Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Thumbs up for Lein Amlwch, thumbs down for Cllr Fflur Hughes

In an update to my earlier post, I'm happy to report that the Full Council today voted to support the opening of the Anglesey Central Railway a.k.a. Lein Amlwch.

Only one councillor voted against the decision: Plaid Cymru's Fflur Mai Hughes, who ironically represents the Cefni ward in Llangefni -- one of the places most likely to benefit from the possible construction jobs and improved transport links which the reopened Amlwch Line could bring. One has to wonder whether she bothered to canvass anybody in her ward before voting "no"?

Anyway, I'm sure she will now explain to the residents and businesses in Llangefni why she thinks Llangefni doesn't need the economic boost which the reopening of the Central Anglesey Line would bring. Cllr Hughes was elected by a margin of just 2 votes in the last council elections -- she may find that Cefni residents will decide to dispense with her services in 2012.


Anonymous said...

I always knew that Plaid Cymru didn't care about the people of Anglesey, and this woman is the voice of reasoning, with her standing in the middle of the Island, the home of the Council of Betrayal, she is what the whole political view of Plaid stands for, total apathy when it comes to change.

Anonymous said...

....another own goal for the "No Change Party" aka Plaid Cymru.

Anonymous said...

"IoACC - Leaders declaration of Interests in company supplying services to Council now on ynysmon.com.

Can we smell another rat, or is it just the ongoing stench of the past creping up again?

To what lengths will these people go to, to safe guard their vested interests.

Anonymous said...

Encouraging indeed, for both Amlwch and Llangefni.
Is it realised that before it can be reopened, it requires planning permission, as it will amount to "development", as defined ?
Why ? Because the line has long (how long ?) been abandoned and has lost its use rights.Unless there is evidence of an intention by anyone (the track owners, users,or IACC ?) not to abandon the use, e.g. repair, maintenance, payment of insurance premiums etc ?? If not, it has surely been abandoned.
An application for planning permission will need to address all the planning issues as any other applicant for pp.
It`ll be interesting !

Anonymous said...

Mothballing is not abandoning, no more than not living in a house for years?

Anonymous said...

8.49 You are wrong.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong.
Well thanks for the info. As you say it will be interesting.

mozilla said...

It is my understanding that the railway line is still technically operational although 'out of use'. It does not need planning permission to be brought back into use. However, there may be the need for planning applications for new buildings (stations etc).

Again I would refer you to:


Of course there will be major hurdles to overcome, one being Network Rail, and the need maybe to buy the line off them, however and sadly that is easier said than done.

Don't confuse planning law and railway regulation they are totally separate.

Anonymous said...

Gosh....Mozilla is SO knowledgeable.....in a superficial sort of way.

mozzila said...

To Anon 10:55

I am ain't I, thank you...now what does super thing mean......

mozilla said...

Sorry me again, and my supreficial knowledge, about how you need a formal process to close a railway line, which I cannot recall seeing for Lein Amlwch.

Anyway I would refer you to the following websites:


Q. Are there are any proposals for a change in the number of trains using the existing railway line or are there any plans to re-activate a disused railway?

A. Network Rail is a track authority. It may authorise the use of the track by train operating companies or independent railway operators, and may be compelled to give such authorisation. Its ability to respond to any enquiries regarding intended future use is therefore limited.


Victa Railfreight was responsible for the re-introduction of rail services to Chatham Docks in 2001. After dealing with the licensing and regulatory issues associated with reactivating a railway which had been dormant for eight years, Victa Railfreight has been responsible for safe operation of the 1.5 mile branch line and dock rail



Anonymous said...

Can I politely suggest that those purporting to understand the issues involved in reopening Lein Amlwch take a bit of interest in the facts first? This thread is nonsense, I have to tell you. There's a piece in the paper this week, which, even by our local papers' reporting standards, will inform much more accurately than this load of internet baloney.

Why vote against? Why indeed. Seems to be the most ludicrous decision this year; quite something for an Anglesey councillor (I suggest lower case councillor is most appropriate for this bunch).

Godzilla said...

To anon 17:58

Maybe you would like to enlighten us, as to why you believe the proposal to reopen the line is as you put it baloney.

'You have to tell us', um... you have'nt really told us anything yet, whom if we followed your advice we would never achieve anything.

Alun said...

"Only one councillor voted against the decision: Plaid Cymru's Fflur Mai Hughes".

Does this therefore mean that all the other Plaid Cymru councillors voted for it? And if so, shouldn't they be given credit fot this? Or is that not the sort of thing one should say on this site?

Anonymous said...

This site is dedicated to the mockery and tomfoolery created and on behalf of ALL PLAID CYMRU VOTERS. We could have had it all, then we had Plaid Cymru, the rest as they say is history.....

Anonymous said...

This site is dedicated to the mockery and tomfoolery created and on behalf of ALL PLAID CYMRU VOTERS. We could have had it all, then we had Plaid Cymru, the rest as they say is history.....

TGC said...


Let me share with you, then, a bit of advice about internet discussions that I've picked up from people who look after the BBCs forums on a daily basis: don't take things personally, and read what people write before launching what you think is a counterattack.

Did I say I proposal to reopen the line (it's actually a bit more than a proposal, it's a definite scheme) was baloney? No, this is what I said:

"those purporting to understand the issues involved in reopening Lein Amlwch"

Just to recap: there are no planning issues with returning services to the line. No 'reopening' is required at law. The line was created by an Act of Parliament in the 19th century, so without a repeal of that Act, the line remains a legal entity, whether trains run along the track or not. A bit (but not exactly) like a public footpath, once it's created, it cannot ordinarily be taken away (and for those who want to argue some spurious '12 years and its gone' rule for footpaths, I can assure you, this is not true.)

And there are no problems with Network Rail. They, as owners, have been in on the negotiations for a long time, so all that is required now is the wording of a lease, which is expected to take until the end of this year to agree. NR, as I understand it, have agreed to clear the line of vegetation and bring it to a serviceable standard, subject to Lein Amlwch receiving support, now granted, from the Council.

fozzila said...

Thank you TGC I will follow your good advice. Also thank you for confiming the postion in respect of the planning permission.

Slighty confused though having read your comment again and again, maybe it's my feeble mind, but I'm still not sure whether you support the reopening of the line or not?

TGC said...

M/F zilla [is that a gender change ;-) ]

I completely support the line reopening. The sooner the better, and it's good that the Amlwch politicians' games of power have been blasted away at last. If they get a nice steam engine on there, I can see a lot of interest, lots of visitors, and a nice way of breathing new life to at least three keys points along the line.

Congratulations must go to Walter Glyn Davies for the years-long effort he has put into seeing this obviously good idea through; it hasn't been an easy ride from what I gather.

I played on the line for most of my childhood, in the days when the whole world didn't go into a child protection and health and safety frenzy when kids just did what kids did, and had many a nice squashed 2p coin after the train ran over them. Only the bad boys, with whom we didn't associate, put stones in between the rails in the vain hope that a 100-ton Deltic engine would be derailed by a ballast stone, which always turned to dust after the experience! I even managed to jump on the train one cold winter's day, but banged my head a bit when I jumped off again in a cutting at 20mph!

I do hope, though, that the right to walk along the line (in safety) will be preserved in some places, notably between the two halves of Llyn Cefni; people have walked along the embankment for so many years that they must now have a right to do so. Or maybe just a common-sense approach, where people can be allowed to look after their own safety? Perish the thought!

Anonymous said...

What is the explanation for GWR, an Amlwch member,purposely leaving the Chamber before the vote for the Amlwch line......thus not supporting it ???
The other Amlwch member voted FOR, and has been supportive of the line, so why not GWR ???
Whats going on ?

mozilla said...


I whole heartily concur, and thanks for sharing your memories with us. I think we need to re kindle a bit of the old Victorian spirit that saw a railway line as an opportunity, as exampled by Llanfaipwll, and Llandudno.

As for visitor attractions in Amlwch and surrounding areas, to name just a few –

The excellent Museum in the harbour, run wonderfully by volunteers, maybe this could be extended.

The cooper mines, the stunning coastline, the old working on the coast by Cemaes, and much, much more.

And Dulas City (surely someone can come up with a way to capitalise on the name), like a visit to the island with the refuge on it – Ynys yr Carcharorion (Prisoners Island)

Anonymous said...

"Whats going on ?"

I gather there has been quite a bit of nonsense about the line going on at Amlwch. That almost certainly has something to do with it.

GWR hasn't responded to the 'People's Manifesto', so I suspect he won't be explaining why he apparently didn't vote for this vital development for Amlwch, either. It's not like he's accountable to the public or anything, is it?..

Anonymous said...

So what do you expect from the lost mountain sheep party ???

Un o Fôn

Anonymous said...

GWR is a bitter and spent force with no political support to speak of...on his own virtually.
Spent and running scared !
Also, what of his falling out with JC over some argument concerning the improper chairing of a public meeting recently in the role of a councillor....of none other than suspended councillor AMJ ??
May we know more about that please ?

Anonymous said...

I think it would be right for the civil-decorated, non-voting member to stand down at his apparent failure to support the community.

A shameful episode, indeed.

For services to local government. But not local people.

Anonymous said...

On the issue service for ones-self, we can think of several property owning Councillors who have done rather well over the years in land and property acquisition due to their self-promoting acumen....and their position on the Council.
In GWR`s case its definitely ME FIRST ? Or are we wrong ?

mizzla said...

A royal we, now who have we noticed liking the royal we before, me thinks, can you guess yet - clue Councillor soon to be banned for a long time, and no it's not the champion pig breeder.

Anyway what has Great Western Railways got to do with all of this?.

Anonymous said...

We sense the pipe-puffing becoming more frantic by the day.....??

who am I said...

Pipe pipe puffing away
No No reason to stay
Happy as Happy on my way
See the sea and sway
Hi you just made my day!!

Anonymous said...

Cllr Fflur Mai Hughes has been elected as trolley dolly for the buffet train, Panad? Bechdan?

Count Alucard said...

As I understand it GWR plus another left the council offices 5 minutes before the council meeting was about to begin, was this because they knew the tide was against them? Others also left after saying their pieces on other issues. It is good to see that the council have finally seen the light and are willing to back something that will benefit the Island and has been hard fought for. I for one woud like to thank and congratulate Walter Glyn Davies and his team for all the hard work put in to get this far and to wish them well in the future.
I'm not so sure Cllr Fflur Mai Hughes would welcome being a trolley dolly, she prefers bikes!

WE & WE said...

"Anyway what has Great Western Railway got to do with all this"?

WE beleive if WE were to tell you you would be none the wiser.


it's mozzzillla get it right said...

WE and AMP and We and Who?

Yes good point there, like the spelling flawed LOL

I said hello and you said goodbye
Yes so then goodbye

I am a fool who stood on a stool
Oh what a tool

other sad poems to follow....

Anonymous said...

Someone tell us please about the disgraced Councillor AMJ improperly chairing the Wylfa public meeting last week as rep of IACC....and Counc. GWR, the pipe-puffer, supporting him....has it now become my enemy`s enemy is now my friend ??
Tell us more ?

Anonymous said...

If (IF) Lein Amlwch will ever re-open (which I doubt on financial grounds : IACC have not committed to any funding to it have they...only a hollow tokenism vote !) will the local Members and public from Amlwch actually use it to travel to Llangefni........??
Not !
A Cynic.

Anonymous said...


You've every right to be as cynical or not as you wish! But I suspect that you would want to wish the venture well, wouldn't you?

The people behind this are not fly-by-night characters. They have spent many years needlessly fighting against those who should have readily lent their support, but did not (Gareth Winston Roberts, for example). The team is more than aware of the economic realities of running such a venture, and have superb connections with others in the industry, such as the Welsh Highland Railway.

So, my view is that, whilst there are certainly plenty of difficulties, the main obstacle - remarkably, one of our own, selfish local councillors - has now been surmounted. This line has the best people possible bringing it forward, believe me.

Anonymous said...

23.27 Please spare us the pain and get a proper job ?

Anonymous said...

9.45 YES, I wish the project well, of course...but only if it is financially viable, and sustainably so..not at any expense to the already laden public ??
Why has GWR not been supportive....do educate us ??

The Great Councillini said...


I think there may be some support from the public purse, but then, that is no different from support given every day to private industry. This will, if properly implemented, bring wide-ranging and I think meaningful regeneration to many parts of Anglesey along and near the line.

The missing ingredient has often been long-term, informed and cooperative support from the local authority. I think this is in place now, because if it was not, then what would that mean? That the Council was not working in favour of the island.

Personally, I'm happy to send my cheque for £7 to join Lein Amlwch and support it. I would urge as many as possible to do the same. I'll send a copy of the application form here shortly.

Anonymous said...

Councillor William Hughes (Wil Betws) Cemaes was also not in the meeting! I would have thought he would support the line as he is involved in yester year activities (threashing day) why didn't he stay to vote???
The line will open I'm sure. The group behind it know a great deal about trains and finance. We need this as an Island and it's about time people started to think positively about things that are happening not putting everything down and them moaning about our decline.
If the puff puffing gets any more frantic, people will think the trains have already come back to Amlwch.

Mozzila said...

On a serious note, the economic benefits of reopening de-activated railway lines are strong, even private rail operators have recognised this accodring to a report in the Sunday Times on June 2009.
“Train companies are proposing to reopen many of the branch lines closed by Dr Richard Beeching more than 40 years ago.
They say that the growing popularity of the railways, with passenger numbers up by half since privatisation, means that there is a business case for reopening at least 14 lines shut by the chairman of British Railways.
The Association of Train Operating Companies says in a report today that the case for reopening local stations has been strengthened by lack of parking at main stations and congestion on roads leading to them.”
The Heritage Railway Association in 2005 claimed: that throughout the UK and Eire there are 108 operating heritage railways and 60 steam centres, covering a total route mileage of 384 miles with 279 stations - more than the London Underground system and exceeding the distance between London and Glasgow. "New railways and planned extensions to existing lines", it is argued, "could increase this total to 600 miles" - the major extension of the Ffestiniog Railway line in North Wales being a case in point. "During 2002, heritage railways received 5.4 million visitors of whom 4.6 [actually] rode on ... trains", resulting "in 12 million passenger journeys and 1.7 million passenger train miles". They earned "39 million pounds, 60% of this being from train journeys, 15% from catering, 14% from shops and the remaining 11% mainly from workshops and charter trains". Significantly, "heritage railways directly employ 1,099 people and also benefit from the work of 11,636 volunteers - the equivalent to 1,880 full time staff".

Anonymous said...

Heritage trains all well and good, let's hope they bring in loads of work for surely work and jobs is the main focus. Trains are handy, the sooner it comes the better, let's hope the jobs come with it, and they go to local people.

Anonymous said...

The 15% catering jobs are already covered Gar's vintage bechdan and beer buffet.

Anonymous said...

The 11% jobs in the workshop are covered too, fat albert the grease monkey has sorted out a shed and a grease gun off Gar. Lynn Box Car Ball is on the buckets of steam and panads all round.

Anonymous said...

the figure of 11 thousand volunteers frighten me, don't people get paid anymore or do they want everything for nothing!

Anonymous said...

In other words there are no jobs only volunteers to run the Dragon Line, has the world gone mad? Is there no opportunity for any jobs anymore in Anglesey?????

Anonymous said...

I don't think the councillors will do anything for the Dragon line without a claim for expenses, while they expect volunteers to work for a bechdan?

Anonymous said...

So all these figures about jobs the heritage railways bring aren't worth anything if your looking for work, all they want is volunteers to work for them for nothing, amazing!

The Great Councillini said...

"the figure of 11 thousand volunteers frighten me, don't people get paid anymore or do they want everything for nothing!"

I think you miss the point. Railways and particularly steam engines are a passion. That's why there's a ready supply of people willing to volunteer. Whilst those people don't get a wage, they do need somewhere to stay (most on the Highland Railway come from quite large distances of a weekend), somewhere to buy food, somewhere to drink real ale. That, plus they voluntarily develop a vital, attractive and rejuvenating force in run-down Anglesey.

Don't knock it. Just support it, see how it comes along.

Anonymous said...

I want Barry " Cassey Jones" to be on the footplate, with the cronies on the runaway train to bedlam, Llangefni.

Anonymous said...

i think your all losing the plot here lol its not going to be a gravy train for the fatcat councilors ,or a toy train set for anglesey central railway ,
its going to be a regular service on the arriva trains wales network manned and staffed by arriva personel (this is from one of the directors of acr )

Anonymous said...

It is confusing - is this thing going to be a commercial line, paying for itself? Why are people going on about volunteers and steam engines?

How many people would be needed to travel every day to make it viable, I wonder.

Bottom line for me - is it going to cost me anything on my council tax?

Anonymous said...

I think we all agree with that, were just having banter and fun at the expense of our clown politicians who you have to agree are the butt of every joke here, we wish the Dragon Line well, it's just a shame that it's took so long to get back on the track..no pun intended..

mozilla said...

To anon 21:16

This is excellent news, as I said the economic case for re-activating old lines is strong, in the case of Anglesey Central Railway what I did not realise was how strong the case was. If as you say Arriva Trains Wales want to run a service all the better!!

Anonymous said...

all i can pass on about arriva trains running the service ,is what ive been told by an arriva train driver who is also a director of acr ,
so he is in the know ,the units are already earmarked ,network rail will do the track work and build a halt at gaerwen ,they want the service up and running by the 2012 winter timetable (orginally it was 2011) one of the stumbling blocks is something to do with funding from the welsh assembly to arriva trains . ive not seen the train driver for a few months but the next time i see him ,i will get upto date info

Anonymous said...

all i can pass on about arriva trains running the service ,is what ive been told by an arriva train driver who is also a director of acr ,
so he is in the know ,the units are already earmarked ,network rail will do the track work and build a halt at gaerwen ,they want the service up and running by the 2012 winter timetable (orginally it was 2011) one of the stumbling blocks is something to do with funding from the welsh assembly to arriva trains . ive not seen the train driver for a few months but the next time i see him ,i will get upto date info

Anonymous said...

"It is confusing - is this thing going to be a commercial line, paying for itself?"

It's a shame people can't take the time to find out about Lein Amlwch, instead of grappling at straws and making things up. One can onyl wonder how much rubbish is made up about other topics, too.

Anonymous said...

What is a shame is that http://www.angleseycentralrailway.com/ is 'under construction' and they are looking forward to events in May 2009.

I will see what else I can google.

Anonymous said...

I have also found it listed, along with 34 other 'tourist and enthusiast railways' that are open or planned to open in Wales.

All unique.

Anonymous said...

The daily Post says:

"Sustainable transport charity Sustrans Cymru conducted a study in the first step to creating a heritage route for locals and tourists on the 16-mile line between Gaerwen and Amlwch. This would cost around £2m to set up. The report concluded it is possible for Lein Amlwch to be used for a dual purpose heritage railway and greenway for walkers, cyclists and horse riders."

I am still confused - why are people talking about Ariva Wales?

Mozziiiiila said...

From Daily Post 15 September 2010, putting aside what I take is an error - duh as in there is already a train service between Bangor and Gaerwen......

ANGLESEY council has thrown its weight behind a proposal to re-open a defunct railway line.

The council had previously backed plans to turn the Gaerwen to Amlwch line into a cycling, walking and bridlepath route.

But since making that decision in 2007 the hopes of re-starting rail services have increased with the Assembly Government commissioning a feasibility study for a train service between Bangor and Gaerwen.

With funding for the cycle path now unlikely the local authority’s full council has now voted that its preferred option for the future use of the line is for railway services.

Sustainable transport charity Sustrans Cymru conducted a study in the first step to creating a heritage route for locals and tourists on the 16-mile line between Gaerwen and Amlwch. This would cost around £2m to set up. The report concluded it is possible for Lein Amlwch to be used for a dual purpose heritage railway and greenway for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

Mooooozila said...

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglesey_Central_Railway

Recently [in 2009], the Welsh Assembly Government has asked Network Rail to conduct feasibility studies on two former track stretches in Wales, one of those being the line from Bangor to Llangefni. Councillor Clive McGregor is optimistic this could provide an economic stimulus for Anglesey, along with further proposals to extend passenger traffic between Llangefni and Amlwch. Network Rail has already begun work on gathering evidence for its study, beginning with cutting away vegetation on track sections to examine the condition of rails and track bedding. Its report is expected to be published next year, before any business cases to reopen the lines can be developed.

And from the BBC see

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the web site will be updated now that there is something slightly more concrete in the offing. I am not sure that you can run a railway and a cycle path etc on this track surely it's not wide enough and the last thing you would want would be squashed walkers and riders.
We should be wondering why our councillors GWR and Bettws are not supporting things that would help the Island. We need to join Lein Amlwch and get behind what could be a fantastic opportunity for all of us, £10 per family is not alot to join and show support even in this economic climate.
Action as well as words!!

richard sletzer said...
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Anonymous said...
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The Druid of Anglesey said...

Comment made at 16:31 deleted. I'm sorry, Richard, but I don't think it is fair or relevant in this case to bring family members into the discussion.

Anonymous said...

"What is a shame is that http://www.angleseycentralrailway.com/ is 'under construction' and they are looking forward to events in May 2009."

It is. A big mistake, in my humble opinion, made by very many organisations, small and large. Most people get their information from the web nowadays, and expectations on quality and updates are very high. Lein Amlwch doesn't even currently have an online membership form for printing out. It would be even better if they had online membership without the need for printing.

And what of all the fabulous images from days gone by?

Come on, Lein Amlwch, get your act together and give yourself a bit of a leg-up!

Anonymous said...

Web site: stop trying to do it yourself and get someone who knows how to do it professionally. And don't use friends and relatives - they only sulk when you're not happy with what they turn out!

F.R. Omexperience.

Anonymous said...

You can though by visiting: http://www.angleseycentralrailway.com/contact.htm find the email address of the members secretary of Lein Amlwch Supporters Club, and no doubt he could send you all the details that you need to join, or give a donation

Anonymous said...


Yes, but that means people have to go through hoops. It means you lose those people drifting by who might otherwise join. It's hopelessly out of date, of no interesting content, and does nothing to promote the line.

It's a crying shame. Sadly, some people, notably more elderly people, see web sites as optional, unimportant add-ons. In reality, it's like hanging out dirty washing for all to see - and all to run away from. Who the hell will take Lein Amlwch seriously if they hit on that pile of rubbish? Nobody!

Anonymous said...

I think you should give them time to get the web site up and running properly. Less of the more elderly people see web sites as optional.I use them all the time and so do loads of my friends. I think alot of Lein Amlwchs time has been spent trying to get past the people and we all know who they are, who are determind to keep this Island down by blocking anything that is good, but doesn't help them directly. Go out and spread the message not just sit there moaning about web sites. I agree it needs doing and they may miss the passing trade but I think given a bit of time the site will improve.

Anonymous said...

May I thank Anonymous 16.49 for defending the Lein Amlwch website. The venom and hysteria demonstrated by Anonymous 11.17 is unbelievable. Come on get a life. Why rubbish this website now. Sour grapes no doubt – yes it has all the hallmarks of friends of the puffing pipe smoker, whose motto is – nothing for Anglesey, unless there is something in it for me!!
Well done Lein Amlwch lads for getting your priorities right and not showing your hand on the website. By the way what is wrong with the website? There is a name and address there and it is under construction?!
Knowing some of the personnel in the Railway company and some of the people in the support group I have a gut feeling that at the right time, there may well be something explosive appearing on the Lein Amlwch site informing us all of who was responsible for the continued thwarting of the line coming to fruition . Maybe Anonymous 11.17 you are waking “a sleeping railway giant”!!
I would advise the puffing pipe smoker to board the Orient express, or the next train from Amlwch to Vladivostok.
By the way with all this website talk we seem to have forgotten
Plaid Cymru's Fflur Mai Hughes, who voted against the line.

Anonymous said...

Well I *still* don't know what Lein Amlwch is about - heritage steam train, Arriva passenger service, horse/bike trail, or all three?. Do Lein Amlwch know??

The only online information is from newspaper articles.

And is it going to cost us anything?

Anonymous said...

We should wait for a couple of weeks and then I think that from what Anonymous 8.32 said we will get all the info we want. There is not going to be a bike/cycle/horse path. You couldn't do that on a single line track, they would all be killed or injured and no one wants that. I think that a regular passenger train with some Heritage trains and specials would be the most likely. we need a regular train to reduce some of the cars as well as bring in goods and tourists. The heritage people, Pary's mountain, the port and the tren all need to work together to produce a place that will bring in the tourists to see them, which will benifit everyone and all the businesses along the line.
I feel it is important now for people to support and talk up the railway, any complaining starts a negative spiral and it becomes the thing to do to knock something. The railway has been fought for so hard it would be a pity now to start to become negative, particularly over something like the website, which I agree needs to be done and people need more information, or they will lose interest and Lein Amlwch needs everyone behind them, But from what has been said we should be looking forward to something soon!!! We hope. As for costs who knows what is in the future, but it was stated I believe in the Council meeting that no funds where being put forward at the moment. It's a well known fact that you have to spend money to make money!!

Anonymous said...

I've looked the website is clear just says under construction. Something must be on it's way!!!!

Richard Sletzer said...

I have been taken to task by The Druid for bringing the family of Plaid Cymru Councillor Fflur Hughes into the debate about her decision not to back the Amlwch rail line.

All I can say is - fair enough, it's The Druid's blog. We are just house-guests and it behoves us to act accordingly and conform with the wishes of our host.

I would however point out that Fflur Hughes herself has already published everything that I said about her family in the council's register of members interests. It is all information already in the public domain.

Anonymous said...

The report in the Anglesey Mail today was brilliant regarding Lein Amlwch, with the exception of the rubbish spouted by Councillor Fflur
Hughes. Business plans were not under consideration on the 14th September as it has nothing to do with any councillor. By the way Fflur the reason you have been waiting for a business plan " for 20 years" is the fact that the railway company was not in existence in 1990!!! Get your facts right councillor!!

Count Alucard said...

I have just returned from the Mother country and am pleased to see the amount of positive comments about the line. I fully agree with the comments posted about councillor Hughes, fancy voting against your own party and stabbing Ieuan Wyn Jones in the back. He has been fighting hard for the line and for the Island. He doesn't need hysterical councillors like Fflur Hughes. Someone mentioned her majority had dropped to 2 in the last elections, no doubt her constituency - whom we understand are up in arms about the damage she has done to Plaid Cymru will vote accordingly in the next elections.

Anonymous said...

Someone please explain the mystery of why GWR and his lapdog Wil Betws deliberately left the meeting without voting in favour...its a mystery to me...is it not to most........???

Anonymous said...

No it's not. He has never been in favour of the railway, mainly due, from what i can gather, because of personal clashes between him and the chairman of the Anglesey central railway. He is willing to put the economic good of the Island to one side because he doesn't like someone what sort of a councillor does that make him?
He left because he knew the vote would go through and he was the one to prevent the line happening last time. It was a cowardly thing to do If he has good reason for the line not to go ahead he should have stayed and argued the point but he doesn't and lapdogs tend to follow their masters without thinking for themselves. At least Fflur Hughes had the guts to stay and put her point to the council.
The talk in the paper of a more important meeting was a cover,. He is trying to make out now that he is more in favour of the line and all he was doing was trying to find employment for the youngsters on the line which he knew would be voted for. A load of !!!!!! .He's trying to put up a smoke screen so that people will not say he was and still is against the line, and the economic recovery of the Island.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Anon 09:19 - I have heard from another commenter also regarding GWR's story in the H+A Mail but have been unable to find it. Can you tell me on which edition and on what page it was on? I'd like to post on the story in more detail so your help would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Anglesey Mail 29 September pg. 13