Thursday, 3 February 2011

Carl Sargeant to Anglesey Council: you're in the "definitely the last chance and this time I'm serious" Saloon

Yesterday David Bowles circulated the below letter from WAG Local Government Minister, Carl Sargeant, to all councillors. Writing about the recent sackings of John Chorlton and Hefin Thomas, Sargeant notes that this could "easily destabilise the Council's recovery" and "indicates that the issues [the] Council has had in the past in relation to internal disputes and personal rivalries have still not gone away".

In response Sargeant has asked the Recovery Board to give "an urgent and frank evaluation of the actual progress of [the] Council over the past 18 months and the possibility of [it] achieving a sustainable recovery" -- which is what presumably the Recovery Board's meeting with David Bowles on Monday in Treaddur Bay was all about. If the Board feels that a recovery is unlikely Sargeant warns he will take "further decisive action" which will have "grave implications for the Council as currently constituted". As this letter was written on 27th January -- the day after he forced through last minute amendments to the WAG Local Government Measure allowing for the amalgamation of "two or three" Local Authorities --  this clearly means that WAG will pursue the forced merger of Anglesey and Gwynedd councils if recovery cannot be achieved.

So what do we have to show for 18 well-paid, expensive months of David Bowles and the Recovery Board? Clive McGregor started off with a coalition of 27 councillors as head of a coalition of Original Independents and Plaid Cymru. That was reduced down to a coalition of 20 following the "coup" in June when the Original Independents were split and a new coalition was formed between Llais i Fôn, Plaid Cymru, Labour and the Menai Group. Those numbers have eroded gradually over time as Keith Evans left the Menai Group and, lets be honest, some Plaid Cymru members never really had their heart in it anyway as they refused to sign the Terms of Engagement. Clive's recent sacking of John Chorlton and Hefin Thomas from the executive (but not from the Alliance) means that their actual number of supporters is now well below a majority level -- which almost guarantees the kind of conflict we are now seeing. In response Ieuan Wyn Jones and Albert Owen, having belatedly woken up to the problems at the Council, have tried to engineer an Alliance between Labour and Plaid Cymru with either Bob Parry or John Chorlton as Leader -- they then seemed surprised that the Independents, who between them have a majority, do not see why they should have a Leader and Deputy forced on them from a Labour and Plaid alliance that anyway only has 13 members... It appears we have mostly been going backwards not forwards on the political front over the last 18 months.

Anyway, one thing is clear: if Councillors do not wish to see their numbers dramatically reduced as part of a forced merger with Gwynedd Council -- which will also have severe consequences for both Anglesey County Council employees and Anglesey residents -- then now is the time for them to put the greater good of Ynys Môn ahead of all other considerations. Past grievances must be put aside and all councillors must find a way to work together and show that Ynys Môn as a unitary authority is worth saving. 
Carl Sargeant Letter


Anonymous said...

How many last chances do they get to have surely their nine lives have run out, of if they haven't they should have.
Just get on and sort it out, the WAG want us to vote for more powers, if they can't sort this out they aren't worth voting for full stop.

Anonymous said...

And, Carl Sargeant is doing what to day? Sat on his arse, watching day time telly, ebaying and chuckling to himself, well the reality is Carl, that we have run aground, the Council has seized up and won't be going anywhere, but in the meantime Carl, that was the bad news.

The good news, is we are still alive and well, but we have uncovered one essential truth, that the Councillors we thought were there to represent us, have ignored us, they have been busy, fudging the press and jostling for a little portfolio or two as a sweetener for supporting the baboons you have pencilled in as Leader.

Which is a shame Carl, the problem is, no matter who YOU decide, it's US who will decide, now what part of that don't you understand.

We want to be treated fairly, so stop abusing us from Cardiff, and let's have a clean sweep here, get rid of the Council and let's have an election in May, just like they did in Ireland, get rid of the lot and call an election for a new council... I dare you, I know you won't because it's not what the Assembly wants, but, the problem is Carl, it's what the people wants, that's what matters, not you, but US!

Anonymous said...

The Final Solution to this embarrassing and costly CIRCUS is to merge forthwith with Gwynedd, and reduce the number of Anglesey rabble to 15 or 20.
It would also rationalise costly duplication of Departments.

Anonymous said...

Carl Sargant has put the wrong year on his letter to Clive.

Anonymous said...

Yep: never mind what day it is Carl - what year is it?

the outsider said...

Anon @ 12.58 what makes you so sure that the people of Anglesey or Gwynedd want to have their County Council's merged?

Yes it may be necessary to save taxpayers money, yes it may be better to have fewer and newer Anglesey Councillors, but since when did this country become a Dictatorship? Normally in a democracy the people have the right to say how and by whom they will be governed, be it at a local, regional or national level. We have lost much or our democratic voice in the EU. But do you also want to lose it in Wales?

Anonymous said...

14.16 Fair point. But we have a democracy, in the guise of those whom we have trustingly elected to represent us, both locally, and in Wales. When we have a government, we cannot expect to be consulted on every decision that has to be made.
That is what politicians, and Ministers, are for ?
I for one, would not object to a merger with GCC, if that is the only sure way to be rid of the Anglesey rabble. Am I alone ?

Anonymous said...

Making a scape goat of Cllr Durkin and blaming all the ill's of Anglesey County Council on him has back fired on Bowles and McGregor big time.
Since then the council has nosed dived into oblivion with none of it down to Durkin.

What a pair of failures Bowles and McGregor have turned out to be, both exposed as liars and trouble makers, bringing the council into more disrepute than anyone could ever imagine.

Bowles should be sacked for gross misconduct and McGregor should be black balled by every Councillor and all the Staff.

What a terrible mess they have both got us in.

Anonymous said...

16.07 thanks, tell us something we don't already know ?

Anonymous said...

That cretin Carl Sareagent can't even get the Date Right!

Minister for Justice? He doesn't know the meaning of the words and they wan't more power?

As with McGregor and Bowles. If their brains were made of dynamite, they wouldn't be enough to blow they hats off.

Photon said...

Hear! Hear! Well done Paul. This is a total disgrace and I'm glad Sargeant realises he's being made to look as stupid as many of our Councillors.

Is this what Councillors want? To drag ordinary staff and their livelihoods down with them?

Come on lads, for God's sake, come to some agreement, like Mubarak, to make way for new blood at the 2012 election. We've had enough of you; we said at the start it was never going to get better with the same people in power.

Anonymous said...

cant believe Albert Owen and Ieuan Wyn Jones think of put John Chorlton as leader and Bob Parry as deputy (or v.versa).

they must have more political now-how and brains than try that.

don't they want new, fresh faces and brains on theh council?

Anonymous said...

An ELECTION in May 2011 would help....its within his power....may we have it please ?

Anonymous said...

to 16.29: why dont they look at themselves too, when you say to get new fresh faces. IWJ and AO - they should stand down too - what can they add?

The Red Flag said...

@16:34 Anonymous said... TO THE MINISTER.An ELECTION in May 2011 would help....its within his power....may we have it please ?

Problem is that unless the incumbentas were blocked from standing most of them would win again and carry on. Most voters vote for a party as opposed to a person and are 'tribal' and would vote for their party no ,atter what. There are only a small group of floaters who actually ;ook at the issue of the day and what the parties position is.

the outsider said...

Anon @14:34 we agree that there is a desirable and recognised democratic process, and that we give our elected representatives a general mandate to make certain decisions and judgements on our behalf during their term of office. However there is, in our long established democratic process, the presumption that in areas of major policy decisions that were not raised in personal or party manifesto's, and also in matters that will introduce new government structures, then the peoples will or mandate will be sought.

In 1994 there was an exercise in re-organising local government in England, and the Local Government Commission for England held a proper consultation with all the relevant 'stakeholders' ie. the County, District and Unitary authorities, and residents within those areas that would be affected. The options for re-organisation that were being discussed were outlined, and responses from the authorities and the affected public were sought. Representations were properly recorded and made available for public inspection. The decisions that were eventually made were transparent, and were owned and accepted by the people, as was right given that these decisions would affect many aspects of their day to day lives. I think this approach has stood the test of time and if local government on Anglesey is to fully regain the peoples trust I sincerely think this approach, or an early election (if that can be brought about) is the best way forward.

Anonymous said...

Lots of activity on the Cannatex section of Lein Amlwch we see.
The pipe puffing community gang in action ?
What's going on, on whose authority, and at whose expense ??

County Councillor Barrie Durkin said...

Propaganda, Lies and deception has been used since time immemorial by those in power to subdue and cover up truth.

The way things are at the County Council now is down to Mr Bowles, and Cllr McGregor, not the Elected members and don't let anyone tell you different.

The Members have, for along time now, done everything possible to bring about recovery and stability, but have been vetoed at ever turn by David Bowles, and Clive McGregor, because it did not suit there agenda.

The Press, the Staff, the Recovery Board and the People of Anglesey have been fed, on a constant basis, lie after lie, just as the Ombudsman has about me, by David Bowles.

As an Elected Member, I have no intention of allowing them to go on with their mischief, and will be doing everything in my power to help broker change as from today, whether David Bowles, and Clive McGregor, like it or not.

Lets put it this way.Things are going to change for the better and quite quickly.

On that note, because in my opinion he has done nothing but cause mayhem and alienated Members and staff alike, since coming to the Council, I have called on Carl Sareagent, this morning, to sack Mr Bowles immediately.

Cllr Barrie Durkin

Anonymous said...

Is the Minister in Cardiff likely to listen to Coun. Durkin ?

An Insider said...

"Is the Minister in Cardiff likely to listen to Councillor Durkin".
He could do a lot worse.

If the truth were only known. With Cllr Durkin's, conscience and business attributes, he could gel together and lead Anglesey County Council, No problem
As it is the council is now in complete no-man's land and on the verge of being no more.

Fed up and angry said...

Dear Cllr Durkin

Please get in to your car, go across that bridge to your little hotel and NEVER come back.

We are fed up to the back teeth of you and your self-publicity. The sooner you are banned from standing as Councillor the better.

You have history mate, we know all about it, you turn into a very nasty bully when people dare say no to you. And there is not point denying it, just look up your name on Google.

P.S are you still a Conservative member?

Anonymous said...

Get into your own car 13.52 and drive to the nearest breakwater and keep going.

Cllr Durkin is fighting, along with others to clean up this mess.

Holyhead. said...

Its because of nasty little winging do nothings like you, this Council has been allowed to get in to such a corrupt state.

We note unlike Councillor Durkin, you don't have the guts to put your name to what you say, that in it self say much about you.

As for looking up Goggle, from what we can see, Councillor Durkin has made a very good job of exposing Council riff-raff for many years and we are more than pleased he's here to do the same.

If you have anything to contribute to the recover of the Council, instead of trying to anonymously abuse people, please say so, if not. Bog Off.

Anonymous said...

Some people just don`t get the drift do they.

Wrouting out wrongdoers is NOT hampering the recovery.

If the recovery is to be sustainable, wrouting out the wrongdoers is a MUST surely.

There`s no doubt that David Bowles is a good MD but his biggest mistake was thinking that the public did,nt know what was going on for years.

Pretending and making out it was JUST petty politics and blaming Councillor`s did`nt wash.

There`s some very, very, naughty present and ex Councillors and even naughtier Senior Officers that must pay the price for what they have done.

Anonymous said...

17.09 You are pretty anonymous yourself old chap, and pretty thick by your grammar and spelling....Holyhead aye !
That goes for 18.40 as well, invest in a dictionary both of you?
Good night, off to my Bridge Club.

Anonymous said...

Do us a favour 19.18 jump off a bridge. Fed up and angry my arse, probably worried shitless.

Anonymous said...

Bridge, that game you always see old ladies playing on telly. he, he.

Not one that voted for you, but said...

"Please get in your car"

Sounds a bit like another you have upset Barrie. Only goes to show the impact you are having on the baddies.
keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 19:13:- Please get it right, It's Bangor 'Aye' and Holyhead 'Yeh'.

Andrew Hughes

Anonymous said...

Anon 19:13 - Why have you put a question mark in your sentence? This is grammatically incorrect, do you agree old chap?