And, that is what has happened, the Shell Fund has been moved away from Amlwch, away from the people, and is now in the hands of tired old fogies, who declared that children should learn to swim in the sea, I always thought that the money should be used to improve the lives of the people, the needy, the not so fortunate, now I find that it is used to support the fortunate and the greedy.

Maybe, the Druid should open this can of worms and get at the truth, remembering that the truth and IOACC are strange bedfellows.