Saturday, 6 March 2010

Quote of the Day

The Annointed One, Plaid Cymru's PPC for Ynys Môn Dylan Rees, speaks:

"Personally I never like boasting, saying we're going to win, but I think we have an excellent chance."
I wouldn't be so complacent, Dylan, especially after the latest poll results...


La Pasionara said...

When you first started your blog you said you were fighting for Ynys Mon. In fact all you are is a Tory/Peter Rogers blog. Why don't you tell the people of Ynys Mon what you really are. You accuse everybody else (except the Tories & PR)of being dishonest and insincere, whereby you are no better yourself.

Anonymous said...

What utter tripe from a Plaid commentator who has no passion at all for anything except a party that is going to lose in May.

This is one of the best blogs in Wales and actually cares about something bigger than narrow political self-interest.

Ignore the jobes, Druid, and keep speaking your mind. We all love you for it :)

Anonymous said...

Dylan Rees is a very strange man, his attributes are very similar to Donkey from the Film Shrek, please don't ask who would be Ieuan, obviously he runs around a lot trying to make as much noise as possible " Look at me" he bleats. " We are looking Dylan, and believe me we don't like what we see!
Ieuan's little Donkey, should not be allowed to think that he can graze over this Island, we can't find any reason to trust him, these fancy and stupid pension commitments, are just as the Donkey, plainly stupid and a stubborn attempt to convince this Island that we need a Donkey to lead us out of this economic mess, would you trust a Donkey?

He is very uncomitted, his attitude is all wrong, personally I find donkeys, to be, just what they are a total jack ass, and Dylan, that's all you are, Ieuan's little donkey, to carry his bits and bobs around the town, back and forth out of the car and in and out of the office! If you weren't so serious, we'd feel sorry for you, but we don't need you. or Ieuan anymore, your time has come and gone, before you realised.

La Pasionara said...

This doesn't represent Ynys Mon, it is a partisan anti Plaid/Labour blog; typical Tory misrepresentation.
I also very much doubt that Dolores Uburri would feel comfortable in either Plaid or Labour.
Pseudonym's used, tell a lot about the contributor's politics.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Anon - diolch yn fawr iawn!
La Pasionara - here's my reply:

Anonymous said...

Poor Dylan Rees, he obviuosly was mistaken, not only was his decision to compliment himself as b already being first past the post, he actually believes that his role as working for the Council of Betrayal, will enhance his chances.

Poor Ieuan, fancy backing a lame horse, when we all know how angry the people of Anglesey are against the fools in Llangefni, who have brought this Island to the abyss, and Dylan in his simple way has conned himself into believeing that the way forward is to keep the post offices open!
Poor Dylan and Ieuan, let's hope they will all be given a blooody nose, and that a new way of thinking will be coming to Anglesey.

Pseudonym's are handy, the Druid is excellent, Dylan's should be Donkey, Ieuan Wyn Jonesis should be Traitor!
Albert Owen..Alberto.. any more!