Friday, 1 April 2011

Remembering Brynle

Brynle Williams
I was greatly saddened to hear this morning that Brynle Williams, the Conservative regional AM for North Wales and leader of the 2000 fuel protests, had passed away. As a farmer and pony breeder he was the Assembly's greatest advocate for Welsh farmers and a regular visitor to Ynys Môn.

I last spoke to him on the phone about a month ago when, despite being in his hospital bed, he immediately remembered having attended this meeting. He had sounded strong, said he was on the mend, and kindly promised to attend my campaign launch once a date had been decided.

Gruff, unpolished and full of genuine passion for his and our part of Wales, he couldn't have been more different from the new breed of career politicians who pass directly from University to political researcher posts and then into Westminster or the Assembly. He will be missed by many.


Glyn Pritchard-Jones said...

Whenever I tried to promote a housing or commercial property scheme in Anglesey, Brynle showed interest and provided support when IWJ the local AM showed zero interest.

As opposition AM, Brynle provided support to the Lightning Cars "discussion" for Holyhead that Ieuan Wyn Jones failed to follow up but the concept would have provided 400 jobs. Brynle was all for it and was Mr Enterprise himself.

I spoke with Brynle on his mobile phone in 2008 when he was bailing hay....apart from the punishing work of AM, Brynle tried to find time to work at mome....he enjoyed it.

He was a lovely man and was an "entrepreneur farmer" type who fought for what he thought was right, a real straight talker.

He told me that he discontinued his "fuel protest campaign" because of threats and clandestine phone calls from "the Labour Government machine" of the other words MI6 threatened him and his family.

A big man in stature and a giant in supporting farming and "what was right", I shall miss Brynle who was an ally in North Wales in a territory dominated by Plaid and Labour spin.

Most of all I will miss the totally honest and straight talking guy who "never feared from the truth"

RIP Brynle

Richard Sletzer said...

Glyn Pritchard-Jones has written an eloquent and well-deserved tribute to Brynle. Both he and Brynle are cast from that rare mould - they are both Welsh and they are both genuine entrepreneurs. Would that Welsh schools and colleges were turning out more like Brynle and Glyn. Then and only then will Wales start turning its fortunes around.

Meanwhile I will treasure forever the sight of a mightily discomfited Peter Hain - helpless and (for once) speechless in 2000 on the steps of the Welsh Office as Brynle's battalion of lorry drivers encircled him and his awful Labour lackeys and delivered the biggest wake-up call ever delivered to any Government in modern times.

Bye bye Brynle - may others follow where you led.

Anonymous said...

I wrote to Brynle Williams about a concern I had, the next day I was in kitchen fixing myself a panad. Having settled down with this drink and light a fag, the phone rang. Believe me, there is nothing worse than a phone call coming between a man and his cup of tea. To my surprise it was Brynle, I was pleased to speak to him, he was like a breath of fresh air. I spoke and drank my tea, drew on my fag and we spoke in depth about the content of my letter.

You can imagine, I'm only a small man, but after speaking to Brynle I felt like a man mountain, It didn't matter how small you felt, he made you feel big. He was a big man, and a warm man. I wonder what would have happened if he had come from Anglesey? It times like this we realise just what a pot of piss we have as politicans on this Island. Brynle was worth 10 of the clowns that we have.

Diolch Brynle, am wrando, a hwyl cafo ni pan roeddan ni yn chwerthin am carthu cytiau'r cyngor!

Anonymous said...

At least Brynle Williams stood and spoke up for the things he believed were right, we will never have a man like him in Anglesey.

Anonymous said...

RIP, and God Bless for all your hard efforts for us Anglesey folks! :D

Anonymous said...

I hope that Mr Williams kept diaries of his life, I hope so, they would make fascinating reading, and give us all an insight into the great mind that started the fuel blockade at Stanlow, then his meteoric rise into Welsh Politics.