Monday, 1 February 2010

Plaid's Dylan Rees takes the Druid's advice...

Regular readers might recall that the Druid penned a profile of Plaid Cymru's PPC, Dylan Rees, a couple of weeks ago. In it I noted that:

Now at the top of his Plaid Cymru Candidates page he lists his three top pledges for Ynys Môn if elected as:
- Tackle the Island's law and order difficulties
- Make more homes available for local people
- Transform the island's economy
Its informative that he mentions the economy last - almost like an afterthought. And his 1st and 2nd pledges only ranked as the 7th and 13th most important issues to North Wales residents in the latest Wales YouGov poll. Rees might want to reconsider his priorities.
Just to prove I wasn't lying, here is a screen-grab of the relevant graphic on his homepage at the time of writing:

And this is what it looks like now:

Notice anything different?

As you're obviously reading the Druid's blog, Dylan, perhaps you might also like to reply to my questions about your stance on ID Cards, New Labour's slavish police targets, and North Wales Police's over-emphasis on turning normal motorists into criminals? Diolch.
P.S. In other news, the Tory candidate, Ridge-Newman, is also reading the Druid.

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Anonymous said...

Dylan Rees, the only man who wants to be elected to represent an island that is on it's knees, the economy is in tatters, jobs and homes are non existant, the only secure job is with the local authority, their reputation is a catalogue of disasters and they employ English people to do Welsh people's jobs!!
Dylan Rees is as much use as Dafydd Iwan, they should both form a duet band and go singing round the pubs and leave politics to the party that listens to the young, the new radical parties are turning against Plaid and Labour, for they have betrayed the people of Anglesey.