Thursday, 8 December 2011

Explosive Wind Turbines

On the day that a Scottish windturbine exploded in spectacular fashion in today's gales, a reader writes:

I attended the public meeting held last night by Penmynydd and Star Community Council. Between 150-200 people attended, some were unable to squeeze into the hall. The Community Council Chair did a good job as almost to a man (and certainly every woman and child) was opposed to the plans being discussed for an industrial size wind turbine development in the community.  
About half the people were from the community and they spoke with passion about their worries about the noise and flicker that are known to cause health problems; and about the loss of jobs that will result from the destruction of the landscape that is the main attraction for tourists and visitors; and their fear that high quality businesess will not be attracted to come to the island when they can't offer skilled staff a good quality of life; and the worry that homeowners will not be able to sell their houses as no one will want to come here to live in the shadow of the turbines. 
Despite the strength of public feeling and genuine concerns, the Councillors voted 3 to 2 in favour of building the first of what could be many turbines - a 71 meter high turbine that will be seen for miles around.

Update: One Ynys Môn County Councillor comes out completely against the approval of any further wind turbines on the Island:
No to Wind Turbines


Anonymous said...

How ironic,
When there is no wind- it doesn't generate electric.

When there is too much wind- it breaks/explodes.

If there is enough wind, but it generates too much electricity; the power companies will pay people NOT to generate electric.

What a waste of money.

Andrew said...

We are sitting on a Gold Mine in the form of tidal power. It's only in pioneering stages at the moment but without doubt it could transform the fortunes of this Island.

As for the Councillor's who voted against the Public, just make sure you don't vote them back in and make it clear way before the election it's about time they stood-down and allowed someone who is willing listen stand.

They have to be told straight and don't listen to their lies just do the same as what they do and speak over them. They will get the message in the end, since they are a bit thick. They have to be told straight in no uncertain terms that they are part of the problem and not the solution and sling your hook your bum.

Anonymous said...

Is this Democracy in Anglesey in Action/, remember, whatever the people want is irrelevant, it's what the Councillors gain that's how it works on the Island of Shame!

Andrew said...

They are a well oiled machine. The instigators are at senior level and happen to be untouchable in North Wales.

If you want proof that white-collar crime [Fraud] is not taken serious by NWP then I have no problem posting an E-Mail on the Druid addressed to a WAG Minister from the top public sector auditor in Wales. The auditor is telling the Minister they cannot understand why NWP have refused to investigate a prima facie case of fraud which they assisted IoACC in reporting.

What makes me mad is that we pay hundreds of thousands of pounds in audit fees which includes investigating suspected fraud and when it's identified the Police quote "refused to investigate". ARGHHH

I hope NWP get pulled-up for this and they discover the real reason behind them not investigating which very well may happen.

I know why and here's a tip "Pigs Ear"

The Red Flag said...

The turbine exploded because the clutch failed. Ordinarily it would have shut down once the wind went above a certain speed.

That said it's all BLX anyway - we should have invested in thorium. Instead we want to blow things up.

As for wind turbines? Allow them - no subsidies, must always be within 30M of the applicant's front door, and must generate an operating profit. Everyone who supports them will support this without question. Woe betide they would look anything more than a profiteering hypocritical piece of scum.

Anonymous said...

Red Flag,

"As for wind turbines? Allow them - no subsidies, must always be within 30M of the applicant's front door, and must generate an operating profit. Everyone who supports them will support this without question. Woe betide they would look anything more than a profiteering hypocritical piece of scum."

Well said!

Anonymous said...

I think the excuse of the clutch failing on that wind turbine was a pretty good reasonable effort, however mine is simple, it's called British Standard, and the clutch on that model probably belonged to a Morris 1000 van.

darkhorse said...

Wind turbines - their gain,our pain

Martin Peet said...

If you think this is bad, check out this video from Denmark.

Catastrophic clutch failure.

Andrew said...

Anglesey has the potential to generate hydro-electricity and this should be looked into further.

Anonymous said...

I understand the idea of Anglesey being able to generate hydro-electricity, but these schemes cost more, the windturbines are a lot more cost effective, and are fairly cheap to maintain, especially if it gets destroyed and blows itself apart in a gale, the pieces can be picked up and glued back together. I wonder who will be the first to publish a picture of a windturbine, patched up with Gaffa Tape, now that would be priceless.

mairede thomas said...

Anglesey Against Wind Turbines has organised a meeting tonight at 7pm Marian Glas Village Hall, Marian Glas.
Anyone who wants to make their views known should come along and also we will learn more about what is going on with current planning applications.

The Adam Smith Institute has just published a comprehensive report that concludes that wind turbines simply will not provide secure energy or reduce CO2 emmissions. It explains in detail why wind turbines are a costly waste of time for everyone except the developers who gain from the huge taxpayer subsidy.

I hope that the Druid will put the Adam Smith Institute report on this site for people to download and read.

Anonymous said...

This report is written by scientific experts - well worth reading and should be forwarded to Anglesey Planning Office as an attachment to all letters opposing the erection of any/all wind turbines on the island.

Thanks Mairede for pointing this pertinent report out to us. Knowledge is power to the people!

Mike at BB said...

Ref, the burning turbine........A wind farm in Ayrshire, Scotland has been disconnected from the grid after one of the project's Vestas 2MW turbines caught fire during high winds.

The 30MW Ardrossan project in Ayrshire is owned by Infinis Energy ( and uses Vestas 2MW turbines. The incident occurred as the northern half of the UK faced winds of up to 165mph.

In a statement, Infinis (primary share holder Terra Firma confirmed the nacelle had caught fire but was unable to give further details on the cause. It said no one was present when the incident happened, as staff are always evacuated from the site in 55mph+ winds as a precautionary measure.

imagine evacuating any other form of power station in high winds ... what about local residents close to the Anglesy monsters!?

Infinis said ScottishPower, which operates the local network, had disconnected the wind farm.

The incident comes only a year after Infinis acquired the project from Scottish and Southern Energy. The project was commissioned in 2004 and received a 6MW extension in 2009.

The image of the burning wind turbine, which was sent into the BBC by a member of the public, has been reproduced in the UK press to illustrate the weather conditions????

mairede thomas said...

Those residents in the Benllech area might be interested to know that their Community Council is tonight discussing a planning application for a turbine at Llanbedrgoch. Public should be able to attend the meeting which starts tonight (Monday 19th December)at 7pm at Goronwy Owen Hall. I do not know if the public will be allowed to speak but you can listen to what your Councillor's have to say.

You may also be interested in new research into the low frequency AM hum that turbines emit. It can be heard up to 1 mile from the turbine and can disrupt sleep. These AM frequencies pass through walls and roofs so there is little a householder can do to shut out the noise. This is why the courts will have to consider compensation for affected dwellings and there will be more Court cases like the recent case in Lincolnshire.

I am sending the Druid a recent press report which he may like to put on this site for further information.

Please note also that there are 2 other community meetings to discuss wind turbine development on the island, they are tomorrow night (Tuesday 20th December) at 7.30pm in Llanddona Village Hall and on 5th January at 7pm in Pentraeth Village Hall.

Anonymous said...

from a local person
Years ago there was about 400 windmills on anglesey now we complain about 40 or so applications most of which are only screening applications which may never happen The only way to have a safe enviroment for our children is green energy . as for safety there is more potential danger noise flicker etc from the millions of passing cars and planes on anglesey. Look at the wind turbines as a healthy option for the future of our children and dont get upset and stressed about the few proposals that will not realy effect us on Anglesey .