Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic...

As I write this the Leader of Anglesey County Council is still Clive McGregor -- but possibly not for much longer. It appears that over the past four days just about every possible combination of groups forming a new Alliance have been discussed and rejected, together with equally indecisive talks about who should be the new Leader and Deputy.

Possibly realising that the siop siafins at Anglesey County Council is not a good advertisement for their own leadership, both Ieuan Wyn Jones and Albert Owen have belatedly gotten involved (something both should have done openly months ago) but so far a solution to which a majority can agree on has proven elusive. The following is by no means an exhaustive list, but this is how the discussions regarding Leader and Deputy have been progressing (if that's the word) day-by-day:

Friday:  Bob Parry (Plaid) and John Chorlton (Labour) as joint Leaders
Saturday: Bob Parry as Leader, John Chorlton as Deputy Leader
Sunday: An Independent as Leader, with Bob Parry as Deputy Leader
Monday: Back to Bob Parry as Leader with John Chorlton as Deputy Leader

Who knows who will be in the frame by the end of play today...  Meanwhile yesterday the Recovery Board and Interim MD, David Bowles, held a separate meeting together in Treaddur Bay to no doubt discuss whether to call in the commissioners or not. No news on what was resolved there yet.

And while all this plotting goes on endlessly, who is working on the already much delayed and critically important 2011/12 budget?


Anonymous said...

who's Joe lock?

Photon said...

What a total disaster. Thw economy's going to hell and these people are utterly ignoring the people's plight and the need to focus on getting Anglesey off its knees.

How about late amendments to remove councillors who just can't pull themselves out of a fatal nosedive?

Anonymous said...

Does anybody else think this is getting silly?!

If we MUST have the same 40 councillors. Then I think it is better we have an Executive of "Party" Members- at least that will instil discipline within any new exec!

Accountant ! said...

The Budget ??
It was left much too late thanks to the arrogant complacency of the Finance portfolio holder, who really had no idea how to manage the portfolio, and had hopeless designs on being Leader, not helped by the Director of Finance...whose days are numbered.
The Budget is weak and hopeless and not sufficiently robust to weather the black hole that faces IACC.
Twm....its happened on your watch, mate.....go back to milking ?

Anonymous said...

Bob Parry - John Chorlton
John Chorlton - Bob Parry

What a recipe for further disaster. No one in their right minds would want to be lead by either one of them.

Give Bryan Owen a chance. People say he is an honest man and is not sly and sneaky.

Anonymous said...

13.16........is he not joined at the hip to the greatest Machiavelli this Council has ever seen, and who still wields influence.... ?

Anonymous said...

I think that if IWJ and Albert achieve the sewing up of domination of Anglesey Council for their private coalition then I will break the habit of a lifetime and vote Tory at the Next Assembly election.

Anonymous said...

Today, the people of Anglesey feel as if they have been hit by a bus and left for dead.
The bus built by the Welsh Assembly and driven by an incapable Council, but, the good news, we, the people of Anglesey have got up and have started to walk, the mess created by these people must be punished.

Anonymous said...

Since when has IWJ had the power and the authority to dictate to us who will be our next leader.

David Bowles was recruited to control and manage this festival of buffoonery but has been left looking like Coco the Clown, with no arena or ringside to run around in, he should leave, leave before he gets a custard pie in the face.

Bob Parry, the ringmaster, looks ridiculous, no whip, no top hat, his trousers are round his ankles and the crowd are laughing at him, he is an embarassement and should leave the arena, now.

John Chorlton, the elephant keeper, has carefully laid out the toys in the arena, but the elephants have run off, they were last seen, trotting aimlessly towards valley.

Whose running the circus?, what about the rest of the zoo? well, we all the know the answer to that problem, the monkeys are running it, they way they always have done.

The circus called IoACC, maintained and grant fed by the Welsh Assembly, owned and controlled by IWJ the circus king.

Anonymous said...

14.00.....a technicality, the Leader is not our (the people's) leader, he is the Leader or master of the pack of 40 hounds called the Council...so you and I have no say in his election, directly.

the outsider said...

FYI - the 'Annual Improvement Report' for Anglesey County Council, January 2011, is now on the Council website.

Anonymous said...

Surely if the choices are as shown above then they be no choice.

If any of the above are installed then it is clear that NO lessons have been learnt.

Don't they realise, councillors are not the problem per se, but it's THESE (BP + JC or JC + BP or any of the other combinations suggested) councillors who are the problem.

It's surely time to call in the Commissioners in the interests of the long suffering people of Anglesey.

The WAG Local Government Minister really does now have to take the initiative and say "enough is enough".

And yes, Druid, you hit nail on head - "Titanic" it sure is, if they just keep changing the faces!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To 13.20 from 13.16

Sorry 13.20 I did not know that.

Anonymous said...

If you all knew how much Corruption and dishonesty is been covered up, you would all flip.

Sending in Bowles was clearly part of that remit.


Out of all the complaints Bowles has received, all he has done is refuse to accept there is anything wrong, preferring too abuse and tell lies about the complainants.
But that is now about to stop very shortly.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The best way to stop this corruption is to get the real Police in, not the mickey mouse north wales police, but the real Police, with the power to investigate the real power behind this Council, it's in your court now Druid, you want to be the Assembly Member for Anglesey what would you do?

Anonymous said...

When are breaches of Anglesey County Council's Constitution by Senior Officers nothing but Procedural errors?
When David Bowles says so! And he has.

That being the case, and the Constitution is nothing but Council Procedures, It must means that the Councillors Code conduct just as the Officers is nothing more than a procedure and not enforceable?

Anonymous said...

Once a copper always a copper?????
Who come up with that load of old Bollocks.

Anonymous said...

The ringleaders of the coup should resign immediately.

Anonymous said...

tonight's hawl i holi in holyhead: new labour candidate didnt bother to turn up.

Anonymous said...

Was big mouth the ringleader there or was he too ashamed to show his face? The people of Holyhead should march down to Trearddur Bay and shout "out, out, out" all night. He has been the final nail.

Anonymous said...

Was John Chorlton at the Hawl i Holi in Holyhead or any of the other Holyhead members?

Anonymous said...

"The people of Holyhead should march down to Trearddur Bay and shout "out, out, out" all night. He has been the final nail."

I scooted along to Trearddur Bay expecting to see masses there all hollering away as suggested.

All I heard were seagulls.

You have a hell of a following Anon 22.46 ( I'd put in Anon x, y,..etc times to cover all your other comments as well but I can't be bothered)

Anonymous said...

22.46 and 11.22:
this Bigmouth is the Albatross around Anglesey Labour's neck. If Labour want to be trusted by people, they know what do with albatross.

Anonymous said...

06:34 yes john chorlton attended and sat at the back of the hall

Anonymous said...

Who in the Welsh Assembly is hearing our voice...

Anonymous said...

Ask any Councillor reading this blog to consider what Elwyn Schofield offered many months ago....Elwyn offered to resign if the other awkward sods resigned.

Seems like Chorlton and co are like Red Robbo, hell bent on retaining power (income) and causing mayhem.

Please resign ALL of you, lets go for a new round of elections !!!!

WAG said...


We are aware of what is going on and we hear your voice.

Anonymous said...
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WAG said...

there is merit in the argument calling for new elections.

Anonymous said...

Dear WAG Re your response 15:11

For years we the people of Anglesey have been dictated to, by a collective Council that has betrayed us all. For years the people of Anglesey have been misled and treated like fools, do you know who we blame?

We blame the fools who allowed this state of affairs to continue for too long, we have people at the end of their tether being selectivily discriminated against for voicing their opinions and speaking up against an un- democratic system of governing that has left us all in a mess.

The people of Anglesey have been herded into a corner and are being constantly pushed and pressed into a way of life that is alien to them.

The people need to have the pressure taking off them, before they explode into a torrent of unrest, it will be a rage against bad political fighting and decisions made that go against the will and need of the people.

The Welsh Assembly Government should speak up now, because if the people take to the streets it will be their inaction that has caused this reaction.

Serious allegations of bad behaviour and misuse of authority are being ignored by the powers, because they are all involved in covering up and hiding the truth from the people.

Anonymous said...

Chorlton was skuking in the background. Pretty pointless evening I thought.

Anonymous said...

Does the Welsh Assembly have a " duty of care" towards the people of Anglesey?

Does IoACC have a " duty of care" towards the people of Anglesey?

If yes, where is it? Where did it go? What happened to it? Will we see it again?

An answer from one of our "dedicated" councillors would be appreciated, but I'm not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Listen Up Folks !
No-one in IACC nor WAG care a FIG about the People of Anglesey....so why not take to the streets and protest....like Egypt ??
Errr....no, actually, its too cold.

Anonymous said...

18.43 ? What is skuking... doesn't sound nice ?
Pointless was it ?; so, what sensible questions did you ask ?

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a camel, like that dude riding the streets of Cairo, then I see on the news Cameron sticking his nose in, it's an arab-muslim problem, a bit like us, with a Welsh- Council problem. Wonder if Obama will bale us out...

Mr President Sir, we have no democracy in Anglesey!
Send in the marines boy! goddam this means war!

Anonymous said...

We want, sorry demand more Anglesey Cake stories.........

Anonymous said...

This Council has become a circus...and the comments on the Druid have become a plebeian pantomime....hopeless....lets all emigrate !

Anonymous said...

Very interesting articular on Photon re: Care allowances for Councillors, with dependants who need caring for, and the failure of the council to follow proper financial procedures.

This could turn out to be another smack in the face for Anglesey County Council, with more of their financial irregularities which benefit some Councillors?

Anonymous said...

A question addressed to neighbours over the Strait : does Gwynedd CC have the same grievous problem of destructive gutter politics as Anglesey, that we would not wish to join you ?

Anonymous said...

Reliable word is that IWJ and AO have been working behind the scenes to arrange a forced marriage of Plaid with Labour at IACC, with BP the Leader, and JC the deputy.....but at 13, they are short of a majority....who will work with them ?
Imagine the love child of that combination !

Anonymous said...

'forced marriage of Plaid with Labour at IACC, with BP the Leader, and JC the deputy.....'

The Dream Team - Not !!!

Anonymous said...


One of Anglesey highly respected ladies and member of the Pentraeth Community Council, has attacked and lambasted the Leader of Anglesey County Council, Clive McGregor,for wrongfully criticising Cllr John Chorlton and Hefin Thomas publicly.
Can be read on page 7 of this weeks, Holyhead and Anglesey Mail.

When is this man going to get the message that it is he,along with Bowles, who are the trouble makers. Even the Staff are blaming Bowles for not handling the situation well.

Anonymous said...

"Even the Staff are blaming Bowles for not handling the situation well"

The staff deserve better thats why. The ordinary workforce should be praised. Its not their fault that their senior officers are incompetent, bent and are being protected by Bowles.

Anonymous said...

what have Hefin Thomas and Chorltan promised her in return for her public support?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Rock on Tommy. 100% Right

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It seems that Albert and Ieuan in their desperation to save face have suggested councillors take a cut of 40% in their allowances.

I find this really ironic. The big mouth couldn't wait to become leader for all the extra loot. Now it looks like he'll get a 40% cut.

Ha Ha

Resign big mouth.

Anonymous said...

"Resign big mouth"
He might have to yet, if what is emerging in the corridors of power tonight, rings true.

Anonymous said...
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The Real Insider. said...

If there is anything I will not put up with, its a Liar,which brings me to the question. Why does Cllr Clive McGregor think the People of Anglesey will put up with his constant lies, any more than anyone else?

Anglesey county council's, integration with Gwynedd, has been the subject of considerable conjecturer and discussion for some time now, yet in this weeks Holyhead and Anglesey Mail, on page seven "The Leaders View" "Councillor Clive McGregor, said He wasn't aware of any immediate plans by the Minister Carl Sargeant to merge Anglesey with Gwynedd - but admitted it may be necessary in future".

However in a letter sent to Clive McGregor, dated 27th January from Carl Sargeant he say's .
"Councillors should be focusing on setting a coherent budget and on the strategic integration with Gwynedd, WHICH YOU ENDORSED BEFORE CHRISTMAS".

Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

What has Albert Owen done for Anglesey-anyone enlighten me?

Off the top of my head I can't think of anything. In fact, when I think of him (as nice as I'm sure he is and appears), he seems abit ineffectual .
If he condones a union of the same old at IOACC then he will plumett in a lot of peoples estimation.

Ieaun Wynn-anyone tell me what he has done for Anglesey?
I just have a memory of his lacklustre performance on Question Time years ago where I was squirming at the TV in horror that this was our representation.

Any hopes at all for a future for the under 35's on Anglesey or should we all just emigrate now.

Puck said...

"Cake or death?" That's a pretty easy question. Any Councillor could answer that.
"Cake or death?"
"Eh, cake please."
"Very well! Give him cake!"
"Oh, thanks very much. It's very nice."
"You! Cake or death?"
"Uh, cake for me, too, please."
"Very well! Give him cake, too! We're gonna run out of cake at this rate. You! Cake or death?"
"Uh, death, please. No, cake! Cake! Cake, sorry. Sorry..."
"You said death first, uh-uh, death first!"
"Well, I meant cake!"
"Oh, all right Councillor. You're lucky I'm from the Assembly!"

Tip of the hat to Eddie Izzard

Anonymous said...

Yes 00:15. It was trouble maker Bowles again who sent a copy of that letter from Carl Sergeant, to all councillors today.

Anyone would think Bowles was trying to undermine McGregor's position?

Anonymous said...
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Richard Sletzer said...

Given the dreadful calibre of politicians in Anglesey - and in Wales at large - I trust everyone on this blog will be voting "No" to any further extension of the law-making powers of the Assembly

Anonymous said...

When I told Leanne Wood Plaid Cymru and Carwyn Jones that I was voting " NO" they went balistic, hey! It's my vote and I want to vote NO, because no matter what happens the Cardiff Assembly still won't care about the likes of us, the silent, the unheard, the victims of the ethnic cleansing by the Council and the rest of the political fools we have up here.

the outsider said...

I tried to post a comment on Leanne Wood's blog yesterday to express my view that if WAG did not respect the local democratic process on Anglesey by properly consulting the people of the island prior to a merger of IoACC with another authority, then the people of Wales would take note, and would most likely vote NO on March the 3rd as they will not want to give more powers to an undemocratic WAG. However my post was not accepted.