Friday, 10 September 2010

Quotes of the Day ("who the puck"-edition)

Ieuan Wyn Jones said during his speech to the Plaid Cymru party conference today:

"Managing Wales may be what other parties are about, but for Plaid putting up with things as they are, just doesn't feel right ... I didn't come into politics to manage Wales. I came into politics because I wanted to change Wales, and change Wales for the better"

'Puck', a regular commenter on this blog, responds:

"It would good to see this in action nearer to home, unless of course Mr Jones's intent is make the rest of Wales more like Ynys Mon."


Anonymous said...

Dream on Ieuan Wyn, the way you have treated the people of Anglesey is nothing short of disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

He also said that he had achieved a lot in the last 12 months what that is is anyone's guess, what a to**er

Glyn Pritchard-Jones said...

I would like to tell you about the JESSICA project. This was to "fund manage and asset manage" WAG owned land and money in Wales for WAG. I was involved and the way our team assessed the situation, Wales was broke.

So I have known about the true extent of WAG finances since end of last year.

IWJ knows that "jobs and homes" are important in Anglesey yet he and the cheese eating scare monkeys who call themselves cabinet politicians (friends excluded) plus Alf Garnet aka DB have along with the Leader and some senior officers just SCREWED Anglesey Plc. Selfish bastards.

They dont care about jobs and homes, they care only for themselves. This selfish behaviour is driving youngsters away from Wales. Anglesey is locked out Ieuan and you have the key....why have you not used it?

Anonymous said...

this blog is well and truly irrelevant and dead!

Anonymous said...

02.20 Our Plaid friend is up too late for his/her own good ? and is in typical denial of IWJ`s sheer uselessness in representing Anglesey....we realists know this full well, so get real my friend.....and prepare for change !!

Puck said...!/pages/Anglesey-Stick/68160377900?ref=sgm

Rumour has it that IWJ was seen placing a bulk order for these items, on behalf of PC, for the purpose of getting IOACC out of 'the creek'

All together now "Hey Jude ... take a sad song and make it better, better, better, better ...."