Friday, 28 May 2010

The "Recovery Board" doesn't know "what is a successful recovery"!

The Anglesey Recovery Board was established by the WAG Local Government Minister in late 2009 - after the Auditor General's damning report into Anglesey County Council - to push through changes to governance at the council. Their latest report makes some very interesting reading. Here are some highlights:

"Mr Bowles reported on progress made by the Council and whilst substantial progress has been made in a number of areas in a short period of time, this has largely been through Mr Bowles adopting a "directive" leadership style and working exclusively though the 5 group leaders. Mr Bowles recognises that whilst this style has achieved pace it is not an appropriate way of building sustainability and therefore acknowledges it is now time to change his approach to become more engaging, in particular, with Members and Officers."

It is certainly true that David Bowles' style of "leadership" so far can be characterised as abrasive and often petty to say the least. Reading in between the lines of the above however I cannot help but wonder if Bowles himself "recognised" that his approach was not an "appropriate way of building sustainability" or whether he was told in no uncertain terms to change his style by the Recovery Board.

"Mr Bowles reported that progress within the Council continues to be positive and the overall mood is increasingly one of acceptance of the need to change but some Members are unfortunately still resentful of the past."

No doubt this is an oblique reference to Cllr Durkin's investigations into the actions of various Senior Officers. Personally my view is that Bowles has been too quick to "circle the wagons" and protect his Officers whilst simultaneously warning off Councillors from raising complaints against them through dubious tactics (such as threatening that complaining councillors may be forced to pay compensation to the council should an Officer allege bullying). Bowles actions regarding Monitoring Officer, Lynn Ball, is a case in point. Last month Bowles sent a strongly worded letter to all councillors informing them that a "qualified independent person" had conducted a thorough investigation into Ball's conduct and found her to have "in all cases … acted appropriately and professionally and with a high degree of competence and skill". It was left unsaid who the "qualified independent person" in fact was. Was he/she answerable to any authority other than Mr. Bowles or the Council? If not, could this affect the outcome of the investigation? There is no apparent reference to any formal report; we are simply left with an assertion that the complaints were without foundation, and so no means to verify the findings, or how they were arrived at. Of course just a a couple of weeks later it emerged that Miss Ball had in fact carried out work at her home in Gwalchmai without the necessary planning permission. A minor infringement perhaps, but considering her position and considering that she had apparently just been exonerated, it does not give us a lot of confidence in Bowles' "investigation". I would suggest that unless complaints by Councillors against Senior Officers are seen to be investigated fairly and impartially then there will always be an atmosphere of distrust between the two parties.

"[The WAG Local Government Minister] required all of the non-party groups within the council to produce a statement of their aims and values. The Menai Group has already done so, but the other two non-party groups are, we understand, working with the WLGA [Welsh Local Government Association] to complete this as soon as possible."

Hallelujah. This blog has long advocated the need for the various independent groupings (and individual councillors) to produce a manifesto of what they hope to achieve. I would be very interested to see what the Menai Group have come up with, but as neither of the other two groups (the Original Independents and Anglesey Forward) appear to have finalised theirs, this could be a good opportunity to present them with our own "Peoples Manifesto" when completed.

"[T]he new structures and processes now need to become fully owned, and mainstreamed into how the Council does business. This reflects David Bowles's broader point about the need to move from swift to sustainable change"

And this is the crux of the matter. As we finally established last week via Freedom of Information request, David Bowles is being paid over £160,000 a year to turn the Council around. Its true that some progress does seem to have been made, but unless he can ensure that it is sustainable in the long term even after he has left, then Bowles' salary will be a complete waste.

"During the meeting Cllr McGregor and Mr Bowles shared with the board their thoughts on the future appointment of a new permanent managing director for the Council. David's appointment runs until October 2010, but with an option to extend it for another year."

Unfortunately the actual thoughts on this matter of McGregor and Bowles go unreported.

"The National Archives (TNA) are moving to prohibit Anglesey County Council from maintaining an archive of public records, to close the archive that exists and move the records elsewhere (probably Gwynedd Council or Bangor University). 
"This relates to what are seemingly chronic problems with the management of the service and in particular with the condition of the building which is currently used ... if the situation is unresolved, I and the Board are concerned about the repetitional damage it would cause the Council at what's already a difficult time"

The Druid has on occasion used the Archives service in Llangefni and has always been impressed by the helpfulness and great local knowledge of the Archives staff. However it is true that the building on Glanhwfa Road is a mess - yet it would surely be a disaster for local historians or people wishing to trace their family tree if the records were to be moved over the Bridge and off the Island. It seems strange that with the council currently sinking a small fortune (from the "Three Towns Fund") into converting the grand Llangefni Town Hall into offices for Menter Môn, that nobody ever thought of moving the Archives there.

"Our overall conclusion from this meeting is that the Council is capable of delivering many of the formal changes needed as a precondition for recovery. Its rapid response to the requirements … demonstrate that. However, it is far less clear that progress is as yet sustainable; and a key question for the Board to consider in relation to this is 'what is a successful recovery?'"

Once you get over the shock that the "Recovery Board" doesn't know "what is a successful recovery", I suppose we should just be grateful that they are honest about it.
Anyway, read the whole report below:
IoACC Recovery Board 6th Meeting Minutes


Anonymous said...

My comment/question to DB, 12.48 on the other post (RE:DB`salary revealed) was so timely, it turns out.
What indeed is the definition of successful what measure is it to be judged ?
Mark my words, IACC will simply slide back to its bad ways when these good people are gone !
Blin o Fon

Anonymous said...

There is no Recovery Board, how can there be? when this Council is on it's knees and ignores the people! We cannot have a Council that ignores the wishes of the people, we need a Council and a leader with a sense of direction instead we have a dodgem car full of cronies going round in circles.

What price do we pay for this! We all pay, dearly, a big organisation taking on the little people, who are told to put up or shut up. WE ARE NOT FOR SHUTTING UP, WE WANT CHANGE.

Anonymous said...

Did they have a Recovery Board when the Titanic sank? This place is sinking, fast.

Anonymous said...

Brothers. don't die in silence, fight them, fight them here on this blog site.

Huw Terry
Real Welsh Nationalists Army

Anonymous said...

Paragraph 6

Scrutinise this...We don't want any more..we want a proper Council led by proper people..we want a Council for the people not AGAINST the will of the people. We want to be treated EQUALLY.

Anonymous said...

Paragraph 6

We want the Council to scrutinise the Human Rights Act and adopt it, so that we are all treated the same and not treated like sheep.

McGrgor and Bowles should scrutinise the damage they are causing and the anxiety they are creating by their actions in defending their own cargo of filth, they should remember we will be here long after they have gone, we will remember their contribution to the ruination of this beautiful Island. Scrutinise this..where have all the jobs gone? Scrutinise this..where have all the employers gone? Where have all the young gone? a one word answer..away. Scrutinise that fact and tell us why we have no future.

Anonymous said...

Letter from, Councillor Clive McGregor. To the Managing Director of the day. Dated 22nd December 2008.

"Thank you for your letter dated 15th December 2008, following our discussions on 10th December 2008.

Dealing with the issues contained in the PWC draft Annual Letter, our conversation was not as simplistic as the question regarding the PWC findings outlined regarding Graigwen. Graigwen is only one of several issues highlighted by PWC where this Authority has serious Corporate Governance Issues. I do believe that it is time for this administration to move on. Anglesey has a number of problems which this Executive is anxious to do something about.

As a new Councillor and Executive Member, I have been dismayed by the obvious distrust shown to us by Senior Officers.

As this Annual letter covers part of our Administration, it pains me greatly but doesn't surprise me given that the issues surounding Graigwen have eroded whatever trust and confidence there might be between the ruling Administration and certain members of the Corporate Management Team.

It may be that we require a Police Investigation into the issue, as offences of Malfeasance in Public Office would appear to be made out.

It is then and only then that confidence in the Isle of Anglesey County Council would be apparent".

Councillor Clive McGregor. Phoney Hypocrite.
22nd December 2008.

Anonymous said...

This Report is an inevitable and sad realisation.
A realisation that those, who are paid handsomely, with high credentials,who are supposed to lead Anglesey out of its years of political quagmire, really have no idea which is the right direction.
They have no idea where to lead us, as island people.
Where should we go for proper honest and competent governance ?
WAG....take have the statutory responsibility for giving us local government....and you are failing us.
Throw us in with GWYNEDD !!!!

Anonymous said...

Throw us in with Gwynedd ?
Yes, perhaps.
The alternative is to impose a WAG management team until the local election, and new Members, hopefully.
Meanwhile, past-it and prejudiced senior officers with wrong attitudes should be retired ?
Anglesey by itself is too small, too parochial, and too self-centred, and personality-driven, to govern itself honestly and competently.
Enough is enough ?
Blin o Fon.

Anonymous said...

18:58 is right.
What a dangerous hypocrite.

This is the man, Clive McGregor, now leader of the Council, who, after his baseless allegations then sacks Cllr Durkin having raising genuine and warranted concerns on the pretext that his actions were not in the interest of the council.

Its now very clear, corruption breeds corruption and McGregor has sold everyone out to help continue the cover ups.

Now is that in the interest of the council?

Anonymous said...

Offences of Malfeasance in Public Office will only continue if it is not stopped now.

It is then and only then that confidence in the Isle of Anglesey County Council would be apparent".

Anonymous said...

Who are these good people on the Recovery Board, what are their credentials and expertise to dispense advise and guidance on local governance in Anglesey ?
They have been selected by WAG, but on what criteria and basis of competence ?
Why should we trust them ?
They are being paid handsomely but what do they bring to the table ???
It is not clear.

Anonymous said...


I will demonstrate on this Blog that DB and CM have jeopardized the public purse.

I will shortly post correspondences forwarded to Clive McGregor together with documentary evidence in order that you can make up your own mind if a Police Investigation is warranted.

Anonymous said...

Ex. Chief Supt. Clive McGregor thats a laugh !

Anonymous said...

I do not want or expect Clive McGregor to be prosecuted but he will certainly have his work cut-out explaining this one away to the Public.

It pains me greatly to say this but Clive appears to be part of the problem and not the solution.


Anonymous said...

Anon 21:09 - Sorry for being a know it all but Clive McGregor was Superintendent of the Anglesey Western Division and Elwyn Roberts was the Chief Inspector of North Wales Police.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Various comments deleted.

Anonymous said...

Watch this space - I will demonstrate how powerful the Internet is in dealing with underhanded officials.

I am going to launch a heat seeker at Clive which he will not be able to shake off and the only option will be to eject.

Sorry Clive, I cannot stand-by and let innocent people suffer at the hands of criminals who think they are above the law.

Also my Mother always told me don't trust the Police, and now I know what she meant.

Anonymous said...

Dont think McGregor or Bowles can hear us.

McGregor is at his holiday home in France & Bowles is on holiday in the far east again!

Cause a load of trouble then bugger off till the dust settles.

Not this time Boy'oh. Not this time, don't bother. Your cards are already in the post.

Anonymous said...

Anon 23.08
They can`t hear us ?
If CMcG is sunning it by the pool sipping chablis and nibbling smoked salmon, he might be bored enough to follow this chatter on his laptop, I guess.
As to DB, no idea what he`s up to in foreign lands.
But he`ll be back.

Anonymous said...

It should occur, what outcomes or consequences are we reasonably expecting for the governance of Anglesey from the outpouring of the hundreds of angry rants, complaints and allegations of abuse (real or imagined) on your Blog....its a heated and popular site (with a wide following, and we are grateful for such a platform !)and its complaints are interminable.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Comment made at 09:53 deleted for containing an unsubstantiated allegation.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Druid - I should have posted the holiday snaps taken by Interpol to substantiate my claim.

Anonymous said...

They are having 'aboard' meeting in the South of France.

Menin Gate said...

09:43: Firstly, this blog has achieved almost overnight what the media have failed to do for years - provide open debate on what is going on at the Council. If we all accept that unsubstantiated allegations and rants are just that until proven otherwise, we can start to see that there is something deeply wrong, and not only with some of the elected members, but the senior officials, too.

Secondly, so long as we all stick to posting factual and non-defamatory material, which will in any case be quickly removed, this blog cannot be shut down in the way that, I have no doubt at all, many in the council want to happen.

It is maybe a tired yet very true thing to remind people that this is an open, pluralist democracy where we can express our differing views without fear of reprisal. Many in the council want reprisal, and I can tell you that there are some surprising efforts put into trying to 'get' those who want to take an interest in certain aspects of the council's activities. The question is: how did those officers and members get so arrogant that they have an entrenched view that the public have no right to question them? Lack of interest is one thing, lack of ability to remind themselves of the public servant status they all have is another. They should never forget that we are the public that pay their often large salaries, and that they are all fully accountable to us.

In this week of the 70th anniversary of Dunkirk, it is salient to remember that our forefathers did not endure years in the trenches of France and Belgium and give up their lives in the muddy wastelands so that petty little men in a local council could stop people from expressing their views in public.

Anonymous said...

Menin gate 10.44
Absolutely !
But my question to the Derwydd remains...what should/can/must we the aggrieved public of Ynys Mon do with this huge head of steam that has built will just evaporate if the answer is nothing.
Derwydd....what do you think ?
Blin o Fon

Anonymous said...

I think we could do a lot worse than point out to the Assembly that this blog is an important, respected and now influential element of debate about what is wrong AND what we can do to improve things. The People's Manifesto shows we have good, well thought-out ideas, and are not just a bunch of moaners as some would like to cast us.

So, first we send the People's Manifesto, with a covering letter, to the Assembly. Then we can send it to Mr. Bowles, who may see that there is a valid point in involving maybe representatives of the Druid blog in the discussions on a way forward. I think Druid should remain anonymous and apart, but some of us can and will come forward openly. Or Mr. Bowles may choose to laugh at our work and move on to other things. But I think the latter would be to ignore what he claims to represent: good public services that are accountable to the public.

Come on, Mr. Bowles, try some novel thinking and get the good people of Anglesey directly involved; we don't find much comfort in the 'you're represented by the councillors' line!

Anonymous said...

anon 11.12
Yes, good start...careful action is needed, after all the words.
DERWYDD, you are strangely silent ??
Pondering I guess...give us your wisdom ?
Blin o Fon

Anonymous said...

I suspect we also need to show that we are more than just three people writing under various guises of anonymity!

I think we therefore need an online petition with our intentions and aims set out, where people will put their names to it. I suspect fear of recrimination will, rather alarmingly given it's a council we're talking about, inhibit many from putting their name forward, but then again, there are plenty of people angry enough to do so, too.

Any other ideas?

Anonymous said...

A petition to the WAG was floated earlier in the Manifesto thread with suggested content. It was'nt taken up at all so I guess was not a popular idea with posters.

Anonymous said...

True. I think that it just passed away as another topic took over people's attention. Then again, maybe people don't expect a petition will work in these days of standard, dismissive responses, if you get one at all. The other problem is that people have to put their names to a petition , and it's clear that most are actually fearful of recrimination should they do so. What an appalling state of affairs for a council to hold such a sword over people's heads.

Anonymous said...

12.19 Any Other Ideas

A petition, does a petition carry any weight?

For anonimiyty, could a petition be drawn up by a solicitor who could then take names but maintain the anonimity but could openly quote numbers until the time came to submit a comprehensively 'filled' document.


Anonymous said...

IoACC is heading for Intensive Care and are not likely to recover after being smashed to smithereens in Court.

They will try to avoid a judicial review at all costs, however, they are not calling the shots and will be dragged by the scruff into Court and justice served.

It's a foregone conclusion and it's just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Druid,

I have received a phone call drawing my attention to
your Blog Site and in particular to the item under
your heading “Quote of the Day” .

As I am not a person in the public domain I see no reason
to identify my self of my family and for security reasons
this is best.

The actual item concerned was lodged at 18.25 on the 28th May.
I felt the inclusion shows the stinking level some people will
go to, particularly the sentence after IOACC.

I have seen the entry by ‘GEORGE’ and have no idea if I know
this person or not but I will shortly give a telephone number by
which ‘GEORGE’ can contact me, it would seem we have
very similar situations.

Two members of my family did make planning applications
which were thwarted by the intense activities of a (now)
elected County Councillor and his band of cronies who, even
sunk to using a forged to petition for a particular planning application.

To indicate to others the abysmal level of inhumanity these
people crawl to, I feel the 18.25 item should remain but out of
respect for those currently in the heat, danger and horrorful
situation in which they find themselves, I would ask that you
delete from that item all after IOACC.

A Father

Anonymous said...

The petition system is in place in Wales.

I can't say if it is taken notice of but you cannot sign "Anonymous" and this is only right. Let's face it, there could be no more than a dozen posters on the Druid's site.

There is a genuine fear of retribution in this insular society. That's probably why we're in the shit.

This is how you start or sign a petition, but as Iv'e said does anyone have the courage/

"I petition the Welsh Assembly Government to ensure that every Council in Wales provides the option for every child to receive their education through either the medium of Welsh (Welsh Medium schooling) or through the medium of English (English Medium Schooling) at every stage."

Since this has been a contentious subject in the "Manifesto" who will post this petition?

Not I said the.......

Anonymous said...

why doesnt Assembly take over direct control of this shower now? then announce new elections within 3 months say...BUT with all new candidates or would this be against human rights of the existing bunch?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


P D. We know exactly who you are. Now where's the phone number? George is waiting.

Anonymous said...

A Planning Approval has been passed for a new bunglaow on the Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty headland at Penrhyn Point Traeth Bychan.

The application was quite correctly made by the property owner / agent.

Having read through the Minutes of the Benllech Community Council, I can not see that this application was discussed or voted upon.

Is there corruption/conspiracy in
The Community Council
The Elected Member for the area
Planning ?

Anonymous said...

To George and Lug,

The number promised is under. Withelds and texts will not be responded to.

Give your landline number AND mobile number for a call back


Anonymous said...

Anon 07766649455 - What exactly do you wish to discuss.

If you made the comment about the soldier's not returning then I will give you my address and telephone number and we will take it from there.

Expect a call once I put the kids to bed and that is a promise.

I really do not give a damn who you are or what you do, I am going to take you up on your offer and if you get nasty then it suits me just fine.

Anonymous said...

Soldiers, Sailor's and Airmen, all those brave individual who have represented Her Majesty and her Government should be treated with respect, dignity and respect, all of these are strangers to this Council. Why? I was a serving member of Her Majesty's Forces and these sadists prevented me from running a business by stating that.
1 I had an Enforcement Notice.
2 The access to my business was shit and they objected to it, when in fact there was no objections.
3 They used every scam to prevent me running the business even refusing to transfer the business licence to my name because they said I had NO planning.

As a member of Her Majesty's Forces I was treated like a leper, this is how they treat members of the Armed Forces in Anglesey.


Anonymous said...

Corporal Pritchard - I understand your frustration and we all need to band together to fight for this Island and ourselves

We are dealing with corruption that is unprecedented outside of Sicily and they are well connected to North Wales Police which makes it impossible to have charges brought against them.

If you would have offered the Planning Officer's a consultation fee, then you would not be in the position you are now. It sounds crazy but it's the truth, they are rotten to the core.


Anonymous said...


Your comments sound like something Cllr Durkin would want to know about.

Why don't you email him on

Who knows. What have you got to lose?

He's been a lot of help to me.

Anonymous said...

Anon 23.08, Anon 09.32

You'll actually find that your dear Leader is up to his ears in dirty nappies; he's visiting his three week old grandson.

I'm sure he wishes he was by the pool supping a Chablis.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Clive and family.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in the Planning Application for a change of use of part of an existing Double Garage in Rhostrehwfa, which has actually been lived in for years in breach of approval conditions and without planning permission.

Why is this not a retrospective Application?

Why has the Council, knowing full well that the garage has been used as living accommodation, accepted anything less?

Who is the Applicant?

An Senior employee of the Council perhaps?

Of course he is. But you'll never guess Who.

Anonymous said...

Considering the amount of time Clive spends in France.
Are we still paying him his £8OO, a week in allowances?

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Comment made at 21:34 deleted for naming names in a case still under investigation.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

A Father - I am happy to help but unsure what you exactly you would like me to delete. Can you explain to me one more time please?

Anonymous said...

What I would like deleted is the sentence following IOACC? on the page Quote Of The Day 28th May at18.28. I think the rest should stay to show how disgusting some people can be.

Thank you

A. Father

The Druid of Anglesey said...

A Father - done.

Anonymous said...

Anon 18.25 if you are not George or Lug the number I gave does not involve you. I will just add "SAFE" is how I would like my kids to be and it is "Safe they would like thiers to have been but others opposed that and when the ones I called 'others' read these pages they avoid the actual issue and print very ante comments.

To Cpl Griffiths, you are so right
this council or its members only want photographic and press glory, wait till Armed Forces Day, they they will display themselves and their pprent (but false) support.

A. Father

Anonymous said...

After what my family and I have had to put up with from the Planning Authority, I'm also unhappy about this planning application.

The garage was built and lived in from the very start. It has double glazed roof lights, double glazed windows and doors, insulated floors, walls and roof and was built as a fully fitted bungalow made to look like a garage.

On top of that, there is already another bungalow at the back of the main dwelling which was built as a garage/workshop.

I think when the people of Anglesey find out exactly who has made this bogus application, all hell will break loose.

Anonymous said...

Withll this chaos going on here, what on earth is the Welsh Assembly Government doing about this? And secondly, we haven't heard a peep from the little mouse that's the Anglesey AM, Iawn Wyn Jones. Is he hiding under the stairs or what?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Druid


Anonymous said...

21:22 & 21:54.

Don't worry it's all under investigation, no-one's getting away with anything.

All will be revealed.

Anonymous said...

Cpl. Griffiths
Beware of the man who stands alongside you then knifes you in the back,
Look what happened to
Peter Rogers
G O Parry
Clive McGregor
Brian Sylvester
There are many others

it is not good to contact strngers who do not know so watch out for phone calls and emails


Anonymous said...

A. Father - Your comment, quote: "Anon 18.25 if you are not George or Lug the number I gave does not involve you."

I really do not know why you have posted the number for me to phone. Is it your number and if so can you please explain what you want to discuss.

Please E-Mail me on "".

Lug (All ears)

Anonymous said...

OTB Is back. Where have you been, i've missed you, you told me you love me and then you left.

I'm off the the Pit (Holyhead Nightclub) to find true love, and you never know I might get lucky and wake up in the cop shop. There's a couple of fit WPC's there who cannot wait to get their hands on me.



Anonymous said...

Cpl Griffiths I too am an ex-squaddie L.Cpl Pierce 24522828 and am proud to have been a Royal Welch Fusilier.

I have lost my shop, business, two flats and am in danger of losing my home simply because a grant scheme was not delivered.

The only person fighting my corner at the minuite is Councillor Durkin. My own Councillor advised that he could help me no further because the Director of Finance had advised him not to.

G. Pierce

Anonymous said...

Is "OTB" Miss On The Ball. If so, shall we take a trip down memory lane.

Looking into my crystal Ball I see a Springer Spaniel; horses and the gaelic name "Tara". I also see a beautiful tall dark elegant young lady skipping through fields of buttercups without a care in the World.

I hope you liked that Miss Ball, but what you won't like is the fact I was only One at the time.

Also, I caught you stalking me in Co-op Holyhead in May, 2009 after I wiped the floor with Internal Audit and Senior Solicitor.

I never look over my shoulder because i've got eyes in the back of my head.

Andy Pandy

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Comment maddest 23:01 deleted for making unsubstantiated allegations.

Anonymous said...

The corruption is endless and the only person standing up and speeking out against it, is Cllr Durkin. He's certainly put those two cover up, so and so's, Bowles and McGregor in their places.

We've read what L.Cpl Pierce has to say and we've got to put our trust in someone, so we should all be backing Cllr Durkin and showing it.

What have we got to loose?

Anonymous said...

0N THE BALL, at one.
Your a very naughty boy, Andy

Anonymous said...

Andy Pandy is a spy, killed IOACC and made Clive cry, and when Lyn Ball came out to play Andy Pandy kicked her away.

Anonymous said...

The Germans won tonight, they beat all of Europe. Perhaps they will come and take over here, there would be no messing then.

The would have grin like Cheshire Cat or Headless Woman now there's one under the arm for you councillor but then you were used to that eh lad

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about a councillor who took a load of vintage cars to be restored and picked them up but never paid for the work, I am trying to remember his name

Anonymous said...

You will all have a good laugh tomorrow when you eventually get to see Wales This Week on You Tube.

Technicians have been working around the clock and you will not be disappointed.

John Arthur Jones' response to being door-stepped by WTW is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Will the WTW programme be complete or just edited to give a flase impression ?

If we had a Paedo on the council would that person have free reign on committees ?

Anonymous said...

Typically, this is degenerating, again...all steam and no plan of action..where is your wisdom and guidance, we beseech thee ??
Some of us are ready to act, and put our specialist knowledge and expertise to public use.
Blin o Fon

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Blin o Fon

Sorry for the late reply. With regards to how I propose to proceed - my tentative plan in the short term is as follows:

- complete the Peoples Manifesto during this week (I'm happy to say its now close to being done)
- send it to all councillors via email, copying in David Bowles amd also local journalists from the Daily Post and Holyhead Mail
- As reported by the latest recover board minutes, the Original Independents and Anglesey Forward groups have not yet completed their statement of aims. Accordingly, the email will request that they incorporate the Peoples Manifesto into their statement
- Furthermore the email will hont that if they do not, then we will consider organising a 'Good Governance' movement of people who will stand in the next council elections against councillors who do not support it.

As I said this is still a tentative plan and needs to be refined further - but those are my thoughts at the moment. If you have any suggestions then I happy to hear them.


Anonymous said...

Diolch yn fawr am yr ymateb.
This is just the careful wisdom and direction our movement needs.
I use OUR advisedly, as it is after all a public demonstration of sheer disappointment, anger and distrust of our elected 40, acting together, or apart (according to your viewpoint)in our governance.
There are people out here ready to participate in this movement and put their expertise to public use, for the common good, as a political philosopher might say.
I am sure most people will support your proposal.
It also occurs that it would be good to ask for a delegation to meet the recovery Board and DB to put our arguments forward...if they refuse, we shall legitimately ask WHY ?
Blin o Fon

Anonymous said...

When you do your Manifesto Druid remember the Human Rights Act, and remember the members of Her Majesty's Forces who have been shafted and shat upon by this Council, who are indeed an embarasement to this Country we call Wales.


Anonymous said...

David Bowles has been misinformed again. He has gone to Japan to watch England against Japan but the game is in Austria.

Anonymous said...

To. 00:18.

Name the Councillor you refer to and yourself or keep your gutless allegations to yourself.

I know a retired Estate Agent, ex Councillor who having involved himself in a number of Mortgage and Hire Purchase scams, got someone else to take the blame who then went to goal.

That ex Councillor couldn't be you could it?

Anonymous said...

Funny you should say that 17:01

I know of a retired estate agent, ex County Councillor who spent his Winters on the other side of the World, masquerading as a representative of the North Wales Police.

Of course an application under the FOIA to see if he was real or not soon put an end to that little scam.

But it did not stop him carrying false letters behind his name.

I think they call him called Walter Mitty

Any way you'll all have the opportunity to see him on YouTube tomorrow in one of his bigger scams.

Anonymous said...

Coming soon to the Druids Blog

Wales This Week


Wing Commander (Fibber) Roberts


John Al Paedo

Anonymous said...

Typically, this is degenerating ....again.
Lets please be more mature.

Anonymous said...

I agree 18:30.

But not before we expose the crooks that have brought Anglesey to its knees at our expense.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 19.11
Allegations-v-Evidence ?
Generalisations-v-Specifics ?
Timewasters-v-Substantives ?
Lets be mature and intelligent.

Anonymous said...

There are people who try hard to have their grievances heard and aired on this blog, yet, no one listens or cares, why? it's because it doesn't affect me, the selfish attitude that has allowed these evildoers to get away with crimes, while we all do nothing. These is why we all cry, not in shame, it's because no one listens.

I know it's poignant to try to air my grievances against this bad Council, but no one does anything, this is what we do, we say nasty things, but do nothing.

JAJ must be laughing, Clive and Bowles, Lynn Ball, Chorlton, the whole lot are laughing, because at the end of the day, most of the Councillors are spineless, and the bloggers here all moan, but do nothing to help anyone.

I complained until I was blue in the face, to the WAG, the Ombudsman, to any Councillor, that would listen, no one cared, no one gave a shit..are we all as bad as them???
Barrie Durkin, we all think your the main man, we need your help to deliver the manifesto, to Bowles, and to bend him over and ram it right up his arse.

Will anyone here who wants to genuinely help the oppressed people of Anglesey, and who wants to live his or her life, helping others get out of hell, please, please, stop whingeing and moaning, and start doing, start fighting back, before we all crack up.

Huw Terry

Anonymous said...

Who is the biggest threat to the running of this shit faced Council, who can we call upon to ask for an inquiry into this mess.

I was thinking of Peter Rogers and Barrie Durkin.

Both of them together to cause chaos and demand a vote of confidence in Mc Gregor and Bowles?

And why do we need them two? because the rest don't care about the people, their fat ugly snouts have been in the trough too long, we want someone who is untouchable, any suggestions for an alliance to help the aggrieved and lost, the people who have had their lives ruined by this Council.

Anonymous said...

Huiw Terry 19.52

How do we fight back?

We apply for a grant we don't get it.

We apply for assistance, we don't get it.

Where do we go ?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the way to complain to the Ombudsman is:

A list of Grant complaints
A list for Planning Complaints
etc etc

They could then deal with them category upon category and not a jumbled list.

How would they be compiled though because all would need to go to a central collection point

Anonymous said...

LUG 29th May 19.19
R U Suggesting someone at planning wouild take a backhander, sorry I mean a consultation fee?

I thought a bung was used to stop the ship sinking

Anonymous said...

Offering a consultation fee to a Council Official is the same as a speeding female driver undoing her blouse for the Policemen leaning through the window.

If those in power had the resolve to resist temptation then the World would be a better place.

Anonymous said...

Great, to help the unscrupulous, why doesn't some caring person publish a list of 'Consultants.

Anonymous said...

It occurs it should be part of the People`s Manifesto (even if it can not be law per se) that no Councillor will be expected by the electorate to run for more than 2 consecutive terms, and in any event should retire at 65....this would remove most of the cancer that afflicts this council.
If they breach this "expectation" they should be ostracised by the electorate, and thus fail to win the seat.
Blin o Fon

The Great Councillini said...


I think we could do a lot worse than act positively and indeed form that Good Governance Movement - or perhaps even a GG Party? This would protect individuals from being targeted by the independent eejits, and give more legitimacy to our cause.

Personally, I think we should try to attract a much broader list of council candidates - including much younger people who seem to be lost in the world of politics. It's irrelevant if they are young or old, Welsh, English or South Korean for that matter. What DOES matter is that they act with integrity, and serve to the best of their ability.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Councillini - 100% agree.

Anonymous said...

Bringing in younger people with fresh thinking is a commendable idea but in this period of 'blackness' and 'stupidity' they would probably stay a barge poles length. I guess we should all be looking for good potentials but then so would the bad guys so again it is a case of filtration.

We are going through a testing time but it will get better one way or another Lets all pray!!!!!

Anglesey Islander

Anonymous said...

Anglesey Islander 18.13

The trouble is, where would the younger people look for advice, probably experienced older or ex-councillors and if not them perhaps officers but then there are claims that many are not pure.

Doubtful Thomas

Anonymous said...

TAKE NOTE with the utmost respect...If you wish your grievances to be taken SERIOUSLY by IACC and WAG, you really should be SERIOUS on this the moment I guess its about 25% serious and intelligent : 75% childish and immature trash and innuendo that they will laugh at, and promptly BIN.
If you have substance and intelligence, we want to know....if you are otherwise, please keep quiet and don`t be embarassing.
There is serious business to be done here, in the name of Anglesey !
No offence intended.

Anonymous said...

Good God
YouTube is here.

The Great Councillini said...

"The trouble is, where would the younger people look for advice, probably experienced older or ex-councillors and if not them perhaps officers but then there are claims that many are not pure."

In my experience, youngsters have plenty of ideas of their own. It's elders that tend to try and waggle the finger and say 'now, my boy, that'll never work'. The young can listen to others' advice, but they don't have to necessarily accept it.

Anonymous said...

I agree partly.
If we had such a clutch of new members, with no experience of governance, as would be likely, until they found their feet they would depend on guidance on senior officers ....and would that be a good thing, after all thats been said here ?

Anonymous said...

11.50 and 14.08

They might well waggle the finger and say "how will WE make a profit out of that"

Thinking of Senior Officers how would the 'Good' ones be separated from the 'Consultants' ?

Doubtful Thomas

Anonymous said...

How dare people make scurrilous accusations against honest professional planning officers....shame on you.
An Officer.

Anonymous said...

Sorry A N Officer but I did not single out Planning Officers, are you feeling a little guilty yourself?

Anonymous said...

If you feel like that, why do you continue working in such a nest of rats without saying something?

Or are you just another gutless wonder who can only snipe under Anon?

Don't forget, It's people like you who say nothing that allows the Corruption to continue, making you as bad as them.

Anonymous said...

To anonomously insult and ridicule others who post anonomously is bigoted in the extrteme !
Derwydd...I reiterate...this blog has been hijacked by some of very low intelligence with the IQ of the comics of yesteryear...they do nothing to advance your/our cause... and those in governance (IACC and WAG etc)just laugh at them as puerile amusement.
I am one who knows, but its become tiring and boring !
A respectfulsuggestion....moderate or delete all such trash at source and let the rest of us advance the cause with some intelligence ??
Blin o Fon

The Druid of Anglesey said...

BoF - there will be some changes soon.

Anonymous said...

Never a truer word said, but the changes are going to be a terrible price to pay.