Tuesday, 12 January 2010

200 more jobs to go on Anglesey

Fresh after the closure of Anglesey Aluminium with the loss of 400 plus jobs at the end of last year, news emerges today that Welsh Country Foods, an abbatoir in Gaerwen, is also to shed 200 jobs.

Apparently senior Anglesey Council officials have expressed "disappointment". Well thats alright then.

Pity they didn't do something sooner - a temporary Business Rates cut to get small and medium-sized companies through the recession for example would have been a lot more useful than this kind of hand-wringing afterwards. In the meantime we can add Welsh Country Foods to the list of companies which have recently closed or shed jobs on Anglesey:

  • Anglesey Aluminium, Holyhead - 400 jobs
  • Eaton Electric, Holyhead - 250 jobs
  • Eastman Chemical Company (Peboc), Llangefni - 100 jobs
  • Vion - Llangefni plant went down to one shift - 140 jobs
  • Menai Electrical, Gaerwen - 50 jobs
  • Anglesey Country Foods, Gaerwen - 200 jobs

By my reckoning that makes 1,140 jobs lost over a relatively short period - not counting the additional small scale jobs losses at supporting companies. Before long there won't be any jobs left - and who will pay the 15% Council Tax increase then?

Incidentally, I note the Council still have enough money to spend on inviting Rolf Harris to open an exhibition in the Oriel Ynys Môn gallery next month. Wonder how many jobs that will save?

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