Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I don't want to blow my own trumpet but...

The Daily Post: following where the Druid leads

Earlier this week the Daily Post picked up on the Druid's blogpost detailing how Albert Owen had misled Anglesey voters on how much investment was coming to RAF Valley; today the Daily Post once again follows where the Druid led.

The Druid first pointed out that a Hung Parliament could kill Wylfa B on March 20th; I repeated this message on March 30th, and then again last Friday. Now the same story merits a double page spread in today's Daily Post.

In today's 'Comment Page' the Daily Post congratulates itself by telling readers, "If you want full, informed election coverage and how it affects North Wales - stick with the Daily Post."  However if you want sharper coverage a full month before the Daily Post even notices - stick with The Druid!


David Morris Jones Blog said...

The Druid is the number one source for everyone who needs to know what's really going on inside Anglesey.

Chameleon said...

Good work, Druid! Yours is one of the best North Wales blogs, without a doubt.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the best Anglesey politics site going. You have your own views, but accept others' as well. This is the key to a successful debate. The old guard should be afraid - very afraid. Alternatively, they can start listening to the taxpayers of Anglesey and do what they want them to do (no, this doesn't include setting up businesses to profit from your positions or fighting with each other like kids).

Anonymous said...

I have found this blog to be the best available, it is a pleasure to be able to write here and I know that the people I support read my efforts, and I am convinced that my enemies read it too. And who do I mean by my enemies, I mean the traitors who have betrayed the people of Anglesey, Plaid Cymru, Labour, and the communists, who we have in that place called Llangefni.

My most shameful crime is being born Welsh, and being allowed to live with the constant fear of being criminalised for fighting to defend my free speech, and my rights.
I would like to personally thank the Druid, for allowing this one piece of tranquility in this Island of Hell.

Diolch yn fawr.

Anonymous said...

The best blog site on the net.