Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Our seasons to come?

Between 1988 and 1989 the renowned Anglesey artist Keith Andrew RCA painted the well known and well loved 'Four Seasons' series of paintings: each one depicting the same traditional Penmynydd cottage, and its inhabitants, in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The paintings were an instant hit on Ynys Môn and beyond, the prints selling in their hundreds and hundreds. Now, 20 years later, in order to warn of the threat to Anglesey's beautiful landscape from the recent influx of planning applications for giant industrial-sized wind turbines, Keith has repainted the 'Four Seasons' cottage and its inhabitants to show Anglesey's possible future landscape:

Is this how Ynys Môn will look and be known for in a few years time?
(c) Keith Andrew 2012

If you want to help stop this becoming a reality, please join the next general meeting of Anglesey Against Wind Turbines on 7pm on 13th March at Ysgol Llanfairpwll. 


Insider said...

Now that's what I would call putting it in context with the real world

228FPA said...

A political painting perhaps?

Will the anti brigade be buying this painting in droves I wonder?

kp said...

As much as I don't like these damn wind turbines I detest nuclear power even more.

Yes, they may be unsightly but at least they don't insidiously kill. And at least they can be dismantled within a day or so unlike a nuclear power station that can never be dismantled.

So, think on people of Anglesey, nuclear. And don't believe anything that any of our local council dummies ever tells you!

Anonymous said...

Anglesonians Beware !! Now is the time to save our beautiful landscape !

Un o Fon

Anonymous said...

As far as these "local council dummies" as you put it . Don't forget it is these very same people who ensure you continue to live in a democracy.

kp said...

Anon 11:10 ...

If there was any democracy in the council all members would have resigned some years ago. And if not some years ago then last year (Terms of Engagement). And if not last year then last week (Schoefield fiasco).

No, there is only greed and stupidity.

I'm not sure which is worse.

Anonymous said...

As far as these "local council dummies" as you put it . Don't forget it is these very same people who ensure you continue to live in a democracy.

Really? Here was me thinking it was NATO and the Armed Forces when all along it was councillors at Anglesey County Council.

JohnJ said...

Let hope and pray that Anglesey will never have to face what the people in Japan now face.

NBC’s Richard Engel on Fukushima: “Only time I’d seen a place on Earth that had been rendered uninhabitable for a long period” — “It has been excised from the planet” — How do you remove billions of invisible radioactive particles that are everywhere? (VIDEO)Fukushima City has pockets where the radiation levels are just as high [as inside evacuation zone] but they decided they could not abandon this city of 300,000 people so they are trying to clean it up
These particles are what you have to worry about
This is what the cleanup is all about in Fukushima City, they have to remove the particles but how do you remove billions of invisible particles that are on the rooftops, on the road, gutters, in the water, in the worms, and the birds. How do you get rid of all of that stuff?
It was the only time I had seen a place on Earth that had been rendered uninhabitable for a long period of time
Cesium has a half-life of decades and it's everywhere and its like this part of the earth has been written off, excised from the planet and that was, and still is, a shocking concept to me.

Andrew said...

Don't worry the WAG and Anglesey County Council have just appeared as a flashing red light on the European Commissioner's radar.

Anonymous said...

Why do people always pretend that Anglesey faces a choice between a few onshore wind turbines and nuclear power.

Turbines and nuclear produce very different quantities of power, and wind cannot be used on its own.

The choice, to power this island, is:- hundreds of wind turbines backed-up with either a conventional fossil fuel power station and/or a very large biomass plant that imports biomass from say Canada.

OR a small share of the output from Wylfa B with the rest going to other parts of Wales or over the border to England, depending on what new grid infrastructure is built.

OR a new conventional fossil fuel power station, with or without CCS.

kp said...

Anon 00:43, you also forget that we have many other choices too. No power generation whatsoever on this island.

It's a shame our councillors too have yet to wake up to this option for 'enterprise' island!