Monday, 18 April 2011

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I have a guest post up on Wales Home today. You can read it here.


Anonymous said...

wow...only 2 comments and they both bury you. Not looking good is it?

kp said...

It's a good idea to promote more entrepreneurship by tampering with business rates, hopefully for all companies, not just 'Welsh' ones (we've been there and done all that many times before!).

But what about council tax. If the 'cretins in the Kremlin' (meaning councillors in Llangefni) can keep putting up the taxes things won't get any better. We're just robbing Heinz to pay Gustav.

We need a joined up plan. And we need it fast.

Anonymous said...

I see the Photon's not pleased. He's finally realised that leopards don't change their spots, even formerly "nice" leopards.

We're all in this together.

No cuts in front line services.

Representative democracy (20+ millionaires in the Cabinet, representing the wealthy).

Anonymous said...

I think Photon's being a bit unfair. Paul has to focus on his campaign, the fact that his blog has been not as active may well be because he's working hard.

In fact, I'd be surprised if his blog WAS being updated as regularly as it has been; that could be interpretted as him being more interested in blogging than being AM. In fact, some opponents have insinuated just that in the not-so-distant past.

kp said...

But a small note to this effect would have not amiss!

kp said...

'would have have not gone amiss' is what I meant to write

Nancy Boy said...

Well Hia Luvvies !!-Ieuan W J has secured 1200 of our votes at Mona on Saturday-Ooohh -he addressed us so well...I was in tears with my mascara running all over the place...Ooohhh..he would look gorgeous in a Ball Gown with Stilettoes !!!
(Daily Post Page 3 today)
Ooohh..Isn't he gorgeous...!!!

Anonymous said...

the druid is finished. If he ever started.

Anonymous said...
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Rhiannon said...

i also think that the Photon's being unfair. How could the Druid have intended to raise his profile as candidate by his blog, when he kept his identity secret for so long?
All the same, I'm not happy with the druid - a visitor centre at Bryn Celli Ddhu? Horrors! None of the people I've taken there will ever want to go there again, if that happens
The whole point of going there is that it's quiet and untouristy and slightly mysterious in the old theological sense

Anonymous said...


Richard Sletzer said...

VOICE ON THE STREET: Oh dear - could this be a little jealousy showing here?

No doubt you feel miffed that whilst the Druid's blog has rightly been recognised as the best in Wales, your own pitiful blog has failed to achieve any following whatever.

You said in your blog:- "If you claim to represent the electorate then you're fair game are you not? If you sit on a publically (sic) paid body you're in the game."

...pity you can't spell. It is a useful skill for people who aspire to write blogs.

Your blog was launched in December 2010 and up to today has attracted - er - only one comment.

You have already made a fool of yourself. I think the kindest advice anyone can now give you "Voice on the Street" is to keep quiet until you have something sensible to say.

Llwydiarth said...
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Anonymous said...

No contest.
Druid will win hands down.

Anonymous said...

As I have said before ! We have two choices in Anglesey ? Stay in the past with socialist marxist dogma or move foreword with a young vibrant candidate Paul Williams. So you have only one option support the only local boy who has his heart and determination to pull us out of the past. So for the sake of Anglesey and Wales the land we love and care for Vote for Paul on May 5th

Un on o Fon

Anonymous said...

Richard, I think you will be in for a shock on the morning of May 6th as the results roll out.

I think you'll find Labour gaining an overall majority in the Assembly and Plaid remaining as second largest party. In Scotland the SNP will be largest party with Labour second. In the English councils Torys and LibDems battered.

As for the AV referendum, that hinges on the turn-out in England. The lower their turn-out, the more likely the Yes will steal it as they are more motivated to vote.

The dismantling if the tories will commence.

Richard Sletzer said...


You could, of course, be right. Anglesey - and Wales - might well give Labour an overall majority in the Assembly.

We all need to remember that the Welsh Assembly (a body which the majority of people in Wales do not support) is entirely a Labour invention. It was originally conceived as a confection to validate the Northern Ireland Assembly and - by happy co-incidence - would also assist in maintaining Labour control in Wales.

The Welsh Assembly was a typical Tony Blair idea, half-baked, not thought-through, designed to be run for Labour's advantage by Labour placemen - remember the Alun Michael debacle?

The track record of the Welsh Assembly is appalling - the worst schools, the worst hospitals, the worst business environment, the highest unemployment in the UK.

Yet, despite all this, I do concede it is possible - even probable - that Labour will win a majority.

Perhaps another four years of Labour might just be enough to persuade council-house-dwellers to ditch the habits of a lifetime and vote for a different party. But I doubt it. So deeply engrained is the low-aspiration, benefits-claimant, "victim" culture in Wales I am afraid Labour will just go on and on - with "voters" voting like automatons for the continuation of a subsistence lifestyle for themselves and for the nation as a whole .

It is very, very sad.

Anonymous said...

Richard Sletzer,

Thanks for affording me the time with your reply, despite its content.

I'll make this short for your convenience.
1. jealousy of other blogs is not something I'd heard of before your comment.
2. The one comment I left for people like you to view couldn't be more offensive, yet it remains.
3. Who gives a hoot about what I say? have given it more attention than anyone would have thought it worth. How sensible is that?
So you're in the game as of the time you wrote your meaningless comment.

Anonymous said...

It's Easter, and this time last year we were all cheering Paul Williams the Druid for creating this blog and highlighting the issues that affect us all. Let's keep cheering Paul, and let's be grateful to him, save your jeers for the people who have let us all down. We forgot that this Council was run to the ground, the agenda for being elected consisted on being able to gain as much as possible before they were caught. This cancerous Council spread it's evil ways into the hearts and minds of the people, now thankfully, through the intervention of Paul and his bloggers we have had real change, we have got the commissioners in to contol the epidemic of greed that ran the Council before. Without Paul we would still be living in a pigsty. I cheer the day Paul Williams came along.

Anonymous said...

well said paul:)

The Red Flag said...

persuade council-house-dwellers to ditch the habits of a lifetime and vote for a different party. But I doubt it. So deeply engrained is the low-aspiration, benefits-claimant, "victim" culture in Wales

What utter snobbish condescending bilge. Not to mention statistically wrong - the very people you sneer at are the least likely to vote.

Anonymous said...

I think the Tory Candidate had more charisma when hiding behind his Druid cloak!!
Might even be persuaded to arrange a collection to buy him a new one when his brief dream of stardom is upended pretty soon!

Richard Sletzer said...

THE RED FLAG: I don't want to upset you - as clearly I have - but perhaps you too are one of those people who just automatically - and I am afraid unthinkingly - votes Labour in each and every election.

I would like you - just for a moment - to think before you vote and to question the performance of this awful party with its substandard self-seeking politicians to whom you intend to enstrust your vote.

No doubt your friends vote Labour, your family votes Labour, (as they've probably always done) and you are evidently proud to consider yourself a lifetime socialist.

This time I would seriously urge you to pause and consider this question :"What good has the Labour Party done for Wales?".

Answer that question honestly. Look at the dreadfully low standard of so-called education provided in our schools. Look at the Wales's poverty - the lowest GDP in the UK. Look at Wales's dreadful NHS - why is it worse that England's ?

...And before you vote Labour again take a walk around some of the council estates (perhaps you live on one yourself) and ask yourself should this many people be living at subsistence level on state handouts and benefits?

The problem of poverty, of low aspiration, of crushed enterprise, of stunted ambition, and of a growing hopelessness and state-dependency has been created by Labour over many wasted years. Labour believe this is how things should be. ...Seriously, in your heart of hearts, do you?

Anonymous said...

You can ask yourself 'What good has the Labour Party done for Wales?'.

The ask yourself 'What good has the Labour Party done for the Welsh in Wales?'.

I'd be very interested to know if the answers are different.

Healthy Bones said...

to Richard Stelzer:

I think free school milk is a great idea! remember Maggie, she snatched milk from the children. seems it is only Labour who support free milk for under 7's - a great start in life!!

kp said...

Might be more productive to educate the kids somewhat better rather than just trying to feed them to even more obese proportions.

The Red Flag said...

Actually Richard, I shall be voting for IWJ for this election and my list vote - which I was going to give to Paul - will now go to the Greens solely because you reminded me of why I didn't like conservatives years ago.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, if you Red Flag are voting for IWJ I'd better vote for Paul Williams. And my second vote will go to UKIP.

You keep on telling us like it is Richard, we may not like it but it is certainly true!

Richard Sletzer said...

THE RED FLAG: I'm pleased to hear you have the integrity not to vote Labour.
A journey of a thousand miles must start with a single step; you have embarked upon yours.

ANONYMOUS: Excellent and perceptive choices!