Monday, 6 September 2010

David Bowles to stay for another year

The BBC is reporting what we already knew to be the case, that Anglesey County Council's Interim MD, David Bowles, will have his one year contract extended for another year. Bowles was appointed to his current postion by then WAG Local Government Minister, Dr Brian Gibbon, last October for a term of one year with the possibility of the contract being extended a further year.

What the BBC report doesn't say is that the hunt must already be on to find his successor. In an interview with the Daily Post in July, Bowles said that he was "committed" to Anglesey for two years "although the second year may not be as MD". This is a clear indication that the Welsh Assembly - which have said that they will retain the right to appoint Anglesey Council's MD until after the next local government elections in May 2011 2012 - will seek to appoint a more permanent Managing Director sometime over the next twelve months whilst Bowles remains on until September 2011 as advisor and mentor. So who is going to be our permanent MD?


Anonymous said...

Bowles couldn't do any more damage to the Council no matter how long he stays.
He along with Clive McGregor must be the most hated men on Anglesey and their up and cometh is on its way.

The Great Councillini said...

So (as everyone seems to start their sentences with these days), when do we get to see any improvement at the Council? Bowles will have had about half a million quid by the end of his tenure, but will we have anything better to show for all our hard-earned Council tax dollars?

Anonymous said...

So who is going to be our permanent MD? - anyone fancy a wager it will be Lynne Ball !

Mr Bowles earns considerably more than First Minister Carwyn Jones, whose salary is £132,862, and his pay packet is close to that of Bank of England governor Mervyn King, who earns £297,000 a year !

All this for a three day week.
He must go home every night laughing his little socks off about how stupid us Anglesey folk are putting up with it.

It just goes to show that nothing can embarrass an Anglesey Councillor - shame on you all.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't tar all the councillors with the same brush. There is at least one that's not prepared to put up with it and he's doing all he can to bring it to an end.

Anonymous said...

In your preamble you state the local council elections are in May 2011. I thought they were in 2012. I apologise if I am wrong

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Anon 20:05 - sorry, you're quite correct. I've corrected it in the post.

Anonymous said...

'Don't tar all the councillors with the same brush. There is at least one that's not prepared to put up with it and he's doing all he can to bring it to an end'

Pray tell us what it is your doing apart from in-fighting ? Not heard of any 'resignations in disgust'as yet!

Anonymous said...

The Druid asks "So who is going to be out permanent MD?".

I believe a certain Tony Bliar might be available seeing what a nice little earner it is. He might even get his old crony (not) Gordon to assist him in running our little island paradise. Let's face it, between them they made a right cóckup of running UK Plc so they couldn't do much worse here.

The Great Councillini said...

Nah, 07:58, you've just not woken up straight this morning. You've forgotten Mssrs Cameron and Clegg's 'Big Society'.

So, after a hard day's work, some Chief Executive - let's say of Gwynedd Council - will pop over the Strait and run Anglesey of an evening and weekend, all in his spare time and at no cost to the taxpayer!

The Red Flag said...

Can we not just dispense with the role altogether and use the money to pay for the fish dock in Holyhead? 3 trawlers, a couple of buckets of fish guts and some smelly trawlermen are worth far more to this island than that burke ever will be.

Anonymous said...

Emphatically it will not be LB !!
Unacceptable to almost everyone.
It`ll be some aspiring derring-do local government yuppie from somewhere wanting to make a name for himself.....God help him, he won`t know what has hit him !
Word is JAJ is keen ?

Anonymous said...

It may be concluded that DB is doing a sufficiently acceptable job in steering IACC and its motley and wayward crew towards recovery, as far as WAG is concerned he is on course...that is why they have extended his tenure...the last thing they want is to impose direct governance...he`s got the job and its the best we are likely to get !
Pending the next local election and a new MD, eventually, of course !