Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Holyhead & Anglesey Mail boosts People's Manifesto

The People's Manifesto for Ynys Môn received a large and timely boost today thanks to the Holyhead & Anglesey Mail devoting half a page of coverage to it (even publishing an old snapshot of your humble Druid).

To any new readers who are visiting this site for the first time thanks to the Mail article, please do download the complete People's Manifesto by clicking on the 'download button' on the right of this post. If you agree broadly with the measures contained within it, then do get in touch with your local councillor and ask him or her to support it.

I think this coverage also presents a good opportunity to remind readers new and old of the response the Manifesto has received so far:

  • An email from Council Leader, Clive McGregor, stating that the People's Manifesto is "essential reading for all us councillors"
  • An email from Anglesey MP Albert Owen promising a full response shortly (to be published here as soon as it arrives)
  • A full line-by-line response from Labour County Councillor for Holyhead Town, Cliff Everett
  • A reply from Cllr Ieuan Williams of the Original Independents group promising to discuss the Manifesto at their next group meeting
  • Over 65 downloads of the People's Manifesto since this Monday alone

All of these people should be congratulated for making the effort to get in touch swiftly and let us know their thoughts on the document. It is just as important to highlight those major council groups and elected representatives who have chosen not to engage openly with the Manifesto or the large number of Anglesey residents who helped produce it:

  • Plaid Cymru
  • The Menai Group
  • Gareth Winston Roberts' "Anglesey Forward" Group
  • And of course our AM, Ieuan Wyn Jones - his lack of response is especially curious considering he is the Leader of a party which prides itself on being "local champions" who will "stand up for the needs and aspirations of the people they have been elected to represent"...

Its not too late - we are still waiting to hear from you all...


Anonymous said...

Manifesto Llais i Fon.
This is our Strategy.
We are forward looking, based on the Nolan Principles in Public Life of Selflessness, Integrity, Objectively, Account ability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership.

Not as long as they continue breaking the law and the Human Rights Acts, which at the end of the day will cost the County County Council a lot of money and jobs.

Anonymous said...

Legal redress for breaches of the Human Rights Act can only be made against a Public Authority, but woe betided those involved. particularly when they portray themselves to have integrity and are Honest.

Anonymous said...

A scathing attack on the way the Welsh Assembly Government has run its economy and transport department has been launched by the Liberal Democrats.

The department headed up by Ieuan Wyn Jones, the Deputy First Minister, is responsible for job creation, economic development and transport issues.

Jenny Randerson AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat economy spokeswoman, said "This damning report is just another in a long list of failings and ineptitude of the minister, and serious questions must be asked about how this department is managed," she said.

Similar questions are being asked up here.

Anonymous said...

The article in the Mail.

Is that 'mock' as in mock journalism?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Manifesto - what's happened to Sats Man?

The Druid of Anglesey said...

13:56 - strangely enough I was just thinking the same thing... where is he?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting the 'recent comments' list back in the side panel.
It saves on having to trawl through all the threads to see if anything new has been posted.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

14:41 - Every chance!

Anonymous said...

If a well presented and carefully considered document created by a large number of public contributors over a six week period is labled 'mock';

then could Mr Elgan.Hearn tell us what to call the 2 page vaugaries that constitute the Lais Y Fon Manifesto?

PS. No mention in the Daily Post that each political grouping has been tasked by Carl Sargeant with producing a Manifesto/Statement.

(By when was it?)

Anonymous said...

Despite the "Mail" accolade some above seem not to be too impressed, shame really.

There does seem to a vast amount of 'quiet time' here over the last few days, could it in some way indicate that a lot of agriculturalists normally blog?

Still by the end of the week we will back to normal.

Anonymous said...

WOW Druid! Great to see the fruit of your labour in the local press! I hope this will bring more Anglesey residents into this discussion.

I hope the rest reply eventually, it's better late than never!

p.s. You look kinda Greek in that old picture of yours!

Anonymous said...

This is one of Lais Y Fon's manifesto strategy's that Clive McGregor, forgot to tell us about, having already made it very clear in his letter to Cllr Goronwy Parry on 9th June this year. In that letter Clive McGregor tells Cllr Goronwy Parry:

"Your Group also includes three members against whom the Ombudsman has made findings and who are soon to face Adjudication Panel hearings, the outcomes of which may be affected by recent and current events, and will draw bad publicity for them and those associated with them".

I believe that there are steps which might be taken to ease the way for most of the members of your group to join the Alliance".

Raising the question. Is the Adjudication Panel and the Ombudsman's office really as independent as they make out or is it open to influence by the likes of Clive McGregor and Co?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Clive McGregor being investigated by the Ombudsman himself?

Anonymous said...

I wonder have you heard anything from the Labour party yet?

and on that subject with apologies to him (but to good a chance to miss)
Cllr Charlton said today in the Holyhead and Anglesey Mail (Changes in the local authority housing allocation policy will not allow councillors any information on tenants for fear of breaching the Data Protection Act.) :

"And we’ll have to tell them hand on heart, standing like a dumbo in the middle of the street, that we don’t know anything about it."

Well if the hat fits.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Anon 18:13 - yes, the excellent Cllr Cliff Everett is Labour.

The Great Councillini said...

Delighted to see that our timid local (but Murdoch-owned) papers are finally taking this Council crisis and the people's response to it seriously.

Well done Druid, this blog is the thing we've been waiting for all these years. Long may we discuss matters local and national (and int'l), but let's hope for a rapid fix to the Council's woes.

Anonymous said...

"our timid local (but Murdoch-owned) papers"

And now a public information announcement:

The Holyhead and Anglesey Mail, and the Daily Posts, are owned by Trinity Mirror, the shareholder with the most shares as of June 2010 was Schroder Investment Management Ltd.

Whereas News International is part owned by the Murdoch dynasty.

The Great Councillini said...

There is one potential explanation for the disappearance of stats man, who, if you plot his activity, generally posts during the working hours.

I understand that the Council, despite Cllr. McGregor's warm embrace of our People's (not Mock) Manifesto, has blocked access to this blog. It is an interesting point to consider who has instructed the blocking, and why. There is no blanket ban on internet use, so it appears to be a selective censorship., Druid blog, they keep trying to censor and bury, always in vain and always to a resurgent public who will not be gagged.

Anonymous said... was killed by pressure from certain quarters thereby robbing the locals (and expats) of a very useful point of focus for their views on local issues. Another forum (Anglesey Flame) has been started with a view to providing a replacement for ADN, it is hoped that this forum will flourish and refuse to be browbeaten into submission as ADN was. Anglesey Flame can be found here ......

Anonymous said...

Well done for your achievements to date, every word read and posted, is being digested but is the message getting through?

The local paper has highlighted the manifesto, let's hope it understands the motive behind it, the motive being to create a democratic voice for the people, and a change from the old regime.

For too long, the people gave voice to their frustration on different web sites, the most popular was

The Council of Betrayal being constantly lambasted and made a fool of, it was embarassing to read the goings on in the whole Island, then it was culled, to stop the people expressing their views, and most of them were facts, and not fiction.

Does the local paper have teeth, like the Druid? Unfortunately, no, all it does is TRY, were as the Druid DOES!

I'd give the paper an A, for picking up on the manifesto and understanding the logic behind it, maybe they should try to understand the anger and frustrtion behind the bloggers and victims, maybe then, they would get a grip behind the real reason behind the Manifesto, that the Council of Betrayal has created this themselves, this manifesto was created to stop the cancer that has destroyed the Island, and created a culture of suspicion and hate, the Manifesto is the cure for the sickness, a dose of medicine created by the people, administered by the people, on behalf of the people, and that's one thing these Councillors never say, for the people? for me, me, me!!

Huw Terry.

Anonymous said...

Huw Terry, I love all your comments they make my day, just as they did on, your the original and the best!

Washi Bach