Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Treaddur Bay Business Hustings Update

The Druid's spies are everywhere. And tonight they were at the Hustings held by the Federation of Small Businesses in the Treaddur Bay Hotel. One of them just called with the latest Ynys Môn election gossip:

  • Albert Owen was berated by the assembled small business owners for Labour's planned National Insurance rise (definitely a tax on jobs according to a show of hands by those present) and also for this year's rise in Business Rates. The manager of Tre Ysgawen Hall revealed to gasps throughout the room how his rates had gone up from around £25,000 to £75,000 a year. Albert Owen tried to claim that the majority of Welsh businesses had seen their rates fall but was shouted down by the audience. Consequently he spent the majority of the hustings sat back in his seat, hands folded defensively, staring into space.
  • Dylan Rees told the assembled entrepreneurs that it was incorrect to say that he has no business experience (he's obviously been reading the Druid). No, no, he said, as a Police Inspector he had to look after 40 officers, nine patrol cars, and deal with reams of paperwork - so it was just like running a company. The Druid begs to differ - there's a big difference between being a 'manager' and having the business acumen to develop products or services, find a market, take a financial risk, and make sales to meet a payroll. Its the business vision we need on Anglesey - not managerial experience of shuffling paperwork around for police cars.
  • The Lib Dems' Matt Wood admitted that the Lib Dems were against nuclear power and Wylfa B. Apparently he had to as the moderator pointed out it was Lib Dem policy before asking him to speak. Strangely enough for a centre-left candidate he also apparently waffled on a lot about  Reaganomics.
  • Apparently both Peter Rogers and the Conservative candidate, Anthony Ridge-Newman, talked with passion and were well received by the audience. Rogers was critical about IOACC's lack of a Local Development Plan (LDP) and the consequent "jobs which are locked-up in council filing cabinets". Ridge-Newman told the audience how a hung parliament would result in the scrapping of Wylfa B as this would be the price of the Lib Dems support in the event of a coalition government.

And the most astounding political revelation of the night?

Dylan Rees wears Sarkozy-style platform shoes...


Anonymous said...

Sorry Druid - load of old crap, and you are fast losing credibility for your constant support for Rogers and anyone to the right of Attila the Hun (good analogy there as to Rogers approach to anything). Rogers was not well received or supported as he cannot speak only argue; he cannot reason only froth at the mouth and he is most ceertainly not an expert on economics or buisness (he's actually a thick farmer who fancied being a politician, but has no tact, diplomacy or sense of anything other than the confrontationally absurd). I also agree with most other commentators who have contributed to other blogs on this site - Rogers is one of the main reasons for Anglesy County Council's problems, failures and inability to change - as he wants to keep the same old adversarial blame culture that has blighted the council for so many years - he is in fact the new 'problem' rather than the new 'solution'.

Anonymous said...

So Druid, where's Peter Rogers' business vision - let alone managerial experience? He has neither and all he does is attack, blame and find fault - what does he offer, what are his policies (and more importantly how can he realise them as an independent MP amongst 600 others?) and what has he achieved as a councillor other than pile redicule on both himself and the council?. The man's a complete and utter clown.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

One comment deleted for making several unsubstantiated claims and general muck-slinging.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Anon 00.51 - Judging by your comments its clear that you yourself are far from impartial:

- "he cannot reason only froth at the mouth"
- "he's actually a thick farmer who fancied being a politician"

With only a week to go until the polls are Plaid Cymru that worried that Peter Rogers will once again deny them Ynys Mon?

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Anon 00:57 -

1. A farm is a business - perhaps you haven't noticed.
2. By the same argument what power will Dylan Rees have in Westminster as one of a group of four MPs out of 600?

Anonymous said...

If I understand the Plaidophile argument; Peter Rogers is stopping their candidates (Eurig Wynne, Dylan Rees) from winning Ynys Mon because voters who support Peter Rogers would otherwise vote for the Plaid candidate(?)
Peter Rogers views are reactionary and somewhere to the Right of Attilla the Hun(?)
Plaid positions its policies to the left of Labour and a million miles from Peter Rogers(?)
Why do Plaid think Peter Rogers is a particular threat to them?
Taken to its logical conclusion Plaid could complain that the Lib/Dem candidate is taking the small number of votes it needs to win,or, since Peter Rogers is on the political Right perhaps the Tory candidate should be vilified for DARING to stand against Plaid.

Lets go the whole hog how DARE anyone stand against Plaid when the seat of Ynys Mon is rightfully theirs.

Here's the bad news Plaidophiles; if it was astraight fight between Plaid and Peter Rogers and all other contenders withdrew Plaid would poll the same 11,000 and some vote of their messianic core support and Peter Rogers would win. Why? because Plaid is the NASTY party of Ynys Mon. It is dedicated to pure Language and Culture nationalism in a county where one third of the people were born in England and many more of the adult population were born to the 10,000 or more English people who migrated here during the construction of Wylfa and AAM.
Plaid can win but only if Labour supporters abstain or move to the Tories. Plaid does not GAIN support and the arrogant sneering attitude of its supporters means that, should Wylfa "B" ever materialise, the demographic change in Ynys Mon would ensure that Plaid never gains power again.

Anon 7 said...

Seeing as Peter Rogers always generates plenty of column inches, it's clear that he's much more than a "thick farmer".

Sadly, his recent mailshot ranks as one of the most insubstantial I've ever had the misfortune to have sent here; "no election promises - except to work hard on your behalf". He also says that he'll "look at easch issue with Anglesey in mind". So, a dictator who will make his own value judgements on any issue you care to raise (and not 'on our behalf'), or someone who really has no particular stance on anything?

So, Wylfa B: I don't want it, so Peter would work hard based on my views and on my behalf. Except - erm, he'll then look at Wylfa B from an Anglesey perspective. Anglesey needs jobs. So he'll support it. But there's the waste issue, so he may or may not support it (maybe he's a NIMBY, and happy for some other community to deal with that issue, so long as we get the jobs?). You can see my problem in supporting anyone like that...

Anonymous said...

Plaid only really worked before the Assembly was created....now it just looks like the BNP for Wales with cross-dressing tendancies.

Anonymous said...

Very shrewd Anon 08:43. The policies that Plaid supporters REALLY believe in are easily inter-changeable with BNP policies. Language and culture Ultra-Conservatism with deceitful xenophobic and racist propaganda.
No, don't bother tellin, me that Plaid can't be racist because they have Asian members and politicians down South. The Plaid Core in the North and West is selective in its racism. Its the ENGLISH don't Ya know!

Anon 7 said...

"The Plaid Core in the North and West is selective in its racism. Its the ENGLISH don't Ya know! "

So you'll be one of those ENGLISH folk that walks into a shop in Wales, and then bleats to the newspapers that "the people in there, you know, they were talking about me in Welsh, they're so racist". Yeah, that's right. Very reasonable conclusion. Just entirely wrong!

And when it comes to immigration, well now, we can get rid of all them folk taking over our jobs and our women in the UK, but it's fine for the ENGLISH to set up ghettos in Spain where you never have to utter a foreign word, or employ anyone other than a fellow ex-pratt.

Anonymous said...

The problems is - language is not culture, and Welsh culture is no different from English culture. If you think it is, please give some examples.

Plaid seek to protect people who speak Welsh, not the language itself.

Anonymous said...

This anti-Welsh crap was left behind by the rest of the blogosphere about two years ago. Labour used to specialise in it with their staff running about half a dozen different nasty blogs. Real shame to see it resurface under a different banner.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Let me make one thing clear - I don't believe that Plaid Cymru are "BNP for Wales with cross-dressing tendancies" (Anon 08:43) or are anti-English. Those are views of the commenters alone and are not shared by this blog.

Sospan said...

Like the Druid's spy I took time out to attend the T.Bay Hustings. It was an interesting but largely predictable experience.
I agree with the spy's comments on Albert's performance. It was definately lacklustre. He was certainly rattled by the response he received from the floor and by his body language he showed that he was not at all comfortable and wished he was somewhere else. He relied mostly on spouting dubious statistics (dam lies?) to try and explain that Anglesey was better off now than during the 90's. Where has he been lately? Has he not noticed that smoke no longer emits from the Tinto chimney!
If Albert was lacklustre then the LD and PC candidates were even worse. Dylan Rees refered to Ieuan so many times that it makes you wonder who will actually be calling the punches if he got elected. Matt Wood looked totally lost and somewhat confused by his own party policies.
As the Spy described both ARN and PR performed well as they would be expected to do considering the subject of the Husting and the audience backround. PR left me quite confused as to what and who he actually stands for. ARN certainly demonstrated lots of energy and promise and clearly knew how to please his audience.
Much of the discussion involved Wylfa B and how it will solve all problems and lead Anglesey into the "promised land". What was not touched upon was any idea of what happens in-between. What can be done for all those highly skilled and motivated ex-employees of AAM, Eaton and others? These skills will be lost to Anglesey and we will have to import them yet again.
So what has the experience left me with? Am I now any clearer on how I am going to vote? Who would actually be best for Anglesey in a likely Tory led hung parliament? This is the most important question to answer and by the process of elimination it looks like I shall be voting Conservative - although it really goes against the grain as a lifelong socialist.
To the electorate of Anglesey I suggest that you consider very carefully who you vote for. This is the most important election for the Island for many decades. If we make the same mistakes as before then we will again suffer the same outcomes.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Sospan, good to hear that my spy's report was accurate - despite the protestations of Anon 00:51 and Anon 00:57!

The Rock said...

Living as I do on an English isle with lower than national average wages, higher than national average unemployment, run down seaside resorts, a closed down power station and a decimated fishing industry, I find the similarities with Anglesey fascinating and have become an avid Druid follower as a result.
Here too we have a sitting Labour MP who has done nothing other than make unfulfilled promises and, whilst we don't have a nationalist party as such, we have a lot of local disquiet about being used as a dumping dormitory for asylum seekers.
Taking the comparison further we seem to have the same choices. We either stick with the failed Labour administration or vote Conservative being the only other party capable of providing a change of government. Here our alternatives of UKIP, Greens and an Independent, like your alternatives, cannot form a government in their own right whilst the Lib/Dems will simply keep Labour in power.
Must also say, whilst commenting, that you are very lucky in Anglesey to have such a well informed and well presented blogspot as that of The Druid.

Anonymous said...

Save yourself the embarrassment Druid and reveal who you are, the cat's out the bag.

You are clearly driven by your own (Conservative) agenda and have failed to hide behind the veil of an independent blog.

Just be honest with people and you might be taken more seriously.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Anon 13:55 - I suppose the irony of using an anonymous comment to demand I reveal my identity is lost on you.

I'm afraid there is neither a car nor a bag.

Anonymous said...

`Roeddet yn y cyfarfod yn bersonnol neithiwr...fe `nabodais ti !
Gwisgo siwt llwyd.. gwrando, ond dweud dim !

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Annwyl Cymro,

Yn anffodus, nid oeddwn yn medru dod i'r cyfarfod neithwir yn bersonol. Pam? Archos fyddwn i 'n dangos allan gormod yn fy wisg derwydd!!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear - I've stood on a number of corn covered feet with my comments. Good to see that the Druid actually admits that Peter Rogers would be completely ineffectual among 600 MPs as an independent (by claiming that Dylan Rees would be as ineffectual - but ignoring the fact that Plaid MPs have secured a number of major concessions for Wales over the years - as individuals and as a Party). Similarly, he also (inadvertantly) admits that Peter Rogers' only function within this and other elections is to deny Plaid Cymru the seat - as I have also pointed out here before (the unspoken pact between that well known local duo Albert and Peter - don't audition for X Factor). Come on Druid, its clutching at straws to claim that a farm is a business and then claim that Dylan Rees has no business experience. The logical conclusion of that sort of analysis is that 'managing' 40 cows and 9 tractors is easier than 40 policemen and 9 police cars. Animals are dumb don't you know - and that reminds me of a song from way back when which sums up Peter Rogers. 'Talking is cheap, people follow like sheep'. By the way Druid, I never ever gave the impression that I was or am objective or impartial - I've always supported Plaid and always will as they represent my moral values and view of the world. You on the other hand give the impression of being impartial and objective but your right wing tendancies stick out a mile. If I am interpereting the above comments (in Welsh)correctly it would seem that if you really are a Druid, your robe would obviously be a blue one!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I can't resist this additional aside comment - but it would probably be a blue Druid's robe covered in cow shit!

I hope everyone who contributes to this website - excellent as it is - are aware that the are being identified, tracked and monitored.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Anon 01:30

>"Plaid MPs have secured a number of major concessions for Wales over the years"

From all their years in Westminster Plaid Cymru have secured only one significant concession for one very small subset of the Welsh People (Quarrymen compensation in 1979). Its not much of a record I'm afraid and people have a right to be sceptical on the value of returning a Plaid MP to represent them.

>"Similarly, he also (inadvertantly) admits that Peter Rogers' only function within this and other elections is to deny Plaid Cymru the seat - as I have also pointed out here before "

I did no such thing. I pointed out that your shrill comments above prove that *Plaid* believes that - especially when with your little conspiracy theory of Rogers and Owen acting in concert.

>"I've always supported Plaid and always will as they represent my moral values and view of the world."

Judging by your comments, your moral values seem to include:

- denigrating and insulting your opponents;
- looking down your nose at farmers (i.e. the core Plaid Cymru voter - haven't you learned anything from Brown's slur of Labour's core vote yesterday?);
- and making wild allegations about others.

Are these really Plaid values? I'm not sure a lot of true Plaid Cymru suporters will agree with you.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Anon 01:44

>"Sorry, but I can't resist this additional aside comment - but it would probably be a blue Druid's robe covered in cow shit!"

Another slur on farmers. I'm beginning to wonder if you didn't have an unhappy experience on a farm when younger. Did Flossie the Sheep turn you down?

>"I hope everyone who contributes to this website - excellent as it is - are aware that the are being identified, tracked and monitored."

Keep wearing the tin-foil hat.

Anonymous said...

MI5 is watching and monitoring !!


Anonymous said...

I would say there is a massive difference between farming and policing - in policing there is no risk to your income, you have static or rising income, you invest none of your own money, you lose none of your own money, you make none of your own money, you follow orders and procedures rather than making your own decisions, there is an organisation responsible for your welfare and your retirement is taken care of.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Anon 09:35 - I couldn't have put it better myself. However if Plaid Cymru supporters think that policing and farming are identical, it perhaps explains why Ieuan Wyn Jones's business policies are failing Wales so badly.

Anonymous said...

Four of the five candidates referred to the awful number of jobless on Anglesey and how necessary it was to have Wylfa B (I am in favour 0f Wylfa , I worked on the constructionof the original) they went on to say there would be 5,000 jobs during the Wylfa B construction. Not one of them had any answer as to how any of the nglesey jobless might be employedfuring that construction. The fifth candidate did not want Wylfa B.

How will Anglesey people get those jobs?


Anonymous said...

Awww Druid, I have really got to you. I am really honoured to have been cited in your update and to have stirred so much response. Can I clarify some things.

My my Druid...' denigrating and insulting your opponents'....'making wild allegations about others'..... and you then accuse me of having an unfortunate experience with Flossie the sheep when younger. By the way did you know Flossie by her first name? I didn't and I've never heard of her - please let me know who she is and your relationship with her and I will respond.

'Denigrating farmers...' not so. I denigrate Peter Rogers as being a 'thick farmer'. That is in terms of being thick as opposed to his profession (notice the sequence of words here Druid - especially if you really are a Druid - as you would appreciate the importance of words and sentences and 'strict meter' etc (but you are not really a Druid are you, in fact you are not really a person per see - I will reveal my sources and evidence soon. I have more of a connection to farmers and the farming world - and more respect for them - than you could ever imagine dear Druid.

'conspiracy theory' - what a laugh. For two people who are supposed to be so far apart politically and idealogically (a former Tory and a so-called Left Wing Socialist) that famous duo of Owen and Rogers hardly have a bad word to say about each other - they only attack Plaid. If you think that that has gone unoticed amongst the general public and electorate then you are obliviously naive.

I rest my case - but I am really honoured to have got to you and caused such a stirr but I am still glad that this blog/website exists.

I am wearing the tin hat Druid - I think you need to start wearing your radiation jacket. Tell me, what is that strange shaded box that keeps flashing when I am responding to this blog?!