Friday, 13 May 2011

"Even more effective"

Despite quite a bullish podium speech following his election a week ago today, this afternoon Ieuan Wyn Jones announced the inevitable, i.e. that he is to step down as leader of Plaid Cymru "sometime within the first half of this Assembly term". This is actually good news for Ynys Môn as it means that, when he does relinquish the leadership sometime over the next 2.5 years, he will be able to devote 100% of his time and energy to actually representing Ynys Môn rather than to running a political party — a fact he himself tacitly admits by pledging at the end of today's announcement to "being an even more effective" Assembly Member for the Island.

About time.

P.S. To my readers from the early 19th century, this post is also available in semaphore here.


228 FPA said...

IWJ ....admits by pledging at the end of today's announcement to "being an even more effective" Assembly Member for the Island....

Sorry but have I missed something - .....even more effective????????????

Anonymous said...

Now he admits he has not been effective ? Why did he not admit this during the election. He should have gone then and let somebody who would have been effective for Ynys Mon. He has got in again under false pretences ? Shame on the man !

Un o Fon

Al said...

He could hardly be less effective could he?

voice on the street said...

Taxi for IWJ. Good riddence

The Red Flag said...

VOTS - He's only standing down as leader of Plaid. He will still be Ynys Mon's duly elected AM.

Dyfed said...

So you still feel the need to have a go at IWJ?!

Despite all your attacks against him on this blog - some of them of a very personal nature - and despite presenting yourself as a replacement AM, the voters of Ynys Môn voted for IWJ by a clear majority over you.

I'm struggling to understand this attack against him - he can't be an effective AM and be a leader of his party at the same time?! Is the same true of Cameron, Milliband, and Clegg? And what of Nick Bourne or the next person who leads your party in Wales?

Time to get over the disappointment, Paul, and do something constructive with your life.

228 FPA said...

Only PC canvassers called at my home during the election and I asked each and everyone of them this question - "What has IWJ achieved for Anglesey - name one company that he has introduced to the Island that employs 20 no say 10 young people?"
Not one of them was able to answer the question - one had the gall to say that it was as a result of the recession - I did say that the recession had not started when he first became an MP let alone an AM.

Blessed are those who do not expect anything for they shall not be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Dyfed taking a swipe at Paul for not doing something constructive, its obvious that he is one of the thousands of blinkered voters that put IWJ back in as our elected AM. Does he not realize that its IWJ that sat over the demolition of Anglesey over the last twenty odd years.
It was time for IWJ to move aside and let a person who had the ability and experience to construct the economy of Anglesey !


Anonymous said...

I left Anglesey many years ago due to a lack of job opportunities,but visit my relatives on a regular basis,while on one of these visits at easter Ieuan and freind came to the door canvassing for votes,I asked him what jobs he had created for Anglesey they bade a hasty retreat handing me a leaflet of his achievements to date,which im sure you all know is nothing I do not class creating coastal paths as jobs,why did he get elected yet again by the population

228 FPA said...

Again going back to an earlier post I also asked a young lady who canvassed my vote for IWJ as to what he had achieved:-

Ans: 50,00 jobs (she didn't say when or where these had been created) and also the North / South air link (great achievement??). I wonder how this coincides with their "green" policies?

Will he need it in the next few months?

The Red Flag said...

You don't create any jobs unless it's a net growth.

Politicians have got to used to the idea that loosing 200 jobs but creating 100 counts as job creation - it doesn't.

What counts is how many people in total are working now compared to how many say this time last year, weighted for part-time. If it's more then it's growth. If it's less then it isn't.