Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Anglesey's Libraries: a Council Success Story

Anglesey County Council is so often on the receiving end of quite severe criticism that we may sometimes forget that, despite the shenanigans in the council chamber, the council does perform many services very well, and some excellently. A good example is the library service on Anglesey. Fellow island blogger, Photon, writes this about the latest Welsh Assembly assessment of Anglesey's libraries:

Anglesey is amongst the top performers in Welsh libraries, passing 12 of a possible 14 standards in 2009-10 and has achieved this despite having the lowest numbers of staff of any local authority.  In the words of Cymal, the Welsh Assembly's Library Standards authority:
"With such meagre staffing resources it is difficult to see how many more service improvements can be achieved. Indeed it is possible that current levels of performance overall are only being achieved on account of the dedication and commitment of the staff rather than as a result of the authority’s support and investment."
In other words, the staff are pulling-off Herculean improvements in the library service on Anglesey, whilst the Council itself shows little interest in it. 
Anglesey's libraries have this year been awarded 12 out of a possible 14 target passes for its levels of service - up from the average Welsh pass rate of 7 targets last year, and well ahead of the Welsh national average of just 9 targets met.  In the words of the Welsh Assembly: 
"This is progress at an accelerated rate and reflects well on the effectiveness of the service in applying careful and considered approaches to the requirements of the Standards."
Read the whole thing here.

When you consider the excellent service provided by Anglesey's libraries, and the fact that it all costs yearly less than one percent of the council's entire budget, I hope that the council executive will recognise its value to the island and spare it from unnecessary cuts.


Anonymous said...

This proves the oft-repeated mantra that it's the 'normal' staff of the Council who are making things work at Llangefni. Well done all. Also nice to see Mr. Peet, the Rhosneigr candidate giving such strong support to libraries from the outset.

Anonymous said...

Holyhead and Anglesey Mail 3rd November 2010.

"TV show puts spotlight on council".

"Leader of the Labour Group and planning portfolio holder, Cllr John Chorlton, is hoping that those who watch the programme will take it with a pinch of salt"

Clearly from this statement Cllr Chorlton cares not one jot whether the council can or will recover or not.

Whether the council comes out of the programme in a good light or not we according to Cllr Chorlton are to take it with a pinch of salt!!!

Considering the council has never been run properly since its inauguration and Cllr Chorlton was one of the know trouble makers running it, he's got a bloody cheek lecturing us and making such crass comments.

Anonymous said...

Bully boy Bowles is said to have refused to be Interviewed.

Say's it all.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The Library in Amlwch was my favourite place, it was there I learnt about a certain hobby and I was fascinated by it, I can remember the first book I got there and it was brilliant. Unfortunately I was one of the masses that left Anglesey in the 1970s out of the necessity to work and make money, believe me there was nothing there for any of us then. But, the Library in Amlwch was a turning point in my life and it always holds wonderful memories for me, thank you to all the staff there, past and present, you don't know what you've had until it's gone, let's hope they continue the great job they do all over Ynys Mon.

Anonymous said...

Education education education. Ha only if you can afford it.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Chorlton as with Clive McGregor and David Bowles, having put their name to a public mandate to abuse and deny peoples Human Rights should be sent packing.

They and their type are a scourge on our society and have no place in local government. The words that comes to mind is Commies, an insult to Democracy and they will pay the price.

As for Anglesey County Council making that mandate public. They will never recover as long as that mandate stays as the "Terms of Engagement" for the so-called New Alliance.

Anonymous said...

I can only agree with 20:51; my family couldn't afford new books, although they did encourage learning. The library was the escape from this endless mass of farming and dead-end jobs.

Libraries opened my eyes to worlds beyond, and I for one would hate to have the kids of Anglesey today limited in their outlook simply because councillors think we don't want to stump up the price of one cheap book a year in order to have access to thousands of other books.

Remember, IOACC: the people rule, not you!

Anonymous said...

"Remember, IOACC: the people rule, not you!"

Not in David Bowles and Clive McGregor's eyes, there both Commies who have no affiliation with Human Rights. Traitors of the People and traitors of Democracy.

Anonymous said...


Another blow to our economy. Where are our leaders now?

Anonymous said...

Since when has meeting targets meant a good service. That approach has shown to largely a failure.

Anonymous said...

"Since when has meeting targets meant a good service"

I'd certainly agree that targets aren't always a good idea. But it does at least allow us to compare between different regions in Wales, against which Anglesey, despite the lowest staff numbers in the country, compare very favourably indeed.

Unless you have a better system (beyond mere assertion) to prove to the contrary that the libraries are not performing very well?