Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Anglesey Council's 'new' Strategic Aim

Councillors have apparently agreed to back a 'new strategic aim' for Anglesey County Council. Once you've picked yourself up off the floor from the shock that our bickering burghers have managed to agree on anything, you better sit down before you hear what they've actually agreed on:

To promote and protect the interests of the Island - locally, regionally and nationally

Yes, thats right: our Councillors have finally figured out that they are supposed to promote and protect the interests of Anglesey. As this is being dubbed a 'new' strategic aim we must assume that this wasn't what they have been doing until now - actually, my mistake, we don't need to assume anything: we already knew they haven't been doing that. Anyway, they didn't stop there, they have also unveiled five strategic priorities too, namely:

  • Enhance the reputation of the Council and Island
  • Protect and develop the Island's economy
  • Build and support sustainable communities
  • Promote healthy, safe and fair communities
  • Businesslike and affordable services

The first one is the most shocking: surely protecting and developing the Island's economy is the most important priority? Also, why is Council written before Island? They are here to serve the community NOT themselves.

Its easy to mock (too easy sometimes) but this is a serious issue and an effective and functioning County Council is absolutely essential for the revival of Ynys Môn's fortunes.

Will this new 'strategic aim' really change anything? 


La Pasionaria said...

The Leader of Ynys Mon now, cannot be blamed for the problems of the past so why don't you try to support him after all he's not Plaid or Labour so you can actually say nice things about him.
Also have you heard the saying, "Don't give me problems give me solutions," but obviously that couldn't possibly apply to armchair critics could it. I assume you're retired but if you'r not you should be sacked for taking up so much work time studying opinion polls and writing blogs.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Proves that I'm an equal opportunities criticiser, La Pasionaria. Plus, sorry to disappoint, but I'm a 2000 year old reincarnated Druid so its difficult to sack me...

Anonymous said...

Every leader, past and present had a duty of care towards the people of Anglesey, instead they ignore the plight of the people and spend their time trying to appease the bullies that want their own way, take a look at any major employer that has closed it's doors on this island, and you will find in the shadows the fleeting glances of the frutive fools that we elected trying their best how to turn dire news and distress into something of a political gain.

I can never forgive the arrogance of the council that destroys people's lives, that ruins homes and walk away without a care, without the word sorry. These leaders should all be able to and be willing to listen to what the people want, and not what the council wants. The council have took, and gave nothing back.

Anonymous said...

If the Council wants to enhance it's reputation it should be the first in Wales to declare that it has breached the Human Rights of the Amlwch 2, and that it will be the first to make sure that the Human Rights Act will apply to all the people who live in Anglesey.

And to this, the answer will be never!.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't breaches of Human Rights and crimes against Humanity treated seriously? Is it because no one cares? Or is it total apathy by the people of Anglesey, maybe that's why as a Council it can get away with anything? Take the old boy who was made leader, the Amlwch 2 pleaded with him to have these abuses of Human Rights brought to the attention of the whole Council. What did he do? he dropped the Amlwch 2 like a hot potato, and ignored them, what if the abuses had happened to his family, he would had been shouting his mouth off, and dropping hints and notes in every toilet he could find!

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Anon - if what you write is true (and I have no reason to believe it isn't) I hope that the issue can be resolved eventually.

Anonymous said...

We call on the Council of Anglesey to allow the Welsh Assembly to conduct an inquiry into human rights crime and crimes against humanity, perpertrated during the years of struggle and during the final stages of the War between the Council of Anglesey and the Amlwch 2.

We call on the Council of Anglesey to release all documents relating to the human rights abuses against the Amlwch 2.

We call on the Council Of Anglesey to end the use of violence and deprivation and the use of the Enforcement Notice against the Amlwch 2.

We call on the Council of Anglesey to end the suppression of political dissent by violent or other means.

We call on the Council of Anglesey to fully implement Human rights for the citizens of Anglesey, and a political solution involving the full participation of the Welsh population, ending the systematic historical discrimination measures of the Council of Anglesey against the Amlwch 2.

We call on the Council of Anglesey to apologise for the breaches of human rights against the Amlwch2, this should be the start of their new strategy.

Anonymous said...