Thursday, 15 July 2010

Clive McGregor: People's Manifesto "essential reading for all of us Councillors" (updated)

I'm pleased to report that the Council Leader Clive McGregor has responded quickly and positively to our People's Manifesto for Ynys Môn by saying that it "should make essential reading for all of us Councillors". Hear hear! You can read his full email below:

---------- Original message ----------
Date: Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 4:01 PM
Subject: Manifesto prepared from submissions to the Druid's Web Site.

Thank you for forwarding the completed document The People's Manifesto for Anglesey. It is a very comprehensive document and should make essential reading for all of us Councillors. There are some matters contained therein which the County Council may not be in a position to implement having regard to the current economic situation that impacts upon Local Government.
As Leader of the County Council, I am more than happy to meet with a representation of the citizens who have produced the document.
Llais i Fon, the group that was formed a few weeks ago have been working on a manifesto, but were beaten to its publication by your document. Nevertheless I enclose a copy for your information, I think you will find it complementary to the People's Manifesto.
Clive McGregor
Leader Anglesey County Council

As he says in his email, he has also provided the newly completed Llais i Fôn Manifesto, which you can read below:

Manifesto Llais i Fôn 13th july

Regardless of its contents (which I will analyse in full tomorrow), Clive McGregor and his group Llais i Fôn should be praised for distributing their manifesto -- and we should all recognise that this represents a big step forward for democracy in Anglesey. For the first time in Ynys Môn, residents will be able to vote in local elections for a set of specific policies rather than on just personalities as in the past. 

It is now incumbent on the Original Independents, Menai Group, and Anglesey Forward to also release their manifestos so that we can see what the real differences are between the Independent Groups. Furthermore, although they have not been required to do so by the Recovery Board, Plaid Cymru, Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems should also now follow suit and release a manifesto of policies specific to Anglesey.

Other responses to the People's Manifesto

In addition to Clive McGregor we have also heard from our MP, Albert Owen, and also Holyhead Labour Councillor, Cliff Everett -- both of whom to their credit got in touch promptly and promised to reply in full shortly. Those replies will be posted here as soon as they are received. No response whatsoever from any other groups or councillors yet - or from our AM, Ieuan Wyn Jones, who is no doubt far too busy with his other three jobs to find time to think about the constituency he represents.

A request to you all

Finally, the success of the People's manifesto - created by all of you commenters - rests on popular support on the Island. Therefore if you have not yet done so, please download it (click here) and email to everyone you know on Anglesey and ask them to do the same. Together we are going to improve this Island!
UPDATE: Labour's Cliff Everett (and Corporate Management portfolio holder in the new Alliance) has now also responded in full:

---------- Original message ----------
Date: Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 9:49 PM
Subject: Re: A People's Manifesto for Ynys Môn
I would like to thank you and you fellow bloggers for the e-mail and the manifesto which I found very interesting and well put together and balanced in its views. I would like to respond with the following comments listed, I will not get involved with any personalities or name calling, and I’m happy for you to publish my comments on any public forum or blog.
In your introduction you refer to the annual audit letter 2009, at the time of that letter I was in the chair of the audit committee and as the record shows (copies of the minutes on the council web site) I worked hard to expose what was going on and provided the audit general team led by Mr Rod Alcott with a substantial amount of evidence, my final comments to him at the time was to call for some form of intervention, which we now know  has been done. It was pleasing to note in the Audit letter which you quote that the “majority of councillors are well motivated in their approach to council business and its important to recognise their contribution” 
You state that the council does not function, I would say that the vast majority of council employees work hard on behalf of the community and the problem lies mostly with us the council members, if we cant work together for the good of the island what kind of influence does that have on our staff.
As a labour member of the council I am disciplined by my party and indeed elected on the all Wales manifesto. Anglesey historically has never elected a political council and you’re correct it has always been controlled by independents with no real manifesto, that’s why I personally have called for an elected Mayor for the Island, with a manifesto which has the support of the majority via the ballot box this now has the support of our MP.
Our group recently agreed to form a new alliance to run the council but with stated aims and values, which we have all signed up for and has the support of our party, and we in the Labour group will be working hard to make this work on behalf of the community who we represent.
Unfortunately it saddens me to have to agree that the majority of your comments in your introduction are true.

Agree with most apart from the following,
•       Retire at 65 might be a breach of the Ageism Legislation
•       Council tax on the Island is still one of the lowest in Wales.
Agree with most apart from the following
•       Allowing supermarkets outside of our town centres has created a lot of employment, in my home town of Holyhead the retail park now employs over 600 people we should not forget that, and if you look at the size of just Morrison’s alone it would be impossible for that to be built in the town centre, and the community are calling for choice and these big named retailers to come to the Island, I have said for some time our towns need to diversify and target the tourism market more just like they have done in Conwy.
•       I think we are lucky to have a dedicated and professional team of officers in our Economic Department.
•       Consulting the business community on the 3 towns money is already going on in Holyhead I chair the panel in the town.
 Totally agree.
 Totally agree.
I have not been a member of the Planning Committee for 10 years so I cannot comment.
 Totally agree.
 Agree with most apart from the following.
•       We can’t use County Council monies to up-grade the A5025 if Wylfa B comes off that could be done as a planning condition via a section 106 agreement.
Agree with most apart from the following.
•       A full public consultation is carried out before any school is closed, the executive voted to close 2 recently as no objection to the closures where received.
•       Totally agree.
Agree with most apart from the following.
•       I feel that the property section does what it can with the resources it has, the existing head is a dedicated professional.
•       Totally agree.
•       Totally agree.
•       Totally agree.
•       Totally agree.

I have not responded in detail to some of the comments under each heading as it would be to long winded and might bore some people!! I would say that a number of issues you raise are being addressed now and will in the future that’s why I have indicated my agreement. I would like say that the vast majority of councillors on the Island are dedicated and work hard for the communities they represent, yes we have a very poor reputation now on the Island, the ones who are causing all the problems know who they are, I would suggest they take a hard look in the mirror and ask themselves why they are behaving the way they are, and the voters on the island need to take a good long look at how their local councillor has behaved before they cast their vote in 2012, a lot of evidence is on record both inside the council and outside the council on how some have behaved !!!.
Many thanks Druid for the opportunity to respond.
Kind regards
Cllr C L Everett


Anonymous said...

I want to be the first to state that the failure of Ieuan Wyn Jones, to respond is a disgrace, he should had been first, but was last!

Another failed opportunity to present a bit of spin on a mess called Anglesey.

Maybe Ieuan is too busy pissing on the Human Rights Act, too.

Anonymous said...

I find the Peoples Manifesto to be a credit to all those who took part.
However, would Clive McGregor taken the trouble to put together any sort of a manifesto for his group of 4, if it wasn't for the peoples manifesto in the first place? I think not.

Anonymous said...

The Welsh Assembly are aware of the concerns of the complaints about the Human Rights Act and lack of, in this pile called Anglesey.
They all read with bated breath, Anglesey? isn't that the mother of Anglesey, our Ieuan comes from there? a good joskin, steady and thick as shit, we like Ieuan, and all that trouble they are writing about their about Human Rights abuses and being treated like dogs by the Council, that can't be fair, surely, not on Ieuan's shift?

Unfortunately, true, we are all victims, we are all lost, thanks to the Assembly Member , that failed his people, that was too busy to even repond to a Manifesto, created by the people, for the people, and not forced down the throat of the people by an unwanted Council.

Anonymous said...

I see nothing in McGregors Manifesto relating to adhering to the Human Rights Act, which he seems so keen on dismissing as something that does not apply to him. Nor do I see anything on inclusiveness.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how quickly they could "create" a manifesto, after the Druid's mainfesto thudded on Clive's desk!

I could imagine Bowles' face as the manifesto landed on his desk, more work? more porn? no just a basic need from the people of Anglesey, that we have a life too, and we don't need to be told anymore, how to live our lives.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

20:34 & 20:44 - All non-Party groups have been required by the Recovery Board to produce a "Statement of Aims" therefore I make no claim that Llais i Fon has prepared their manifesto due to pressure from the People's Manifesto.

BTW, I have deleted a few comments which were repetitive and unduly derogatory to various persons.

Fillan said...

The production of a manifesto by each of political groups was a requirement of the Recovery Board if I recall correctly.

My first impression of Llais i Fôn manifesto is 'not very long'. Hopefully people can and will make constructive comments, and that they will respond to them positively.

Remember it's not about you it's about the people of Ynys Môn.

Anonymous said...

I think that you will find that most bloggers here are concerned about the Island as whole, and to state that it is not about you it's about the people of Ynys Mon is unfair, we are all in this together, so don't criticise people who have been thoroughly neglected by this Council and it's political incompetence.

My only concern is that the Llais i Fon leader contacted the Druid, so I am asking the Druid, will Llais i Fon adhere to and respect the Human Rights Act or will they ignore it, as usual.

Anonymous said...

I'd give it a where near enough detail to prove anyone has thought very deeply or has any ideas.

That document could have been knocked out in 20 minutes.

Take out generalisations, obvious statements and re-hashing of the job description, you have even less.

The Council's reputation? Any improvement in reputation will follow improvements in services. You can't rebrand a council.

Fillan said...

Sorry Anon 21:12 no offense meant

Maybe I should explain

It's not about you, but about the people of Ynys Môn.

Therefore if you are one of the people of Ynys Môn - then it is about you.

It's about all of us collectively and not individuals.

Anonymous said...

None taken, for it's certain to me that collectively we all want a way forward, but as a whole, and not individually, and there lies the dilemma. the Island for years has been run on an individaul basis, and this must change, no one man can take over and destroy a family or business just on a whim, these are the indicators of what went on for too long, and our cries went unheeded for too long.

I want to be part of the representations that Clive invited, I want to see his copy of the Human Rights Act and ask him does the Council respect it when it deals with the people of Anglesey?

Anonymous said...

I'd give McGregor's Llais I Fon's Manifesto a D.

I'd give the people's manifesto an A, I helped to contribute towards it, out of need, out of pure pain and suffering, and that was my blood that went into the People's Manifesto, Clive McGregors' was a piece of paper, ours was written in gwaed y bobol.

Diolch i'r bobol!

Huw Terry

Anonymous said...

Hawliau Ddynol Llais I Fon

Anonymous said...

I thought Clive McGregor had already put out his groups Manifesto namely the "Term of Engagement".

The one where he demands.
No telling on past conduct. The stay out of jail card.
To Isolate those who won't dance to His tune and eject them from the group.
To Robustly "name and shame" who HE thinks are obstructing recovery.
To Publicly and robustly condemn Councillor Schofield and Councillor Durkin.
To breach the Human Rights Acts.
To discipline any member of the Alliance who fails to publicly support these undertakings. Or has he now abandoned that for this new one?

Anonymous said...

The "Terms of Engagement" covering up the past makes a mockery of Llais I Fon`s Strategy.

The Great Councillini said...

"I want to be the first to state that the failure of Ieuan Wyn Jones, to respond is a disgrace, he should had been first, but was last!"

Amen to that! What does he do with his day?

Firstly, it's certainly good to see that the Leader is at least making a token effort to respond to the People's Manifesto. We will of course be watching closely to ensure that heed will be taken of the more significant aspects affecting Anglesey, particularly the call for a better Council in general terms.

Secondly, I think it regrettable that the party's manifesto comes out days after ours. It's a very old trick and it could be argued that a statement of aims was as important an element of the formation of the party as the musical chairs of membership of it. Not much by way of substance, either, which only adds to the suspicion of a rushed-out document.

Thirdly, well done Cllr. Everett! No surprises from him, who is always straightforward, honest and confident enough to engage on a variety of platforms, including local forums that seem to strike the fear of God (or is it just contempt?) in others. A fine example of a good Councillor.

So, now, let's see some meaningful and lasting progress for the sake of our island and its people...

Councilliation. said...

It appears that, whilst our Council is busy carrying on in its usual tin-pot fashion, that it - and the island - is being left behind at an ever-increasing pace.

First, there is the recent announcement of an 'Energy Island'-busting energy centre to be built somewhere along the A55 coastroad (and not Anglesey), and now a £16 million package for adventure tourism centres across north Wales - again not including anything on Anglesey.

So, if we are to believe that Economic Development is worth saving and shouldn't get hit by massive cuts in view of their ineptitude, let's here why it is Anglesey is so conspicuous for its absence. Relying far too much on eggs in one basket in the form of Wylfa 'B', perhaps? There's a real need to detach a bit from Wylfa 'B' and start diversifying into all avenues of development, and not to rely on one development as the sole answer to all our problems. I'm pretty sure Wylfa has already been approved behind closed doors, but there is always a small chance it won't come here.

Anonymous said...

That McGregor manifesto is convenient timing, isn't it? What's the strategy again? Change everything by the Nolan principles (very good start, but hardly something that should be put forward as new or surprising). Nolan first published his seven principles in 1995 - a year BEFORE the new-style IoACC came into being!! And then we have change the world by dialogue with the public.

Interesting, apart from when you read through to affordable housing - something of immediate urgency for our young people - you realise that dialogue and consultation very clearly fails to include the public who want and need that housing. So no change there, then.

This is the disease that afflicts this and many other Councils - a belief that they and their private partners know what's best for the people. Developers are only interested in their bottom line, so whilst they should be involved, they shouldn't be driving the agenda. Go to any meeting about housing, and you'll find planning staff on one side of the room, and developers on the other. The public seem by their absence to think they're not welcome, which is something the Council should address.

It's always exciting to say things like 'get things up to 21st century standards'. Actually, what is needed is simply a timeless dedication and commitment to a better local governance. We should also learn from other countries, whose 21st century standards often appear to be from the 23rd century, relative to ours.

Again on economic development, there is a revealing absence of the term 'small (and medium-sized) businesses'. Even the Chancellor will tell you these are the backbone of the economy. But they are completely ignored as a provider of potentially far more jobs than even Wylfa 'B' in the longer term. I find that very worrying, and it perpetuates the long-held Council belief in 'big solutions' that generate big headlines; these are only part of the answer, however attractive or obvious they might seem.

Planning: it would have been nice to see some tacit acknowledgment of the very real concerns that people have about the unfair and inconsistent way planning is perceived to operate on Anglesey. But there is nothing, which may indicate more emphasis on protecting the department than addressing the problems within it.

Governance: Accountability of councillors good to see. We would also like to see a '3 strikes and you're out' system for those councillors too busy with other matters to attend meetings they ought to be at.

In all, we of course genuinely welcome this move by Llais i Fon. But the clue is in the name: A Voice for Anglesey. The people are its voice, and the Council is (or should be) its ear. I think this manifesto makes only very slow progress towards truly accepting the people as having an important, valid and legitimate part to play in forming the future of the Council and the island.

Glyn Pritchard-Jones said...

It does make me angry that Councillors have time to "participate and monitor" this website when they have collective failure on their scoresheet over a long and protacted time period in local politics. Give it up guys and let someone else have a go.

The Great Councillini said...

"It does make me angry that Councillors have time to "participate and monitor" this website"

Glyn, I think that, if the Council is reading the blog with a view to understanding how the people of Anglesey feel (and we tell them plainly enough!) then that is a very valid use of their time. If on the other hand we see the type of censoring activity that has happened with other sites, then I agree that that would be unacceptable.

So far, Cllr. McGregor seems to be reading the writing we put on this wall for him. Of course, none of us are so naive to accept mere words - we want to see real action, and quickly. We can't blame him if he is making an effort to engage, so let's give the man a chance now.

Anonymous said...

The trickiest aspect to lying is maintaining the lie.Telling an untruth is easy, but continuing and reinforcing a lie is far harder. The natural human tendency is to deploy another lie to bolster the initial mendacity. Deceptions and deceit- in the offices the boardroom, behind closed doors-usually unravel because the deceiver lets down his guard, and makes the simple mistake of telling, or revealing the truth.
The truth is simple, we have all been let down, badly.

For years, we have had gone round and round in circles, the old skins taking and betraying, the comment from Cliff Everett, about having to retire at 65, might be against ageism legislation, isn't that just the way we have been treated, look after themselves first and ignore the wants of the people!

We need young dynamic people, who understand the needs of their generation, not old skins, who waste good air, on stalling, disrupting and delaying progress.

The writing is on the wall, and we are not lying, we need Change, Change is good, not for me, not for you, but, for all of us.

Huw Terry.

Anonymous said...

I see Ieuan Wyn Jones still hasn't contributed or replied to the People's Manifesto! Oh dear, hasn't he heard, the People's Manifesto train is departing and he's still no where near the station!.


The People's Manifesto Train is leaving platform 1, calling at Llangefni if any passenger wants to get off and join the losers like Ieuan who couldn't be arsed to reply please get off now..thank you!

Huw Terry

Station Master and Tannoy king!

The Great Councillini said...

Given that Cllr. McGregor has, as he often does, extended an invitation to meet with representatives of the people/the blog, I think it would be proper for us to debate the pros and cons of this.

My view is that, so long as we continue to attract largely constructive comments on here, then the Council should accept the blog for what it is - a place for people to avoid the recrimination they fear for speaking up. This is the strength of the blog.

The weakness is that we must be accountable, and not keep behind the PC too much. But if we come forward, apart from any personal recriminations that may be started (given the councillors are sniping in serious fashion at each other, they'd snipe at us too), then we would in some small way become part of the council. Not formally, but we would be more open to the influence of the council, where at the moment, we don't have much faith in them to deliver the goods.

What do others think? Particularly, how would we decide who 'goes forth'? A wiki-vote, I guess?

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Councillini - Regarding the requests for face-to-face meetings, I think that rather the first step has to be to persuade all the groups to respond by providing their manifestos so that it becomes clear what the differences are between them. Once that is done lets agree what in our manifesto could be reasonably picked up by all the parties and then consider face-to-face meetings as a means to persuade them to adopt those measures.

Anonymous said...

DRUID 11.54

Complete agtreement with anonymity at this stage. Your blog has produced many gems without undue direct or knowing pressure. Once faces appear they are subject to the various tactics and pressures those in the current legislation succombe (or don't succombe).

Trouble is deciding which of the posted blogs are from Lay and Non Lay.

Thinking of the 'accused and non-accused' , guilty and non-guilty' I like the quote esmond Tutu to P W Botha "like it or not, God tells me we are brothers".

"We are all brothers" is a very good starting point.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 12.26 from Anglesey Islander

Fillan said...

Let me remind you of the tape that Cllr Durkin is refusing to allow a independent observer to hear.

What has he to hide, a simple question, and the tape - well that was first mentioned by Cllr Durkin

Not letting go......

Anonymous said...

Harrasment will get you no where Filly.

Fillan said...

To anon 17:41

The truth will though, which a independent observer of the tape could tell us.

Not letting go....

Anonymous said...

The truth is through Fillan.

Fillan said...

What - the truth is through - what does that mean

Anyway and thank you you:

Let me remind you of the tape that Cllr Durkin is refusing to allow a independent observer to hear.

What has he to hide, a simple question, and the tape - well that was first mentioned by Cllr Durkin

Not letting go......

Anonymous said...

I see Ieuan hasn't bothered to send a response, maybe he is too busy gunning for me, but wait that's ok I don't have Human Rights,I have accepted that fate, you see it's hard to shout about Human Rights when no one listens, and no one cares.

He can come round here with a posse of joskins and burn me out, and shoot my dog, I won't give up defending the legal rights and the Human Rights of the people of Anglesey against the wishes of an incapable Council!

Did you catch the train in the end or was it Ieuan Air?

Huw Terry.

Anonymous said...

Huw, I think IWJ has more important things to worry about than you - but keep on doing whatever you think you are doing - but leave your dog out of it - he/she has dog rights after all!!! (ok what's your dog called?)

Anonymous said...

My little dog,was rescued from a bad man, so I took her home and gave her a new life, her name is Bronwen, and she is like me, a face only a mother called love, a head like a wild cabbage, a fair hunter for prey, she loves chasing rabbits and going out with me and Betsy my shotgun.

She looks after me, and I look after her, she's all I've got, and all I need.

Huw Terry

Dog Owner

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add, she doesn't like joskins, her previous owner was one... neither do I now.

welsh lad said...


I once had a welsh terrier that when young was abused by the farmer who breed here. Afterwards every time she would see someone in a overall she would go mad. She was called modwen I miss her

The Great Councillini said...

Slightly annoying though the endless reminder about the tape is, there is a case for Cllr. Durkin to start worrying about his reputation if he does not show the public that his allegations are true.

You see, he shouldn't have made any allegation at all without expecting that people - and especially those 'accused' - would demand to see/hear the evidence.

I'm afraid that Cllr. Durkin is rapidly losing credibility in this sad and very long-winded debacle. I have kept a neutral stance on this throughout, and had hoped that the allegations were not unsubstantiated. But it's now increasingly difficult not to conclude that there is no tape.

Anonymous said...

You are not alone with that conclusion, the tape should had been on the telly or at least should had been listened to by the many avid journalists who read these pages and are attune to the tone of the scribers, the angry, the reckless, the victim(s) the sorry, the failures, the losers, the winners who gloat, the distressed, whom we all ignore. Personally, if I had that tape, I would have gone to the BBC with it and asked them to make sense of the mess, we are all in.

Huw Terry

Anonymous said...

We may all have our views, but none of us know the whole story, how could we? What we've got is a very small snip of a very large picture that tell a story that goes back years.

Pandora's box is open, so lets just wait and see, there's much, much more to this than meets the eye.

Benllech said...


Where were you when Barrie Durkin was fighting on behalf of the People long before he became a Councillor helping to stop the crooks from ripping people off?

Where were you when he was at the head of the demonstrations to stop our areas of natural beauty and countryside being bulldozed in to the ground by greedy developers? I dare make a guess, nowhere to be seen.

Where were you when Barrie Durkin was campaigning for safer roads to stop so many people getting killed? or to ensure that people didn't suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by cowboy Corgi gas fitters? etc.

For my money, if he walked a way now and left the rabble to take over completely, then that's all you deserve, but he won't because that's the true grit of the man, the man you don't deserve.

Anonymous said...

And the tape...............

Anonymous said...

I notice there are selective cuttings and deletions here, and I asked you Druid, are the media taking an interest here? I'm still waiting to hear from you, since you keep chopping and changeing I get lost and my postings get deleted or just disappear. Please respond, who is taking the greatest interest?

Huw Terry.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Huw terry, I did reply last night but no replies from the media at all so far. Also, I dislike having to delete any posts but as you know unduly abusive posts will be deleted.

Prometheuswrites said...

The Arts & Exports:

It will be interesting to see what happens as this one develops:



The Druid of Anglesey said...

Comment left at 17:08 deleted for alluding to violence.

Anonymous said...

What about Human Rights, Cliff. We see nothing in your Manifesto about your breaches of Human Rights and what your going to do about that

Tell us what you and the Labour group are going to do about it Cliff.

Anonymous said...

We have no human rights. Huw Terry is right. "No one listens and no one cares"

Fillan said...

An essential element of someones human rights is observing the law....

Therefore for example.... if one says one has a tape then that person when challenged should produce said tape.....

or as I have suggested previously a letter from their Solicitor confirming they have the tape would me thinks suffice.........

Trust honour and all that....and the tape....

Anonymous said...

Anon 20:08
Don't be coy now, lets tell it, as it is.

Every Councillor in the Labour Group has signed up to breach the Human Rights Acts.

Every Councillor In the Plaid Group Have signed up to breach the Human Rights Acts.

Ever Councillor in the Llais i Fon group has signed up to breach the Human Rights Acts, as with all the others who have signed up to the Alliances Term of Engagement.

Cllr Barrie Durkin. said...

To all those who think they have suffered breaches of their Human Right at the hands of Anglesey County Council can you make contact with County Councillor Barrie Durkin


Fillan said...

The truth Cllr Durkin.....

...what of it....and the tape....

Not letting go!!

Anonymous said...

The Human Rights Act applies to all of us, and not just to be used as a ploy to protect themselves, and who are themselves, the Council of Betrayal.

Remember, when these people interfere with your property, they interfere with your Human Rights, that is just one point!

Also, remember some of us are fighting tooth and nail just to get the Council of Betrayal to admit, that WE the people of Anglesey, have Human Rights, it's their ignorance of the respect due to the Human Rights Act that have got THEM into this mess.

Each and every individual Councillor should treat the Act with RESPECT, some of them can't even spell RESPECT!

This Council is the biggest loser when it comes to ignoring the rights of the people, and we will make sure that we are treated with respect, even if we have to make them eat the Human Rights Act, instead of doing what they normally do with it, and that's pissing over it, and pissing over us.

Huw Terry

Barrie, I txtd you, I was the one who told you to ignore their attempts to gag you!

Anonymous said...

"Barrie, I txtd you, I was the one who told you to ignore their attempts to gag you!"

Gag as requiring that he produces the tape maybe...........

.....Not letting go.......

Anonymous said...

If anyone asks for proof of breaches of Human Rights in Anglesey I will send a file to Barry Durkin, and he can confirm the crimes against a Welsh Family here on Anglesey.

Huw Terry.

Not a Labour Fan!

Anonymous said...

"If anyone asks for proof of breaches of Human Rights in Anglesey I will send a file to Barry Durkin"

Who, I shall remind you all, is refusing to allow an independent observer listen to a tape of a meeting he alleged he had with Cllr Parry.

....the tape.....not letting go....

Anonymous said...

I Feel a peoples revolution brewing and not before time.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Several comments deleted. From now on multiple, identical posts on one or various threads will be deleted as spam. There is no need for continuous re-posts.

Anonymous said...

Not Letting Go. Sorry to tell you, the tape has been used up to seal the splits in the Hot Air Baroon

Anonymous said...

What about the Human Rights Act. Clive,Bob, John and Hefin???

Anonymous said...

"and the voters on the island need to take a good long look at how their local councillor has behaved before they cast their vote in 2012"

Take a look at "Case study 6" over on Durkins Black Swan 18 July 13.19

It reminds me of a meeting I had in April 2008 with the Technical Principal Officer, the Senior Planning Officer and yourself at my property. It did not matter what I complained about, you all shot me down in flames.
Minor snagging you all said and persuaded me not to insist on a contract.
The minor snagging was itemised on the Council list as touch up of paint and polifilla and forwarded to our MP.
In reality a week later it was discovered that there were some thirty one items of work still left to do and twelve contraventions of the Building Regulations.
I wont forget how you behaved that day and I wont forget my own Councillor who refused to help me any further on the advice of the Director of Finance as it would compromise his position as Chairman of the Audit Committee.
O`r the other councillor who wrote and said he couldnt help me because of his close relationship to you.

When you were Chairman of the Audit Committee, my accountant and I tried to tell you that someone was covering up a potential case of fraud. You slammed the table and shouted "who are you accusing" at this point my accountant called you a joke and walked out. I had the evidence that something was not financially correct. Its even clearer now and a few people WILL end up with egg on their faces.

G. Pierce

Anonymous said...

TheTerms of Engagement are finished this week. Plaid demand it. And Clive McGregor and Bob Parry are finish with them. Watch this space.

Anonymous said...

Word out tonight.
Cllr Clive McGregor, John Chorlton, Hefin Thomas and Bob Parry, are all under investigation by the Ombudsman for alleged breaches of the Councillors Code of Conduct for their part in the County Council's lawless attitude towards the Human Rights Acts.

Anonymous said...

Manifesto's which fail Human Rights are noting but empty words.