Monday, 8 March 2010

Quote of the Day

Today's Quote of the Day comes from Alwyn Ap Huw, a.k.a. Miserable Old Fart:

"I am also critical of Plaid Cymru's support for socialism. Socialism is based on reliance on the state, the only state that Wales can rely on at the moment is the British state, so reliance on the British state through Socialism is incompatible with Welsh Nationalism."


Anonymous said...

But Plaid Cymru believes in "community socialism". The state has a major role but as the party believes the people are sovereign, the citizens of Ynys Môn or any of its constituent communities could create or abolish more local structures, according to local needs. Ynys Môn has a good education system because of the social liberalism of the 19th Century.

marry said...

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The Druid of Anglesey said...

Anon - it sounds as if you are talking about Carswell-esque 'localism' in terms of 'community socialism'. Regarding education: I was recently shown a photo of a class of 30 children from Llanerch-y-Medd primary school in the 1950s. Four of them went on to become Doctors, two became Vets and there was a smattering who became solicitors and so on. Sadly I fear that Anglesey's schools are no longer so successful...
Marry- Diolch yn fawr!

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