Friday, 28 January 2011

Quote of the Day: Ynys Môn's last chance

BBC Wales's Welsh Affairs editor, Vaughan Roderick, reports:

"Dydw i ddim wedi llwyddo i ganfod un aelod cynulliad nad yw'n credu bod Cynghorwyr Môn wedi bratu eu cyfle olaf am achubiaeth."

Which translates as:

"I haven't been able to find one Assembly Member who doesn't believe that Anglesey's councillors have blown their last chance for salvation."


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find these two stories from the Holyhead and Anglesey Mail a little incongruous?

1. £100m Holyhead waterfront development is given backing - Plans for a £100 million development on Holyhead’s waterfront are one step closer to becoming reality after being approved by town councillors.

2. Visitors to Holyhead attraction may have to pay for parking - Visitors to Holyhead’s Breakwater Country Park could face paying for parking, in an effort to generate some income to pay for maintenance and operating costs.

Photon said...

Yay! We're so desperate on Anglesey for change for the better and a clear-out of the long-dead wood that we'll take just about anything.

If the changes lead to real improvement in a few years' time, then we can award Carl Sargeant with the 'Gold Star of Hero of Wales' medal. If they don't, we'll send him on a long-haul Ieuan Air special rendition flight to Siberia. It's unforgiving, politics.

Anonymous said...

Ynys Mon will be swamped in a greater Gwynedd. Politically and culturally they are miles apart.

Plaid is a minor force on Ynys Mon council although there are a number of "Independent" Fellow Travellers. In combination with Gwynedd we will all be following an extreme Plaid agenda and ideology which has made xenophobia and parochialism a God.

If you believe that a culture of Cronyism and Nepotism doesn't exist in Gwynedd you are naive. It is merely better hidden by a more disciplined collective political viewpoint.

The only way to assert the independence of Ynys Mon is to oust Ieuan Wyn Jones at the Assembly elections.

The election slogan should be "Vote for the man most likely to......."

Anonymous said...

Cllr Durkin has it summed up in one. We don't have to consider whether what he says is true or not, its there in writing for all to see, over on Photon.

What a terrible way to treat people and destroy the council in one clean sweep. Clive McGregor should hang his head in shame.

Anonymous said...

O,H, Mr Bowles, what have you been up to? See.
Anglesey - Isle of opportunity. Web site.

;) said...

@ late night poster:

Why don't IoACC just put a charge into the rates under the heading 'Going out for a walk'.

at this rate going for a swim in the sea, walking to the local post office (if any left), sitting on a park bench, reading a paper in the the library, having a desk for the kids at school, etc will be charged in some way.

At least the chap who bottled Snowdonia air and sold it in Harrod's had a sense of humour.

my word verification is 'sunked'

Anonymous said...

So now we know that IoACC councillors don't want to be merged with Gwynedd.

Has anyone canvassed Gwynedd councillors to see if the feelings are recipricated?

Poisoned Chalice anyone?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Anglesey will have to pay some of the £1bn in EU fines for mismanagement of EU funds?

Anonymous said...

Front page of the Daily Post,today.
A pack of lies from start to Finnish

Anonymous said...

11.09 have you got a link to it please ?

Anonymous said...

This is all Bowles Doing. Whipping up anarchy to cover up his own down fall. The man needs getting rid of.

Anonymous said...

This is all Bowles Doing. Whipping up anarchy to cover up his own down fall. The man needs getting rid of.

Anonymous said...

can't we get this Bowles bloke thrown of and banned from or island before he screws us all ?

Anonymous said...

Stena have already transferred Newry Beach to ConygarStena and they are hell-bent on developing Newry Beach which they describe as "Surplus Waterfrontage" into a Marina. They will make a killing at the expense of Holyhead residents.

I would like to know if any of the Town Councillors who supported the Planning Application have shares in ConygarStena.

Anonymous said...

Plaid is a minor force on Ynys Mon council although there are a number of "Independent" Fellow Travellers. In combination with Gwynedd we will all be following an extreme Plaid agenda

Nice little rant however the voting pattern at council level in Gwynedd doesn't support your theory.

An amalgamation of councils will almost certainly produce an increase in the ratio of Plaid councillors, but they wil still be a minority.

Not as small as the tories or Lib Dems are likely to be after May though. ;)

Anonymous said...

How much a year does Anglesey get from Cardiff?

How much a year does Gwynedd get from Cardiff?

How much a year would a combined
Gwynedd-Anglesey get from Cardiff?

Anonymous said...

What the elected 40 do not seem to understand is that they are THE Team for Anglesey.

If our Nationall side (playing on the 3rd Feb) all ran around the field in their own chosen directions, the end result would be chaos. They are (s) elected to be part of a team and they must pull together. Any differences must be resolved away from the game.

Here on Anglesey we have members of that 40 strong team trying to make a name for themselves instead of working for the team as a whole. The ones with particularly big mouths shout loudest and stir up major strach for us all.

It is our island, they are only temporary position holders.

Because the big mouth has caused so much trouble perhaps it is better they all back out gracefully, then we could have a period under the supervision of Cardiff/Gwynedd. In the future, if the public so desire, perhaps the island might return to self governance, buit not whilst big mouths are about.

Remember, the big mouth was at it before Mr Bowles came along, the big mouth was at it before Mr McGregor was elected, obviously once a big mouth always a big mouth.

Now does anyone agree

One who is sick and tired of our islands image being sullied by big mouths.

the outsider said...

Anon @15.13 - what is wrong with the island being given a voice in this matter now? You say "if the public so desire, perhaps the island might return to self governance". Do you not think that the island's people should be asked if they want self-governance before it is taken away from them?
It is in my view extraordinary that the people on the island are not being given a voice. This is dictatorship nothing less. If the Council has failed it should be replaced but not taken over without even consulting the islands population. To replace the Council elections are required. Please add your voice to that call not one to be "supervised".

Anonymous said...

Interesting quote, Paul. Is Vaughan referring to the Tory AMs too?

Anonymous said...

Each and every one of the 40 Members but particularly the senior ones ambitious for power are to blame for the shameful CIRCUS they have created here in Anglesey in our name....they should be ashamed of calling themselves Councillors, as we are thoroughly ashamed and emarrassed of them as our supposed representatives.
If they shamelessly come to your doorstep at the next election,we shall wipe the floor with them.
God knows, we need cleaner people as our representatives.

Gwilym ap Llew said...

Perhaps the Welsh Assembly Government should intervene in this chaos, but I won't hold my breath. Cardiff is a long way away.

Anonymous said...

Unwanted, Unwelcome and Unwashed is my favourite description, perhaps we should call them the 40 Unwashed.

hen ben moel said...


i was on Treareddur Bay beach and there was an awful lot of noise coming from behind the wall, near the lifeboat hut. When I looked I saw the Big Mouth.

it's cold lately, these easterly winds, so if you're particularly folically (as well as in other ways) challenged, you need to wear a cap:)

And the cap certainly fits for this Mother of all Big Mouths:)

shame on him. shame on him.....shame on him.

Anonymous said...

15:13 & 17:14
Do you come as a duet and can you tell us. When your keeper is allowing you to perform next, so we can all come and have a dam good laugh?

Anonymous said...

7.33 Spoken like an anonymous crooked Councillor ?

Anonymous said...

Spoken like an ex crooked Councillor

Show us your evidence?

Anonymous said...

The Anglesey cake, they all have a slice, the priledged few, tucking into secret planning permissions and favours, oh dear what will Gwynedd think when they see how the Cake was sut up..