Friday, 2 April 2010

People's Republic of Denbighshire?

Here's another chart which caught my eye in the latest North Wales Statistical Bulletin:

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The dark blue colour basically represents those working in the Public Sector. I know several Welsh Assembly sites are located in and around there - but what on earth is going on in Denbighshire?


Huw said...

You need to take a look at St Asaph Business Park, a hive of public sector bodies and initiatives.

Much stupidity on the behalves of some of the bodies at that site. One of them being Pennaf Housing Group, who relocated from the centre of Rhyl to the business park.

These kind of ill-thought moves mean places like the centre of Rhyl become an empty shell of boarded up buildings with nothing but crime on the streets. It also means an unsustainable plan where going to work is only really accessible by car, where as in Rhyl you can take the cycle track, bus train etc.

If Pennaf could have stayed in the centre of Rhyl it might of meant workers popping to the shops during their lunch hour, helping to support other local private businesses, and really giving some idea of purpose to the place where everyday business is conducted.

The thinking behind such relocations is something which I can only describe as idiotic. Just think: if all those public service bodies with only office jobs were located in the centre of Rhyl, the place could come out of its 'poor area of Europe' and actually be a thriving place.

I believe that places such as business parks should be limited to high-tech and heavy industries, as they cause traffic congestions and they do lead to the demise of town centres.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Huw - I wouldn't disagree with a word of that, I think you've absolutely nailed it.