Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Photoshop Campaign

Forget Twitter and Facebook and all the other nonsense we have been hearing about how social media will play a crucial role in this, the first ever "digital election". As far as the Druid is concerned it is not the social media sites which have set this campaign apart from pervious ones - its been the democratisation of Photoshop which has made the most significant difference. We have seen more political posters released over a shorter period of time than in any previous campaign - and the best ones have been knocked together on Photoshop only hours after the events which have inspired them. More importantly they have been made by both the political parties themselves and also - and most significantly - by their armies of supporters (although Labour's attempt to formally 'crowdsource' a poster from its grassroots backfired spectacularly). Just as a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, a relevant and witty poster is worth tens of thousands of leaflets stuffed through letter boxes.

The following two have been the Druid's favourites so far. They are both from the Conservatives - make of that what you will.

I for one and am looking forward to see what delights of Photoshop will spring forth from all the Parties as the campaign continues... (and wouldn't it be nice to have some Anglesey-specific one too? There must be somebody on the island with Photoshop?).


Glyn Pontllyfni said...

Sidesplitting. photo_1

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