Sunday, 3 October 2010

Labour, Kinnock and North Wales Polls

As the latest ITV Wales/YouGov Welsh Survey was released this week [pdf], I have updated the Druid North Wales Voting Intention tracker accordingly:

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It appears that Labour received a significant boost from the extra media coverage it received of its conference and leadership election results. All other parties pretty much as they were last month. Of course the sample for North Wales is quite small so we shouldn't read too much into these voting intention figures but they are the best we Gogs have.

Incidentally this month's YouGov survey also asked some interesting questions regarding whether people were more or less likely to vote for Labour with either Ed or David as leader; here are the results for North Wales in comparison to Wales as a whole:

It appears that it makes little difference to North Wales voters which Miliband is leading Labour although the rest of Wales shows a slight preference for Ed. However the biggest difference between Gogs and the rest of Wales is that a much higher proportion of us (50% vs 37%) said we'd wouldn't vote for Labour in future elections anyway. Perhaps the recent increased media coverage of Lord Kinnock has put us off.


Anonymous said...

or may be knowing the attitude of his Gog born wife to her homeland and its language !

Anonymous said...

Kinnock, as described in today`s ST...Labour`s own pet dinosaur !

avatar said...

Interesting also, how those indicating a preference for Plaid Cymru have grown, whereas those indicating a preference for either of the coalition parties have fallen. This even after a concerted attempt by the ‘right’ to discredit Plaid Cymru and Ieaun Wyn Jones in particular.

Maybe they should have learnt from Labour and their disastrous ‘toff’ campaign of the Brown days, the electorate does positive, and tend to shun those with a negative message, irrespective of how correct that negative message was.

Anonymous said...

Labour is a disaster in Anglesey; a bunch of moaning troublemakers intent on causing havoc

Anonymous said...

Definition of irony – Having a moan about people who moan.