Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Tea Towel of the Day

Yes, not only does the Druid do "Quotes of the Day", "Photos of the Day", and "Tweets of the Day" - I also now do a nice line in "Tea Towels of the Day" too.

BBC Wales's Betsan Powys spotted it first, but it appears questions are being asked of the Welsh Conservatives about why Anglesey isn't "all in this together" with the rest of the country on this tea towel (left) they are selling.

Does this mean Anglesey is to be spared the cuts and tax rises we all know are coming after the election to reduce the immense deficit this Labour government has racked up? Yeah, thought not.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that you are serious about that map which is only a graphic and shows the outline of the UK. If you notice it also doesn't include any other islands in the UK either and the coastline is somewhat different. It is not a detailed map otherwie it would show Anglesey. It seems more mischief making than anything else.At least the Conservatives want to make Anglesey strong economically and bring jobs and business to the Island and as you have said before the representavis of the other parties which have been in power for 25 years have done bugger all.

Rhiannon said...

It depends what you mean by "any other islands".
For example, as far as I know, Mull and its neighbouring islands have never been known as the mother of Scotland, and Scotland has never been dependant on them for food.
I don't know much about the Isle of Man, but I'm inclined to doubt that it has had any such historic importance to the mainland as Anglesey had to Gwynedd and (through Llewellyn) to the whole of Wales, and therefore to the relationship of Wales with the reat of the British Isles.

Anonymous said...

Make Anglesey strong and bring jobs and business to the island, I hope that was tongue in cheek, last time they were in power they nearly finished Wales off

Anonymous said...

Found Anglesey! We've been stuffed up the Bristol Channel again.

Welsh Ramblings said...

"At least the Conservatives want to make Anglesey strong economically and bring jobs and business to the Island"

Unlikely and maybe even impossible without state intervention. Which David Cameron has ruled out.

In fact, would not their economic policies actually reduce the amount of jobs on Ynys Mon? Not that i'm convinced Labour will be any different.