Friday, 11 June 2010

Last night's Executive Question Time

Unfortunately the Druid was prevented from attending last night's Executive Question Time due to family obligations, however two commenters report that it was very sparsely attended indeed:

"I hear 15 members of the public turned up and were massively outnumbered by the Exec. and staff...and 1 press rep.
I hear CMcG performed very well on his feet and came over as sincere and committed.
The others who spoke, likewise.
This team deserves support to succeed.
But the apathy of the public by their absence was conspicuous, I hear."


"Well, I turned up at Llangefni, half-expecting an angry mob, to find about 30 cars at 6:50pm (meeting started at 7pm). Five more cars turned up over the next five minutes, but about five left as the office cleaning staff finished for the night!
So, there were at least 10 cars belonging to the New Order executive, which leaves, erm, a mere handful of the public as attendees.
The last time the meetings had a poor turnout they called it a 'good turnout' and mentioned how incredibly cold it was. So, with a lovely warm summer's evening, they'll still call it a good turnout and say how very warm and sunny it was. It's the kind of logic we're all very used to here.
Personally? I left. They're not worthy of the extra legitimacy another person would add to their hopeless grouping. The people of Anglesey have clearly had enough and are treating the meetings with contempt."

If any other commenters attended the meeting please do post below a description of what happened.

Considering that both Anglesey and the Council itself are facing very dire straights, the meeting would no doubt have been better attended had the Council made more of an effort to publicise it beyond just announcing it on its website. The amount of comments this blog generates proves that low attendance is not due to voter apathy. The Executive should be praised for making themselves available in this way, but there is little point in carrying out these kinds of exercises if nobody attends...
UPDATE: The always well informed 'Dylan' did attend and reports on the goings on in the Chamber:

"I was surprised and disappointed that there were so few present in last night's meeting - 15 sounds about right.
The moderator is needed - she is independant of the council and the new board and is well able to press for answers if they are not forthcoming. It probably is costly to have her - but worth it if these meetings are to continue. And she was very fair last night in ensuring the public got to speak.
CM gave a very assured performance as did Social services portfolio holder. The others - Bob Parry and John Chortlon - had only been in their new posts for one day and could not be expected to be fluent on their topics. Both have the ability to grasp the details, however.
Very little detail emerged as to how the new group was put in place - though after some prodding by me about the 'informal' board we got to know that the WAG is happy with its being.
All in all a good meeting. "


Anonymous said...

From what I am told...the Meeting did not require or lend itself well to a Moderator, which was an overkill and waste of valuable time....excessive effusion from that source, I`m told...time could have been used more effectively by the Exec members explaining themselves.

Anonymous said...

They had a moderator, crikey....what for, what were they afraid of.....Paxman in the audience ???

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are afraid, of the people fighting back, and taking the Island away from the them, and who are them? the idiots who were there last night, trying to make good, the damage that has caused so much shame and chaos to this Island.

The majority aren't interested in this new Llais i Fon, they are only interested in surviving, getting on with broken lives and ruined ambitions, and for that there is no quick fix.
The dilemma that is emerging is this. The trust and respect for this Council has gone, this may sound distressing, but we cannot agree to any new way forward as an excuse to cover up all the dirty deeds that went on in the past. No trust, no respect, no more crap.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Blimey, that really is quite silly. I suppose there have been heated moments in the past, so it might be justified, so long as there was no censoring. But with 15 people there? A 10-Watt lightbulb would have been hotter!

Anonymous said...

For what its worth, we should be convinced that the more professional, mature, intelligent and committed (to recovery !) minds are now on this new Executive.....the alternatives would cause us nightmares !
By PR Person (not IACC).

Anonymous said...

"more professional, mature, intelligent and committed (to recovery !) minds are now on this new Executive"

Hmmm. Interesting choice of characteristics. I'm sure that, as a professional, intelligent, mature, omnipotent polymath, you will readily accept that you cannot know how all - or even any - people with such characteristics feel about the Executive. Can you?

Unless you read this blog, that is.

Anonymous said...

Politics and the new Llais i Fon will shrivel, as an activity, as a scource of status, as a way of ordering life that was respected or tusted. McGrgor will find no truly effective way to run the public services in Anglesey.
People are emigrating away because of a sense of hopelessness..nothing is ever done about the big problems like education, jobs and affordable homes for local people. There is a growing sense that Llais i Fon will never be able to deal with these problems.
Without a frank, unheated conversation between the rest of us and Llais i Fon, who have been sent out to meet the people, what hope for action on the problems I mentioned. It will require more frankness, less spin, and a more grown-up interest in the wishes of the people and less scandal.

Without a rebuilding of strong local structures, what hope for better-run schools, an dlocal councils. Without level-headed politics, how will the future shape of Anglesey if it continues, be negotiated.?

In the course of the politics of Anglesey, most Council Leaders have arrived eager and optimistic, found themselves in trouble of one kind or another, and left disappointed. Such is the nature of political life. But the rest of us need these optimistic politicians, the next leaders, the ones whom we'll laugh at and abuse. And we need them more than ever now. The threats facing Anglesey are large ones. But in the years since I have been born here, I count myself lucky, I'm fat, I'm in my 50's I've had a heart attack, and I've got a stress-loaded job, but, I'm still frantic about protecting democrarcy and Human Rights in Wales.

Anonymous said...

13.46 Wisdom indeed.
With committment like yours, Stand for the Council in 2012 !

Dyfed said...

I was surprised and disappointed that there were so few present in last night's meeting - 15 sounds about right.

The moderator is needed - she is independant of the council and the new board and is well able to press for answers if they are not forthcoming. It probably is costly to have her - but worth it if these meetings are to continue. And she was very fair last night in ensuring the public got to speak.

CM gave a very assured performance as did Social services portfolio holder. The others - Bob Parry and John Chortlon - had only been in their new posts for one day and could not be expected to be fluent on their topics. Both have the ability to grasp the details, however.

Very little detail emerged as to how the new group was put in place - though after some prodding by me about the 'informal' board we got to know that the WAG is happy with its being.

All in all a good meeting.

Anonymous said...

"Anglesey Maffia rule ok"

When Bowles came, we the public thought we would be getting rid of the dishonest lot who caused so much pain and anger. Instead, as usual, the dishonest lot get pardoned and are given even more power.

The WAG won`t take over, because the WAG advised the Council to appoint a troubleshooter and it has to look as if they made the right decision. Bowles`s reputation would be in tatters.

Its all about saving face and someones reputation at the publics expense.

Anonymous said...

To Dyfed - out of interest, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind, who was the moderator ?

Anonymous said...

From previous thread:
"What is Clive McGregor going to do, now the two main back stabbers on his cobbled up Executive, Hefin Thomas and John Chorlton, have been reported to the Ombudsman again?"

Is this true and what are the charges this time?

the ditherer said...

"Very little detail emerged as to how the new group was put in place - though after some prodding by me about the 'informal' board we got to know that the WAG is happy with its being."

Happy?? Are you joking?

I very much doubt this, in fact I would be astonisehd, as the Terms violate the basic principles of equality, rule of law, and openess.

Moreover it is full of logical absurdities, which suggests it was put together in much haste and panic. And if it was checked by the IOACC legal team, then it is even more worrying.

In fact it reads more like some edict from Stalin with references to denouncing individuals, both named and implied, as "enemies of the people and of the state"

No place for "subversives". Can you really (hand on heart) believe that WAG would want to be associated with a document that vilifies named individuals and calls people (in a democracy) who disagree "subversives".

DB and CMcG must really think Anglesey people are gullible if they expect them to accept this nonsense "decree".

I cannot believe WAG would publicly endorse this. Has anyone seen a press release or news item stating that WAG expressly endorses the Terms and the contents therein?

Anonymous said...

They sacked our "Falco" and gave us Velcro.

Dyfed said...

The moderator was Bethan Jones Parry - formerly a TV journalist and currently (I think) working for north wales police.

As for whether WAG are happy or not remains to be seen - but I doubt such a monumental move would have been undertaken before consulting with the recovery board. But maybe I'm being naive - or some are being way to cynical.

Anonymous said...

I think the choice of moderator was good, Bethan Jones Parry is a very capable and professional person, and yes the last time I heard she was working for North Wales Police.

Anonymous said...

Don't confuse "being way to cynical" with having a conscience and high standards.

The Great Councillini said...

"Don't confuse "being way to[o] cynical" with having a conscience and high standards"

Indeed. This is a common (deliberate) mistake made by many trying to defend the status quo.

As though they had to do so, nobody at the Council seems to have read, absorbed and put into practice the Nolan Principles. Google 'em, boys; you might learn something (or realise you're in the wrong game).

stats man said...

A point well made, everybody in public life should learn and adhere to the Nolan principles.

In brief they are Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership.

I think also that these are good principles for all of us to follow whatever we do.

As in be open about your objectives, be honest about who you are, and be accountable for your actions.

the grinder said...

16.54, 17.18:

which is I guess why WAG has not said anything about this latest initiative, because it falls on so many of the above listed principles, as well as on the foundational principles of equality, and the rule of law.

After all, all our freedoms are protected if laws apply equally to all.

Remember there is a difference between:

rule of law


rule by law.

Rule of law is when laws apply to everyone (the individual and senior local government officials) equally.

Rule by law is when a few (self-appointed rulers, dictators or some coercive authority) create laws, edicts or directives (or "Terms of Engagement") with the sole purpose of applying the said rules exclusively and arbitrarily to coerce and denounce specific individuals.

Not surprisingly, in IOACC DB and CMcG et al have invoked "rule BY law" and so this breaks the principles that guarantee our freedoms.

Nolan presupposes that the rule of law prevails, and so what DB and CmcG have done is in the "dark of night" quickly put together a piece of paper, which the Group Leaders signed, having little about them and with no regard for the rule of law and Nolan.

The prospect of power for its own sake blinded them to the lack of probity implicit in such an undertaking.

Can you imagine Cameron and Clegg, under the glare of the UK and world mainstream media, cobbling together a coalition agreement, which called on other MP's in the coaltion to denounce a couple of its MP's who let's say disagreed fundamentally with the document and the basis of the coalition?

No, I thought not..... Nor could I!

stats man said...

Let's make it clear first, I have already called for Ynys Môn Council to be merged with Gwynedd County Council.

But consider this and seeing that the world cup has started, what would Capello do if one of his squad was heard shouting "Gerrads crap an he knows he is" or "Rooney is a cheat and he knows he is" in front of the media ?

Anonymous said...

What would Capello do if he was told that Gerrard and Rooney were involved in Illegal Activities ? Probably report it to the police.

Anonymous said...

A message to Ieuan Wyn Jones.AM.

You stood on the side lines, watched, and did nothing. Now get your arse here and do something for Anglesey. Earn your bloody money for once and get rid of these cretins that have F..ked our Island before it far to late.

Remember you will need our vote next year,as it is, you've got no chance.

Anonymous said...

To anon 19:03 Can I suggest rather than relying on a good blog that if you have a complaint to make, that you write to Ieuan Wyn Jones directly.

Anonymous said...

18.26 stasi man:

wrong analogy, completely different context and "weak,weak,weak". try harder.


Ieuan Wyn Jones = not taking responsibility in an area under his brief as AM; weak, timid, ineffective, no influence, washed out, finished.

only thing that can posibly save him now is if John Chorlton stands for assembly.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that in the past there has been a tendency for Ieuan to regard himself as being a thing apart, an entity that only exists in it's own right and that he should perform his given functions regardless of the needs of the people of Anglesey, their activities, their complaints and disagreements, Ieuan sits back and enjoys being important, listening and laughing while the people hold back their tears, because he will never help them.
And who do I mean by them, I mean the victims of this Government and Council who for years have destroyed and carried out their own ideas and ways of controlling the lives of decent hard working families.
Llais i Fon was created to stem the flow of complaints and bad feeling that has encouraged political neutrality, the whole way of life in Anglesey has changed, politicans we resent now hold executive portfolios, the same politicians who for years have sat back and listened to " moaners" like me complain to them about wrongs and bad behaviour, but have sat on their hands and done nothing.
Ieuan is a classic example of lack of interest when it comes to complaints, he is the only one who has constantly spun his way out of the mire, and makes the complainant " go away".

The whole sustained criticsm and vilifiaction of Ieuan and the political mess of IOACC, has managed to demoralise the people, because the truth is always the same, no trust, no respect for the people by Ieuan and IOACC, and we are constantly being reminded by how well IOACC is doing, when the reality is, we are in the same state as we were 20 years ago, we have moved nowhere, while Ieuan, has done nothing, his contribution to this mess, was allowing him to represent us in Cardfiff, when in reality we should had got rid of him. He knows what has gone on for years, and his employers in Cardiff, are aware, and together they are all trying to silence the "moaners", and supporting Llais I Fon, and discredit the people who have suffered for years.
Ieuan Wyn Jones, should call for an enquiry into the years of abuse by IOACC against the minority who have had their lives destroyed by politicians who now call them executives of Llais I Fon.

Huw Terry

stats man said...

To anon 19:43 A good and valid point, have you not read all of my comments ?.

As for Cllr John Charlton, I'm afraid he'd fall out with his own shadow (see recent Holyhead Mail and report about new mayor ((if you can call JV Owen new))

He's a good councillor, but not sure about AM, but surely following your argument his best place is where he is at the moment?

Not that I would vote for him, sorry

Anonymous said...

To Huw Terry

Can you recommend someone we should vote for at the next assembly election. And what should we do to improve the governance of Ynys Môn ?

forward said...

good point Stat man:

Previous thread 23.52
Brownos Envelopos:
"actually come to think of it, the tall, balding councillor who was supporting the Trearddur Bay developer may have been wearing a wig. though he didn't have a false moustache;)

also perhaps I was mistaken when I said he had a high pitched voice when he got agitated (can happen to us all :) "

Anonymous said...

This is music to my ears.. for years I have banged on about the political mess in Anglesey, Plaid Cymru under the existing order are wholly powerless, Labour are too busy shuttling around Anglesey pleading with Employers not to leave, but encouraging Part Time employers like supermarkets.. an absolute disaster, we don't like this idea at all.

Social housing is the most important issue, education and the introduction of mass employers into Anglesey.

The historical mess of North Wales is the giving away of our water, our Welsh Oil, particularly after the drowning of Tryweryn valley to create a reservoir for the people of Liverpool!
We would take this back, because it was taken away from us by an inacapable Government.

You need someone with spirit, someone untainted, you need someone who has suffered at the hands of corrupt politicians, someone who is willing to be counted, someone willing to fight and attack political apathy, you need someone to kick coffin dodgers into their graves, you need someone, who would kick the shit out of Bowles, you need someone who would rant all day until someone told him either to go away or to applaud him, because he is a patriot.

You need someone who would want to be wrapped in a red dragon flag when he died, you need someone with balls, you need a loud mouth, you need someone who would have an army behind him, to clean and disinfect this political mess, you would need someone like me, someone who cares, you need a new party, something like the Real Welsh Nationalists Party, a party for the people, NOT for the politicians.
And with regards to the present Governance of this Island, my party would have a majority and we would get rid of the politicans and the cronies who have betrayed us all, and who do I mean by us, I mean the past genereations, the present generations and the future generations of this Island.

People First, Anglesey First.

Huw Terry

Anonymous said...

Well said Huw Terry. I think most of us feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

All very interesting chaps, but pointless at this time...the die is cast.....if you want to it for the Elections !!

Anonymous said...

All very interesting chaps, but pointless at this time...the die is cast.....if you want to it for the Elections !!

cae serri sera said...


....and you need someone with credibility and who people can respect, don't you, old boy?

Anonymous said...

The Kinnocks all hate my outspoken views, the wasters in the offices all read my rants and laugh at my views, but the small voice is all that I am, no one listens, no one cares, the politicians we have at the moment don't care if we were extinct tomorrow, but I will always care, and no one will take that away from me.

Huw Terry

Anonymous said...

20.37 sounds awfully like a local DEVELOPER ??

stats man said...

To Huw Terry - why not you, why rely on others ?

Take Amlwch a place sadly neglected by politicians of all parties, what it needs is someone with a vision, and a belief in it's people, which together with help could make things better.

I don't think you have anything to fear, I think you have within you the means to an end, why rely on others.

Mae bobol Amlwch yn fawr ac cryf, dyma dy gyfle i wneud eu byd yn well.

Anonymous said...

20.34 Don`t be absurd old boy...Amlwch is Winston turf, wake up and smell the coffee !

Anonymous said...

Let the people decide, the older these old coffin dodging politicians get the more immature they get old boy.. are you a coffin dodger too??

Anonymous said...

20.48 The Winston majority is established and unassailable old boy......!

stats man said...

To Huw Terry

I for one am always interested in what you say, as you say it's your right. We may not agree on everything, but I think your views matter, and this is important to me - do not let anybody else tell you differently.

To return to my theme why rely on others, if you can do it yourself.

Anonymous said...

Of course they are, just as are the mine shafts in Parys Mountain well established, unassailable old boy..ideal for hiding wastes od skin. old boy...

Anonymous said...

Dear Druid, all the talk amongst the girls in the snug at Wellmans last night was about this “Welsh Assemble” thing mentioned again on your website.

We were all at a loss to know what this “Welsh Assemble” is. Can anyone help us, please?

Various suggestions by the girls included:

• A secret society dedicated to poor spelling in Wales,
• A little known, Welsh equivalent to the Magic Circle, and
• Some sort of ancient, druidic gathering at Bryn Celli Ddu – in which case we guess you’d know all about it, dear Druid!

Someone said that it may have been a misspelling of Welsh Assembly. If so, both Maggie Post and Bella suggested that the opinions expressed may be as sound as the spelling.

Lady Megan

Anonymous said...

20.56 Glad we are agreed on Winston`s majority then, dear boy.
Many thanks, chin chin !

Anonymous said...

20.58 Druid....exciting...the girls have appeared. We look forward to hearing the feminine view of political life, henceforth, on the Druid ?

stats man said...

Ideas for Amlwch

Open the railway line across the island, build a maritime museum and heritage centre (closing the one in Llangefni).

Consider how the port could be developed for sustainable fishing and processing.

Consider how the port could be developed as a viable support port for nearby wind farms

But most importantly establish a working party of local people to discuss means of developing
Amlwch (no politicians to attend)

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you and you will listen, you can't play politics with people's jobs, people's lives, people's futures, people's homes.

We need to change, never mind Llais i Fon, we need real change and we need to learn how to take back the things that were taken away from us by the political parties that have run this Island to the ground.

And that is why we call it the Council of Betrayal, because they betrayed the people of Anglesey.

If our Party was to be elected our first priority would be to cut all ties with the Welsh Assembly, their lack of interest, their lack of vision has led us all into the false sense and belief, that they would help us, when in reality they have ignored us, they listen to Bowles, but turn a deaf ear to the pleas of the suffering, our party would embarass the Welsh Assembly and we would accuse them of failing in their duty in protecting the legal and Human Rights of the people of Anglesey.

Shell Fund.

We would give the money back to the People of Amlwch, it belongs to them, it was given to them, but taken from them. We would encourage the Church In Wales to look after the Shell Fund, for and on behalf of the people of Amlwch.

Huw Terry

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Stats man - regarding your last point, have you considered establishing a 'Cwmni Tref Amlwch' modelled on the successful 'Cwmni Tref Llangefni'?

stats man said...

To the Druid

I personally do not live in Amlwch, or near by.

Anyways can I return to you (after I've done some more research) about the idea of how you empower local people, trusting them with the choices that affect them.

stats man said...

To Huw Terry

Some very good points well said and reasoned. After all, this is not about what I think, but what you and your friends and members of your community think. Your ideas, your solutions.

All we need now is to find a way of making this happen, I'll return to you on this point, trust me.

Anonymous said...

On Thursday I sat in the car park outside the IOACC offices from about 4.45 to 5.10. I noticed that everyone exiting the building (staff) seemed to be happy, smiling and chatting with others as they walked to their cars. This is not the impression one gets from reading these blogs.

Is this ill feeling, backbiting and whatever else confined to the Elected and (some of)the officers?

Anglesey Islander

stats man said...

To Anglesey Islander - I must say you live an exciting life, how much do they charge on the car park these days ?

And the answer to you questions (but only in my opinion) is yes. Least we forget it not just a new problem but a really old one as well.

Unless of course they release happy gas onto staff as they leave?

Anonymous said...

I am not a car park wierdo, it would have been good if my passenger came sooner!

Anonymous said...

Are you some lurker or some sort of a spy who gets pleasure from reporting prosaic observations?

perhaps you are one of those employed by IOACC to spy on residents?

Anonymous said...


The Great Councillini said...

"I noticed that everyone exiting the building (staff) seemed to be happy, smiling and chatting with others as they walked to their cars"

Tee hee. What a nice cover for the glossy Council mag that would be. Proof positive that absolutely everybody is happy and that the Council's 16-year old woes are over.

Why not join the Communist Party (Leninist-Stalinist Branch), or else go back to trying to get the Daily Post interested in Council spin stories.

Anonymous said...


You appear to be shouting.

Anonymous said...

Incessant MOANERS on this blog need to be shouted at, a little.
But the point is, don`t moan anonymously on this blog, when you have the golden opportunity to put your argument over orally and debate it face to face with the "rulers"....15 turned up on Thursday.....where were YOU....??
Democracy is about public participation after all.

Anonymous said...

"15 turned up on Thursday.....where were YOU....??"

Maybe I was there?

Actually, I rather doubt anyone on here feels they 'need' to be shouted at.

What was the point you wanted to make again?

Anonymous said...

Hey you! I did not say I enjoyed sitting in the car park but thinking about it, I have paid for it (or my share) it has done me no harm so why not.

No I am not an officers spy, all I did was tell what I saw and I thought it was good.

To be honets, I was surprised at the large number who 'lit up' their ciggys once through the door, so I suppose you will now revert saying thats how they releive the stress....there are better ways!

Anonymous said...

Re sustainable

Can we assume any long term economic scheme would automatically include sustainability....

It is a very overworked and weary word on Anglesey, please give it a rest.


Anonymous said...

9.50 My point is made, old boy.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help re: the following?

1) according to this blog (or the comments made) a few more councillors have been denounced in recent days by the "dictator". So in addition to the intial two, who are the others?

2) Plaid Cymru was supposed to meet yesterady to decide about whether to support this latest "power" or not.
Apparently they were not happy that Parry had committed them to a document (The Terms) which is a violation of a number of rights and, according to someone ealrier, to the Nolan principles.

What is their decision? Any dramatic news? Is IWJ going to utter something Delphic?

3) What about Chorlton and Labour party? are they going to accept?

stats man said...

To Huw Terry and Druid

I know little of what has happened previously in Amlwch, and none of the below, comments on the merits, or otherwise of previous actions, by whom or whomever, and neither do I claim any new magic ideas.

However, it is clear that within Amlwch there are angry and disillusioned people and their concerns should be addressed, starting by listening to them to encourage them to take part in an equal debate.

I do not think the answer is another limited company, however good it’s intentions. What is need is a means of giving those disadvantaged a voice and a purpose and a reason to fully participate in the community.

Many good things are already happening in Amlwch, more should be done. I as an outsider am not going to tell the people of Amlwch what the priorities should be, they can decide that themselves.

Maybe a multi authority and organisation committee should be established to encourage and support local people find ways of improving Amlwch, the committee should facilitate and not lead.

I think the key is the port and the nearby heritage, the port to be developed commercially, and the heritage to be developed for tourism. The road system needs to be looked at also; sadly, the fast majority of cars drive through Amlwch but bypass Amlwch.

Think Porthmadog, another old port town, compare and contrast, and what do they have ?

Sorry for posting something not related to the original post

A Councillor said...

All that is Known 10:26 about your questions is that Cllr Durkin has made official representation to Plaid Cymru and the Labour Party to disassociate themselves from the Alliance's "Terms of Engagement" on legal grounds

Anonymous said...

Ah another person speaking on behalf of the wonderful Cllr Durkin, marvelous. You can rely on them to stand by him.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Durkin the only man who gives politics a good name. And what does that say about the rest of them?
The idea and planning behind the Llais I Fon rests on the confidence that the past has been remembered and properly understood. Yet there is, in the present febrile atmosphere of political and economic crisis, in other parties as well as our own, a collective amnesia, a preoccupation with the immediate future and frantic efforts to stave off the next disaster. So far at least, Clive McGregor and David Bowles have shown a proper sense of urgency and a recognition that if they do not hang together they will hang separately.
We hope that they hang together, the CoB will never have the confidence of the people.

CoB is Council of Betrayal, and we deserve to name it as such and not IOACC.

Huw Terry

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Cllr Durkin will have plenty to say for himself when he has something constructive to add and not until. Wonderful or not.

Anonymous said...

Is it because the air is thinner up north, that there is less intelligence north of Llanerchymedd ??

Anonymous said...

The Alliance is already sinking fast.
JC & HT have now being officially reported to the Ombudsman for Breaching Planning Procedural Rules and McGregor has written a letter to councillors threatening them with what will happen to them if they DON'T do as he tells them!

The man has now become a danger to the very fabric of our society and must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

When I asked if HT & JC had been reported (recently) the answer was negative. It would seem you are a stirrer sir.

Anonymous said...

And 19:59, you need to get a grip. This is not a game. Any attack on our democratic way of life needs to be dealt with, with the uppermost intelligence, not crass remarks.

Anonymous said...

Cannot help thinking, there's going to be one hell of a bombshell coming.

Anonymous said...

I hope the HT is not me Huw Terry!

Anonymous said...

Of Course not Huw!

Anonymous said...

The greatest mistake is when good men, with good ideas do nothing.
For years we have heard how bad things are, and we have done nothing.

Llais i Fon is to ensure that the bad things continue and that good men with good ideas are frustrated and disrupted.

Since the arrival of Bowles, we are nowhere nearer at getting a breakthrough into having a proper sense of democracy on Anglesey. We have endured this way of life for too long, yet the CoB still insist that they are NOT to blame.

Most of us represent different areas of Anglesey, my roots are set in AMLWCH, my intelligence tells me not to be drawn into a slanging match with anyone from another area, but we forget, we are all from the same Island, we are all Welsh, and we are all suffering, due to the lack of trust and respect by the CoB to the electorate.

We are not interested in using force to be heard, all we want is to be treated fairly and equally, with NO Councillor calling the shots from another area over us, and NO Committee and chairman driving a coach and horsed through the Human Rights Act when it suits them.
There is no excuse for the Good of the Council, when the people suffer, there can be no faith in Llais I Fon, when the people suffer, there can be no Trust in Llais i Fon, when the people suffer.

This is why I write, I'm here to stop the suffering, and to stop Democracy being suffocated by an incapable political set up, called Llais i Fon.

And we know. that if we stop, then good men with good ideas have done nothing, and allowed bad men to continue.

Huw Terry

Anonymous said...

If the Welsh Assembly is happy with this latest set up, it goes to show that the idiots in Cardiff are even worse than I thought.

The only influence they have is taking minutes and wasting years. The Welsh Assembly was created solely to replace English road signs that I enjoyed painting out. The Welsh Assembly has agreed that the drowning of Tryweryn and the creation of the reservoir to supply Liverpool was a wonderful idea, their latest bombshell is that we in North Wales should in return as a favour to Liverpool, take all of their landfill and bury it in Wales!
This is the Welsh Assembly doing it's bit for the people of Wales, and these are the same fools who agree that this puppet political set up called Llais i Fon is well worth supporting..We are on our own now..

Anonymous said...

20.23 What an outburst. I enquired to see if it was true a
complaint had been made to the Ombudsman re HT & JC. The answer was HT negative, JC had a complaint a while ago but it was found unjustified.

It seems to me that the majority of those who natter night after night for the well being of Ynys Mon must have spent tonight watching England on TV!

Anonymous said...

Who did you ask and when ?

Anonymous said...

But surely the Terms of Engagement are enough to make this lastest executive invalid. It beggars belief that Bowles, McGregor &Co. really think this document is watertight.

It goes against the Human Rights Act, the rule of law, the Nolan principles and any sense of equality and decency.

Why have our elected representatives not noticed this and spoken out accordingly? It's absolutely shocking that neither the AM or MP have said that this document goes against the above.

Anonymous said...

22.53 Who did you ask and when ?

Stalin said...

he probably asked HT and JC ;))

stats man said...

To Huw Terry,

I read with interest some of your posts on (those cached by Google at least.)

Do you still paint, I liked the pictures I saw on the net. It shows you are a creative person, which is good.

Good luck to you in all your endeavors. I shall speak of Amlwch no more.

Anonymous said...

"I shall speak of Amlwch no more."

No, the people of Amlwch generally showed themselves to be intolerant of any criticism of the council, even though all the evidence showed it was justified. Now gone. Pressure applied by our local tin men too much for them.

Anonymous said...

It is said. The complaint about JC. is to do with predetermination and breaches of the planning procedure rules on the new Biogas gas plant.
He discussed and voted for the application without declaring an interest.

The complaint about HT. Is said to be. As a member of the planning committee he failed to declare an interest in a planning application which helped a long standing friend of his to get planning permission.

The above is still to be fully clarified

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the public would think if it were made known. That the Clive McGregor is using Tax Payers money to pay outside Solicitors to prepare comprehensive bogus complains to the Ombudsman, against Barrie and Elwyn, to try and justify his unlawful actions?

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what the complaints about Cllr Durkin and Cllr Schofield are?

Anonymous said...

Bullshit. Even McGregor's not that stupid? Unless he's been bullied and threatened into it by Bowles.

EVIDENCE. That's what we need, Dear Boy. Evidence.

Anonymous said...

Does McGregor?

Anonymous said...

If this is what McGregor using our taxes for. I'm Going to withhold mine.

Anonymous said...

If any of this is true we may need a revolution to make the changes required. Which planet did this cretin McGregor Come from. Does he along with Bowles really think they can get away with such blatant acts of treason against democracy. It's being tried before and look what happened to them.

I suggest he would be better off in the Commie Party.

Anonymous said...

Don,t waste your time. He seems to suffer from a mental disease characterized by dissociation, delusions, and inability to distinguish reality from imagination.

Anonymous said...

With respect (not much respect on this Blog)...the anonymous outpouring on this Blog of venom against IACC and its Leader, and Exec. has little or no impact, old boy.....unless you and the mass of others, attend the local Q&A sessions scheduled this week....and express your concerns, robustly but intelligently, in person....are you up for that...?
Otherwise, with utmost respect, its useless hot air, old boy.

Anonymous said...

Some one else with something to hide. eh, old boy.

Anonymous said...

Wild anonymous conspiracy and corruption theories abound here...its endless. We see no EVIDENCE, only hot air, old boy.
But if this is your idea of entertainment, enjoy !
Bye !

machu picchu said...

Will Plaid Cymru call on Bob Parry to persuade the other Group members to amend the Terms of Engagement?

Point 8: re public denouncement of Cllrs Durkin and Schofield - this should be removed, if the Exec wants to move forward without creating victims and creating an even worse impression among the electorate.

Does Plaid want to be associated with a document that makes up arbitrary rules and excludes? What about equal treatment and inclusivity?

And what about Labour, the party of equality? Are they going to stand by and allow this to happen?

A Councillor said...

This is what Clive McGregor says

I currently have concerns about some members of your group. This is because:

Your Group still includes some who have shown that they are prepared to support Elwyn, in clear contempt of the Minister.

Your Group still includes one member and possibly others, who are still preparing to support Barrie.

Weightmans, Solicitors are now preparing comprehensive complaints to the Ombudsman, against Barrie and Elwyn, involving a range of issues over a long period. As the Alliance is determined that neither of these members has any inappropriate influence on the work of the Alliance, these complaints may not sit well with those members of your group who have yet to demonstrate decisively that they will not continue to support the members concerned.

Your Group also includes three members against whom the Ombudsman has made findings and who are soon to face Adjudication Panel hearings, the outcomes of which may be affected by recent and current events, and will draw bad publicity for them and those associated with them.


Clive McGregor 9th June 2010.

Anonymous said...

This I think is what's being referred to by 10:02. As Clive McGregor using Tax payers money to pursue and persecute named Councillors! Oh Dear.

Anonymous said...


I return!

I have been behind enemy lines or “dros y bont” as it is called by some. I have been away acting as security adviser to the recent high-level, fact-finding mission of the Anglesey Cheese Board to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Amongst some of the fascinating facts that we learnt are that the Congo is very large (a little bit bigger than Puffin Island but not quite as big as Anglesey) and that Africa is very hot. The trip was well worthwhile.

On my return I discover that news of the top secret “Ultra Virus” has broken in the public domain. Let me recount the history of this dastardly weapon of mass hysteria.

It was developed at the Lairds site during WWII by the renowned German-Jewish émigré, Professor Heinz von Nutter. Many will recall him as a leading light in the Reformed Synagogue at Benllech in later years.

The Ultra Virus was to be launched from peashooters built at Lairds (the making of MTBs was just a cover story) in accordance with the original plans drawn up by Leonardo in his sketchbook of 1477 when on his Grand Tour of Anglesey and lodging with his Auntie Gwen in Newborough.

This devious weapon was for use by the SOE behind Nazi lines. Its effect was to create a state of paranoia amongst the infected. Unfortunately, the Ultra Virus was not perfected until 1946 and, as we all know, the War ended in 1945. This meant that the stockpile of made virus had to be disposed of and I understand that they just buried it locally. Rumours are that it seeped into the groundwater and surrounding soil, but I don’t know.

Peter Whimsy-Wright

Anonymous said...

Peter W-W

You are almost correct, the final armament product was se,lf leading pea shooter capable of penetrating armour plate. The weapon was ac tually disguised axs a digeridoo many of which were smuggled out of Wales to avoid national security and the risky elements of Anglesey County Council (old version). The weapon had varied success, examples can still be found at the old Home Guard Store in the quarry sited between Benllech and St.Davids (Red Wharf Bay).

The Synagogue was convened in the cellar of the Glan Rafon Hotel, many meetings were disrupted by flooding but there were no casualties.

Truth is, it was not really a synagogue but was used for a group of men dedicated in their aims to provide for the poor, they are now hoping to hedlp the distressed of LLangefni.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comment about the paintings, have you signed up with Huw Terry on facebook??
or, Huw terry's political party, the Real Welsh Nationalists Party on Facebook?

Huw Terry

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Peter W-W

I was just thinking to myself that it had been some time since we'd last heard from you - accordingly it is good to learn that you are alive and selling Glanbia's finest mozzarella to the Congo.

You are of course right in noting the recent outbreak of 'ultra virus' on these pages - an indication of how heavily the modern Welsh language was influenced by Latin (though 'progressive' teaching techniques have made correct spelling optional).

Look after yourself 'dros y bont' and report back soon...!

Anonymous said...

If your barrister's are on par with Bentley Jenison and PWC whom WE the TAXPAYER fork out over £1M a year to audit the books, then you WILL lose just like ENGLAND lose in football.