Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Decision time for Ieuan Wyn Jones

At an Extraordinary Meeting of Ynys Môn council this morning councillors unanimously agreed to resist both the proposed boundary changes and mooted postponement of next year's local elections on the Island. Significantly the two Labour councillors present, J Arwel Roberts and Raymond Jones, went against both Senedd colleague Carl Sargeant and their (absent) Labour leader on the Council, John Chorlton, in supporting the motion to reject the proposals.

Most importantly however for Carl Sargeant's chances of pushing his measure through the Senedd, Plaid Cymru's Ynys Môn Leader Bob Parry, and members of his group, also spoke passionately against the Welsh Government's proposals. Ieuan Wyn Jones told the Daily Post today in response to the news that both the Welsh Conservatives and Lib Dems will oppose the move, that he was "in discussions with Plaid councillors on Anglesey to consider a response". Now that his local councillors have clearly shown on which side they are on, will Ieuan Wyn Jones listen? And if so will he join the Welsh Conservatives and Lib-dems in blocking these proposals in the Senedd?

So, to help Ieuan Wyn Jones make up his mind, here is a ready reckoner of who is now for and against Carl Sargeant's proposals:


  • The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA)
  • The Welsh Conservative Party
  • The Welsh Liberal Democrats
  • All Independent councillors on Ynys Môn council
  • All Plaid Cymru councillors on Ynys Môn council
  • At least two of the five Labour councillors on Ynys Môn council
  • A clear majority of Ynys Môn's town and community councils
  • The former Plaid Cymru National Chair, John Dixon


  • Carl Sargeant
  • The Welsh Labour Party (presumably, though Labour members in the WLGA unanimously voted against the proposals, as did at least two Labour councillors on Ynys Môn)
  • Holyhead Town Council

Those who apparently can't make up their mind even three weeks after Carl Sargeant made his announcement:

  • Ieuan Wyn Jones


Anonymous said...

Have you emailed him to see what his views are?

Anonymous said...

here's an idea - let's give up hearing about Ynys Mon council's infighting, sheer incompetence and ineptness. Abolish it toute suite and save us some money. It should never have been brought back into existence in the first place and should have remained part of Gwynedd. I for one am sick of the whole thing. Stop banging on about it, it is an embarrassment

kp said...

Perhaps not quite the response you expected. Indeed, it seems few share you view or the views of this local council.

Local public officials worry about being in local public public office. To be in local public office to serve, to serve themselves, to serve their friends and, occasionally, to serve their constituents. Nothing more.

Why should the ordinary citizens of Anglesey care about such matters. We have got the commissioners, we don't need any more public officials, local or otherwise!

Insider said...


You sound to much like a misguided Commie for my liking.

Democracy will prevail whether you like it or not.

Mon o'r Groth i'r Bedd !! said...

Wel Ieu..amser yn agosau..Pobl Mon yn gwylio....ymddeoliad ar y ffordd efallai !!!...falch clywed bod Aelodau'r Blaid ar y Cyngor yn gallu gwneud penderfyniad ar y cyd heb gymorth eu Arweinydd yn y Cynulliad !!...
Sylwi bod pob Parti Politicaidd arall wedi datgan eu penderfyniada...Penderfyniad anodd iawn i ein Aelod Seneddol yn ol pob golwg..wrth feddwl rhai misoedd yn ol 'roedd yr hen Ieu yn ysgwydd wrth ysgwydd gyda Rhodri a Carwyn.....££££££££..efallai ?????

Mon o'r Groth i'r Bedd said...

Wel Ieu ! Oes ymateb ?? ynta trio gwneud "DEAL" gyda Llafur eto ?????