Tuesday, 3 May 2011

"This politician deserves your trust"

Many of you may have received the following leaflet from Ieuan Wyn Jones over the past few days:

...it includes the following bullet point:

If you are wondering why it doesn't name the 'Political Editor' or the 'National Newspaper' from which the quotation is taken, its probably because this is the original quote:

"Ieuan Wyn Jones is not the sort of leader to inspire adulation, but his role as Deputy First Minister has lent him more gravitas and allowed image makers to present him as a decent man who cares deeply, if not passionately, about his country. This was most apparent in the video unveiled at [Plaid Cymru's 2010] conference in which there are lingering shots of him looking thoughtful and concerned. This uncharismatic politician who used to be a country solicitor deserves your trust more than the flashy showmen who seduce you with their smarmy wiles until you recognise them for the shallow vessels they are, is the subliminal message."

Deserves your trust...? You decide.


Anonymous said...

whoooooosh, back of the net.
I don't support you or any other but fair play, that is a goal. Plaid have scraped the bottom of the barrel and shown their desperation with this ad. IWJ is an embarrassment to us all. Did anyone catch him on BBC last nite. What pregnant goldfish.

Anonymous said...

Trust ?? I wouldnt trust him with my sweets let alone the economy

Richard Sletzer said...


This flyer is so wilfully misleading the Electoral Commission should now compel Plaid Cymru to A) Issue an immediate public apology to be posted at every polling station
B) Publish and distribute the FULL text of his selective quotation to every home in Anglesey..today.

In the meantime, - as this raises not only the issue of IWJ's veracity but also of his dubious competence - should I take his other claims at face value?
"Plaid Cymru" says IWJ "reduced business rates on local businesses and grants for every part of the island..."

Oh dear - pity about those grants!

The Red Flag said...

This is a bit of a storm in a teacup and all Plaid have done is abriodge a statement that was actually made.

This however in Aberconwy is a stunner and the 5pm tonight deadline means that there is going to be a very public and very messy row on the eve of polling if Labour don't sort their act out.


Anonymous said...

not so fast red flag, the quote on the leaflet makes it look like the political editor himself personally believes that wyn jones deserves trust. however the original article makes it clear that the journalist is not putting his own opinion, only describing how plaid wants wyn jones to appear. thats misleading.

Anonymous said...

I would never vote for this guy but at least he's the ONLY one who has been around our estate asking for my vote.

Where are the rest?

Why should I vote for anyone simply because one of their minions has thrust a pamphlet through my letterbox?

The Red Flag said...

Anon 10:05, The presence of a full stop after 'concerned' and a few other points og grammar makes the next sentence the opinion of the author, not the author's opinion of Plaid's portrayal.

It might not be what Shipton actually meant (and very probably wasn't), but the way he presented it makes it so.

Anonymous said...

sorry red flag but that is nonsense. the sentence "is the subliminal message" makes it clear that shipton is referring to the message of the video, not his own opinion.

anyway, wyn jones has now been our representative for 25 years, is this the best quote he could find????!!?!

PETHNA said...

Sorry Anon 10.13 but the ONLY candidate until this morning to knock on our doors in Eastern Anglesey towns and villages was Paul Williams the Conservative Candidate.(by the way I do NOT belong to ANY party) so just to clarify and correct your comment
I have spoken to very many others who confirm the same

Photon said...

Hey, the Assembly gave me £999.60 today! Good old Assembly.

Good to see Ieuan and Paul's 'speaker cars', as my kids call them, going hell for leather.

Photon said...

Before I go, here is the Western Mail article, to give the quotations its full and proper context:


Good luck Paul, you've certainly worked hard at it!

Anonymous said...

Paul, from the bottom of my heart I wish you all the very best for tomorrow.

I was thinking of that Hot Air Balloon that Ieuan was in, do you remember the episode, I bet he wishes he had one, he could float all over the Island with his little megaphone... is there any chance you could repost it for us all please..thank you.

My vote will be cast frist thing tomorrow. I want a better Anglesey, I will vote for Paul Williams.

The Red Flag said...

anon 17:24 - in which case they'll be able to take it to an Electoral Court then because they'll have a watertight case.

But they want because they can't because it isn't.

And as for IWJ being 'in' 25 years, I'm afraid you're probably looking at another stint. I maintain my prediction of a few weeks ago. Plaid narrowly winning, Labour and Tory very close for runner-up, turn-out mid 50's. Labour to take overall control of the Assembly, LibDems to be heavily hammered.

the outsider said...

God help us if Labour controls the Assembly they still imagine you can keep borrowing more and more money, mostly from foreign investors, to keep their spending afloat. Anyone with a young family must realise their kids will be the ones paying it all back!

The Red Flag said...

Labour will gain control of the Assembly for the same reason that the SNP will possibly gain outright control of Holyrood - the Tories are in Westminster. Does wonders for the anti-tory vote outside England does that. Watch Sinn Fein's vote increase in Northern Ireland as well.

Anonymous said...

"Labour will gain control of the Assembly for the same reason that the SNP will possibly gain outright control of Holyrood - the Tories are in Westminster. "

And, more specifically, what the Millionaires Cabinet are doing (and planning to do) in Westminster and around the country. The Tories weren't always like this. Well, actually, maybe many of them were, but until relatively recently UK plc had a real economy as well as the bancasino economy, and the Tory actions reflected that. No more though; banksters get in, whoever you vote for.

Anonymous said...

Well IWJ is past his sell by date ! We on An glesey need a change for the better. If we end up with another five years of IWJ we might as well as close the bridge and go to sleep! The future is Paul Williams he will create the confidence for a better Anglesey. Paul is the one to represent us and fight for Anglesey.
Best wishes Paul ! Bob Lwc Paul

Un o Fon

Anonymous said...

No wonder that we are so backward here on Anglesey with such a politicians as Ieuan representing us in the assembly. No work here for children to stay for, no future at all. They even believe that a nationalist policy are best there voting for their own destruction. Wake up young voters on Anglesey and see were Plaid are taking you. There is no money tree ? we have to work for it. The alternative is the future, forget PLAID !!!!

Y Dyfodol !!!

Anonymous said...

Wel Mr Williams, rhoddais groes wrth eich enw y bore yma. Pob lwc i chwi!

Anonymous said...

Voted for you Paul best of luck, your simply the best.

kp said...

Voted, as is my duty.

The Red Flag said...

That damn civil servant that made the count for up here not take place for tomorrow should be slapped.

Part of the fun for us anoraks is sitting the half-asleep waiting for Irrelevant East to declare.

Bloke's a party pooper.

kp said...

Isn't it time for a new blog now, voting is over, counting underway (but not here), so not much else to do.

The Red Flag said...

Lib Dems are looking at loosing 12 of their 15 seats up this year in Sheffield (Clegg's turf) purely because they went in to coalition with blue.

The Red Flag said...

Bloody hell Druid, you were quick off the mark there

Paul Williams said...

Red Flag - I'm fast & tasty me!

The Red Flag said...

BBC1 - Baroness Warsi on at the mo. I've actually chatted with her, Very cool dude.

Ashdown trashed Burnham on QT just before. (again I've chatted with him - in Bosnia, He actually put body armour on and came out on patrol on the front line and we came under fire - typical trooper, enjoyed it)

The Red Flag said...

Of 13 Lib Dems up for re-election 12-13 Lib dems to lose their seats to Labour in Liverpool. Lib Dems losing Bristol to Labour.

Lib Dems lose Stockport and Oldham to Labour.

Tories lose Chorley to NOC

Labour to take Brecon & R, Cardiff-R, B-Gwent. Plaid in difficult position in Llaneli and 2 other seats, all to Labour

Back in England evidence of huge anti-tory vote

The Red Flag said...

All Lib Dens up for re-election in Hull projected to lose their seats to Labour.

Senior unnamed tory source saying Wales, Scotland, North England, Midlands, and Lobdon are now "tory no-go" ateas

The Red Flag said...

I'm of to bed, listen to this on radio and ahnoy the wife.

Seems tories are getting a slap, Lib Dems a kicking.

redfacetit said...

slimey man looking quite worried at the count. He should be, he out in a few weeks

Anonymous said...

Now the voting and count is over the die is cast.
Time to get back exposing the dishonest crooks within the Council. Don't let us be side-tracked any longer.