Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ieuan Wyn Jones: another four years?

Just days after Ieuan Wyn Jones unveiled the flawed and anti-small business Economic Renewal Programme, an internal audit of his own Department for the Economy and Transport (DET) has now raised "significant concerns" about the way the department is run, and further warns that there is significant risk of "loss, fraud, impropriety, poor value for money, a failure to achieve objectives". Questioned by the BBC about the report's findings, all IWJ could say with considerable understatement is that "some shortcomings have been identified". Proof -- if any more was needed -- that Ieuan Wyn Jones is stretching himself far too thinly over four different jobs (Deputy First Minister, Minister for Economy and Transport, Leader of Plaid Cymru, and Anglesey AM), and all of them are suffering as a consequence. This a significant issue to us in Anglesey as it is becoming clearer and clearer that IWJ's job load is compromising his ability to give us a much needed and dedicated voice in Cardiff Bay.

Which leads me to this crucial question: Is Ieuan Wyn Jones really the man to lead Ynys Môn out of its current economic mess? He has now represented the Island as either MP or AM for 25 years and yet we are, according to the Office for National Statistics, officially the poorest place in the UK; by definition that means things can't be any worse - or at the very least they have not improved during IWJ's 25 years as our representative. So if Ieuan Wyn Jones hasn't managed to turn things around on Anglesey after quarter of a century, does anyone seriously believe that given yet another term at next year's Assembly elections that he will be able to do so?


Plaid Panteg said...

"He has now represented the Island as either MP or AM for 25 years and yet we are, according to the Office for National Statistics, officially the poorest place in the UK;"

Sorry, but that does not stand up to scrutiny. Being an MP is one thing, being in Government is another. IWJ has been a Government Minister for 3 years, in a Government that still lacks all the economic policy levers needed to radically alter the economic fortunes of Anglesey.

Would you blame the People's Voice MP Dai Davies for Blaenau Gwent's lack of economic growth? No you would not given he was not in Government.

Come on, make your arguments, but don't play silly beggars.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Panteg: As a hopeful future Plaid Cymru councillor it is understandable that you want to support your party leader, but the fact remains that if IWJ hasn't made a difference in Ynys Môn after 25 years, he never will.

Dai Davies was an MP for all of four years - no comparison.

Plaid Panteg said...


So you believe in principle that an MP/AM, regardless of whether his/her party has been in Government, is responsible for the economic performance of his/her seat?

In a stroke you have just made an independent MP accountable to factors of their control. Up until this May, that would have rendered any Lib Dem MP responsible.

The principle does not stand up, whether it is a Plaid MP or not. That is why I made the context crystal clear - an MP whose party is not in power would be unfairly blamed for economic woes if you use your measurement.

Do you accept, yes or no, that George Osbourne has far more power regarding Wales' economy than IWJ?

The Druid of Anglesey said...

An MP/AM is responsible for putting his constituency first - IWJ is unable to do this because he has 3 other jobs in addition to being Anglesey's AM. As the poorest sub-region in the UK, Anglesey cannot afford the luxury of an AM who is not dedicated to the Island - this is true whether he is in government or not. Its a simple argument and one you choose not to address.

"Do you accept, yes or no, that George Osbourne has far more power regarding Wales' economy than IWJ?"

Osbourne has power to make economic decisions which affect the entire UK equally. Only IWJ has the power to strategically differentiate Economic Development policy in Wales to give businesses here a competitive advantage over other regions. IWJ's Economic Renewal Programme has made Wales a worse place to set up new small businesses relative to other regions plus his decision to scrap IBW will stem the flow of new businesses into the region. How many more reasons do I have to give?

Old Mona said...

I wonder if the Druid has such a soft spot for Elfyn Llwyd after his comments regarding low flying military aircraft. I am sure that Plaid would love to see RAF Valley closed down except when it comes to elections in Anglesey. I have a hearing problem but I put it down to listening to the Rolling Stones very loudly when I was younger, not to low flying aircraft!

As far as IWJ is concerned he is a complete waste of time and should kicked out at the elections next year.He has failed to represent Anglesey and it seems to me that he has 4 jobs too many.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Old Mona: Quite right - I must not allow Llwyd's partiality to Druids to cloud my judgement. His calls for a ban on low flying jets from RAF Valley are a severe threat to one of the Island's largest employers.

Anonymous said...

Talk about Hypocrisy, the mind boggles.

With such significant risk of Loss, Fraud, impropriety, Poor value for money and failure to achieve objectives. How can the Assembly possibly say, that if Anglesey County Council doesn't get it's act right, the Assembly will take over, when they can't even run their own place right?

Anonymous said...

He's a disgrace, I cetainly wouldn't vote for him, went to him for help once and turned away

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well "with such significant risk of loss, Fraud, impropriety, poor value for money and failure to achieve objectives"

The crux of my complaints to the WAG.

Stage 1 of an investigation carried out by the Department of Economy and Transports Head of Infastructure.
Quote "From my review of the file I can find nothing to suggest that this Town Improvement Grant has been dealt with in anything but a fair and proffesional way by both the WAG officials and officers of the County Council responsible for administering the grant on behalf of the Assembly"

Stage 2 carried out by the Departments Director
Quote "As you know WAG have a formal management agreement with YMCC to ensure the services it provides in the administration of Town Improvement grant schemes is of the highest of standards.
In this case I am satisfied that the County Council has fully discharged its duties and responsibilities in the management of this project in relation to the TIG"

Two Reports by the Department of Economy and Transport found nothing wrong with the administration of the TIG.

Stage 3 A Report by Internal Audit Services identified the following :-
Quote "However, although we are satisfied that the award of TIG followed the standard procedure we do have some concerns over the effective operation of these procedures"
"In particular we are concerned over the controls in place to ensure that the WAG only makes payment for approved and suitable work. The only responsibilities in the scheme guidance are to ensure we pay grant money on work that was approved. There are no checks to confirm that the work is carried out to a suitable standard. The lack of these checks raises the risk that government money is used for poor quality work as has materialised in this case"
"there is a risk that Anglesey County Council may not be doing all that the Assembly Government would wish for in the administration of the scheme"
"from our investigation of the file it is apparent that WAG officials and Council employees were aware of the problems Mr Pierce was having with the building work on his property"
"This seems to support Mr Pierce in his contention that the quality of the work performed went beyond what would normally be considered as snagging (minor) issues to resolve"

Management Response was to reject two significant recommendations out of five.

G. Pierce

Anonymous said...

Mr Pierce.
The revelations out of Cardiff today say's it all. The whole bunch from County Council through to Parliament itself, is rotten to the core.
They say that David Bowles is hotfooting it over there tonight and has asked Cllr Durkin go with him to help clean the place up. Well isn't that a turn up for the book now?

Anonymous said...

For more Bol...ks from David Bowles. See tomorrows Press.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't vote for more powers for the WAG, we have enough problems with Westminster without giving extra powers to people who don't have a clue

Over here said...

To Anon 23:21

So what's the problem do you have with Westminster, and explain why WAG could not be the answer to your concerns.

Debate is the mother of all democracy after all - begin...

Anonymous said...

When we accept the responsibility for electing this cabbage, then we can take responsibility for realising that it is unfit for purpose and should be put in either:-

Compost Bin or normal bin, which ever you choose, it's time to get rid.
The man is now cornered, facing the serious situation, that the people he represents NO longer want him, they are facing a bleak future, all due to his poor judgement, of abandoning the people and the Island in it's darkest hour.

Anonymous said...

To the has-bin at19:16.
You shouldn't talk about our AM or MP like that, you'll give them a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Talking about our A.M.and M.P.

What are they doing about Anglesey County Council's failure to adhere to the Human Rights Act's?

Anonymous said...

One day, in my lifetime I do honestly believe that there will be an Inquiry, and this will be into breaches of Human Rights by Anglesey County Council.

People will be asked questions and their answers will shock the Country.

This man (IWJ) will be asked why he did NOT intervene, he will be told that as he was firstly an MP, then an AM, why didn't he QUESTION decisions made by Anglesey Council.

And what were these decisions that were made by Anglesey Council?

The decisions involve property, that was interferred with by Anglesey Council, people and property should NOT be interferred with by anyone, yet they did, and IWJ knew all along that this interferrence was a breach of Human Rights.

This man knows this, he is hiding his shame under a mask of despair, his eyes say it all.

For years, he has known about this incident, but wants to forget it, every night he wakes up and sweats, will this be the day that it will come out, how I FAILED, how I IGNORED, how I didn't HELP, when I let this family suffer, all I had to do was say NO to the abusers, but I did NOTHING, people will brand me, they will call me, a traitor.

Let's hope that this day comes, so that we can all see what little this man has done to defend the HUMAN RIGHTS of the Welsh People.

We will see, for us to move forward we must learn from the past, IWJ learns that the past will never let him go, neither will the abused.

Puck said...

Is there such a thing as a 'lame duck walking'?

Anonymous said...

Yes there is there's two of them on Anglesey one is the Assembly member and the other is the MP, both duck eggs.