Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Albert Owen backs Ed Milliband for Labour Leader

Just in case you were wondering, Albert Owen has thrown his support behind Ed Milliband - the younger, less wonkish, and more left-wing of the two Milliband brothers - for Labour leader.

Ed and Albert in Moelfre just before the election (photo: Daily Post)

The former Energy Secretary was the only minister (apart from Peter Hain) to visit the Island during the election campaign. He also seems to have sown up the support of most Welsh Labour MPs, with Peter Hain, Wayne David, Hywel Francis, Susan Jones, Ian Lucas, Owen Smith and our own Albert backing him.


Old Mona said...

This says a lot for his judgement, I seem to recall he was one of the leading Welsh MP's to call for Blair to resign to make way for Gordon Brown.
Well thanks a bunch Albert!

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Old Mona - very true...

Anonymous said...

What's Albert's badge, then? Anglesey, Isle of Labour Island, is it?

I reckon Albert's trying to get the answer from the kids off-camera, or maybe from Ed. I wonder if the question might have been: 'Has anyone any suggestions about how the working class might stop propping-up the corrupt capitalist system?'

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.24
Capitalists are those who have the innovation and imagination to take the risks to make production happen, and take the deserved profit by way of return and reward, and all the while keep the (so-called) working class in work........simple and efficient !
Try getting the working class to produce anything for itself ?
So, to all you working class bods out there, if you resent capitalists....do something profitable for yourselves ?
Provocative !

Anonymous said...

Labour Party site has the latest info - apparently updated twice a day.

Druid, you seem to have got it wrong. According to Labour's site, D Miliband has 8, while E miliband has 6.

So Senior Miliband has most so far from Welsh MP's. Ann Clwyd, Jessica Morden, Nick Smith, Chris Bryant, Paul Flynn, David Hanson, Chris Ruane, Mark Tami.

Anonymous said...

The question here, most definitely, was, if Albert could get the Daily Post (Labour supporting Trinity Mirror) to include his picture in almost every Labour Party press release in the paper during the election campaign, incluide pictures and comments by Peter Hain almost as often - preferably in the same ventriloquist/puppet pose as well as mention Wylfa and the other parties lukewarm attitude to it - particularly Plaid - whilst obviously ignoring Welsh Labour's anti-nuclear policy) would Albert be re-elected? The obvious answer was yes. Now what happens - as Albert has no arshole to put his hand up, but Hain still probably has his puppet!! Work that one out!