Saturday, 10 July 2010

Meetings in Cars and the effect of drip-drip allegations

As another week goes by there is no sign of the infighting at Anglesey County Council abating - in fact if anything it seems to be getting worse. Cllr Durkin, explicitly named and shamed in the new alliance's terms of engagement, stepped up his campaign to clear his name on Thursday by circulating an email to all councillors describing a undated meeting he had in a car with a fellow councillor (now a senior member of the new Alliance) who Durkin alleges encouraged him to investigate the planning irregularities of a senior council officer. To make matters worse Durkin furthermore alleges that this meeting was taped. The Druid has no idea if such a meeting actually took place or not, therefore in the interests of prudence I have redacted Cllr Durkin's email below (and I request that commenters do not post the names of the councillor and officer involved in comments):

----- Original Message -----
From: Barrie Durkin
To: [redacted]
Sent: Thursday, July 08, 2010 10:08 AM
Subject: Alligations against Cllr Durkin

It has been brought to my attention by a number of members including two of your own group, that you are being quite forward in attacking me on the subject of my raising concerns about various officers and other propertied Issus's. 
I find this quite disturbing considering it was you along with another who raised  the [redacted] planning issue to  me in the first place, showing  that [redacted] was giving some of your constituents the impression, that because [redacted]  worked for the council [redacted] could get away with not complying with planning conditions.
In fact  you will remember on another day we sat in your vehicle for the best part of an hour discussing a way forward, as the council had only covered the [redacted] issue up. We also talked about the bogus allegation against you which you accepted as malicious rubbish to try and undermine my credibility with you.
But in the main  the conversation bared more on pursuing your concerns over [redacted]'s house and encouraged me to re-kindle the issue, Yet you now abuse and help cause trouble for me because it appears to serve your personal agenda at the moment.
You will also remember, we both agreed for the avoidance of doubt, that our conversation should be recorded. which it was, I still have my copy, suffice to say, I find your abuse of me quite appalling considering I was only doing what you asked and encouraged me to do, as with Clive McGregor.
The tape recording is with my solicitors and will be used if necessary.
As you have abused my trust and taken to attacking me to other councillors, I will be copying this email to all.
Cllr Barrie Durkin

Although the date of the alleged car meeting is not mentioned, if these allegations are true it clearly shows that there were (and may still be) deep and serious levels of mistrust between Councillors and Senior Officers, with even senior councillors in positions of leadership seeking to undermine certain Officers. The Druid has written before that Interim MD David Bowles' approach of unquestioningly protecting his Officers at all costs may actually be exacerbating rather than alleviating the situation - and the more drip-drip allegations like this that come out, the more likely that mutual mistrust will reach critical levels with terrible consequences for the Council.

Considering the above, it may come as no surprise that WAG Local Government Minister, Carl Sargeant, has already privately asked Recovery Board members to act as Commissioners to manage Anglesey County Council in the event that the Alliance fails. With "named-and-shamed" Councillors now waging all out warfare against the new Alliance's leadership in order to clear their name, how many more blows can the Alliance withstand?


Anonymous said...

I suggest we've read nothing yet.

insider said...

"I believe these are not allegations, they are more a widow on what's really going on within Anglesey County Council, as with some of the comments from a letter sent to Cllr Durkin from David Bowles on 1st December 2009".

"I believe that the Council has already changed and will continue to change for the better. I personally will support further strengthening of the independence of the planning function".

"I have no doubt that you are sincere in your concerns that things may have been concealed in the past but I think it is unhelpful to continue with that mindset as the Council moves forward.

It is important the whole Council is able to move forward and draws a line; we can not allow previous incidents and issues to hamper the Council as it moves forward".

"I very much hope that you will take this letter in the spirit in which it intended and that is to try and achieve a position where we can move forward and enhance the reputation of the council".

This is clear evidence that David Bowles was trying to influence Cllr Durkin to stop him from raising concerns about dishonesty within Anglesey County Council. council

Anonymous said...

Your telling me it does.
It shows exactly what's going on and what Cllr Durkin is having to put up with.

Anonymous said...

Durkin was given the task to rout out wrongdoers and report them. Durkin was the obvious choice because he has no ties with any of them so could be trusted. This suited those who did`nt have the balls to report wrongdoers themselves. They could dob each other in with Durkin taking the flak for being the whistleblower.

I ask myself who are the real troublemakers, Durkin the Whistleblower who is hell bent on cleaning up our Council, the underhanded dobbers with no balls, or the actual perpetrators who have been dobbed in by their so called friends and colleagues who did not want to be named for fear of reprisals.

Anonymous said...

drip-drip Allegations 11:59.

We need no more, the writings on the wall. Bowles has in my opinion, destroyed Clive McGregor's credibility, his own reputation and must both go now. I have a distinct feeling that all hell is going to break loose, very shortly.

Anonymous said...

The only thing we want to break loose is heaven, and peace, when the Commissioners in-waiting take over....let that be sooner than later, for the sake of Anglesey....followed by an early ELECTION... when the PEOPLE can decide !!

The Great Councillini said...

Yes, if Mr. Bowles, Mr. McGregor and anyone else who conveniently peddle the 'we want the public's view' line are truly listening and truly want to listen to the people of Anglesey, then they should take serious note: we do not want this worsening skulduggery that is clearly taking us into very dark waters indeed.

We want a respectable, efficient council, with clean officers and elected members alike. We can never - ever - have that with the current bunch, many of whom have been hanging around like a bad smell for decades, and many of whom are tainted in one way or another.

It seems clear, no matter what the precise details, that there are an awful lot of people who have misinterpreted seniority at work for superiority outside work.

It is time to end this hopeless, irredeemable Council. Enough is enough, and we call on Carl Sergeant to represent the people of Anglesey in ending the misery that we have endured for so long.

Anonymous said...

Correct above.

Enough is enough. We want a WAG takover and every allegation of corruption must be investigated thoroughly. Our Council should now be used as a warning to every other Council in Wales by the WAG -"abuse your status and power for your own gains, this is what happens to you"
Durkin has only scratched the surface.

Anonymous said...

I`ve said it before, and for emphasis I`ll say it again.
The only way to end this lingering cancer is for WAG to suspend IACC, install the Commissioners, and call an early ELECTION, when we the long-suffering public can choose new Councillors....if we are wise we shall know who not to elect next time.
But, having said this, we must also recognise there are good Councillors, who we would not object to being re-elected.
I think we are mature and informed enough to know who is who !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Things will never change, too many victims of greed and incompitence, too many victims of power and abuse, the people of Anglesey may forget the victims, but the victims will never forget the torture and abuse at the hands of these offensive people.

It's a shame that no one listens, no one cares. I sat outside a planning appeal in the Council Offices, while people milled around laughing and joking, joking at the suffering and the blood letting, of normal decent people. fighting to survive. Do you think that we, the victims want to forgive and forget, while these people are still there? We can only take so much, we are at the end of our tether, no one cares, no one listens, only the victims cries are heard over Anglesey.

Huw Terry

Anonymous said...

Ieuan Wyn Jones, is the biggest waste of skin and breath on Anglesey. He has stood by and watch the people go, the victims leave in droves, while he has stood by and done nothing. We blame him for FAILING to defend the people, for FAILING to act when the victims came begging to his door for help, we blame you, Ieuan Wyn Jones, for FAILING the people of Anglesey.

Things will get worse, before they get better, we can only blame ourselves for allowing this FAILURE of an AM, to exist. A complaint to him is a waste of a stamp, so don't bother, call him a traitor, that is his name now.

Anonymous said...

Ieuan Wyn Jones, is the biggest waste of skin and breath on Anglesey. He has stood by and watch the people go, the victims leave in droves, while he has stood by and done nothing. We blame him for FAILING to defend the people, for FAILING to act when the victims came begging to his door for help, we blame you, Ieuan Wyn Jones, for FAILING the people of Anglesey.

Things will get worse, before they get better, we can only blame ourselves for allowing this FAILURE of an AM, to exist. A complaint to him is a waste of a stamp, so don't bother, call him a traitor, that is his name now.

Anonymous said...

Here is a nice blow for the alliance, the abuse of the Human Rights Act against the people of Anglesey by the Council of Betrayal.
The Welsh Assembly have stood by and done nothing, Bowles and Mcgreor have done nothing, the whole Council have done nothing, so they are all complicit in the breaches of the Human Rights Act against the people of Anglesey.

Failing in providing a decent Authority.

Anonymous said...

In the days of good old Cledwyn Hughes, or even during Keith Best`s short tenure as MP, I can not recall any of the appalling local governance issues which exist today.....AO is politically impotent in Anglesey....and IWJ is worse than useless as our AM.
Both have a lot to answer for.

Anonymous said...

Yes I recall a Mr Keith Best setting a really good example to us all by standing down after admitting fraud; during the privatisation of British Telecom.

Anonymous said...

12.35 Yes indeed, but I can`t imagine any of the immoral characters at IACC admitting any wrongdoing or standing down....why ?...because they like having their noses in the trough too much....they are in in for themselves.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Things are going down hill fast, Cledwyn Hughes at least he had a backbone! Keith Best well we all know that he wasn't here for the money, he was here for himself, and that's the same attitude that persists today, a political culture of me, me , me and God forbid if anyone was to come to me with a problem.

We all know, that this poisonous pool has polluted the whole Island, it needs draining. For years we have endured pain and suffering, our young are leaving as soon as they can, there is no future for our people, all we have is an uncaring political mess, created to hinder and offence decent people.

Any rule, every rulebook, every regulation, every law, is being ignored to create a climate of fear and fester, we need to solve issues here that have gone on for too long.
Remember, that some of these have been there since the days of Cledwyn Hughes and Keith Best, why are they still there? because there is no cure for them, we blame the Welsh Assembly for allowing this to go on for so long.

We blame the Welsh Assembly for hindering people's attempts to bring complaints and abuses out into the open.

We blame the Welsh Assembly for failing to protect young dynamic Councillors from being bullied and harassed by the old skins, who should know better, and who should lead by example, it's dignity we need in the Council, not DISGRACE.

Huw Terry

Anonymous said...

We should all realise that what BD is doing is designed to split the Alliance, and once split, thats the END of IACC as we know it.
The Commissioners will step in.
Personally, I would be very happy to accept autocratic governance by Commissioners for a spell, if thats the only way to be rid of this cancer.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, for too long we have been blindfolded, it's time for the blindold to come off and for people to see what a mess we are really in.

It would be very similar to the day when Labour was booted out, and David Cameron with Nick Clegg moved in, and they realised " Holy Cow! what a mess!" It's the only way, to rid us of this disease we have to have a clean out, from top to bottom, then disinfect the whole place.

Huw Terry

Anonymous said...

The most important Commissioner they can bring in, is the Commissioner for Human Rights and Equality he needs to have a long hard look in the mirror, then forget what he saw, because when he moves in, his face will age, considerably. We want to be treated equally and have HUMAN RIGHTS is that too much to ask, to the Welsh Assembly and the Council of Betrayal?

Anonymous said...

The can be no way forward if Llais I Fon, is ignoring the HUMAN RIGHTS ACT, they have ignored it for years and will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

From Welsh Assembly Government website:

Carl Sargeant outlines the way forward for Anglesey Council
Local Government Minister, Carl Sergeant met members and officials at Anglesey Council today [24 February] to outline the action he expects them to take to rectify the problems identified by the Auditor General for Wales.

While the Minister acknowledged that some progress had been made, he stressed that much more needs to be done and that, if necessary, he would not hesitate to take further action if improvement is not achieved quickly.

Carl Sargeant said

“The council must focus on the real needs of this island and its citizens. Debate too often concentrates on personal and parochial conflicts and rivalries. This is a betrayal of Anglesey’s citizens and communities, who deserve action and leadership, not petty bickering.

“Putting that right involves several things. Firstly, misbehaviour needs to be addressed properly and anyone who obstructs recovery must be dealt with.

“I also want to see the standards committee overhauled as soon as possible with a remit to raise standards proactively and to meet more frequently. In addition, councillors must serve as members of the committee so that they can themselves contribute to maintaining standards. This already happens everywhere else in Wales.

“The overview and scrutiny systems also need serious re-examination. Your three committees met on fewer than twenty occasions in total last year, which is by some margin the lowest figure in Wales, and they concentrate too much on internal issues rather than the services you provide.

“I have asked the Recovery Board to monitor developments closely over the next few months. I expect to see clear and rapid progress towards their recommendations – otherwise I may be forced to direct you to take action.

“I do not want to be involved in running a council that should be running itself. I do not want to give you more stringent and detailed directions but be in no doubt that I can and, if necessary, I will.

“I could, for instance, establish and dissolve committees, make internal and external appointments, amend your constitution, your allowances or your arrangements for delegated powers. I could even take functions off you altogether.

“You know better than me that Anglesey faces some pressing problems. You can transform this organisation, and make it better able to address the needs of this island and its citizens. You have my full support and that of my Recovery Board in doing this.

“I do not want to contemplate the consequences of failure and I doubt you would want to either. Failure to complete the tasks required will drive me to consider the future of the Council as an autonomous body. Do not force me to go there.”

Anonymous said...

Go there Carl! we want our lives back, our freedom, our identity, our choice, we want change, but, do not take us as fools, don't be offended if we decide to fight, because you will NOT fight!

We will fight them, we will beat them! We will not use force, but we will make sure that the Council is there FOR the people and NOT to offend and destroy the people.

Too many empty headed people have represented us for too long, empty headed dreamers who dream of freedom and an Island full of poets and musicians, when in reality we are all fighting to live, to survive, while we starve and our children go hungry, the greedy and the powerful ignore us.!

We don't want an unworthy Council, we want a Worthy one, we are a worthy race of people, not subhuman like we are treated.

Take heed Carl, and listen well, if you do NOT remove them, then the people WILL!.

Anonymous said...

Interesting philosophical debate !
We can believe, I incline to think, that the WAG-appointed independent Commissioners would govern Anglesey for the general will, for the common good, with no political or vested interest, no noses in our trough....and I believe we should be prepared to accept this limited autocracy, for a period, to cleanse the Council of its poison...after which, democracy would return and we would vote for candidates with no baggage from the past.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is there a problem with the blog today ?

Anonymous said...

If Carl Sargeant doesn't listen who the hell will?

Anonymous said...

Certain behaviour, certain attitudes trying to cover up and protect each other, from what? from the truth!
Bowles, McGregor, and now Carl Sargeant, don't know what to do, because no one has ever been there before, what do they do, turn the light off and lock the door?
No!, what THEY do is resign, then ask the Welsh Assemby to move in, we are ALL suffering here, we know we are in the back of beyond, but we are all WELSH aren't we?

And being Welsh is about the blood in our veins and not a piece of paper!
Druid, you promised US a manifesto for change! You promised that YOU would do something, all I see here is pages full of nothing! You're as bad as the rest, taking the people in, treating them like fools! Either, you help the people, or you DON'T, there is no half measures, no mercy and no prisoners, when we are dealing with people who betray us all!

And the fool who mentions the Q&A session created by these old skins, why should we attend a circus full of old skins, when the voices of the young are being ignored!
There is no penalty for treason by the Council of betrayal, only the wilderness of the unwanted, the shamed, the named the guilty!

Huw Terry.

Huw Terry.

Anonymous said...

My posts and others emerging under "Carl Sargeant no second chances" are revealing that thousands of pounds, if not millions, are being wasted on grant schemes which are clearly not being delivered up to any sort of Welsh Housing Quality Standards or even meeting Building Regulation Standards. No checks are made, leaving grant applicants devastated.

G. Pierce

Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised if the grants issue turns out to be as big as the MPs allowance fiddles. After all there's being a so-called investigation and cover-up in to councillors allowance fiddles within IOACC already this year..

All will be revealed.

Anonymous said...

From what I read, and understand,there is a compelling case for the Council to instruct an independent external professional body to review and report on ALL grant payments for the past 5 years !!
Lets expose the corruption inside the Council, and by unscrupulous grants agents !!

Anonymous said...

BBC Wales 6 o`clock news tonight.
Did you see the piece on IACC ?
Did you not think the 4 just men looked decidedly slimy....or at least 3 of them (excl.CMcG).
The 3, and particularly the 2 farmers among them, looked particularly oily and devious.
God save us !

Anonymous said...

BBC Wales 6 o`clock news tonight.
Did you see the piece on IACC ?
Did you not think the 4 just men looked decidedly slimy....or at least 3 of them (excl.CMcG).
The 3, and particularly the 2 farmers among them, looked particularly oily and devious.
God save us !

Anonymous said...

There will be no peace until all of the problems, issues and abuses are cleared up.

Huw Terry

Anonymous said...

They will be there for years.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with any solid evidence of incompetence, or worse, corruption, against any grant officer, or grant agents, should set out their evidence in writing and send it to David Bowls, with copies to NWPolice Fraud Squad, and Albert Owen MP.
This blog is not the place for micro-detail of such issues ?

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Comment made a 20:02 deleted for naming names I have asked you not to name.

Anonymous said...

To anon 19.56

Why do you think I am trying to expose them here. Its because I have presented the evidence to Bowles but he chooses to listen to his Internal Auditors hence 120 days of investigations which covered my complaint up rather than publish the truth.
As for the police, I have contacted them on numerous occasions.
As for Albert Owen, only to keen to write to the WAG but not IOACC for some reason.

G. Pierce

Anonymous said...

The end is Nigh, Mr Piece.
They are already stuffed and quacking.

Only a lame duck votes for Christmas but once stuffed, it's all over.

Insider said...

Anglesey Tonight.

After today's meetings between the Recovery Board and a number of Members things could change very quickly at the Council.

Truths never heard, have been told.
The real trouble makers identified and liars exposed.

The comments made by Clive McGregor to Goronwy Parry in his letter of 09.06.2010. "Your Group still includes some who have shown that they are still prepared to support Elwyn, IN CLEAR CONTEMPT OF THE MINISTER" has put Cllr McGregor on a collision course with the Welsh Assembly and the Minister.

As we have just heard today. The Minister, the Welsh Assembly and the Recovery Board have totally dissociate themselves from the Alliance and the "Terms".

That being the case, one has to ask. Who's not telling the truth?

Is it Clive McGregor or is it the Minister? My monies on McGregor, we will see. Question of the Minister have already been asked.

Insider again said...

Anglesey Tonight.
Implications that The Ombudsman and the Adjudication panel are open to influence has rocked Anglesey's political establishment to it's knee's.

In his letter to Cllr Gornowy Parry,
Clive McGregor Leader of Anglesey County Council said; "Your Group also includes three members against whom the Ombudsman has made findings and who are soon to face Adjudication Panel hearings, the outcomes of which may be affected by recent and current events, and will draw bad publicity for them and those associated with them"

As a matter of record which is in the public domain,those members are
Councillors Phil Fowlie, Aled Morris Jones and O,Glyn Jones.

Cllr McGregor then goes on to say. "I believe that there are steps which might be taken to resolve some of these issues, and to ease the way for most of the members of your Group to join the Alliance".

At the very least Clive McGregor is giving the public the perception, that the Ombudsman &/or the Adjudication Panel can be corrupted which is not going down at all well.

Prometheuswrites said...

The Wales News on the TV was just a trailer for the 'Eye on Wales' BBC radio feature.

Over 30 minutes, it dealt with the general issues affecting the council, the recovery board and the possibility of bringing in commissioners.

It tended to show the councillors as the culprits though it did mention the original auditors report that stated that there was conflict 'within the council'.

Council Services were presented in a positive light.

It came over as what it was, an informative overview of the general situation.

It wasn't investigative in nature and didn't really touch on any details apart from the bio-digester.

Camerman said...

"It wasn't investigative in nature and didn't really touch on any details apart from the bio-digester."

No, it was a typical BBC 'must be balanced, must be balanced' affair. The chair of the Recovery Board was very busy with her whitewash brush, casting a lovely glow over the whole Council, who will shortly appear at the door dressed in white robes and wings.

Key things I noted:

"Anglesey is the laughing stock of Wales - and beyond".

Chair of the RB saying, to the effect of 'it's a big step to take away councillors from the people of Anglesey' on the matter of a possible full takeover.

Aye, and what, exactly, would you be taking away from us, dear Professor? A failed Council and its failed councillors? If you read this blog, you'll notice the general trend to supporting relatively short-lived direct control from Cardiff. One of the reasons is that they, at least, will have no direct and conflicting interest in the area.

Puck said...

Apparently the 'Big Step Forward' after a year of the recovery board being in place, is that a council meeting was held where 'everyone was civil to each other'

You really, really, couldn't make it make up!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that there is a councillor prohibited from involvement with a particular sector of the Anglesey community?

I have asked before but there has never been an answer

Anonymous said...

20;50 Why ask us. Go ask Clive McGregor or Lynn Ball.

Fillan said...

Let me remind you of the tape that Cllr Durkin is refusing to allow a independent observer to hear.

What has he to hide, a simple question, and the tape - well that was first mentioned by Cllr Durkin

Not letting go......

Member of Staff. said...

The Tape?
Clive McGregor, he's my worry, not whether Cllr Durkin Met Cllr Parry or not, or what was said, that's already been established, no its Clive McGregor that troubles me.

On reading the item in the Holyhead Mail. I felt the story had been hijacked by Clive McGregor, to attack Cllr Durkin. This is not the first time he done this.

It has not gone unnoticed with all the Staff that Clive McGregor and David Bowles and more recently Bob Parry takes every opportunity to attack Cllr Durkin particularly in his absence, which indicates that there is an organised smear campaign going on.

This is quite a serious attitude for leaders of a Council to have. They should be trying to gel members together not create friction. Its as if that's what they want to do.

Anonymous said...

Who mentioned the tape Cllr Durkin

Who said he refuses to allow an independent observer to listen to the tape Cllr Durkin

Who has brought this all upon himself Cllr Durkin

enough said....produce the tape.....

Llangefni. said...

I think before we keep harassing Cllr Durkin, we should ask Cllr Parry to reconfirm, that the conversation he admits having with Barrie Durkin was not taped, because from what my Local councillor told me this morning shows that Cllr Parry knows only to well what Barrie Durkin is talking about.

My Local Member as with all the others, received a letter from Barrie Durkin with Cllr Parry's "Explicit consent" explaining what some of the meeting was about. He also has a letter from the Managing Director copied to all members regarding the meeting.

Cllr Parry was copied in on all this, so it can not be true that he knows nothing about such an important covert meeting.

Frankly after what my Local Member told me this morning, I think Cllr Parry has got a lot to answering to do.

Fillan said...

To Llangefni

If Cllr Parry has lied so be it, we can only find out for certain when a certain tape is heard by a independent witness (I have suggested Elgan Hearn)......

Otherwise it's one persons word against the other...

....harassing Cllr Durkin to produce something he claims he has, which he brought to our attention in the first place - you are really having a laugh aren't you!

Oh and the tape....not letting go...

Anonymous said...

We know Cllr Durkin mentioned the tape in his letter but that does not give us the right to demand that he shows it, nor does it give you the right to continually harass him into doing so.

If you know what unlawful means, its unlawful, and that's exactly what we are trying to rid our Council of.

Fillan said...

Right thread right time.....

There is no tape end of....

It's unlawful to lie, prove us wrong produce the tape......

Or a simple letter from Cllr Durkin's Solicitor that the tape exists....

I will be vindicated for my actions in the end....similar words....maybe...and foot wear etc.....

Anonymous said...

There no good knocking if there's no-one there.

Anonymous said...

RE: The tape !
Word is it does exist.
It relates to a discussion about how to force LB to quit.
It was recorded in a car, in a layby, in Llanerchymedd.
Why Llanerchymedd, odd place for BD and BP to meet, furtively ?
Word is there was a 3rd prominent Coucillor in the car.
Who was he ??

Anonymous said...

At last some sense at 12:33.

That's Why Cllr Durkin won't be letting anyone other than his legal people know what's on the tape as he will be using it as part of his defence to show he has done nothing wrong and that in fact is a victim of a Local Government Conspiracy to get him to shut up about the fraud and corruption.

Anonymous said...

Who was the mysterious 3rd man ?

Anonymous said...

Slowly P.I Durkin pulled his car into the quiet layby, he kicked himself for not putting enough petrol in. This was going to be big, his hands shook as he took another cigarette out, so big it could bring down the Council. It be ironic he thought if after all this, and another two years of careful investigation all I can discover is a minor planning infringement.

A car opposite flashed it's light's, it was the contacts he had arranged to meet, or worse this was a dogging place. He was soon to find out for sure.

Puck said...

The Third man was of course Harry Lime (AKA Orson Welles) ... on the other the latest claimant to the title is non other than Peter Mandleson (AKA Prince of Darkness)

Anonymous said...

Love the Humour, not enough of it.

Anonymous said...

Seriously though, what tape

All we have is the word of Cllr Durkin, and he refuses to let an independent person hear the tape, or it appears get his solicitor to confirm they have a copy of the tape.

Which I shall remind you where Cllr Durkin claims where the tape was help, with his solicitor.

Do not get me wrong I not blaming his solicitors but surely Cllr Durkin should either produce the tape by know or ...well you decide....

...not letting go...

Anonymous said...

The tape is major BLUFF dear boy.
Lets close the chapter with contempt.