Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Carwyn Jones accuses me of "negative personality politics"

Just a quick post to update you that last week I sent a letter to the First Minister, Carwyn Jones, raising concerns regarding the appointment of Alex Aldridge as a Commissioner by WAG Local Government Minister, Carl Sargeant. It was reported in the Daily Post here.

I made the point to the First Minister that although this latest intervention was necessary, it has effectively brought about the suspension of local democracy on Ynys Môn at exactly the time when Island services will need to be rationalised. Accordingly, as nobody can be held democratically accountable for the decisions made, it is essential that residents have absolute confidence in the abilities of the Commissioners and the process by which they were appointed. In my opinion, and in the opinion of other residents I have spoken to, the appointment of Mr Aldridge fails both of these tests.


Firstly, whilst Mr Aldridge was the Leader of Flintshire County Council, it suffered numerous and serious failures of corporate governance (including this one) which make the goings on at Anglesey Council appear like child's play in comparison.

Secondly, because its appears that the usual Nolan guidelines for the selection of Ministerial appointments have not been followed. Mr Aldridge is known to be a friend and associate of Mr Sargeant's and the public perception, rightly or wrongly, is of one Labour politician from Flintshire appointing another Labour politician from Flintshire to a public-funded position without seemingly having followed the correct procedures. Surely this is not the way in which the Welsh Assembly Government should be bringing about a “democratic renewal” in a place like Ynys Môn?

My letter has generated a furious response from the First Minister. Regarding my first point, he writes:

"You allege that he is not suitable appointee because of certain matters which occurred within Flintshire County Council around ten years ago. I do not think it reasonable to blame the leader of a council for the detail of how the Council's maintenance stores operate and similar matters. Nor can it be right to drag up old issues which have long since resolved and use them to attack people who have much else to offer."

I'm afraid I don't think it 'unreasonable'.  And, as it happens, it is not just I who has questioned Mr Aldridge's appointment considering the numerous failings at Flintshire under his watch.  Even the national magazine, Private Eye, raised its eyebrow at Mr Aldridge's appointment in last week's Rotten Borough's column (sadly not online).

Regarding my second point the First Minister writes:

"[Mr Aldridge] and the other Commissioners were appointed because of their experience and expertise ... All Commissioners were selected following a process of shortlisting, sifting and interviewing on the basis of objective criteria, and all of this was managed by Assembly Government officials who have no loyalty to any party or constituency."

But then goes on to negate everything he has just written by adding,

"The very urgent nature of the situation meant that it was impossible to follow a longer or more formal process, and that is widely accepted practice."

Huh? Did the interviews take place or not? How many people were interviewed? Why was it urgent? We know that Sargeant sat on this report for weeks before acting on or releasing it to the public. He had plenty of time to follow the correct procedures, but instead gets around due process by claiming it was "urgent" – which, incidentally, was exactly the same excuse which WAG used for not having advertised or followed a more formal process for David Bowles' appointment.

Anyway, just to round off his letter, the First Minister writes:

"The early signs of [the appointment of the Commissioner] are very promising, with both members and officers of the Council working well with the Commissioners to restore good governance. But the kind of negative personality politics that you use in your letter has contributed significantly to Anglesey's current problems and I cannot accept it being applied to our commissioners too".

So there you are: if you dare to raise any valid concerns about the suitability of our new Commissioners you get accused of "negative personality politics". Is this really the level of debate we want in this country?


kp said...

Carwyn Jones may well have a point. Many of your blog readers, me included, have noticed a change in you and your focus over recent weeks.

Selective quotations and constant finger pointing is all rather reminiscent of the way Anglesey councillors have behaved. Why, you don't even publish your own letter to Mr Jones.

It is time you started to do better.

Fill us with dreams of a better future, better island governance, greater political transparency and accountability ... and significantly reduced council taxes over the coming years.

This should give us all something to smile about.

Anonymous said...

You have always played personality politics but you are playing with the big boys now; Carl Sargeant would eat you for breakfast. I must admit you're writing is very good but to be fair you just haven't got it on the doorstep you lack the charisma required to win people over and that is why even with the ejiit Peter Rogers you won't win.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding it's not protocol for AM'S to tell county councils how to run their affairs.

IWJ tried if in Feb this year and got his fingers burned very badly. In fact, he along with AO. MP became one of the straws that broke Carl Sargeant back, creating the mess we now have at the council with the commissioners.

I hope those of us that go tonight can ask questions?

Photon said...

"I hope those of us that go tonight can ask questions?"

You can, but it's not a debate about the Council. It's organised by the WWF, so a chance to ask questions that need a good understanding of a wide range of issues.

Groundhog Day said...

Much of what has happened with our council over the last three or four years can be laid at the door of Sargeant's predecessor Gibbon who appointed his crony "Golden" Bowles to cure the ills in Llangefni - which he abjectly failed to do. Now we have the situation exacerbated by another act of cronyism by Sargeant in appointing his mate Aldridge to fill his pockets at the taxpayers' expense.

Keep up the good work Paul, compared so some of the politicians around you are a giant and if we must have a Senedd (how I wish we did not) then we need people of your ilk down in it.

KP - when are you going to give up on your rant about council taxes?
I refer you to an earlier reply to one of your rants, you want services? Then put your hand in your pockets and pay for them. You appear to have the impression that we live in a former Soviet republic where the state will wipe your arse for nowt. Get real or cross over to Gwynedd or elsewhere where you will wince at the taxes in comparison to Anglesey - and get inferior services to boot.

Anonymous said...
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the outsider said...

My conceren is that while lpcal democracy is absent on Anglesey all manner of things will be agreed that are to the long term detriment of the island. More massive, highly subsidised with tax payers money, but virtually useless wind farms for example.

Anonymous said...

Groundhog, think on:

1) Private dental check-up charge on Anglesey, at least £75.00. In Llandudno, less than £25.00 for the exact same service.

2) Haircut charge on Anglesey, £5.50. On Upper Street, Islington, £4.50, for an identical cut.

3) Band D council rate on Anglesey around £800.00, in Conservative controlled Wandsworth under £700.

Who cares what happens in Gwynedd?

Photon said...

Hardly anything new this, though, is it? What Carwyn Jones has written, although immoderate, isn't exactly the biggest insult ever thrown by one politician at another.

Paul can be sure that, if he continues in politics, he will get a lot worse.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I think your concerns are valid. AA is a poor choice (if there was a choice) I wonder who else was interviewed for the job ?

Two of the Comissioners retired due to ill health ?£?£?£

Loads a money

Groundhog Day said...

Anon @ 0919

If you have to go private for your dental treatment then I suggest you find a cheaper dentist. I can give you a list in Llandudno and elsewhere who charge well below what you quote, same applies in Anglesey.

If you pop over to Benllech you can have your hair cut for £3.50 and a good job she does too.

And I still maintain that your council tax on Anglesey is a hell of lot cheaper than most other authorities in the country. If you want to cherry pick locations that are cheaper such as Wandsworth the feel free to go there to live. I have no complaints about my Band E tax here. I am a pensioner but have always paid my way as I do now and I think we get good value for our taxes here.

Anonymous said...

I refer to your response by Carwyn Jones, I am aware that he does read these postings and takes umbrage at being criticised. He take it personal and blows his top, quite frequently, he is known to call people " bad losers" if they are found to have been dealt a " bum hand" after all, Carwyn Jones has got the right to be smug and smarmy.

As far as he is concerned we are all thick, stupid and deserve everything that we get.
We have no ambition or drive, the only thing we are good at up here is slagging each other off and venting our spleen at petty issues, when the real concerns get pushed aside or covered up.

We have no employment worries to concern Carwyn Jones, we have no-one here to class as major employers. The only assets we have are the big funding allowance that gets drawn down for Cardiff, then gets swallowed up into poor projects that have piss poor prospects.

Funding, let me see, the A55, gateway to North Wales, permamently in a state of roadworks, Education, schools being earmarked for closure, anything else?

Oh Let me talk to you about Wylfa B, Carwyn loves that baby, big money, big tie in with Labour's Energy Drive, they won't have it down in the valleys, but as long as Carwyn can get his photo in the paper and use that as a big grinning opportunity to "pretend" that it was what we need. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, that is not the point, the point is that Carwyn Jones is a sad man, when he thinks that we have no right to criticise the abilities and desicions behind the selection of the Commissioners, it's akin to us here in Anglesey, having to put up with second best as usual, the first choices were obviously not too impressed with the state of Anglesey Council, so he sent in the brigade of geriatrics, who will come, claim and fail to clean up after them.

Anonymous said...

Only one councillor on Anglesey has been done by the courts - Cllr H Thomas of Pentraeth. While HT sits as an independent he is actually a member of the Tory Party. Will the Druid be calling for an investigation within the party on this matter? And will he call on HT to resign his council seat?

Anonymous said...

Paul, you've hurt Carwyn's feelings.

Is it me or does Carwyn remind you of Derek the Weatherman.

The Red Flag said...

I do not think it reasonable to blame the leader of a council for the detail of how the Council's maintenance stores operate and similar matters.

I do. Ultimately each layer of management is supposed to be supervising the level beneath it and making sure they are doing their job. 'Delegate and forget' always results in deserved failure.

Prometheuswrites said...

Red Flag: Indeed - Isn't that why we are told that people in these positions need to be paid so highly - because of the responsibilty that goes with the position.

Would the same line of argument be extended to say, TEPCO's management; - that the TEPCO executive aren't responsible for the running of and providing of information about their company?

They may not be the cause of the problems, but they are responsible and accountable.

Anonymous said...

Private Eye.

The uncontrollable factions of Anglesey Council are placed in the hands of commissioners, including one with a chequered past.

Mochyn Mon Ar Wasgar said...

"Negative personality politics..." Hmmm! this from the man whose party employed the likes of Damian McBride and Charlie Whelan. Pot/kettle methinks!?

Anonymous said...

"But the kind of negative personality politics that you use in your letter has contributed significantly to Anglesey's current problems and I cannot accept it being applied to our commissioners too"

I dont think so Carwyn. Our current problems have been festering for many years and most of us know it is not just "negative personality politics" Anglesey`s problems are more akin to what was going on in Flintshire under Alex Aldridge`s watch.

Anonymous said...

Any decent man, having a position of public trust and faith that had been in front of a Magistrate would do the honourable thing and resign, it's called being a gentleman and having standards, obviously it doesn't mean anything over here.

Anonymous said...

Back Bench Councillors have had their Basic Allowances reduced because of the bad behavior of a few.

Anonymous said...

Is it the end of the MENAI GROUP then ?
More independent single Councillors ?

In the Council said...

News from the Kremlin.

Councillors to do no more than required under the Constitution?

The Basic allowances payed to Councillors is to enable them to represent their Constituents at the Council, to pay for use of their homes as offices, cars and fuel, telephone calls and their computers etc, to say nothing of spending at least 28 hours a week visiting constituents attending meetings and been on call 24/7.

To undermine the worth of any elected member by cutting their allowance, will without doubt, see a reduction in the amount of work and service a Councillor will do, stands to reason.

Cut the officers pay and see what would happen.

Anonymous said...

We'll done Paul at least you have the guts to speak out ! No wonder we in Anglesey are in the state we are in we are lead by monkeys we are afraid of the truth. The labour bunch ? got into the mess and they won't admit it !

Un o Fon

Anonymous said...

My God even limp and ineffectual Carwyn has been sucked into the dark side . This Carl Sergeant fiasco is a total disgrace I’m personally so ashamed to be living in Wales at the moment – a banana republic of the first order !

Politics the ultimate waste of time

Anonymous said...

A stern message to Carwyn Jones.

If you, as with anyone's you interfere with local democracy it won't be long, as IWJ and AO have found out to their costs before you get your fingers burned.

RIchard Sletzer said...

Carwyn Jones - trained as a personal-accident lawyer - is obviously bringing the high principles of his calling to his role as First Minister.

But, fair play, he does have a sense of humour. Who else, with that many double-chins, would claim his hobbies are walking, golf and cycling?

His less-than-literate reply to "The Druid" is clearly one he's had to write himself (his civil servants aren't allowed to draft his political correspondence).
The fact that he loses the thread of his argument half-way through - and loses his temper too - is clear evidence that Paul's missive hit home.

What we have here is Anglesey being forced to submit to a good old-fashioned Labour Party stitch-up. I haven't seen anything as bad as this since the 1960s when the infamous - (and, thankfully, late) Cllr Llewelyn Heycock - later Baron Heycock of Taibach - ran Port Talbot as a socialist fiefdom. Nobody got a council house or a teaching job in Port Talbot unless Llew said ok. It went without saying that applicants - supplicants, really - had to be Labour Party members.

Carwyn - himself a weak man - is making a huge mistake in surrounding himself with socialist acolytes. The brothers will end up controlling him.

In the meantime I grieve for Anglesey. The IoACC councillors may have been crap - but at least they were OUR crap, voted in (however misguidedly) by Anglesey people.

Now Anglesey is about to become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the corrupt, self-serving and enterprise-sapping socialist machine. Heaven help us.

Anonymous said...

After months and months of campaigning on Council probity and councillor misdemeanors, the Druid still has nothing to say about fellow Tory, Cllr Hefin Thomas. How strange.

boydaz said...

Do you really think that putting up flyers all over the place is gooing to do you any favours? It's littering as far as I'm concerned and I will endevour to take them down and bin them if I can. Same goes for anyone elses I can reach.

Keep Smiling said...


Don,t be such a grumble guts, spoil sport.

Anonymous said...

Ond nodyn bach i ofyn sut mae pethau yn Carreg Mon, hefo'r gweithwyr yn cael siarad Cymraeg yn gwlad ei hunain?

Gelert said...

ANONYMOUS: Your "gweithwyr" better learn to buckle down and accept that if they're selling their labour to an employer then that employer has the right to set the rules.

They know full-well that they're really using Welsh as an excuse to be as un-cooperative and negative as they can and to make make life difficult for the English-speaking chef they're supposed to be working for. That is the typical rude, ungrateful, behaviour of a little lead-swinging minority of Welsh people which has given Wales such a bad name and discourages so many employers from setting up here.

The lingua franca of Anglesey - and of business - is English. Get over it.

....And by the way if you want to contribute to this thread why not have the good manners to write your comments in Englsh?

Anonymous said...

Can we please have Paul's opinion on our rights or not to speak our native and chosen language on Ynys Mon.

Anonymous said...

Fe wnaeth yr un peth ddigwydd yn y Stables wrth ymyl Caernarfon, toedd y perchenog newydd ddim eisio y gweithwryr siarad Cymraeg yn ei gwaith, roedd yna firi go dda, aeth neb yna i fwyta ac yfed, wedyn, fe aeth y pobol oedd bia y lle yn ol, ha ha, mae gan pawb hawl i siarad Cymraeg, yn y gwaith neu yn y stryd, heb i rheoli gwirion ddod i lawr a dweud wrth pobol " Welsh Not" mae diwrnod y crwban wedi mynd, one mae o yn ol yn Carreg Mon, Ynys Mon.

The same thing happened a few years ago, new owners bought a business called the Stables, near Caernarfon, the owners sais no " Welsh to be spoken here" The people went somewhere else to eat and drink, the owners sold up. We have the right to speak Welsh in work or in the street, the days of children wearing a wooden board around their necks with the words " Welsh Not" written on them hav ebeen confined to history, but not in Carreg Mon, Anglesey.

Anonymous said...

If you want to use Welsh, do so, it's the language that's detested by the English Legal System.

Anonymous said...

Isn't if funny how the druid has gone very quiet on controversial issues............ rather different to his outspoken style pre-candidature status. Looking forward post 5th May when he will be able to forget about his 5 minutes of fame in the political arena!

Anonymous said...

Is there a disgruntled staff member who didn't get the chef's job, by any chance?

Anonymous said...

I understood it was a health and Safety issue. Only 60% speak Welsh on Anglesey, 100% speak English.

Anonymous said...

It must be a case of if your working and you speak Welsh then it's bad for your health.

Anonymous said...

Wrong angle completely...it is about people who don't speak Welsh.

Anonymous said...

Health and Safety?? Is that why we have to speak English to non Welsh Speaking Council Staff, would it be Health and Safety his excuse for not speaking Welsh but for us to have to speak English? The reason why I have to speak English is because he is English and can't speak a word of Welsh, he refers it as that silly language. My health and safety is ignored when I have to bend to his whims and wishes, so stick your health and safety excuse where the sun doesn't shine. In fact there is more than one who refuses to learn Welsh employed in the Council, so whose Health and Safety is at risk there? Mine, because I am Welsh.

Anonymous said...

13:40 People who don't speak Welsh, should not use Health and Safety as an excuse to get their own way, if you don't like it, find another job or learn the Language.

Anonymous said...

For those who can't be bothered to find the story on the BBC:

"Staff at an Anglesey hotel have been banned by managers from speaking Welsh when the head chef is in the kitchen.

The Carreg Mon near Llanfairpwll asked employees not to use Welsh because he does not speak the language and is responsible for health and safety."

If the chef is staying of course he should learn the language, or at least a few useful H&S related phrases like 'Run!, she's going to blow', 'Arghh! I've cut my femoral artery' etc.

But what about the meantime. If the head chef is good at the job, then some of the 22 Welsh speakers employed by the hotel will benefit from future employment.

Having said that, surrounded by Welsh speakers every day, shouldn't take too long to learn. But only of they are allowed to speak Welsh...

Anonymous said...

Being Welsh and speaking Welsh are entirely different matters.

Many Welsh don't speak (and don't want to) speak Welsh, many non-Welsh do speak Welsh and are happy so to do.

Live and let live. Speak whatever language you want.

But when it comes to employment, you must do what your employer wants ... or else find another job. It makes no difference if we are in Wales, England, Spain, Holland, Japan, etc..

Anonymous said...

David (Tin-pot tyrant) Bowles doesn't speak Welsh and look at the F..K up he's made of it.

Anonymous said...

Your opinion Paul?

Anonymous said...

But when it comes to employment, you must do what your employer wants ... or else find another job

Actually that's not true. The employer must obey the law of the land and the sensitivities of the local population and local customer base.

Or close the door on the way out.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, what is the Druid's PUBLIC position on the Royal Wedding and the fake Bank Holiday that seems to only apply to the public sector and the reluctance of nearly all of the private sector on the Island to honour it as a holiday when their counterparts in the public sector are otherwise bestowed.

This is of significance as HRH and his soon-to-be-wife reside here. Are we to assume that the public sector regards them as irrelevant?

Anonymous said...

"" public sector regards them as irrelevant""

Sorry, meant private sector

Anonymous said...

Agreed Anon 19:56, the views of the customer base are important.

As for the local population, who gives a damn? If they want to work they will just have to get used to it.

The language you chose to speak is a lifestyle choice. Speak any language you want and benefit or suffer. The choice is always yours.

Incidentally, in East, Middle East and Far East the English language is regarded as the language of 'aspiration', and that's why so many chose it as a second language.

Here in Wales, English is also our second language. And so we have to start getting used to competing against all the other 'second language speakers' throughout the world. Unless of course we are lucky enough to find an employer who wants Welsh speakers.

Regrettably, there are fewer and fewer of these every day.

Anonymous said...

Well I've spent over £500 in there over the last few months.

They can swivel. I shall use McDonald's until they issue a public apology and back down. At least they are a decent employer to their staff in that they don't come out with this anti-Cymraeg bilge.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm putting this off topic, for which I apologise.

Anon 19:56, Theoretically, I agree with you totally.

Practically, however, employers do seem to be able to flout the rules to suit their own ends and get away with doing so (sometimes even in the presence of a union rep who is fighting for the employee!). I speak from personal experience, I am sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

Say someone from the H&S Executive finds a communication risk which can be removed by everyone speaking the same language.

Which law has precedence - the right to speak Welsh or the obligation to provide a safe workplace?

Anonymous said...

There is no law on language in the workplace of a private employer. There is no right to speak Welsh, or English for that matter.

I blame our education authorities. They claim we are bilingual, but private employers tell us they don't want us!

There is a limit to how many of us can continue to find work in the public sector. What are the rest of us expected to do?

Please Help.

Anonymous said...

If the Public Sector employ people here they should be informed that the people here are Welsh speaking, if they recruit properly then the new employee would know what he was facing, however, it's too late now, the damage has been done, if Employers want to start an anti Welsh policy, then let the customers decide........

Anonymous said...

Employers aren't anti Welsh, they are pro business and making money!

The public sector should be more like this too.

Anonymous said...

As one of those dreadful English colonists, I greatly support things Welsh, including the language.

I do find it a bit odd though whilst looking through the sits. vacant listings for Gwynedd Council that every job right down to litter pickers are advertised as Welsh being "essential". Clearly it is not essential in all circumstances and this is clearly a move to exclude anyone who is not local. I have no problem with this, but they should come clean on the reason. The language is not a factor in most cases.

Anonymous said...

Welsh is essential with any company dealing with the public, especially if they are located in Wales, it makes sense. The issue is why were the staff told not to speak Welsh in front of a non-welsh speaking member of staff, maybe there is a discrimination case there?

Anonymous said...

Don't the public also speak English?

Welsh Safety Rep. said...

Anon 19:08
Not in the kitchen of Carreg Mon..!!..In the interest of Health and Safety they are not allowed there !!!!!

Groundhog Day said...

"Welsh is essential with any company dealing with the public"

What a load of twaddle! As a Welsh speaker I find this statement completely laughable. How many of the doctors and consulatants in YG speak Welsh at all? You could never recruit enough Welsh speakers to fill all the posts and even if you could what would the quality of those people be? Let all the paranoid Welsh who have commented on this subject insist on only Weslh-speaking medics to treat them and see how they get on. In addition, many of North Wales patients have specialised treatement in the excellent hospitals in Liverpool and Manchester, would the same people insist on their staff speaking Welsh? Get real, Welsh is a minority language even in Wales and I would rather have a good English speaking doctor to treat me than choose someone who can converse with me through the medium Welsh, even those medics who speak the language will have gone through university and medical schools and learnt through the medium of English.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Paul,

Please can you confirm if you and the Conservatives are FOR Wylfa B, it's important that we get the answer, as far as I know Plaid Cymru are AGAINST Wylfa B, please inform us, as we need to know, we are desperate here for jobs, and we don't want to vote Plaid Cymru if they say they are FOR Wylfa B, then they change their minds about Wylfa B when or if they get in power in Cardiff. Please clarify Paul, Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wylfa B is a very long way off in the future. It will employ no more people when it's built than Wylfa A employs now - because it will be more modern and more efficient it could conceivably employ less.

Whether it even gets built or not depends now to a large extent on two factors:-

1. The government remaining insistent that it receives no subsidies. If they remain true to their word the cost - especially if more safety features are required post-Fukishima - may well prove to be untenable.

2. Frau Merkel and the Carbon Rod tax which if imposed will probably sink it faster than the Bismark.

Anonymous said...

I also forgot to mention. Nuclear Power (and all matters nuclear) are classed as 'strategic' and as such all decisions are taken in Westminster. Even if CND won every seat in the Assembly it would make little difference. All decisions will be made in London and imposed should they need to be.

It's of no relevance to the Welsh Assembly and basically none of their business.

The Red Flag said...

anon 19.19

From what I can see, bar a few crossing of 'i's and dotting of 't's and a couple of third party issues and some design stuff, Wylfa B is more than likely going to be built.

How many local jobs will be created for the construction remains to be seen but I seem to recall that Bangor are already training some likely young chaps. The current station will still have to be de-commissioned though and that in itself is a task that will take some years but again it remains to be seen how many locals are employed other than as labourers.

As for where the parties stand on the issue I think it's some thing along the lines of tories for, Labour locally for, regionally and nationally divided, Plaid against on principle but for on the grounds that it's a necessary evil jobs-wise. Lib Dems against full stop.

But in reality it doesn't matter because it's not within the Welsh Assembly's remit - it's a UK national thing and isn't devolved to regions.

The Red Flag said...

With regards the English/Cymraeg row, I came across this:-


Vive le revolution et vive madame la Guillotine

Robin Millar said...

Anonymous 19:19 - "Please can you confirm if you and the Conservatives are FOR Wylfa B, it's important that we get the answer, as far as I know Plaid Cymru are AGAINST Wylfa B, please inform us, as we need to know, we are desperate here for jobs, and we don't want to vote Plaid Cymru if they say they are FOR Wylfa B, then they change their minds about Wylfa B when or if they get in power in Cardiff."

Anonymous - Plaid Cymru MP for Arfon, Hywel Williams, at a debate in the Galeri during the last General Election, said he "sees no conflict with Plaid Cmyru's policy of opposing nuclear power when in Cardiff, but IWJ supporting it when he is in Ynys Mon". Noone in the room could make sense of the statement or why he would even admit to such a thing. I can assure you Conservatives recognise the importance of both jobs AND nuclear power.

Anonymous said...

Having met Alex Aldridge at IoACC this morning I have to say he was a breath of fresh air, keen to listen, understand and see the positive work the Council does. He even took time to meet all the staff in the department and was head and shoulder above to all previous portfolio holders and councillors who dropped in. Hope it continues.

Anonymous said...

People need to remember that Plaid Cymru will NOT want Wylfa B built, you have been warned, Do not cry when Plaid Say NO to Wylfa B.

The Red Flag said...

Nuclear Power hasn't got anything to do with the Welsh Assembly (nor the Scottish Parliament for that matter). They won't be consulted, they won't have a vote on oy and it will have absolutely nothing to do with them. Nuclear power is the sole reserve of the UK Parliament and is a UK strategic issue.

What the Welssh Assembly's opinion of it (or the people of Wales for that matter) is entirely and utterly irrelevant. Whether Wylfa B is buiilt will be decided in Londo and Wales and the WAG will only be of passing interest.

Anonymous said...

Wylfa B will be the decider in this Election, If you do NOT want Wylfa B then vote Plaid Cymru, if you want Wylfa B and think Labour will deliver it, forget it, Labour is interested in licking arses like dogs, the only party that can and will deliver Wylfa B are the Conservatives. Fact.

Plaid Cymru are AGAINST Wylfa B. End of.

The Red Flag said...

anon 19:43.

Wylfa B has got nothing at all to do with the Welsh Assembly. They have absolutely no say in the matter. Whether it gets built or not will be decided by the Cabinet in Westminster and the Secretary Of State For Energy & Climate Change Chris Huhne - who is actually against nuclear power on principle In 2007, Huhne was quoted as saying "Nuclear is a tried, tested and failed technology and the government must stop putting time, effort and subsidies into this outdated industry."

Albert Owen - because he is a Westminster MP - has got more say in the matter than the entire Welsh Assembly and the Welsh nation put together.

Nuclear power is a strategic issue and IS NOT devolved to regions.

Anonymous said...

Red Flag.. re Wylfa B, you might believe that garbage, but we all know the truth, and Plaid Cymru don't like mentioning Wylfa, nor do Labour as they know the public will throttle them when the truth come sout that they are dead against it. Remember if Plaid win, the tank farm in Rhosgoch will stay in mothballs, and we will be back to being a third world county in Wales...again....

The Red Flag said...

anon, The truth - despite your ramblings - is that Nuclear Energy is a strategic issue in the UK and all decisions are made in Westminster by the UK government. It is not a devolved matter and has nothing to do with the Assembly.

Incidentally, the Welsh Tories were sounding Plaid out as coalition partners in the Assembly at one stage.

If the entire Welsh Assembly were Plaid - or tory for that matter - it would have absolutely no bearing on the matter. The decisions will be taken in London.

It's interesting that you now also try to claim Labour are against it. Bit strange being as the proposals for Wylfa B were drawn up by a Labour government. Perhaps they were having a laugh.

There are certain things that may stop Wylfa B. The foirst is the UK government's pledge that it receives no subsidies. The second is the German government's Carbon Rod tax proposals and the third is the enhanced safety costs post-Fukushima. But what certainly won't be of any relevance isd the Welsh Assembly oirrespective of what 'colour' or 'colours' it is.

Incidentally, the Labour Party will probably win an overall majority in May. They're certainly oidds-on in the bookies. But that's the Welsh Assembly and Wylfa has got nothing to do with them.

But don't let reality get in your way.

The Red Flag said...

I forgot to add. The future of Rhosgoch will be decided by the Charities Commission not the Welsh Assembly.

Anonymous said...

Rhosgoch??? Wylfa B?? Employers coming to Anglesey?? What planet aree you on Red Flag. All hope of investment has been killed off By Anglesey County Council being unfit to do their job....for years, that's why we live in a ghost Island.

The Red Flag said...

PMSL. You don't understand the Executive boundaries between WAG, the County Council and Westminster in these matters that's for sure.