Saturday, 20 March 2010

Hung parliament will kill Wylfa B (Updated)

Speaking at the Future of Utilities conference in London this week, the chief executive of RWE n.power,  Volker Beckers, has made it clear that in the event of a hung parliament Wylfa B will not be built. He is reported to have said:

"It could possibly make some investment inconceivable, for instance nuclear" … He said although the opposition Conservative Party supported the ruling Labour government's push to replace Britain's ageing nuclear fleet with new reactors, it was unclear what stance a new government, that might include the Liberal Democrat Party, would take on nuclear power.
The Lib Dems oppose plans to build more nuclear power stations, which they say "will soak up subsidy, centralise energy production and hinder development of Britain's vast renewable resources."

RWE n.power is one half of the Horizon Nuclear Power joint venture which is currently planning to develop the new reactor in Wylfa so Beckers' comments can be seen as a clear indication that Horizon's plans will not proceed in the event of a hung parliament.

It looks like Anglesey's economic future may be held to ransom by the Lib Dems - a party which polled less than 2,500 votes in Anglesey at the last general election; who's Anglesey Association strangely has an address in Cardiff; and selected a 26 year old ex-barman from St Asaph as their parliamentary candidate for the Island.
UPDATE: In this context it is also informative to note that Plaid Cymru are actively campaigning for a hung parliament - here is the Plaid candidate for Anglesey, Dylan Rees, in a recent letter to the Daily Post:

[T]his general election is very likely to produce a hung parliament. In that event Plaid Cymru will have an even more influential role to play as it seeks to win a fairer deal for the people of Wales.

He fails to mention that the most significant consequence of a hung parliament for Anglesey would be to kill off any hopes of Wylfa B.  Remember that when you are in the voting booth.


John Vooght said...

I think this is showing bias again.

There are plenty of Lib. Dem. reps, agent and activists on Anglesey. If only 2500-odd votes went Lib. dem. on Anglesey last time, then only 70 out of about 66,000 residents bothered to send a view on the Council's failings last summer - one in a thousand. So, were those 70 people wrong? No! The Tories and Labour get the most votes because people simply don't think about politics and do what their parents always did.

Anonymous said...

I just can't see why you keep going on about the candidate being an ex barman, why is this detrimental, men and women who work in bars see all sides of life, listen to people's problems and most probably have a better handle on what is actually happening than most people, it's as though you are casting aspersions on the profession when in fact the opposite is true. Before anything is said I am not in favour of the Lib Dems but do not think you should belittle an honest profession

The Druid of Anglesey said...

John: If there are "plenty" of Lib Dem reps, agents and activists on the island, why does the Ynys Mon Lib Dem Association have an address in Cardiff? Or is my bias blinding me?

Your second point about people not voting for Lib Dems because they they don't think about politics or because they just do what their parents do is insulting and makes it very clear what Lib Dems really think about voters.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Anon - its a fair comment and I don't mean to belittle bar work. I mention it in this case to underline Matt Woods youth and lack of experience. He is an unsuitable candidate and his party's energy polices will sink this Island.

La Pasionaria said...

Ah here we have the Druid standing up for Ynys Mon...wrong. We have the Druid standing up for Ynys Mon Tories! As partisan and thin skinned as we've come to expect!

Anonymous said...

Well if you want to underline his youth and inexperience why not do that, why have "barman" in there at all. I like following the blog but really there isn't any need to be derogatory about what someone does for a living, maybe working behind a bar for 12 months would serve you well.
I agree about the LIb Dems energy policies and don't agree with them

Anonymous said...

Update - Anthony Ridge Newman(Conservative)says Ynys Môn needs Wylfa B and it's the Druid's Island apparently - go Druid - source Election pamphlet delivered 24/4/2010

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Recognition at last! ;)