Thursday, 20 January 2011

Nine times in two years.

Just nine times in two years.

That's on how many occasions our AM, Ieuan Wyn Jones, has explicitly discussed matters relating to Ynys Môn during debates in the Welsh Assembly.

Prompted by having had several Anglesey residents tell me that they thought Ieuan Wyn Jones seemed distant and distracted I spent an afternoon going though the transcripts of the 131 plenary sessions held in the Senedd in 2009 and 2010. My aim was to find out just how often our AM raises matters relating to the Island. The answer was that he has explicitly discussed Anglesey on just five occasions in 2010, and four occasions in 2009.

Furthermore, even though he hardly ever brings up matters relating to the island, when he does he talks about either the Air-link (22 September 2010, 26 May 2010, 19 May 2010, 27 April 2010) or trivial issues such letters to Ynys Môn being mistakenly addressed to Gwynedd (3 March 2010), or speculation about whether Barack Obama has ties to Anglesey (20 January 2009). But during important debates about the severe problems at Anglesey County Council he doesn’t speak at all. For instance during a debate on 11 November 2009 about the introduction of the Recovery Board to Anglesey Council, Ieuan is totally silent, and on video appears to be sitting writing emails. See for yourself below:

Ieuan Wyn Jones claims that now he is a Minister he cannot show any favouritism towards his constituency. But Anglesey residents aren’t asking for favouritism, they are only asking for proper representation. With the closure of Anglesey Aluminium (450 jobs), Eaton Electric (240 jobs), Menai Electrical (50 jobs), Readileads (35 jobs), Peboc (100 jobs) and countless other small businesses, Ynys Môn needs a dedicated AM prepared to fight Anglesey’s corner.

This election is about two simple things: do people think IWJ has the interests of Anglesey at heart, and can he bring the economic recovery the island desperately needs. People can make up their own minds, but on this evidence, I cannot see he does.


Brawd o Amlwch said...

It is a FACT that IWJ is and always has been a weak and ineffectual constituency AM for Ynys Mon and as often discussed here has piled up more jobs for himself in Cardiff Bay than he can effectively handle.
He has been ineffectual about the crises at IACC, the closure of AA, and really all aspects of economic development on this Island.
So, what is he for ??
We the People are crying out for a NEW, fresh, positive, energetic and effective representative in Cardiff.
IWJ is not that person.

Anonymous said...

In fairness before he got the job of leader of Plaid, and subsequently D.FM he did speak about Anglesey a lot.

HOWEVER not now. Now he is useless, doesn't answer emails, ever. Won't meet with a constituent. And as you have just stated, doesn't mention Anglesey in the Assembly. I don't understand WHY he doesn't step into the Anglesey debate, he should know more about it than ANY other AM.

BTW can you give me a link to a blog you've made about who you are, your past etc. Or if you haven't done one can you? it'd be interesting. Also are you a Welsh speaker or not?
It'd be good if you could get another piece in the newspaper discussing who you are, where you come from.
So that people know you before May.

I've now decided who I'll be voting for. I want an YNYS MON AM. So I think I'll be voting for you, if you bring good points forward and promise to continue with this blog and help the people of this island.
HOWEVER I am a Plaid supporter, so I think it's possible for me to vote for Plaid on the party list? is that right?

So I will be an unusual breed come May:
- a Conservative Constituent voter
- and a Plaid Regional voter.

purely because IWJ has done such a bad job on the island in the past 4 yrs.

Anonymous said...

I am not going to write anything in support of Plaid Cymru or Labour their legacy speaks for it's self, the homeless, the workless, the desperate, what I wish to do is ask Paul a serious question.

For the past 12 months when you started the Druid Blog site and then you cam forward as the Conservative candidate for the election, please could you inform us, what YOU consider to be the hottest topic on your blog and how would you approach to resolve it?

Anxious of Anglesey

Anonymous said...

Paddy Gibbons video is very interesting, particularly his comment on not naming and shamming.

Anonymous said...

IWJ does have a point though. For instance would you expect Cameron or Milliband or Salmond to get involved in the minutae of their Constituencies

Anonymous said...

15.15 Its their constituents, and their minutae, who sent them to power.........its a DUTY owed ?
Ignore such duty at your peril Ieuan !

Photon said...

I agree that little seems to be happening to help Anglesey. But in the interests of balance, IWJ's office is right to say that, in his position, he cannot show preference for one area of Wales over another. People may not like that view, but it is the professional thing to do.

My question is: why are the whole lot of them so useless when it comes to north Wales? Is it the number of votes, boys and girls?

Anonymous said...

What nonsense! To suggest that because the consituency isn't named or referred to then the AM isn't doing his job for the area is farcical. If this is the best you can do, Druid, then heaven help us if you got in.

Why not adress some matters of substance - like those asked of you by the laudenum blog? There are some serious points about tory policy there. Time to respond, Druid - that is, if you want to be treated seriously.

Anonymous said...

'What nonsense! To suggest that because the consituency isn't named or referred to then the AM isn't doing his job for the area is farcical. If this is the best you can do, Druid, then heaven help us if you got in.'

Take a look around you Anon never mind that he has'nt referred to Anglsey he has'nt done a single thing for us here in fact having him as Dep First is postively damaging ..... please please put him out of our misery !!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The Internet is a powerful policitcal weapon and the Druid has the ability use this to source the facts and present them in a clear format.

This can only help level out the playing field considering Anglesey is generally Plaid.

the outsider said...

I am sure that Paul Williams, AM, will be on the case at every opportunity, putting Anglesey first, working for the good of his constituents and helping to attract business and industry to the island.

Anonymous said...

9.26.....not forgetting his growing network of professional and enterprise support on the Island and beyond who are as keen to promote Anglesey for the public good, as he is, and who despite strenuous efforts have been unable to motivate or work with IWJ.

Anonymous said...

IWJ is unmovable, it's a dire shame that we all need work, a decent home, maybe food and children, but we are facing a future that is inacapable of being directed or assisted by IWJ, his snout is deep in the trough, while we are scrambling looking for crumbs, this is the intensity of feelings of the young, remember they are our futur.

Mi fysa hi yn braf sgwennu geiriau i ddweud fod popeth yn iawn, ond mae hi yn galed gweld gobaith y plant, fel golau canwyll yn y gwynt, neith o ddim cymeryd llawer i chwylo y golau allan, a dyna diwedd yr ynys.

Brawd o Amlwch said...

18.59....Ni fydd diwedd ar yr Ynys na'i phobl yr hen frawd, bydd bywyd a chymeriad y Moniars yn parhau o oes i oes, o genhedlaeth i genhedlaeth, fel ar hyd y canrifoedd....oherwydd 'rydym fel Cymry yn oroeswyr o'r gareg caledaf. Paid a petruso.

Anonymous said...

Diolch am eich geiriau caerdig, un am gwaith, carte a capal ar y Sul, yr hen ffordd ydi't ffordd ora.

the outsider said...

Anon @18.59 we need to use your strength of feeling to force change and make a better future.

Anonymous said...

For years my words were written on the various blog site of Anglesey, one in particular, was a constant scource of embarassement and humiliation for the political mainstream, and their monkeys, pages would be printed and read aloud, in meetings and in their offices.

The website had thousands of hits every day, but the truth was always the truth, and that was what hurt the politicians most of all, they could not stop the people getting at the truth, and even though they gagged the website and barred it in their workplace, the voice of democracy would not be gagged.

This is why I write on here, not to cause a stir and embarass the monkeys, but to warn the people of Anglesey, that if we let the system smother us, then we will eventually suffocate.

There are two tribes on this Island, one tribe are desperate for social justice, to be treated fairly, and the other tribe want to dominate and wipe us all away..

I am from the tribe that wants to be treated fairly, I am from the tribe that wants to be treated as a decent human being and not be treated like a second class human, herded together and marched into extinction.

Why do we let these politicians build walls around us, why do they want to herd us into groups, the unemployed, the homeless, the hungry, the desperate, because that way, they can control us, by drip feeding us dreams of a better future, when in reality we could do that ourselves, this is why we should learn, we don't need IWJ and Plaid Cymru, they abandoned us years ago, we don't need Alberto or Johnnie Ch, the holyhead crew, because they have stood by and watched us lose our jobs and families.

We need to get a reality check, because we have all been abandoned by the political parties and left to fend on our own, find your own job, find your own home, it will be hard, because they have left us nothing.

Anonymous said...

Stop abusing the people of Anglesey, call it a day IWJ, you have failed us all.

the outsider said...

Anon @ 13.41 I do so hope that people like you will come together and work with like minded people who have the determination to make the future a better place for themselves and their families.

County Councillor Barrie Durkin said...

Listen to the former Minister for Social Justice and Local Government comments on the, "Nine in Two years" Blog here by the Druid.

He goes to great lengths pointing out about not naming and shaming Individuals and his reasons why.

In failing to ad-hear to those words of wisdom, Clive McGregor in his attempt to cover up his own short comings and to endear himself to David Bowles, did the exact opposite and drove the Council in to the oppressive failure it has now become.

If that does not change shorty the council in my opinion will be passed redemption and as many have said throughout these Blog's. There will need to be further action taken by the Welsh Assembly.

The Minister in 2009 made it quite clear what would happen and it has. Unfortunately it will be the People of Anglesey who will be footing the bills.

Whatever happened at the Council, pre 2008, is nothing to the Damage Clive McGregor, and David Bowles, have done since, and now after all that, the Alliance along with it's monstrous "Terms of Engagement" in a sudden and overwhelming debacle is no more.

I believe that Clive McGregor has a dam cheek to say he will step down in May. After the damage he has caused and the heavy finances it is going to cost to put things right. He should take what little integrity he has left and resign from the Council altogether now.

Anonymous said...
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County Councillor Barrie Durkin said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"You have nothing of substance"?

Never underestimate anyone.
Particularly those who wish to be underestimated.

Anonymous said...

"Old Chum".
Have you ever thought you may have things a little back to front.
Barrie was digging out dishonesty within this and other Council's Long before he became a Councillor on Anglesey. Getting elected gave him the advantage he wanted to make a better job of it here.
So who do you think is using who now then? Don't just judge a book by it's cover, make sure you read it thoroughly before commenting on half a story.