Friday, 26 February 2010

"Last Chance Saloon" for Anglesey County Council

Following another poor report from the Recovery Board set up to monitor Anglesey County Council, new Local Government Minster, Carl Sergeant AM, met with the full Council in Llangefni on Wednesday to lay down the law. Apparently a minority of Councillors are still interfering with Council appointments, showing indiscipline, poor behaviour and refusing to make the changes necessary to turn the Council around.

“Focusing on personal rivalries like this is self indulgent in any circumstances", said Sargeant.
“Doing so despite the numerous and pressing problems that this island faces is even worse. It is a betrayal of Anglesey’s citizens and communities, who deserve action and leadership, not petty bickering.”
He told them anyone obstructing recovery should be dealt with “severely”.
Mr Sargeant added it was time for the majority of good councillors to stand up and isolate bad behaviour and prove they are “worthy” of the trust placed in them by the electorate.
He said: “I know that many of you are committed to putting Anglesey first and you must now stand up to those members who do not share these priorities.”
For the whole horrible story of how Anglesey County Council got itself into this current mess, read here. The Druid is frankly amazed by how many warnings Anglesey's Councillors need - the sooner their numbers are reduced thanks to the Boundaries Commission changes the better.


Anonymous said...

As a former councillor from another county, I've always viewed the Ynys Môn situation with total disbelief. How do the voters put up with it, time and again?

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my impression that most politics on the island is local and personal rather than party. Thus the spectacle of members of different parties joining various political council groups. Labour probably trends to exceptionalism. If that's so, political allegiance is cemented by personal/local gain and undone for the same reasons. This allows personally ambitious but politically flexible councillors to dominate the process. If unconstrained by party or political principle, they trend towards bad governance, or worse. They view the corporate entity as a milchkuh, merely to be used not nurtured, with the consequences we see and which you have to endure.

As I see it, the only way forward is a strong, principled 'good-governance' movement. A political party could provide that leadership but history does not offer much hope in that regard. Ultimately, it is a failure of local leadership.

This is just my take but has any academic analysed Ynys Môn politics?

The Druid of Anglesey said...

You are right that politics on Anglesey is traditionally based on personalities rather than party politics with the majority of Councillors putting themselves forward for election as Independents - with the exception of Labour and Plaid Cymru candidates (and one or two Conservative or Lib Dem councillors). I have previously written that the lack of party affiliation is a problem for the council as the independent candidates campaign without manifesto making it almost impossible for electors to know what policies they actually support. I am yet to see any academic analysis on Anglesey politics however.

A "good governance" movement sounds like a very good idea to me.

Anonymous said...

The politics of Anglesey is a shameful affair, the elected are indifferent, they don't listen they don't care.
The island had been carved into turfs, each councillor is responsible for his piece of the action, their interests include businesess, planning permissions and any valuable asset, theyc an gain, and use as power to broker deals within their local area.
There is though a shameful episode that lies in the under current of the politics of Anglesey, a catalogue of disasters, and not one councillor will admit to his or her part in it.
We have all heard of Crimes Against Humanity, where the Government takes what it wants, it happened in 1930's Germany when a Herr Hitler came to power, and he made a fine job of eradicating a race of people.
In Anglesey, the same thing happened, to a Welsh family, they had their assets taken, the planning lied to destroy the business, yet no one spoke up for this Welsh family.
Every time the subject is mentioned to any councillor, they ignore the affair. We call it ethnic cleansing, we call it a crime against humanity, and it happened in Anglesey in this century. No one cares, no one listens, the only person who really knows what happened gets warned off, by the fools who run the council!
The MP and the AM does not want to know, they agree with the council, that ethnic cleansing is ok as long as it can be done quietly and without fuss.
The case is in Strasbourg, the Court of Human Rights, these councillors and top brass are still getting paid, they can destroy anyone without any fear of repurcussions, this welsh family who paid taxes for years, were destroyed, and no one cared. And that is how politics works in Anglesey, it's all based on lies, deceit, disruption and a total disregard to the human rights of the people of Anglesey, than you cyngor ynys mon, no wonder your the laughing stock of Wales.

Anonymous said...

Are my eyes deceiving me?, am I reading about Crimes against Humanity that happened in Anglesey, would someone please find out what happened here? Are we referring to the Amlwch 2?
If there is a case of crimes against humanity to be answered I believe as a tax payer that this should be investigated, what are the MP and Am doing? let me guess, nothing.

Please pass this Crimes against Humanity to people who are genuinely concerned, and look into having it properly looked into, a case of crimes against humanity in Starsbourg, against this abhorrent Authority would shame the whole of the island and Wales.

Anonymous said...

Prove they are worthy of the trust placed in them by the electorate?
What a statement!
The history of this obsessed Authority is built on mistrust! A catalogue of disasters. starts from the front door all the way through to the roof, if a building was allowed to remain in that condition we know that sooner or later it would fall down, unfortunately, no one told the councillors, that no matter how many chances they have, themselves and the council officers are considered by many tax payers to be unfit for purpose.
What a shameful statement, but it is true, ask any person in the streets of the deprived towns and villages and you will see the bitterness and anger in the eyes of the electorate.
There is no shame in being unemployed if there is no work available, but there is shame, when the vast employers have all left the area, leaving a trail of deprevation, poverty and an atmosphere of depravation akin to Rwanda, as was Peter Hain's contribution to the culture of Wales.
What will we do, now there's no future? walk away from the problems that were created by these trustworthy councillors and officers? No we don't. We call on the Welsh Assembly to consult with people about the future of Anglesey, and the people will decide!