Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Anglesonians, to the barricades...!

Monster Turbines, coming soon
to random spots all over Ynys Môn?
Whatever your views on the effectiveness of wind turbines, I don't think anyone would argue that they shouldn't be appropriately sized and sensitively sited if we are to have them. 

Accordingly I would hope that most people would recognise that the directionless and ad-hoc manner in which Anglesey County Council is currently attempting to deal with applications for a number of wind turbines of up to 100m (330 ft) in height is not ideal. 

To make matters worse the planning guidance for on-shore wind turbines which the Council is currently consulting on is so wooly that it would allow any kind of turbine, of any height, virtually anywhere on the Island. 

For a county which markets itself as an 'Energy Island' and which is about to become an Energy Enterprise Zone, this lack of any coherent strategy simply isn't good enough. Accordingly, I urge everyone who is free, to join the protests planned for tomorrow (or today, depending when you read this!) in Llangefni with the aim ensuring that councillors and relevant officers get the message that they need to think deeper about how to deal with the large influx of planning applications for these monster turbines.

Date:         Wednesday, 1st February
Time:        11.30 - 13.00
Location:   Outside Anglesey County Council offices in Llangefni.

Everyone welcome.



The application for two wind turbines of 39.6m. in height at Bodneither. Llandyfrydog, has now been deferred and won't be resolved tomorrow.

Don't know whether the fact it breaches a number of policies and is a danger to the local residents and the public to say nothing about destroying the beauty of Anglesey has anything to do with it.

Giant Wind Rotating said...

This is the undemocratic process of Energy Island coming back to bite the council. Who voted for Energy Island? Nobody! Who voted for turbines this large. Nobody! Who accepts this insult to the supposedly tranquil island we inhabit? Nobody.

Turn up tomorrow and support these people with the guts to stand up and say 'no'!

Anonymous said...

For those in the know, the columns for these monsters are fibreglass, so will offer no resistance to my new chainsaw.
Cut them down.

Anonymous said...

How is a wind turbine " a danger to local residents "

If you want to run an effective campaign against them, the debate needs to be kept a rational one.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 23:38
If you don't know by now there's no point in telling you.

Anonymous said...

The people who decide on the location and height of these monsters can do what they want, when they want.

When it comes to money there is no accounting for any decision, however painful it may be to you and me. In this culture of greed and pathetic excuses when the people fight back, decisions are made behind closed doors, that have no bearing on our feelings, as long as pockets get lined, then everything will be sweet.

Remember, make people go away is the only language the decision makers understand. So, if you protest today, by tomorrow, it would have been forgotten, the secret decisions have already been made, these monsters will arrive, the money they make will NOT go to the local community but will generate more wealth for those that have them on their land, and of course for those who approve them, behind closed doors.

At it said...

Don't kid yourself. There are those who will stop it.

Anonymous said...

We're is the sense ? You are not allowed to build a home in the countryside but you can build a monster of a wind turbine! Time for the planners to get there priority. Please don't spoil our natural beautiful landscape on Anglesey !!!

Un o Fon

Anonymous said...

How can the Planning Department and any other person on any Planning Decision making Committee decide that these can be built here when this whole Authority, i.e Anglesey is under special measures and supervision, common sense tels me therefore that these decision makers are UNFIT and do NOT have the right to decide on a life changing decision like this.

Solar susie said...

People need to think outside the box. Think of other people and the eco system as a whole. Birds and bats will be maimed and killed, which see a decline in these areas as the birds and bats move to safer areas.
Photo epileptic sufferes can also be affested by the strobing of the blades against the sun and the moon, driving licences will be revoked, people may lose jobs, houses etc.
The noise form these turbines, everbenn asleep at noght and you can hear the fridge humming? can't get to sleep? this can alss effect these people and people who suffer with tinnitus.
There are only two people that gain from this, the land owner and the electricity companies. If you think that they pass all this savings down, you are deluded.

Free Solar panels is a better way forward, that way the householder benefits, the electrical company benefits, they do not make a noise, they do not affect the bat and bird population and they are simply put on a roof, that is already there. jobs will be created by the fitting, servicing, replacing of the solar panels.