Friday, 12 November 2010

Pay and Display Madness (updated)

Please,  no more.
On the very same day that Gwynedd County Council announced that they would make all council car parks free during the Christmas period to help local businesses, Anglesey County Council decided to instead announce that the following free car parks will henceforth become pay and display sites:

  • Village car park, Cemaes
  • Library car park, Benllech
  • The Square car park, Benllech
  • Stanley Crescent car park, Holyhead 
  • Railway Stores car park, Llangefni (short stay)
  • Library car park, Rhosneigr (seasonal)
  • Church Bay car park (seasonal)
  • Beach car park, Rhoscolyn (seasonal)

Why? Apparently so as to provide a consistent policy throughout the island. Currently some towns and villages have pay and display car parks and some don't -- therefore the Council has decided that all locales must suffer equally.

According to council documents these new car parks will generate approximately £30,000 a year in income -- the same documents do not detail how much these changes might translate into loss of income for local businesses. I also note that there is no mention of such a policy in the ruling coalition's recently released "manifesto".

As far as I am concerned this is sheer madness. Anglesey is on its knees following the closure of many of its largest employers and the loss of over 2,100 private sector jobs in a very short period of time. Our town centres are already struggling because of the increase in out-of-town and edge-of-town supermarkets and the general inconvenience of parking. The Council should be doing everything in its power to protect and promote Anglesey's existing small businesses, not adding to their problems for the sake of a paltry £30,000 a year in extra income -- income which would probably otherwise found its way to the very same small retailers which will now suffer from these new paid car-parks. Unlike Gwynedd County Council, Anglesey Council doesn't seem to realise that the best way to sustainably increase their own income over the long-term is to support healthy and thriving local businesses. Madness.

You can see the council documents below: IoACC Car Parking documents

UPDATE:  In a bid to help the council identify savings which would allow the currently free car parks to remain free car parks, Cllr Durkin has now officially called on Anglesey County Council to cut councillors allowanced by half in order to save £360K per annum:
B Durkin press release


Anonymous said...

Read this in daily post this morning and was disgusted, what is more shocking (according to paper) they did not even consult on it.
Do they want to kill small businesses on this island because reading the comments of small firms in benllech this is what they will do with this decision.
Madness is the right word Druid,
Sort it out ACC.

story link

Anonymous said...

From the talk in the Shops and on the Streets of Benllech, Cllr Barrie Durkin has already rallied the troops and all hell's broke loose.
Talk about waking a sleeping giant?

Considering there was no consultation on this madness whatsoever And the Council made a decision hopping no one would notice, me thinks one Durkin sets about them, the Council is going to get one hell of a public lesson in democracy.

Anonymous said...

For the love of God. Are those responsible for this decision actually aware of our plight as an Island. I'd like some names forwarded if at all possible. I didn't learn to write for nothing. We must be the laughing stock of north wales again and again and again. I give up.

not only but also said...

On this one Druid, I am in total agreement with what you say. I hope people will sign the petitions that are I hope circulating widely.

Anonymous said...

Well well, well. Its no wonder Bowles has gone on holiday again. till 27th November on full pay. If this is what he and Clive McGregor call moving forward the sooner someone else takes over running of the Council the better.

It is understood that Cllr Owen has taken the lead on this madness and called the decision into the Scrutiny Committee to be held on Tuesday morning. Lets hope common sense prevails, but I doubt it.

DRJ said...

Why weren't the elected Councillors who represent the relevant constituencies consulted on this important issue?
According to the Councils' documentation it will cost an 'estimated' £32,000 to implement this proposal with an annual operating cost of 'approximately' £1,000. By their own admission, motorists are likely to adopt different parking practices to avoid the new charges, which means they will park elsewhere. . . such as Bangor or Caernarfon.
And for what? An 'estimated' increase in parking income of £30,000 - £35,000.
If the Council is in such dire financial straits maybe it should consider the extravagence of employing Wales' highest-paid civil servant.

Anonymous said...


The decision to make these car parks PAY & DISPLAY has been made & that's that.

The decision was taken by the Portfolio Holders for Finance & Highway, Transportation & Maritime. Hefin Thomas & Tom Jones and sanctioned by the Executive. The date of Implementation of this decision was 10th November.

Luckily enough even though this decision was arrived at by circumventing the democratic process at least some of out elected councillors saw through it all. Now we are relying on Councillors like Bryan Owen & Barrie Durkin to bring this madness to an end. Good luck boys. Anglesey and beyond are watching.

Anonymous said...

A quick correction if I may - the council ovrer the water is called "Gwynedd Council" not "Gwynedd County Council.

The former Gwynedd County Council was scrapped by your beloved Tories when they created the mess that is the Isle of Anglesey;)

Anonymous said...

Good old Anglesey, driving another nail into the local economy, any chance of survival now has diminished. The reaction to this will of course be outrage and anger, but the monkeys running the zoo, always get their own way. So when more shops go to the wall, when towns become deserted, when the tills of the larger supermarkets are getting hammered with business, and the profit they make flows from Anglesey yo it's share holders, remember, we allowed this to happen, we allowed the monkeys to get away with another reckless decision, that caused more pain and distress to the local voter...yes, voter..YOU!

Anonymous said...

The report was by the Head of Services (Highways & Waste Management).
The Decision was made by the Portfolio Holders for Finance and Highways, Transportation and highways. Cllr Hefin Thomas And Tom Jones.
There was Consultation.
Those Consulted Were:

The Managing Director.
The Corporate Director of Finance.
The Corporate Director of Environment & Technical Services Education & Leisure.
The Acting Corporate Director of Housing and Social Services.
The Director of Legal Services and Committees?Monitoring Officers.
But no one else, not even our Elected Councillors!

The decision has been called in to be scrutinised on Tuesday. BUT DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH

Anonymous said...

Surely this epitomises the kind tyrannical arrogance Anglesey County Council treats the people of Anglesey with, led by the Leader of the Council, Cllr Clive McGregor, and that so call trouble shooter, David Bowles, fired in by the Assemble to get the council to toe the line!

If this is an example of their line toeing, god help us.

Anonymous said...

Please understand this is how the system works, they ( the Council) decide and YOU do as your told!

Since the ecomonic mess started, the Council are finding any way possible to get money in, at any cost. The Government are in the same situation, desperatley clawing back dosh, dosh that we are struggling to keep in our pockets to survive, dosh that we have struggled hard to earn, now the dilemmas facing the monkeys are, can they get away with this scam? Will the public swallow the sad economic meltdown, will the sad tale of no money not funny, ease this decision? Or will we do the undecent thing and stop this decision before it gets rubber stamped. Unfortunately, the other day, in London, students protested against the rise in University fees and trashed the Conservative HQ, David Cameron was livid, he took it personally, I knew he would, because he doesn't like anyone having a go at him and his party, it's the same as this decision, if we protest about this car park decision, someone will take it personal, and there will be hell to pay, because no-one is allowed to challenge or question a decision made by the monkeys, the monkeys that run this Council, the same monkeys who have left us all jobless, futureless and even more skint.

Anonymous said...

Druid, I've enjoyed your posts. But why is it that most of your comments come from either your fellow Tories or those who are bitter about the council? It's getting boring.

Anonymous said...

Your right 20:44
But there are a couple of new boys on the block who won't put up with it at any price and we all no one of them very well by now.
If Clive McGregor and his Monkeys think they have had a hard time up to now, wait till next week comes around.

Anonymous said...

Anything to diver attention away from what really matters, You can stick your politic's where the sun don't shine, If you don't like what you read, don't bother tunimg in.

Martin Peet said...

I'll be fighting in Rhosneigr as this directly effects the use of our threatened library, village hall, and local shops and services.

Refer to my Manifesto for Rhosneigr

Save the Library from closure.
Adodpt a proper parking statagy (including making all parking free).

Anonymous said...

Such a decision illustrates two things;

1. Lack of joined up thinking where the Econ Dev dept are trying to get more people to shop in town centres, then Highways pull an important rug from under their feet. They're even in the same Directorate!!

2. The arrogance of Highways dept, only seeing parking as an enforcement / maintenance issue. Shows the lack of vision and the continuing silo approach to decison making.

The reference to internal consultation is a complete joke. The Corp Directors rarely pass emails down the chain to those most affected.

The result is half arsed decision making. Bowlesy get a grip. If such simple matters are slipping through the net what major decisions are also receiving the same attention.

Anonymous said...

"Bowlesy get a grip. If such simple matters are slipping through the net what major decisions are also receiving the same attention"

Tackling the endemic dishonesty which has brought the Council to the state it's in today.

Anonymous said...

Anglesey County Council is driving people to go shopping over the bridge or to the supermarkets who provide free parking.
Its simple economics pay £2 to park with on Anglesey or use your £2 worth of fuel and drive to free car park.
What chance have town shops got they are penalized all ways. They have to pay the unfair business rate every year and get no help to encourage more business in the towns. In these times every help is needed to protect our towns and not drive people away to support the out of town supermarkets.
As I said before we are govern by the "Lost Mountain Sheep" who only look after there own green pastures !!!

Un o Fon

The Red Flag said...

Anglesey County Council is driving people to go shopping over the bridge or to the supermarkets who provide free parking.

Down in the South East of England many of the major supermarkets now charge for parking - usually £2 an hour.

It is unfortunately, the way ahead. There are even longterm plans to bring in a tax on parking spaces which will invariably be passed on. I believe the thought process goes along the lines of 'if they can afford to drive a car they can afford to pay to park - it doesn't affect they disadvantaged/poor as they don't drive'.

And to be frank there is a very cold logic to that especially when you consider that the cost of maintaining council car parks is met by the council tax payer if they are free whether they own a car or not.

Anonymous said...

Red Flag.
If only it was as Black and White as that.

The Red Flag said...

Well anon, there's two (or more) sides to every argument. Free car parking is contra to carbon reduction in that it encourages car use. I drive. I don't mind paying to park. I shop in little shops in Holyhead whenever I can. It's a very complex issue and I think trying to use it as a threat to local shops is pushing it a bit far. The threat to local shops is the sheer choice and price that supermarkets have. Charging or not charging a quid is neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things I feel. What would be of far more help to local shops is realistic business rates.

And why should someone who deosn't drive pay (via council tax) for me to have the luxury of free parking.

Perhaps an acceptable solution would be a flat rate of 2 quid for a day ticket that can be used in any car park on the island, unlimited usage during that day and free car parking 1800-0600.

Anonymous said...

Anon 20.44
"decision made by the monkeys, the monkeys that run this Council, the same monkeys who have left us all jobless, futureless and even more skint."

Excellent rant Anon. I noticed that you also managaed to infer that Cameron and his mob are responsible for leaving us all jobless etc. No mention of the god- like finanicial hercules that was known as Gordon Brown and his lying team such as the already convicted Woolas and the hopefully soon to be convicted MPs who feel they are above us all in matters of law.
You are either an lie-spreading labour troll or an ignorant thick shallow cnut on which they feed.
As you are anon only you will know which.

Anonymous said...

Red Flag
"And why should someone who deosn't drive pay (via council tax) for me to have the luxury of free parking."

Whereas I agree with your sentiments surely the vast majority of those that don't drive don't do so because they can't afford it and therefore would not be paying council tax (or be paying reduced rate) e.g pensioners, breadline families etc?

The Red Flag said...

surely the vast majority of those that don't drive don't do so because they can't afford it and therefore would not be paying council tax (or be paying reduced rate) e.g pensioners, breadline families etc?

There's a fair few where I work who don't drive because they can't afford a car and the cost of running it despite working full time (but then again as we all know wage levels are to low on Anglesey and employers are taking the mickey).

What exactly is a 'breadline family' in this day and age of tax-credits?

Anyway, back to your argument. I stick with 'if they can afford to drive they can afford to pay a nominal fee to park.'. I am a firm believer that driving is not a 'right' and over the coming decade that will be proven so as the cost rises out of the reach of ordinary people.

The answer to all of this is decent reliable public transport. If we are to honour our environmental commitments we are going to have to accept that measure will be put in place to restrict car usage.

Anonymous said...

My point was that a lot of those that are car-less and are on the low wages/pensions get council tax rebates and therefore do not subsidise those who have cars.

Note that I said I agreed with your sentiments. Shame you had to spoil it by refering to the myth that is carbon reduction (assuming that that is what you meant by enviromental committments)

The Red Flag said...

myth that is carbon reduction

Carbon reduction is not a myth. The reasons behind it arguably might be but our obligations to reduce our carbon footprint- as individuals, businesses and as a country, are not. They are real and they will get tighter and harsher. It is being fed-in slowly because to implement it in one fell swoop would probably cause severe unrest but dripped in, year after year for a couple of decades or so and people will learn to adjust - they won't have any other option.

If the low/no waged pay even a part of their council tax then they are subsidising free parking.

It is in my opinion a nonsense that people won't come into towns and use local shops if they have to pay to park. What will those self-same people do once supermarkets charging creeps out of the South East and reaches here? Become subsistance farmers and grow rice out the back? How will they cope with the ever-increasing number of towns that are introducing congestion charging? Sooner or later that will arrive here as well. I even know of a pub/restaurant that charges in Greater Manchester (although you get a 50% discount on the parking if you spend more than 20 quid)

The Red Flag said...

I even know of a pub/restaurant that charges in Greater Manchester (although you get a 50% discount on the parking if you spend more than 20 quid)

In fact, I even know of a doctor's surgery that is pay and display in Oldham.

Anonymous said...

The main bone of contentions are. Why was their no consultation with our County Councillors, Community Council's or the Residents before making these changes and why should car uses who wish to nip into the local chippy or any other local shop have to pay to park their car before hand for the sake off a few minutes?

They just won't bother and bang goes the small shops and businesses. That's the stark reality and no high-fluted argument will change that.

GET ON YOUR BIKE McGregor. said...


Anonymous said...

'Shout' it out loud with a 'witty' name strap and people will take heed of your valuable contribution to the debate.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Red Flag said...

why should car uses who wish to nip into the local chippy or any other local shop have to pay to park their car before hand for the sake off a few minutes?

Why shouldn't they? Realistically the council is under no obligation to provide parking facilities anywhere at all. Many councils in England don't and have 'sold on' to private companies. Kick up to much of a stink over what are relatively cheap charges and Anglesey may well go the same way.

They just won't bother and bang goes the small shops and businesses. So what you're saying is rather than spend a quid to shop in a local shop in say Rhosneigr, they'd prefer to use 2 quids worth of petrol to nip to Tesco's (along with the driving time). Or in Holyhead they will no longer go to Price's (home of the finest battered cod this side of the Irrawady River) but will settle for a microwave meal from Morrison's instead.

Somehow I think not. The town centres are dying anyway and parking is definately not the reason. Charging a quid to park won't make any difference.

Anonymous said...

Red Flag can we take it from your comments, that you care little or nothing for your community's or the local businesses there in?

Cllr Barrie Durkin said...

The Failure to consult on this matter of Pay & Display is of great concern and in my opinion displays an arrogance of presumption that the democratic process is of no relevance. This is irrespective of whether the idea of Pay & Display is the right thing to do or not.

However, if the Council feels it wishes to go down this road of Pay & Display to raise some extra revenue, it might wish to look nearer to home first.

Perhaps it could look at making the Council Car park in front of it's own offices Pay & Display? That way all the the Councillors and Officer's along with all who come to use the Council services would have to pay, after all it already has captive users. It would also stop rogue parking by those who use the Car Park illegitimately.
I wonder how that would go down?

The Red Flag said...

Anon, it's not a case of caring for local businesses - and in fact I buy all my meat and most of my bread from here in Holyhead town centre, it's a case of realism. If you seriously think that people will not come into the towns because they will have to pay a quid to park then you are barking up the wrong tree I'm afraid.

Aside from the 'moral' points I raised such as carbon and those unable to afford a car subsidising those that can, if a town centre collapses because of a nominal parking fee then it didn't really stand any chance anyway. If people won't shop in town centres it's because the prices are to high, or the choice is to limited or they are just to derelict. Not because the council want a quid to park.

I agree with Cllr Durkin about the council car park as well. It should be split into employees and visitors and visitors pay and display. If the mooted tax on car park spaces ever comes to fruition, then employees will probably have to pay to park at work as well and that is also a good thing.

Like i said earlier, I'm a driver and I consider it a privilage not a right and paying a nominal fee will not stop me coming into towns and I - like most of the workers on this island - am not well paid and earn less than 20K. So it shouldn't stop anyone else either. It's the business rate that's killing town centres - it's way to high and as a result little shops struggle to compete with out of town supermarkets. Some close, that makes the place look tatty, that drives more people away. If there was a reason to actually come to town centres then people woul - parking fee or not.

You ghave to face reality - building out-of-town shopping centres in low populated areas such as Anglesey will ALWAYS cause decline in the towns. It has been a known fact for years and therefore it must have been the council's intent all along.

Ultimately this will end with the privatisation of the car parks and that will be an end to the matter.

TGC said...

£30,000 income from car parks, eh?

What a bunch of fools! Let's see two easy ways to get that kind of money from elsewhere:

(1) Bowles' salary could be cut by 30 days' worth (he gets about £1000 a day)

(2) Total councillor expenses 09/10 = £760,935. Cut 4% off that, and bingo! you've got £30,000 for no effort. Who's first in the queue to take a cut?(£518 a year for most councillors)

Photon said...

Dear Mr. Peet,

I'm confused. In your recent post, you say you want to "save the library from closure".

In your manifesto, you say you want to "streamline the library and make it more efficient".

I don't think you've read the recent blog by myself, also covered by the Druid, that includes this quote from the Assembly's library standards report, just published:

"With such meagre staffing resources it is difficult to see how many more service improvements can be achieved. Indeed it is possible that current levels of performance overall are only being achieved on account of the dedication and commitment of the staff rather than as a result of the authority’s support and investment."

Cllr Barrie Durkin said...

If I may also suggest ways of saving money to ensure the beleaguered people of Anglesey get a rest bite from the onslaught of being constantly penalised for the incompetent management of some Council funds.

Halve Councillors Allowances saving some £260.000 per annum

Halve the Special Allowances for Portfolio Holders, saving some £107.000.

This at a stroke of the pen would save some £366.700 per annum.

I'm up for it, But what about the others?

Anonymous said...

Whether ot or it's right introduce the policy it's the manner with which it's been introduced that matters. Consultation is the very least the electorate deserve. Never mind that we are in the midst of an economic downfall, we are still entitled to know when and if such policies are being introduced. Imagine an individual building an extension without consulting the planning dept? Same goes for anyone wishing to moor their boat without asking. It all adds up to some dodgy number crunching, an ok from her, an ok from him and Bobs you're uncle, deal done, get the machines erected. Deal with the aftermath later. It wouldn't happen anywhere but here. Take those flats in LLanfair PG. Permission was given(Gods know how) to build them for the over 55's. Two years later and a few appeals from highly paid lawyers for the building firm, and anyone can live there. Oh and believe me they do. When and where does it end? Does it, will it ever end?

Anonymous said...

This isn't the chamber Barry, don't start your ranting on here. You're personal battles should remain so. I for one am not interested in your shouts for support in your fight against the opposition. No offence but try to comment instead of scoring

Anonymous said...

It looks as if we are about to see what Cllr Durkin is really made of.

A lesson for McGregor. Never step on the big man's toes, your likely to get a good kick up the backside when you least expect it.

Anonymous said...

Darren who.

Anonymous said...

Darren the voter

Cllr Barrie Durkin. said...

I only made a sensible suggestion if you don't like it, fine no problem, but when you use you dislike of it to then attack my sincerity, your on a looser.
However please keep up your positive comments, but please don't get personal.

Anonymous said...

Durkin's spot on.

let them who make such Undemocratic life changing decisions put there money where their mouth is.
If what Durkin is suggesting came about. How many of the current councillors would stand again? I think not many.

Anonymous said...

oh bazzer, please don't patronize me. Whats a looser? I knew you'd reply as soon as you could. You just had to. Well feel free sir, but on here the rules are different. People like me( non-political and un-interested in small time regional battles of local councillors) have as much right and ability to argue until the cows come home. The arguments usually end up with one side going to watch tv or read a book or even go for a pint. So lets not go there.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about.
Councillor Durkin's suggestion not only makes a great deal of sense but it encompasses all councillor's not just the opposition, No politic's there.
One suggestion from me. Engage brain before putting pen to paper.

Anonymous said...

more up your street.

Anonymous said...

"all councillors", they are his opposition I was led to believe. Maybe you annonmous's know different but as long as you're annonymous you're words are worth less than the price of a panand.

"no politics there", oh no of course not, just a kind thinking caring representative of the people.
Just like the other 40 who are the laughing stock of the country.
"engage brain", kiss bum

Martin Peet said...

Dear Photon,

I think you may have misunderstood my intensions regarding the Library.
The council proposed to close it as a cost cutting excersice. This is not the way to make savings. ALL departments should be looked at for savings from an efficiency drive.

With regards to the pay and display, people having to pay tpo use the library just errodes the service and adds extra strain on a service that is already stretched.

Anonymous said...

You've lost the plot, lost for something to say and of no value to the issue at hand.
As for kissing your bum. No thanks, only God knows where it's been?

Anonymous said...

"You've lost the plot", actually I sold it to a councillor
"lost for something to say and of no value to the issue at hand."
see above
"No thanks, only God knows where it's been?"
nowhere near the toilets that you frequent

The Red Flag said...

Darren I for one am not interested in your shouts for support in your fight against the opposition. No offence but try to comment instead of scoring

Actually Darren what we are talking here is money and how to save it and cut it from less contentious areas. Cllr Durkin has at a stroke proposed savings of twelve times more than the projected Pay & Display income AND without reducing a single service or costing a single job.

The only people that could object are councillors who believe they should be able to make monet from their position as opposed to opnly break-even.

For his suggestion Cllr Durkin should be congratulated and it would be very interesting to see which councillors are willing to publicly oppose what he says.

Anonymous said...

Red Flag, you'll understand my reluctance to support anything when it is agreed and supported by wholly annonymous faceless posters on here. As for the proposals themselves, and given the battles he's undertaken, I believe Durkin isn't suggesting them for the good of the Isle but as a challenge. It's one challenge after another. There'll be another next week and the same the week after. It's what we're used to and expect, it's an historical fact. The Durkins of this world are and always have been ready to chomp at the bit as soon as it is convenient.

Photon said...

Mr. Peet,

Thanks for your clarification.

The matter of having decided to cut Rhosneigr - and all the other smaller libraries - runs contrary to law, because the Council has already decided on what basis libraries will be reviewed (i.e. shut), without first undertaking a needs assessment.

A public inquiry was held at Wirral for the precise-same reason; I've little doubt Anglesey will face the same very shortly.

Cllr. Durkin. Leading by example. The PM took a pay cut, I think your colleagues should follow the gauntlet you have admirably thrown.

Anonymous said...

Oh Darren Please I'm sure you must have been told many times before, you must remember to keep taking the tablets. It can't be good for you or those around you.

On a more serious note, it's noticed from your previous comment that you feel the word of Anon's are worth less than the price of a panand. That being the case why is your photo so indistinguishable?

If you really want to take the moral high ground over the use of anon's, lets see who you are properly .

Benllech said...

"Cllr Durkin. Leading by example"

He been doing that since he was elected and for his trouble nothing but abuse and victimisation. Has it diminished his zest? not one bit, his comments above are a testament to that. He will be there when all the other have gone. That's if he not our next AM?

GPJ said...

I am quite happy to advise the Council how they could make £300k a year without brassing everyone off....

Supporter from Llanbedrgoch. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Looking at the car park locations we see all but two are in rural villages.

Holyhead and Llangefni with their urban sprawl may well be unaffected by such moves, But when we examine the villages and the necessity of a vehicle to get from the rural areas with the cost of having to park on top of that, this is what could push people to the supermarkets.
End of local shops?

The Red Flag said...

Darren, I believe Durkin isn't suggesting them for the good of the Isle but as a challenge. You may well be correct in your assessment (and history shows you probably are), but the fact he can make this 'challenge' safr in the knowledge that there no way the other councillors will back it speaks volumes about the others I would suggest. (it doesn't really though cos we know what they are like)

That aside, it's still a very good suggestion and if I was him I would be publicly challenging individual councillors to comment.

Heard It All. said...

If Durkin is as you say A " Spent Force" Why do you think he wields such power at council and all the wrongdoers shit themselves at the mention of his name.
Spent force? You must be jesting.

Holyhead. said...

No not conspiracy's, just plain old crooks working with one and other to line there own pockets.

Whilst I'm at it. Who say's Cllr Durkin Is marginalised? And Can any one show me in writing, where and when Cllr Durkin has made allegations of conspiracy's involving Members and /or Officers. IF SO PLEASE DO, IF NOT SHUT UP.

Benllech said...

"Spent Force"
Let me tell you what a spent force Cllr Durkin really is.
Since raising the Pay & Display issue within his constituency there has been a ground swell of objectors who have in a period of just over 24 hours raise a petition of over 2000 signatures already and on going. If that's what you call a spent force well you've lost me.

Anonymous said...

If the truth were only Known Cllr Durkin holds plenty of power at Council.Why do you think they are doing there up most to get him barred?
What they can't handle is the fact he puts the people first and the back stabbing do nothings way back last and tells them so in the bargain.

Holyhead said...

Up date on 21:59
I'm still waiting for an answer. What allegations of Conspiracy's? THERE ARE NONE, ARE THERE?

The Great Councillini said...

"Holyhead and Llangefni with their urban sprawl may well be unaffected by such moves"

Hmm, I don't think you've had a good look at these towns lately, have you? Nor spoken to the business owners about their views of the way things are going.

The convenience argument for these changes is 'consistency', with the real argument, in a child-trying-to-lie sort of way, put second as 'make more money'. I would be very surprised if, taking into account that not all areas of Anglesey have the same characteristics, that some flexibility is lawfully allowable.

In the end, I've seen scant evidence of any support for this move on the blog. The councillors represent the people. With the feedback they are getting here, and having not sought the view of the public, this means they are once again failing us and the local economy completely.

My suggestion? Vote for the new man in 2012. The face you've known for so long has simply shafted you in most cases.

Photon said...

I note the decision is 'subject to call-in'.

How do we get it called in?

Anonymous said...

To The Great Councillini at 08: 08
Your quite right, thanks for your response to 21:11.

You have seen scant evidence of any support for this move yet there is overwhelming support against.
In this case it is only down to a hand full of Councillors misusing there powers so lets not tar all Councillor with the same brush as there is serious opposition on all side on this one.

Insider said...

The act of "Call In" has already been taken by five of our Councillors. Bryan Owen has taken the Lead on this and its to be heard on this next Tuesday morning.

The Great Councillini said...

08:39. Of course, I accept that there are many councillors who are not to be tarred with the well-tarred brush. I think I've made this point many times previously, but if I should have made it again, well, there we are, I didn't!

Also interested to learn the decision's been called-in. I would hope the posts put eloquently and sometimes forcefully here are used as the evidence base those councillors need to show we, the people, do not wish to see this self-defeating move go ahead.

Anonymous said...

The right to recall is becoming very topical and some of these low-calibre councillors who are supplementing their income dabbling in politics yet have zero business acumen ought to be hatcheted. I can think of quite a few.

What "grinds my gears" is that Durkin is fighting for us but is being undermined at every opportunity.

Some people will do anything to prevent the truth coming out.

There are officers at IoACC who are very powerful but seemingly untouchable. Yes, "seemingly" and watch this space.

Anonymous said...

Why has the independent candidate at Rhosneigir "chickened out " of a public debate (Husting) against the Tory candidate Martin Peat?

......what a spineless git.

Anonymous said...

The reason why the "spineless git" Independent Candidate For Rhosneigir has chickened out of the public debate (Hustings) is because he has Nothing to say, Nothing to offer and knows very well that is a beaten man already.

I said...

Oh it will Great..... It will. You can be assured on that.

Seen the future said...

I think all the Councillors have a bit of a shock coming very shortly. Put on notice, so to speak. It will show us all whether Cllr Durkin is a "spent force" or not. I wouldn't bank on being disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one thinking that someone is posting on here to make it look like a as if they are from lot of different people?

A bit obvious isn't it.

Sad as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've pointed this out. I come accross this quite often. It doesn't take long for the genuine members to realise. And this fella wants votes...........LMAO

TGC said...

An obvious take-home message for councillors on this posting is this: If you actively seek the views of those you represent - and then go ahead and put forward those views at Council, a golden land of respect and votes comes your way, even if you won't always win.

If you ignore your electorate and go off on matters that benefit you or your mates, you simply won't get put back in power. Those days are gone, because now we can see clearly what has been going on in the past - and it's about to get clearer.

Anonymous said...

Coming from you Darren that's as hypocritical as one can get, how many piss head comments have he made on here alone. 9 is it? That's over 10%!
Need I say more.

The Brains Trust. said...

If we were to know how many Individual commenter's there were on this Blog, I'm sure you would find no more than 6 or 7 altogether.

Supporter from Llanbedrgoch. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

We are still waiting for you to enhance the image you use on your comments. No good crowing about anon's then putting an image up of yourself that no one can see.
What about it Darren or are you to shit scared to identify yourself properly just preferring to slag people off in the shadows of yourself?

Anonymous said...

"I'm sure you would find no more than 6 or 7 altogether."

It's an oft-made claim. But, how do you arrive at being 'sure' that this is the case? Hmmm?

The Red Flag said...

What about it Darren or are you to shit scared to identify yourself properly

An 'anonymous' said that. What an utterly pointless person.

TGC said...

In Mr. Druid's absence this weekend, can I suggest that the more animated amongst you please show some restraint and respect for the fact that comments are allowed here? None of this is adding anything to the debate.

Anonymous said...

Druid has my full details. Any annonymous individual wishing to write to me can ask nicely and provide their details to him. I don't mind one to one converstions with identifiable persons

Anonymous said...

Red flag, your no different, Who's Red Flag but just another anon?
As for Darren, I think those of us with enough intelligence have better things to do.

The Red Flag said...

Anonymous said...
Red flag, your no different, Who's Red Flag but just another anon?

Well matey, all you have to do is ask. My name is Andy Williams and I live in Holyhead and work for Stena. Like Darren, if you ask the Druid he/she will pass your e-mail onto me and I'll mail back.

Anonymous said...

Fair comment Andy
You'll do me.

Anonymous said...

If you don't know darren then you're not very much in the know. He's got a gob I know that. He's a graduate from Bangor uni and has an history of challenging so-called representatives. Enough I think!:)

Heard It All. said...

A spent force is he, Well, Well, Well. Don't you believe it.

Anonymous said...

"If you don't know Darren"
I might of known it. Just another jumped up, trouble making lefty. Say no more please.

Anonymous said...

hellova thread this yeah

The Red Flag said...

and has an history of challenging so-called representatives.

You shluld always challenge elected representatives at every chance and turn.

If yuou hold them in some form of defference and just accept what they say you are either simple or insane.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree Andy, but it needs to be done in a none abusive, none confrontational way, not as we are seeing Darren do it. I'm sure you would agree on that.

The Red Flag said...

Well I do have to see that in general you are right but there are some politicians that if I came across them being attacked in the street I would turn a blind eye and walk on.

And I must admit to 'disrupting' BNP leafleting teams when I lived in Greater Manchester and I wouldn't think twice about doing it again.

Anonymous said...

Andy, Me too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I totally agree Andy, but it needs to be done in a none abusive, none confrontational way, not as we are seeing Darren do it. I'm sure you would agree on that.

Sadly I've trawlled this blog and have failed to read an abusive post by Darren. Copy and paste if anyone has read different. Confrontational? Wouldn't want it any other way. I'm annonymous because we live on a small colloquial Island and repucussions are almost inevitable. Guessing the Druid thinks similar.

Anonymous said...

Who the Blimeys Darren, Alice.?

Martin Peet said...

So far in Rhosneigr we have well over 100 signatures to a petition on this matter, and people are still signing.

If you look at Points 4.3 in the document, do you spot the mild threat "Pay and Display" or "Slips Trips and Falls". Has duty of care flown out of the window when the cash is tight. Many elderly people use the library in Rhosneigr. Winter salting of car parks should be based on risk assessed use not cash flow.

The Red Flag said...

Winter salting of car parks should be based on risk assessed use not cash flow.

Ultimately everything the council does is based on cash flow. The salt has to be paid for as do the gritters.

It's all a matter of priorities. Something has to forfeit funding to pay for this. I know - sell the Celtic Gateway to a scrap dealer.

Martin Peet said...

Just because a car park is pay and display does not make it a priority for winter maintenance. Cash (from what ever flow) should be directed where it is needed.

I am saying, let’s look into each individual department of the council and make them more efficient.

If we asked everyone who works for the Council: “How have you made, or saved, money today?” I am sure you would get a limited response. But a positive response is what required in private sector business. Everyone has to understand that they are responsible for the overall generation of success, not just the bosses.

Ergo: Streamline the cost, spend the money wisely (after all it’s tax payers money.)

Anonymous said...

"Down in the South East of England many of the major supermarkets now charge for parking - usually £2 an hour"

Not anywhere I've shopped, though London may be different. Some places where I've shopped have a nominal sum (£1?) refundable off the shopping bill, to discourage abuse of the parking. My local pub (Birmingham) had a problem with car park abuse by shoppers so they too are now Pay and Display with a refund at the bar.

Some of these private Pay+Display schemes may stop if the scheme operators lose the revenue they currently get from clamping, as is currently proposed(?).

"2 quid for a day ticket that can be used in any [Council] car park on the island "

Gets my vote (though maybe £1.50 would be better). I'm sure some Welsh authorities have (or had) similar policies (somewhere in Pembrokeshire??). Maybe £2/ticket is justifiable if the ticket gets 50p/person off admission to some of the tourist attractions, or some similar benefit?

I'm not an Anglesey resident, but I visit when I can and shop local on the island when I can. I think I've used all the car parks on the list, some of them quite frequently. I read here occasionally (and post even more occasionally) too. Maybe a few others do too.

How do I/we sign one of the petitions and/or show support for Cllr Durkin's suggestion (remember, Dave says we're all in this together. Apart from Dave's mates, obviously)?

Prometheuswrites said...


The council have risk assessed.

See section 2.6 of the scribed document.

Of course the risk the council are assessing is the likeyhood of them getting sued, which is somewhat different to the risk assessment of a member of the public getting hurt.

This is all part and parcel of that subtle shift from governence for the public good, to governence of the public finances.

I'm trying to reconcile the statement about providing a consistent parking policy across the island, with the realisation that only 50% of the islands car parks will be pay and display and furthermore that the new pay and display car-parks will be prioritised when it comes to winter maintenance.

This use of 'consistent' must be part of the new Business Speak (or B.S.) for Beaurocratic Specialists (or's)

Or maybe I just don't understand the modern usage of the word 'consistent'.

Prometheuswrites said...

Plus of course the workload for the person who has the job of going round and collecting the revenues has just increased by 25%; unless another staff job is being created, whose wage will be paid for from the increased fees, or if not from elsewhere in the council's budget.

I'm of course assuming that it currently takes only one person to go round and collect and account for all the current pay and display car park revenue.

Prometheuswrites said...

I finish this night's insomnia with a cautionary tale.

Some years back I was in a meeting with Ysbtwy Gwynedd's Estates Manager discussing why the free public car park had introduced a high hourly rate pay and display charge in the patients and vistors car park.

The explanation was that the hospitial had introduced the charge to 'pesuade' their own staff to use the free staff car park at the far end of the hospital grounds, so as to leave the designated public car park free, especially for those patients who have difficuly walking.

I pointed out that all the health and social welfare statistics showed that the people with the most acute and chronic health needs were most often found in the poorest sections of society and therefore those who most needed the convenience of the closer car park were likely to be the least able to pay the charges of £5.00 an hour (or two hours).

I did try very patiently to point out that the hospital was implementing a solution to a different problem (raising some revenue) and their solution didn't properly address the problem of their own staff parking in the patients spaces, although their solution would indeed have the consequence of getting their staff to park elsewhere. (These are different issues - 'where staff park' and 'patients paying high hourly charges').

(My solution would be to fine staff that parked in the patients car park as that would soon 'persuade' them to park in the free staff car park and not the free patient car park, plus no cost to the patient).

He couldn't even grasp what I was talking about, or he was in a state of complete denial, or maybe it's a pre-requisite of being part of the new managerial classes.

(Does any of this sound familar to IOACC watchers?).

And the moral of the story is ... (well I'm sure you can all work it out)

TGC said...

"The salt has to be paid for as do the gritters."

As do the lawyers, barristers and HM Courts Service when they haven't applied said salt.

What we are seeing is cutting without thought. It's hurried. It's poorly done. It's likely to have, therefore, a poorer than expected outcome.

Anonymous said...

What we have here is:
The Welsh Assemble has parachuted a Commie into the Council because the Lefties who were in charge of the Zoo pre-2008 lost power.
That Commie in the guise of the interim Managing Director doesn't like Councillors and believes that Councils should be run by a body of non-elected Government Officials and Mandarins (Bureaucrats) and Councillors are an unnecessary evil, his history in local government shows that trait every where he's has been.

What's has happened since his arrival stems from all that.

TGC said...

Cheeky hijack: anyone got an old tv (preferably not very heavy) with a phono-type AV connector? Just need a screen to check camera output. Happy to pay a modest sum to take it off your hands!

e-mail me

Apologies to the druid!

Benllech 2 said...

So Durkin's a spent force is he?

I feel he's at the start of a political revolution to claw back democracy from the lefties that have infiltrated Anglesey County Council.

His move calling on all Councillors and David Bowles, to take a cut in their allowances to help save the council and its services from melt down is a stroke of political genius, and who on Anglesey would want to disagree with him, save for the other Councillors and Bowles?

This move shows that Cllr Durkin is far from a spent force, more a case of being way ahead of the rest and shows he with his extensive business acumeny has the power and the knowledge to do what the rest can only dream of.

Anonymous said...

This move shows that Cllr Durkin is far from a spent force, more a case of being way ahead of the rest and shows he with his extensive business acumeny has the power and the knowledge to do what the rest can only dream of.


Anonymous said...

and on the 7th day he rested

The Red Flag said...

Why do people think the Interim MD is a 'commie' and the council is left wing?.

The MD is in no way a 'commie' and most of the Labour councillors are New Labour and as such aren't in any way shape or form left wing. Ken Clarke is more left wing than New Labour.

Anonymous said...

Who's taking about the Councillors?

Anonymous said...

The Red Flag:

The terms 'Commie', 'Facist', 'Labour' and 'Tory' don't have their common political meaning in the comments made on this blog; they are most often used as terms of abuse by politically illiterate numbnuts.

That's why no-one uses the term 'Liberal': it hasn't yet aquired the required degree of association with disgust to qualify it as a term of abuse in the common lexicon.


Photon said...

Commies, being cunning, hide behind the horizon...

The Red Flag said...

Anon 15 Nov 23:25, You are of course quite correct in your observation. This is usually the same people that confuse 'Liberal' with meaning laissez-fair, or LibDem, or social democrat when in fact it's actually quite a right wing economic philosphy.

So right wing in fact that the Americans refer to liberalism as as neo-conservative as they find the use of neo-liberal confusing due to their occasional desires to shoot commie-pinko-liberal-faggot-tree huggers

Anonymous said...

Getting back to the real point in hand. It's costing £32k upfront for the new machines. Then it's £1k per year to maintain the machines, with an estimated additional income of £30-£35k a year. So in the first year they make possibly nothing and then in future years, based on an estimate, they'll actually make less than £30k a year. Bloody awful report which hides so much. Where's the breakdown of upfront capital costs, ongoing revenue and income say over 5 years. No business plan at all. How they can they be trusted to run a whole local authority!!

Anonymous said...

After yesterday’s meeting in Llangefni, it was a great embarrassment for the leader of the County Council; and his MOB, up until yesterday half of the County Councillors were not supportive of the leader, even some members of his coalition group voted against him yesterday.
THE LEADER IS A DEAD MAN WALKING and holding office for his own EGO.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS to Cllr Will Hughes from Cemaes for his hard work trying to safeguard the CARPARK in Cemaes, as he stated in the meeting in Llangefni yesterday, he presented a petition with over 700 signatures, and what a surprise he also had another petition with over 500 signatures from the Llanfechell and Carreglefn area which is Cllr TOM JONES’S ward, he is one of the Councillors with Cllr Hefin Thomas that wanted to put charges on the CARPARK’S, PENALISING people going to the Doctors, Library effecting the businesses in CEMAES without consultations with the locality, (THIS IS NOTHING NEW FOR CLLR TOM JONES AS HE DID THE SAME WITH THE SWIMMING POOLS, AND THAT WAS A MESS)
Where is democracy with this CABINET????

insider said...

"The Leader is a dead man walking"

Anonymous said...

A leader is a person who guides others toward a common goal, showing the way by example, and creating an environment in which other team members feel actively involved in the entire process. A leader is not the boss of the team but, instead, the person that is committed to carrying out a mission.

Doesn't sound like anyone I am aware of in the council.

Anonymous said...

Voice on the street