Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Free Anglesey event: "will an investment in wireless broadband accessible in in every Anglesey village make a difference?"

Last week there was a small discussion below this thread regarding internet and broadband provision on Anglesey and whether it was sufficient. In response the people from Inventorium have alerted me to a free seminar they will be holding in Menai Bridge on Thursday (23 September) regarding visualising how life will be like in Anglesey in ten years time -- particularly relating to the question "will an investment in wireless broadband accessible in in every village make a difference"? An interesting question.

The event will be held from 13:00-17:00 in the Victoria Hotel and people interested are requested to register by emailing events@inventorium.org or calling 01248 675013. The flier is below.
Inventorium Anglesey Business Week


Jarlath said...

Talking of broadband, let me ask people to consider the excellent service provided by the Post Office, which ranges from a simple phone line to Broadband Plus that comes with free Internet security (Kaspersky).

Visit your local Post Office for details, and should you decide to take up the service always remembers to mention your local Post Office when singing up.

Anonymous said...

I assume that was a commercial break on behalf of the Post Office!!

The Red Flag said...

No animals were harmed during the making of this commercial.

Product may vary from that advertised.

Terms & Conditions Apply.

Your statutory rights are not affected.

Anonymous said...

Possibly the good people of the parish next to Wylfa will invest some of their £1million windfall on Broadband.

Great to hear the local councillor on telly last last. Very sensibly he said they would be careful and not waste any of it.

Obviously no Labour councillors in that area then!!!

The Great Councillini said...

"Product may vary from that advertised."

Post Office broadband? Does that mean you have to wait for 45 minutes in a queue of pensioners to get online, then when you do manage it, you get a screenfull of adverts about Post Office credit cards, insurance and foreign exchange?

No thanks! It'll be just as copper-wire slow as the rest of the ISPs.

Martin Owen said...

As the organisor of the event on behalf of Anglesey business week I would add that our main concern is that we are looking at ways for private enterprise to become more profitable as a result of the WI-MAX rollout, and ways for IoACC and WAG to deliver cheaper and better services as well.

Inventorium will offer concrete support to any champion who wants to take a good idea forward.

Anonymous said...

Dear Broadband,

Can you do broadband for my van?

yours sincerely


Anonymous said...

No! We cannot,morris thousand vans have got a distinct problem with the interference from the alternator, so there!

Anonymous said...

Dear Broadband,

As you know I have got a hot air balloon service up and running, is it possible for me to connect the balloon to the wifi broadband?

yours sincerly


Anonymous said...

Yes and No, we have to decide if your business is an accurate description, having read your exploits as a balloon operator and the fact that you abandoned your passengers on Mynydd Bodafon, we take these as breaches of Balloon Operators Licence Act and we have to say in this case NO, If you persist in annoying us with request for wifi needs for your business and Anglesey Ministeral Car we will have to make up an Enforcement Notice and deny you your Human Right to use your Hot Air Balloon service and your morris thousand van, we are busy, leave us alone.

The Red Flag said...