Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Old versus New in Rhosneigr

The Rhosneigr ward by-election forced by the standing down of ex-Council Leader Phil Fowlie will be held on Thursday this week.

There are two candidates standing -- regular readers will know that one of them, Martin Peet, has taken the opportunity to publicise his mini-manifesto on this site and, admirably, engage openly in discussion with commenters regarding his position on various issues. The other candidate failed to respond to an invitation from me to similarly publicise his manifesto aims on this site.

Martin Peet has openly declared that he is opposed to the recently announced plans to convert the currently free Rhosneigr Library car park into a pay-and-display site due to the detrimental effects it will have on library usage and on local Rhosneigr shops. He has also started a petition to allow Rhosneigr residents to register their disapproval. Furthermore, if elected, Martin Peet is pledged to join the Conservatives in Phil Fowlie's Original Independants group -- which is opposed to the parking changes. On the other hand his opponent has not opposed the parking charges in Rhosneigr and, if elected, plans to join the ruling coalition who have tried to impose these ridiculous parking changes without a proper debate or consultation.

Can there be a better symbol of new politics versus old politics? Martin Peet is embodying the type of open, transparent politics which this blog has long advocated and called for through the People's Manifesto for Ynys Môn. Phil Fowlie did a lot of good for Anglesey during his tenure as a councillor and Leader; it seems to me that it is abundantly clear who is his true heir in Rhosneigr.

UPDATE: The final result was as follows:

Richard Dew    319 votes
Martin Peet        58 votes

As far as I am concerned Mr Peet put up an admirable fight -- and was 100% transparent about the policies he would like to pursue and which council grouping he intended to join if elected. However Mr Dew is obviously well liked and respected in Rhosneigr and I wish him all the best -- but I still wish that the Rhosneigr by-election could have been a sea-change in Anglesey politics, with both parties transparently engaging in a battle of ideas.


Anonymous said...

who's the candidate? Must a no-body because, well, he's un-heard of

Photon said...

"The other candidate failed to respond to an invitation from me to similarly publicise his manifesto aims on this site."

That sort of thing runs entirely contrary to what this blog - and us as its supporters - stand for and want to see.

You know who to vote for - not the 'other' one!

Anonymous said...

it's Juliano Nymous, so I hear.

Anonymous said...

I assume that your endorsement means that Martin Peet is one of your "Tory in disguise" Independents

Anonymous said...

Which bit of
'Martin Peet is pledged to join the Conservatives in Phil Fowlie's Original Independants group'

was too hard for you to understand.

Hell of a disguise!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Rhosneigr resident and I'll be voting for Peet.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Swansea Council is hoping to save £250,000 by introducing parking charges for council staff and councillors. (27/7/2010.)

At present, council staff park free but the new plans will follow similar moves introduced in Neath Port Talbot Council where staff pay £198 a year to park their cars.

It was only by chance that the information to do the same here came out at the scrutiny meeting or we would know noting about it until it was to late! And this council is trying to change its reputation and image?

Assembly Contact said...

"a deal has been done between Richard Dew (if he wins) and Clive McGregor the Council Leader so that McGregor will not close the local library "

Which, if any of that story is true, will demonstrate more clearly than any other evidence that the Council is in breach of the law. We have the start of an expensive scandal with this.

Anonymous said...

Clive McGregor doesn't know any other way. His alliance is doomed and sooner the better, then we will be able to move forward properly.

Anonymous said...

Park on a Pay & Display car park without paying gets you a £60.00 fine even if you are a Councillor. Is that right Cllr McGregor?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

09:37: IS THIS the same person who doesn't know where his CAPS LOCK key is and comes across as SHOUTING? Is it the same person who CAN'T SPELL 'now'?

Anonymous said...

09:37 & 09:39. BEING ONE OF THE SAME.

Anonymous said...

And can't spell 'you're'. He he. Keep going.

Martin Peet said...

17 November 2010 09:37

Yes you are right; I am the same Martin Peet who helped oppose the said development in Llanfaelog.

The application in question was a green field development for affordable housing no less. However, lurking in the background of the plan was a phase 2 of up to approx 97 houses. The application met with strong local opposition and I wrote several representations to the planning department.

I took up the issue with the housing association as there was a plan to build affordable housing, to meet the identified need on council land in Bryn Du. Planning policy at the time in Wales stated that green field affordable development could only go ahead if all brown field land availability had been exhausted. The brown field plan for Bryn Du was shelved for no apparent reason.

I am a supporter of local housing for local people. What I do object to is poor planning strategy and over development.

Anonymous said...

affordable housing

Just out of curiosity Mr Peet, could you define what you consider to be 'affordable' (ie a price) and whether you also believe that a substantial part of the development should be housing for rent at social levels (which is where the severe and very dire need is)

Martin Peet said...

Affordable housing is a mechanism to get young people and families on to the housing ladder through part ownership of a property with a housing association. This is a system to encourage social mobility. Price is determined by the applicant’s circumstances.

Some of the development should be open to social rent, with the option in future to part purchase on an affordable scheme as circumstances change. This would also encourage social mobility.

As for development strategy Anglesey are now creating a joint plan with Gwynedd Council, superseding the unfinished LDP which superseded the stalled UDP. We still have a long way to go before we can stabilise our planning policy on the island for standard, affordable and social housing.

Anonymous said...

I can’t understand the comment on this site that the leader of the County Council Clive McGregor has made a deal with Richard Dew to save to LIBRARY if he joins his group.
How McGregor can make a promise because a full council will make the decision, and yesterday as example, McGregor can’t even sort out his group regarding the CARPARKS
So RICHARD DEW look out for false promise!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a supporter of RICHARD DEW.

TGC said...

Well Done Mr. Peet for engaging. Let's hope it continues, whatever the outcome on Thursday - but good luck.

It might be useful to note that, on this debate about 'affordable' housing, those properties that are meant for sale, rather than part-ownership, a level of 70% of current market value for a similar property is set as being 'affordable'.

Now, at a time of recession, a young couple *might* scrape enough to get a mortgage if they have a good enough credit score and buy a £90-£100k house. But as the property market starts to heat up again, 70% stops being affordable. It's not a policy that makes sense, and I know many of the more socially-concerned leaning developers feel the same way.

It's also true to say that, whilst part-ownership sounds good, very few of those making these policies would actually want part-ownership themselves.

We all need houses. We are all greedy when it comes to profiting from them. My position is: because we all need homes, it should not be permissible to use housing as a vehicle to profit. Runs against Tory ethos, perhaps, but then, we're looking at a time-bomb of legions of young people with no stake in society. That is something even the Tories will have to be careful about.

Anonymous said...

"Anglesey are now creating a joint plan with Gwynedd Council, superseding the unfinished LDP which superseded the stalled UDP"

Which all points to a failed planning department. Planning without local policies. What a farce! I think that, if you win on Thursday, you have a lot of work to do to change this Council around.

May the Force be with you!

Anonymous said...

In 2004 Richard Dew stood as a Plaid candidate in Aberffraw and in 2008 stood as an Independent in Rhosneigr. In this By-election he stands again as an Independent.

This guy is determined to be a councillor despite being a turncoat.

Vote for Martin Peet

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Peet for your reply. I am sorry i upset other people by not turning the caps key off. If i need a lesson in grammar i shall be intouch . Back to the point at hand. We had signed for one of the houses and where very upset with local people who had found that any help in getting on the housing ladder was seen as "not in my back yard " attitude.I am not in Rhosneigr so i have not a vote, but if i had i would vote Richard Dew as he is not political (as i can see) , he is a family man who
is regualary in Rhosneigr and my local shop in llan.Good luck Mr Peet .

Anonymous said...

"i would vote Richard Dew as he is not political (as i can see) , he is a family man who
is regualary in Rhosneigr and my local shop in llan".

I'm very confused by this statement!? An election is political, so you would vote for the one that is not?

Also, Mr Peet is also a family man - he has a wife and two children and uses the shops in Llanfaelog and Rhosneigr - I've seen him there quite often!

Anonymous said...

If Mr Richard Drew has stood so many times without getting elected there must be something seriously wrong.


The Red Flag said...

Some of the development should be open to social rent

Is the wrong answer. Most of the developments should be for rent at social levels. Have you seen how many outstanding applications there are at Llangefni compared to stock? Do you know how many points you need and how long they take to amass if you are not homeless? In my day-to-day stuff at work here in Holyhead (major employer) it is one of the biggest issues with ordianry people if not the biggest issue. They want decent quality dwellings at an affordable rent - 400 quid a month for a 100 year old 2 bed terrace in the private sector is an awful lot of money for them and in fact is little short of sanctioned banditry. It's of more concern to them than virtually anything else. Certainly of far more concern than pay-&-display.

Affordable housing is a mechanism to get young people and families on to the housing ladder through part ownership of a property with a housing association. This is a system to encourage social mobility. Price is determined by the applicant’s circumstances.

Is also a disingenious answer. Check what the average working wage is in Holyhead and area (not the average wage, the average working wage - nip down the job centre and check. The 'norm' around this area is not far above NMW. Explain how a price is set to be affordable to them - it isn't.

The Red Flag said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Red Flag said...

This next bit .....We still have a long way to go before we can stabilise our planning policy on the island for standard, affordable and social housing.

I would have included it in the above but I was to busy crying with laughter.

Still, at least you introduced some amusement in to the day even if it's only via self-deprecation.

But at least your out in the open to argue with to so to speak so well done on that score.

Anonymous said...

If Richard Dew fails to be elected this time, will he change his colours to Lib Dem next time?

TGC said...

"will he change his colours to Lib Dem next time?"

Dunno. Will Lib Dems have changed to some other colour before him? He he.

Old Mona said...

As a regular user of Rhosneigr Library I hope that sense prevails and the carparking remains free and when Martin gets elected tomorrow I know he will do his best to ensure that it does. Martin is a new breed of candidate, not tainted by the past and is desparetly needed not just in Rhosneigr but all over the island. (hope the spelling passes muster)

Anonymous said...

Yesterdays disregard for the Alliances whip was at last a breath of fresh air. How many more of it's Councillors will turn against McGregor on December 9th and vote down his Pay & Display madness?


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Martin please ensure that as a Councillor, you consider, appreciate and respect the Human Rights Act, something that only exists in Westminster, but does NOT exist in the corridors of the Council of Fools.

Never let the people down, and you'll be fine, ignore one then you have ignored us all.

Anonymous said...

Mr Peet, Just by being so young you're in trouble. In addition, you claim to have built the celtic gateway bridge in Holyhead, this also will cause some trouble. One of your hero's is the inventor of beer- a plus I think. You've publically told Gordon Ramsey to f off- another plus. You're a fan of Duncan Black-plus plus. You like Russell Brand, massive minus. Good luck and apologise for the bridge.

Anonymous said...

Go Bye, Good Bye, I'll see you all Good Bye.
Clive McGregor December 2010.

The Red Flag said...

Anyone going to give the Marina Development plans a once over next Thursday at Holyhead Town Hall.

It's got a website now as well but there's only the front page as of yet.


Perinant questions are locals unhindered access to the seafront once it's built, allocation to local firms of all contracts that are capable of being filled here, and how many longterm skilled jobs will be created (not cleaners, chambermaids and security staff)

Anonymous said...

Voice on the street, youre a gobshite. Stick to non-personals - ok?

Martin Peet is clean cut and the bridge in Holyhead had got fu#k all to do with anything here.

When you've lost the argument, it gets personal.

Either be sensible or jump off the Holyhead bridge

There, thats better.

Anonymous said...


this should help. It's publically available

The Red Flag said...

The bridge is a shining example of how the EU wastes money £8 million would have built a lot of social housing which would have been of far more use, and it's also a shining example of how no one can afford to maintain it - the footlights are smashed and were removed - some have been covered some just left open to the elements, when you go down on to the lower level across the harbour paving has been replaced with bits of tarmac, nearly all of the pole lighting has now been smashed and not replaced and one of the glass panels was smashed nearly 12 months ago and still hassn't been replaced. I walk across it at least twice a day every day and slowly but surely it is becoming a mess.

Would you believe it said...

Clive McGregor took such a hammering yesterday at the Scrutiny Committee, he's buggered off to France again to get out of the way. You can bet your bottom dollar he'll still be drawing his Allowances as well, Cheeky sod.

Wishful Thinker. said...

So who's running the Zoo? David Bowles is STILL away on holiday and now his lackey's disappeared. Please don't tell me that Plaids Bob Parry, left in-charge?

Anonymous said...

One of the Portfolio Holders didn't tell the truth yesterday, mislead the Scrutiny Committee. The word is he will not be getting away with it. For the chop it's said. Mmm, even a cat only has nine lives.

Martin Peet said...

It’s been a long day!

Red, I'm glad I added sunshine to your day, but seriously, there is a housing need on the island, but without policy we have no direction, that was the point I was making we still have no defined plan.

I don't profess to be the oracle of all knowledge, which is why I publically engage to get opinion, views, and discussion going. Regardless of tomorrow’s outcome, I will still engage as it is what grass roots politics is all about. Respect is a wage - you have to earn it.

Yes I built the bridge; I was the Project Manager and Engineer for the contractor. I put a lot of blood and sweat into it and I am disappointed at the damage inflicted to it. It takes plenty of effort to create something but little to destroy it.

The bridge was commissioned to stimulate growth into Holyhead; there were plenty of follow on projects but these seem to have stalled. You are right we could have built plenty of social houses but without efforts to stimulate growth we all end up unemployed with no prospects. We need political leadership, risk taking and guts to win. It is a dog eat dog world out there and we need a bite as well as a bark.

Voice on the street –does anyone use MySpace anymore?

As for my MySpace Page:
I am a good cook and Gordon Ramsey can……
I not only like Duncan, he is a friend of mine
Russell Brand was added when he was popular (2007 I think)

If you want to know more “embarrassing things” about me, I’ll save you the Googling:

I’m a biker
I like all types of music – classical to rock
I have seen Black Sabbath live in Milton Keynes in 1998.
I was nearly killed in a Pantera mosh pit at same venue.
I worked the bar in the Crypt in Bangor c1996, a biker/rock/metal type place with loud music etc. Hence how I know Duncan, because he gigged there. I also met my wife there.
I was bassist in a thrash metal punk band called the “Innocent Bystanders”.
I once performed in Battle of the Bands North Wales in Llandudno and participated in a 1 hour road house blues set, because one band didn’t turn up.

I am proud of the experiences I have endured in my life, good and bad, because they make me who I am.

If you want to know more, please ask next time.

Photon said...

OK, you get my vote. Or, you would do if I lived in your ward, which I may or may not do (council hit men read this, you see, so can't tell!)

The Red Flag said...

Martin, the bridge is very nice and I'm sure you put a lot of work into it but was it necessary or is it merely a pyramid or a colossus of Rhodes - a diversion of funds that could have had more use elsewhere. You say it was built to stimulate growth into Holyhead - a ludicrous idea completely out of step with reality and one that was pointed out over and over again. People that live in Holyhead got to Holyhead - bridge or no bridge. The vast bulk of the car traffic off the ferries does not and never will stop in Holyhead and the vast bulk of the foot traffic is committed to the trains who's timings are linked to the ferries or are on coach services and committed to them. Cancellations is the only realistic tiimes that people wander up into the town in any number. Once the port is regenerated even less of the ferry traffic will actually visit the town as the idea is to process them through faster. It is handy as a short cut to work and it allows the winos from St Cybi's graveyard to get to Lidls quicker. It came in useful for forminbg orderly ferry queues during the volcano crisis but other than that, it was is and should have remained far lower down in the priority of things.

The lack of general maintainance is a suspect largely due to the fact that there are more important things to spend the money on that have far more beneficial impact on Holyhead residents daily lives.

8 million quid would have had more impact used on social housing than the bridge ever will.

Anonymous said...

Red Flag takes a very negative view of the bridge and that is unfortunate. I was not aware Martin led the project to build the bridge, and irrespective of our political differences, I must say it was a great idea.

There is little value added when Red Flag comments on the character of those who use the bridge, as the fact remains it is a key catalyst for regeneration of the town and port.

Whetehr or not such regeneration occurs is another matter and is determined by the calibre and vision, if any, of those responsible for moving Holyhead forward.

Sadly, the chronically challenged town council illserves the town, and no amount of imaginative initiatives from outside bodies, actioned on the basis that local agents will take over, will help Holyhead.

There is a deficit in vision, in character and ability, and such deficiences cannot be remedied by yet another announcement of a mega million initiative in the Holyhead Mail, with the usual suspects captured grinning on camera trying to take the kudos.

One idea which would I believe radically transform the quality of local government members would be to hold primaries, as they do in the US and have been done in a few constituencies in the UK.

There would be no hiding place for the well-over time served mediocrities, who simply suck at the public teat but offer no value.

The Red Flag said...

There is little value added when Red Flag comments on the character of those who use the bridge, as the fact remains it is a key catalyst for regeneration of the town and port.

If you read properly, I use the bridge at least two times a day. It wasn't until Martin himself said he built the bridge that I was aware either. I don't take a negative view of the bridge as a bridge - it's very striking - but the money would have been better spent on more needed things. As a 'catalyst' for regeneration as you call it, it is falling flat on it's arse.

I agree with your comments regarding mega million initiatives - one only has to look at Parc Cybi. How many years? How much money? - and so far it's provided a handy short cut between Holyhead and Trearddur.

At this point, people should watch The Simpsons series 4 episode 12 'Monorail'.

Photon said...

Oh, come on. Put yourself in the man's shoes. You are involved in this type of work, maybe earning your living directly from it. We hardly get a lot of work like this around here. It isn't his fault Holyhead's economy is in a nosedive.

If you are offered work, you take it. It wasn't his place to start challenging the Council and the rest of the world as to why they were erecting it, and I doubt he was in a position of sufficient influence to achieve anything if he did, anyway.

Be realistic. If Mr. Peet becomes a Councillor, then he can express views and influence decisions. But all that goes before is just his professional life.

The Red Flag said...

Who built it is irrelevant.

I never said it was his place to start challenging it. It wouldn't even be any of his business to challenge it once it had been agreed.

It's whether the money could have been better spent to more impact elsewhere.

I refer to the answer I gave earlier regarding the Simpsons.

Anonymous said...

Who built the bridge is irrelevant, It's who will make the best Councillor for RHOSNEIGR.
The answer to that, is MARTIN PEET.

Photon said...

"The answer to that, is MARTIN PEET."

There we are. Back on-message. Anybody offering odds on the candidates?

;) said...

Celtic Gateway Bridge:


Nice picture, I would not have recognised the old place.

Originally reported as costing £2M! (so where did the extra £6M come into play?)

If this bridge was intended as a symbolic Celtic Gateway then it's certainly most appropriate, given the descriptions on here of its rapid deterioration and lack of maintenance.

The web-site is lovely and was only updated 3 days ago - do the authors not notice the difference between what's on the menu and what's available to eat!

A triumph of marketing over reality!

Toot & Come in said...

Just to take the thread back off course slightly I'd like Red Flag to tell me on what evidence he bases this comment "
pyramid or a colossus of Rhodes - a diversion of funds that could have had more use elsewhere"

Does he have some evidence that funds were diverted in those cases? Indeed, does he have contemporary ducumentary evidence of what the intention was when they were actually built?

The Red Flag said...

We're not allowed to talk about it now.

The Red Flag said...

That last post was to ;).

This one is to toot &amp. Although some of the funding for it came from fund holders who would have no interests in anything else, some come from the EU and could have been moved from one fund to another.

what the intention was when they were actually built? I take it you mean the pyramids and the Colossus. Basically to show off.

Anonymous said...

Back to Martin Peet the Candidate please.

toot and come in said...

"..Basically to show off..."

My whole question is about the diversion of funds etc by the ancients

And I'm asking you how do you know?
You saying something doesn't necessarily make it so.

whale oil, beef hooked said...

Anon 13.44
"Back to Martin Peet the Candidate please."

I'd have thought that if the Druid was going to appoint a moderator/post monitor he would have at least got one with some sort of a name.

Anonymous said...

My whole question is about the diversion of funds etc by the ancients

First Minister: Pharoah, we need a health programme and paved roads.

Pharoah: Balls to that, empty the treasury and build me a pretend mountain. Co-opt the labour and if needs be invade the nubians for more gold. Health programme indeed.

How do you think the funds to build these things came about? They were diverted from elsewhere. It happens all over government at all levels to this day - look at what's going on at the moment.

toot and come in said...

Oh, it must be right. Red Flag and an Anon says so.

Ah well.Who am I to dare question such collossii

The Red Flag said...

toot, being as all funding for everything comes from funds and all such funds are regulalry re-adjusted (ie added to or reduced) - as any fund holder/manager or indeed small business man will tell you - there is no reason to suspect things were any different in Rhodes or Egypt. Given that this is normal in all countries now then it almost certainly was back then as well - it has to be to cater for the unexpected such as floods, famines, fire budgetary shortfalls, problems in otehr areas, wars, etc etc.

Money/funding comes from somewhere before it appears in the fund, it doesn't appear courtesy of tinkerbell therefore it can be sent to other areas and projects instead. That is normal. It is abnormal therefore to think otherwise.

Now we have been instructed to keep this 'on track' - ie Mr Peet.

toot and come in said...

Keep it on track when you have the last word you mean?

You said that the bridge was built at the cost of other projects (fine, no problem with you having that view) just like in the ancient times. How do you know that in the olden times they did not have enough funds for pyramids and the other stuff. Although they had famines and droughts etc they were lucky that they did not have to suffer 13 years of country-ruining incompetent corrupt war mongering bunch of cnuts we have just had to suffer.
NOW we can keep it track.Although I've yet to see many blogs where there aren't two or three slightly off topic 'conversations' going on in a thread. Musn't upset Mr Peets agent :-)

The Red Flag said...

I did not say the bridge was built at the cost of other projects. You are putting your own interpretation in.

The funds existed before the bridge. They were diverted from wherever they were to the funding for the bridge.

They didn't have enough funds for large scale projects in the Ancient World because they had to increase taxes to cover short falls and even use conscript labour and use slaves. The odd invasion to raise more money and taxing vassel states to the point of rebellion weren'y unusual either. Occasionally even putting projects on hold. As nearby example, follow the funding of the castles.

no longer tooting said...

Para 2 contradicts Para 1

If something else wasn't funded because the bridge was then it was built at the cost of the something else.

No doubt you're from the Gordon Brown school of economics/smoke/mirrors/con-the-public-esp-10ptax payers. :-)
Wouldn't be surprised if the bridge wasn't one of his PFI off the books cons.

Now get back on topic. What do you think of this Peet fella?

Anonymous said...

By the way Longshanks never finished beaumaris cos he couldn't handle the druids. I've no evidence for this of course but it seems the norm to just say what you want regarding olden times!

Now must go as I'm holding up all these people who want to talk about Rhosneigr.
(How did that Celtic treasure stuff get into the lake over there do you know?)

TGC said...

"Longshanks never finished beaumaris cos he couldn't handle the druids."

Nah, he bankrupted himself with all the ones going before, and the Jews wouldn't lend him any more money.

insider said...

Diverting Funds.

One good example of diverting public funds are those diverted by David Bowles to pay for external Solicitors to make a bogus complaint to the Ombudsman about Cllr Durkin to try and justify his own bad behaviour.

All £6.500. and growing.

Prometheuswrites said...


No Druids in 1300 - the Romans did for them.

No Jews either - King Edward I's 'Edict of Expulsion' in 1290 did for them before Beaumaris was even started in 1295 - bad move by the king if he wanted funds.

History lesson over.

Anonymous said...

To The Red Flag - I'm bored !!!!!!!!!!

Rearrange the words ' put it in a sock '

The Lecher said...

Anon I'm bored !!!!!!!!!!

I'm not. It's been mildly amusing. It's what 'open' blogs are about - they splinter/

Any if the above posts your contributions?

Anyway, if you're bored nip to the pub.

Insider said...



Anonymous said...

Richard Anthony Drew.

Newly elected County Councillor for RHOSNEIGR. Now the acid test.

Will Cllr Drew Stay true to his word and stay as an Independent or will he, as others have done, say one thing but meant another and join the alliance which operates a whip?
I hope not, we've have enough Councillors elected on one mandate and then when elected, changed shirts.

Anonymous said...

Get his name right.....its

Anonymous said...

I voted on Thursday for Richard Dew,as for the car park charges I do hope they come in ,I have to pay everywhere else on Anglesey and when I holiday anywhere in Britain ,I believe it should be seasonal for the charges and locals should have a parking permit for free,Rhosneigr gets packed in the summer and there is never any sign of a traffic warden,why should holiday makers and the affluent holiday home owners not pay ,maybe then the money from that can go to save our library!!!

Anonymous said...

"I voted on Thursday for Richard Dew"

Good for you, but don't think for one moment that if the Car Parking charges do come in, you as a local will get away without paying. Not a cat in hell's Chance.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem in paying car parking charges ,i do everywhere else on Anglesey ,we have to as locals pay to launch a boat unless you have a mooring so car parking is not an issue,I would like to see Rhosneigr do well and thrive and having a meter in the car park is not going to put tourists off ,I mean take a look at beaumaris in the summer and there charges are astronomical!!

Anonymous said...

just read the Mail. FFS another farmer on the council. Taxi!