Friday, 25 March 2011

++ David Bowles to step down shortly ++ (Updated)

It seems certain that Anglesey County Council Interim MD, David Bowles, will be stepping down sometime over the next few weeks – probably to free up the £270K a year he currently receives from the Council (and by extension from us residents) in order to pay for our five shiny new Commissioners instead.

UPDATE [28 March]: The BBC now confirms that David Bowles will be stepping down on April 30th and Richard Parry Jones, the current Corporate Director for Education and Leisure at Anglesey, will be acting up to the post.


The Red Flag said...

Wonder what his severance package will be? (that I and the other council tax payers will be funding)

I know if I did my job as badly as he did his my severance pay would be the square root of f-all.

By the way David - if you're reading this, as you tootle over the Britannia Brodge look at it in your rear view mirror and just remember that we are praying that's the last you see of the bridge and the last we see of you (even as a tourist).

Make sure the door doesn't hit you on the ar$e on your way out. We could have got someone to do an equally poor and shoddy job for a fraction of what you'll have waltzed off with. Plenty of homeless drunks in the Cybi church grounds could have done no worse than you.

Anonymous said...

Now come RED FLAG, give credit where credits due.

I know of no one else who could have made a better job of F.....G the council up than him. After all his past record shows he's the best in the business for doing sort of job.

kp said...

Typical Anglesey thinking, blame Mr Bowles and let the councillors off scot free.

We deserve all we get!

Anonymous said...

That's the first branch cut from the tree of corruption, let's see whose next for the chop?
Maybe the whole lot is being cut down...

Anonymous said...

Damn! I forgot to add, what about his turnip raft I wonder if he will be taking it with him, strapped onto the roof of his Lada!

Photon said...

Will he say 'sorry' to us for failing to resolve anything at all? Will he leave an envelope with 50% of his pay in it to make up for his failing?

I've always wondered if he'll add this failure to the CV that claims he's such a success story. Probably not, at a guess.

A True Anglesonian said...

Will Clive be going with him ??Bloody hope so....

A True Anglesonian said...

If Clive goes then that's another £40k Plus his Mileage Allowance !!..
Waw..a staggering saving of over £310k for the Anglesey Ratepayer...

Richard Sletzer said...

Apropos nothing at all, have any of the various inquiries into IoACC established just how many of the councillors are Freemasons - and who they are?

Anonymous said...

If Bowles leaves, I wonder how many sleepless nights some of the Llangefni Mob will be having, hopefully Bowles will do the right thing and inform the Commissioners of all the cover ups that have happened in the past.

Bored with it All ! said...
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Anonymous said...

Apropos nothing at all, have any of the various inquiries into IoACC established just how many of the councillors are Freemasons - and who they are?

Is not a secret. In fact nip round the Lodge on Thomas street in Holyhead and have a look at the personalised number plates.

Anonymous said...

To bored with it all.

Then there never will be a recovery. The roots of the problems will stay in office.

Photon said...

"have a look at the personalised number plates"

And where else do you find personal plates all together in one place..?

Thoams Street, eh? Come on - someone get a camera round there. No law against taking a photo of a car or an individual in a public place.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Trearddur, Free Masons.

64, Registered Members, but only 38 Identified.

Why? What have the the 26 who don't want to be Identified got to hide? Or is it a matter they are members of a society which they are ashamed of?

Anonymous said...

THe dissecting of the dinosaur called Anglesey Council has started already, the devil is in the detail, and the discovery of hidden planning permissions for the friends and family will cause a public outcry, painful for some of them, especially as they only had these permissions when they were elected Councillors.

Anonymous said...

Start with people gaining permission to build in open countryside on land with section 1 agreements for no further development. Perhaps where members of the planning committee declare an interest. Especially where said houses are sold on in a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

The one in the know has files full of such planning scams as mentioned above.

David Bowles's complaint to the Ombudsman against a certain Councillor has opened up such a Pandora's box it will blow Anglesey County Council, a number of Councillors and Offices in to oblivion.

Not unlike a snow ball rolling down hill, Its picking up speed and getting bigger by the day.

Anonymous said...

How to dissect the Planning Scam.

One Commissioner should prepare a list of Councillors and the date they were elected. Compare that list with the amount of Planning Permissions the same Councillor has received and approved for the same Councillor, his family and friends.

Another Commissioner can look into the oddity that has become synonymous with the Planning Scam, the " creation" of ficticious Enforcement Notices. How does this work?
Planning Permission is a valuable asset, and is sacred to a piece of land or building. The Council does not like a particular development or planning permission so they then " create" a ficticious Enforcement Notice.

When the Owner wants to redevolop or increase or make a improvement to the land, the obstacle thrown by the Council is the ficticious Enforcement Notice. Land searches will show this Enforcement Notice, complaints to people will result in a reply of an Enforecement Notice, the Owner gets to run massive legal bills, the Council stick to their guns and insist there's an Enforcement Notice, who who wouldn't believe the Council?

If the Council or local Councillor say there's an Enforcement Notice,then there must be.

A Council or Councillor would never lie, they are honest people aren't they??

This is the scam, there isn't one you see, but the Council always insist that they have a copy in their hands, and the Councillor has a copy too!

In the end, the Owner sells up, the new Owner is informed there was No Enforcement Notice, everyone happy, especially the Council as the scam has worked to plan. Blighted land with planning permission and No Enforcement Notice, gets sold on the cheap resulting in one happy Councillor, the new Owner of course has his planning permission approved and everyone is happy.

Is this scam not worth investigatin?

It's happened a few times on Anglesey, the Councillors know all about it, the Council use it, when they want, is this worth looking at by the Commissioners?

This is why we want a good investigation into some of the problems people have had, when they have been a victim of the " Enforcement Notice Scam"

Any Councillor willing to take on the challenge????

Don't all rush to the Commissioners tomorrow with the offer of help to start an Inquiry into this affair, I'm sure Paul Willimas the Druid will contact victims of the Enforcement Notice scam, if and when the Commissioners contact him.

Groundhog Day said...

Unfortunately, what you ask is not in the commissioners' ter,s of reference. Such an investigation as you suggest would require yet another audit as per Ceri Stradling but having had so many audits of late I don't see there being an appetite for yet another.

Anonymous said...

You must be joking. Their as feckless, if not more so than the rest of them.

Investigate complaint, if it fits in to their remit.
Draw up draft report and present to council to see if it is acceptable. If not change report to suit council as with Craigwen.
Draw up final report and present to council showing nothing wrong.

Waste of time with mega bucks spent. Cover up achieved.

Anonymous said...

News from the Kremlin. Friday.

"Undermining the Monitoring Officer"

According to David Bowles in February 2010, In a letter to all Councillors, David Bowles told of a number of complaints that had been made against the Monitoring Officer.

In response, David Bowles instructed a suitably qualified independent person to carry out a peer review into her work." That investigation is now complete and has shown in all cases She acted appropriately and professional and with a high degree of competence and skill"

David Bowles, also instigated a report into complaints made about her new house, as not been built to plan. This report also made out that there was nothing wrong, even to the fact that a retrospective application was not needed.

However, new reports instigated by an even higher power than Mr David Bowles, has now been completed which show that Mr David Bowles's, reports were a deliberate Whitewash. The backlash of that is expected to happen this week.

Watch this space.

Photon said...

Planning enforcement notices: I'm not sure why you suggest Paul or any other blogger should take on the world's woes.

If this is true and you can substantiate it, you should take it to PriceWaterhouseCoopers via the Wales Audit Office. I can personally testify that they do take note of properly-submitted representations.

Anonymous said...


If you would have read the posting correctly, the "fictious Enforcement Notice oddity is a disease that is rife through Anglesey, in fact it is the preferred way of doing things on this ISLAND. Idt is not a worls woe as you state, it is factual event that has happened numerous times amongst some of the residents of this Island, and this Island only.

These Enforcement Notices can be made up as pure fiction just to destroy people, and if YOU think that this matter is not worth investigating by the Commissioners then you have just made yourself look as bad as those people who create them.

With regards to PWC and the Welsh Audit Office, do you actually think that they care? You will find that victims should be heard too, and treated fairly, and not be discouraged fromn asking for help from rescources like the Druid, aka, Paul Williams, the Conservative Candidate for Anglesey.