Monday, 3 May 2010

Away from the Sacred Grove...

Just a short note to let you know that the Druid has been travelling and consequently has not been blogging in his Sacred Grove. Normal service will resume tomorrow morning.


Rhosmeirch said...

""I've been out campaigning the last few days and people now really see the Labour party as a spent force and I think they will see significant falls in support for Labour and a significant increase in our support." says Iwuan Wyn Jones, Plaid Cymru Assembly Leader.

Well, he's about to get a yet another big shock in his own backyard:))

His ramping up of Plaid is so, so transparent..

Anonymous said...

Personally, I wouldn't vote for Plaid in a month of Sundays. But this year, things are different. If you want Labour out on Anglesey, you vote tactically for Plaid. You will have picked this message up in the media this morning. I doubt if Plaid will have the kind of influence they claim within the Westminster Palace, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think Labour should go back in as a punishment.

Anonymous said...

People already vote tactically in Ynys Mon. Anyone but Plaid. Ieuan Wyn Jones has been a godsend to other Welsh parties; he turns voters away in their thousands. Remember that whilst elsewhere in Wales Plaid Assembly candidates polled more votes in the Assembly elections in 2007 than Westminster candidates did in the GE in 2005 (44,000 overall) Ieuan Wyn Jones Polled less than Eurig Wynne in Ynys Mon.

Anyone who thinks that Dylan Rees, the spectacularly underwhelming Plaid candidate who cannot open his mouth without IWJ popping out, is a suitable person to send to Westminster is seriously deluded.

What's more IWJ, despite a large majority, will not be safe at the next Assembly elections. With the referendum on Assembly powers just prior to the AE every household will be receiving literature through the door telling them how much the Assembly does for them. Those people who look East and don't vote in Assembly elections will wake up and Vote. Peter Rogers is an ideal recipient for votes from "Anyone but Plaid" voters and as the leading contender the message will be clear. IWJ's seat is vulnerable!

Anonymous said...

IWJ is a dour, distant, unsociable, personality-less character....he walks the streets of Llangefni and Asda ignoring people (unless there`s an election !)...he attends Chapel (good for him) but does not engage people there either(unless there`s an election !)
He has not been good for Anglesey....Anglesey has been good to him in furthering his rise to power in Cardiff Bay.
Roll on the WAG election we say !
Cymro !

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:33: Some good points there.

However, whilst I would like to think I might vote for Peter Rogers as an 'alternative', the reality is that an independent MP will achieve next to nothing on his tod in Westminster. Not even weighty, charismatic independents like Martin Bell managed very much. At least Plaid have some sort of organised approach and a partnership with the SNP, no matter how rubbish it might actually be in reality. The actual number of votes likely to go to Peter Rogers is small, again making it a pointless vote.

Look up this very interesting site; although it is in some ways silly, in that the safety of a seat is related to how useless people are at thinking about politics and don't exercise the real choice they have, it is nevertheless a good portrayal of the way things are:

Anonymous said...

To Clarify; when I spoke of voting for Peter Rogers it was in the context of the 2011 ASSEMBLY elections (should he stand). No one from Ynys Mon will have serious clout in Westminster. Albert Owen is unspectacular and a solid Constituency MP; he will support Wylfa B and at the moment I see that as the key to prosperity in the future for Ynys Mon.

Anonymous said...

i've been talking to lots of people recently and most of them say they've either voted for or will vote for Albert Owen, despite that he's Labour.

ok, while he won't get 80% of the vote, this time i think he will pull away from the pack.

in 2005, it wasn't like this, there was a bit of uncertainty, and Eurig Wynne mad noises and it looked as if he'd get it.

this time there's a much stronger flow towards Albert Owen and I'd say the IWJ is p***ing in to the wind when he makes those comments above (see Rhosmeirch) - Plaid sound desperate, IWJ is a total busted flush.....will he stand in 2011 I wonder?

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that Ieuan Wyn Jones, gets his come uppance, and his puppy gets the reality check of his life, if you want to rid Anglesey of Ieuan's ci bach, then vote for fat Albert, there again, you know that Alberts snout was in the expenses trough, and that made your blood boil, so what do you do? Do you want a tory? no! then break the mould and vote for Peter Rogers, he maybe a fruit cake, but at least it will stop the other parties taking you all for granted.

That's why I'm voting for Peter Rogers to annoy and wind the others up, and to stop them taking advantage of me, my family and my friends, none of them care about us, the only time they listen is when there's an election, so be brave, cause chaos, and vote for Peter Rogers, the others will shit themselves, but the message will get home, that Plaid Cymru and Labour are unwelcome, unwanted and yes indeed, still unwashed.

Huw Terry

Anonymous said...

Sorry Huw, a large proportion of those who voted in Anglesey did not agree with you.