Monday, 19 April 2010

Albert Owen struggling with reality once again

The Druid's spies in Beaumaris tell him that during Friday night's MENCAP-sponsored election hustings on disability issues held in the Beaumaris Leisure Centre, our sitting MP Albert Owen was once again struggling to come to terms with reality.

Apparently following an introductory statement by the Conservative candidate, Anthony Ridge-Newman, which touched on the fact that Anglesey is poorest county in the UK, Albert Owen stormily interjected:

"Lets get one thing straight: Anglesey is not the poorest county in the UK and I'm fed up of people running this Island down"

This is the kind of reality-busting outburst we have gotten used to from Albert (see here, here and here for examples) who would clearly prefer us to believe him rather than the evidence of our own eyes (or even the National Statistics Office). So for the benefit of Albert Owen, here is the truth about Anglesey:

  • A GDP per head of only half of the UK average thus making it officially the poorest county in the UK according to the Office of National Statistics (pdf);
  • Equivalent to some of the poorest parts of Poland in a recent OECD report;
  • The lowest GVA per head in Wales at just 53% of the UK’s average; 
  • A dwindling private sector following the closures of Anglesey Aluminium, Octel, MEM/Eaton, Peboc and many others;
  • A rising unemployment rate currently standing at 5.8%; 
  • An economic inactivity rate of 25.1%; 

So, Albert, please understand that pointing out the facts is not "running this Island down". Running the Island down is what happens when our elected representatives (including our MP, our AM and our Councillors) neglect the Island due to either laziness, incompetence, self-interest, mal-administration or any combination of these.

As I have written before: the problem with this kind of fantasy politics from Albert is not only is it deceptive towards voters, it also prevents the formulation of good policy. If you are so invested in your fantasy and refuse to accept the reality, then it follows that you cannot make policy to solve real problems. And that is a tragedy not only for the Albert Owen but for us all. 


The Rock said...

As a child brought up in a staunchly socialist household, I knew all about Keir Hardie long before I did about Walt Disney. By my teens, however, I had come to realise that the dreams of some socialist utopia of the former were no more real than the Mickey Mouse world of the latter. Surely this is what socialism is all about, make believe! Labour politicians seem convinced that the country is a better place under their management invariably in total denial of the facts. Is this out of stupidity or do they believe their own propaganda. Or is it, maybe, that clinging to the trappings of power and self preservation takes precedence over the best interests of the people they represent?

selwyn bach said...

looks like it's a 4-horse race now; after the Cleggmania haven't a clue what's going on any more on Anglesey- it's all over the place

Anonymous said...

The idea that Albert Owen represents socialism is faintly ridiculous, if his Parliamentary record is anything to go by.

The Rock said...

My point exactly, Anonymous, like most MPs on the so called left, Owen represents self interest and sod his constituents.

Anonymous said...

4 horse race - what a load of rubbish - Peter Rogers has no hope in hell as people are turning away from him by the droves (only thick farmers who don't know their arses from their elbows are voting for him - and beleive me even they are by now seeing through him as someone who is in this election, as all other elections, only to make sure Albert Owen wins it - their unspoken pact has been going on for years). The Tory is, as usual, a middle class public schoolboy figure of an outsider who probably does not know his Llanerchymedd from his Llantwitmajor! The Lid-Dem is a complete unknown - don't even know his name - and the Clegg factor in Anglesey could take another route. Read the analysis and prediction of Denis Balsom the well respected political researcher and analyst. Say no more!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic find this blog is! More power to you, Druid, for having the guts to stand and make your point!

On Albert - least said, soonest mended. There when the cameras are out for some cause, wringing his little hands and wearing that doleful expression that implies he cares - what has he actually done for places like Holyhead?

Answer......not much at all really.

I have bookmarked you - and will be pushing for all free thinkers to do so as well.


The Druid of Anglesey said...

Merlin - thank you very much!

Lea said...

I agree, Merlin. This is indeed an excellent site.