Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Dylan Rees: More Post Offices will solve Anglesey's economic problems

Dylan Rees: apparently making a difference

Dylan Rees, the Plaid Cymru candidate for Ynys Môn, spoke at Plaid Cymru's Conference last week and this is the section of his speech which he was so proud of that he extracted it and put it on his website:

“One message that we have to send to the London parties loud and clear is that they should never ignore the voices of the people. In my area, we’ve had a Labour MP who voted to close our Post Offices. Instead of investing in our community facilities, they have stripped them down – showing a lack of ambition and lack of understanding of the way we live. The last thing any community throughout Wales needs now is another London party MP who will simply go there and do as they’re told.”
So despite the closure of companies like Anglesey Aluminium, Eaton Electric, Peboc Eastman, Octel, and the downsizing at Vion causing thousands of job losses plus the decimation of agriculture on the island, the worse thing Dylan Rees can find to say about Anglesey's Labour MP is that he voted to close Post Offices. This may come as no surprise to regular readers who will know that Dylan has a bit of a hard-on for Post Offices, as you can see here, here, here and here and so on ad nauseum. Frankly its beginning to look like Dylan focuses on Post Office closures because, as a man who has been paid from the public purse all his life, Post Offices are as much about business as he understands.

Of course the alternative reason for Rees's fetishisation of Post Offices to the exclusion of all other problems on the island would be because to highlight them would be extremely damaging to Plaid Cymru leader, Ieuan Wyn Jones - who happens to have been the Member of Parliament for Anglesey from 1987-2001 and also Assembly Member for Anglesey since 1999.

To paraphrase Dylan Rees: the last thing Anglesey needs now is a Plaid MP who (a) has no business experience; and (b) is unable to discuss the island's real problems because it will make his Boss look bad.

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