Thursday, 17 February 2011

++ WAG makes urgent statement on Anglesey Council ++ (updated)


UPDATE: David Bowles' press release concerning Carl Sargeant's statement is below:


The Minister for Social Justice and Local Government, Carl Sargeant, in
a written statement issued today, whilst praising staff, says that
Anglesey County Council’s political problems have not gone away.

He has now instructed the Auditor General to conduct an urgent
re-inspection of the Authority to help him consider ‘a new and more
stringent form of intervention’.

Anglesey’s Interim Managing Director, David Bowles, said “I agree
entirely with the Minister’s assessment of the County Council’s
current political predicament.  This is fundamentally an issue about the
personal values, conduct and behaviours of individual members entrusted
with £150m of public money.  Unfortunately in spite of very extensive
development, support and very blunt advice the majority continue to let
the people of Anglesey down.”

“The Minister has himself pointed to hollow assurances given by some
members to the Recovery Board. Unfortunately, this has been my
experience of how some councillors operate in Anglesey with no less than
five reneging on their own signatures on written undertakings and
agreement. I was appalled at the latest so called new alliances in order
to allegedly take this Authority ‘forward’. This formation has
completely ignored advice that I have given and goes against the
principles of good governance, as demanded by the Minister. It is no
more than a desperate attempt to try to prevent something more dramatic
happening rather than face up to and solve the Council’s long standing
political problems. Shifting the deck chairs on the Titanic is no

Mr Bowles continued, “How can inward investors, other Councils or
partners have any confidence in dealing with a Council dominated by a
number of unprincipled politicians who have a reputation for hollow
promises. There are some members here who have had the moral courage to
make a difference.  One hopes that there is a silent majority who at
some time will stand up to be counted and join them but I fear time has
run out.

“The population of Anglesey and its 3,000 strong workforce are
entitled to expect better of their elected representatives, who cost the
taxpayer in excess of £800,000 a year. Staff here genuinely feel that
they are the ones who will pay the price for political turmoil and
political failure by loss of jobs as a result of a possible merger with
Gwynedd and that clearly is not acceptable. It is the councillors who
should seriously consider their positions.”

“I’m very mindful, however, that in spite of everything they
endure Anglesey’s staff continue to provide good services. This was
recognised in a recent Wales Audit Office report, which praised the
commitment and dedication of a workforce which has been let down by its
elected representatives.  I hope the public recognise and praise our
staff who deliver good services day in and day out.”

David Bowles concluded, “Members have lost the trust of our staff;
they clearly have a long way to go to regain the confidence of the


kp said...

Yet another last chance for Anglesey County Council ..... as WAG continues to fail the people of Anglesey.

Ratepayers unite, we need to demand immediate compensation from the Welsh Assembly Government for its dismal failure to control an errant council.

Brawd o Amlwch said...

Hardly a surprise......failure was waiting to happen ?
The Council has failed, the Recovery Board has failed, Bowles and McG have failed, Sargent has failed.......
What can the Auditor/Accountant find and say that makes any difference ?
A forced merger with Gwynedd will happen before XMas !

Anonymous said...

Let's get the facts straight, the Council is not fit for perpose and hase let us all down, and no matter how many chances it gets, it always fails to deliver that what is expected. The staff work hard and are in a difficult position, the cove rups are continuing, the echoes of dissent are now on the streets. What is the solution?

Well, Carl Sargeant has passed the ball back to the auditor general to have a look, sorry, looking and doing nothing are leaving us all in a perilious state, we need doing. We need action.

Remedy from my simple mind.

Dissolve the Council and call it a day. The Councillors we have will NO longer be able to stand as Councillors. Carl Sargeant to bring in a team from Cardiff to run the Council, simple.
Issues and complaints to be investigated, thoroughly and honestly. Council to run without Councillors for 12 months, total clean out. The services will continue as normal, the Anglesey cake will be binned, and then a new system of Councillors can be installed, preferrably a lot less, it's the only way forward.

Anonymous said...

We need a system here where we can complain and we know that someone will investigate, who in the Welsh Assembly do we turn to for help??, seeing as the Welsh Assembly have created this mess, who do we turn to down there???????????

Is Carl the man to talk to?

Brawd o Amlwch said...

Any new political candidate needs a platform, a CAUSE to fight for.
Paul is the candidate....the cause is the dissolution of IACC and its cancer.
Paul, over to you.
You can win on this cause, get the People of Anglesey behind you ?
Get a Petition going.

Anonymous said...

the only way forward for Anglesey now is to rid itself once and for always of those who currently occupy Council seats - I readily accept that not all are bad, some are actually quite good but, if they're not being part of the solution, then they remain part of the problem.

Every Councillor should fall on his sword and resign immediately AND rule themself out of standing for re-election. New blood is needed and it is needed now, not at the next scheduled election.

If they quit or were all sacked en masse then there would be no option but to hold an early election.

If Sargent wants a method to show progress then it is staring him in the face - dump this dysfunctional Council on Penhesgyn tip and facilitate getting a new one in that wants to work for the people of Anglesey and not for their own personal or Party gain.

Anonymous said...



Prometheuswrites said...

Has Carl Seargent been reading poetry?

Written Statement by the Welsh Assembly Government

"What is profoundly disappointing for me is that now many of those apparently
involved in recent developments gave personal assurances to my Recovery
Board that they would not destabilise the current administration in the
interests of securing recovery. Those assurances have proved to be hollow."
Carl Sergeant 2011

The Hollow Men

We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats' feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar

A shape without form, shade without colour
Paralysed force, gesture without motion;

T.S. Elliot 1925

Anonymous said...

Can Callie Boy actually read?

Groundhog Day said...

I've been waiting for this for a few weeks now. Shifty Carl Sergeant gets the Senedd in a tissy to rush through legislation giving him powers to amalgamate councils with their neighbours - especially failing councils as IoAC obviously is. This latest announcemnt to bring in the (no doubt suitably briefed) auditors in once more is merely a precursor to our local authority being swallowed by Gwynedd Council. Remember you read it her first folks!!

Anonymous said...

The statement by Bowles must rank as one of the most extraordinary ever made in local government in the UK. His comments show what can only be described as his complete contempt for the individuals who he seems to forget have been democratically elected by the people. They could have been said by a political agent in the days of the Raj who was telling an independent Indian Ruler that unless he did as he was told then his territory would be annexed by the British. His position looks frankly untenable. He has become part of the problem and not part of the solution and however,much it might embarrass WAG he should obviously go.

Photon said...

So, we've gone from a minority of troublemakers to a majority. I hate to say it, but we told you so, Carl!

kp said...

And whilst it is fair to say that 'Anglesey staff continue to provide good services', Mr Bowles should take a good hard look at the cost of providing such 'good services'.

It is precisely these costs that need to be slashed.

We are poor and we cannot have a rates bill that reflects anything other than our general state of poorness!

Anonymous said...

KP. we have the 2nd or 3rd lowest council tax bill in wales out of 22 council. please learn your facts.

kp said...

Anon 17.31

Are we not the poorest region in the UK?

And, if so, why does our council tax not reflect this. It should be the lowest of all!

Or do you have another view?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you know but JOHN ARTHUR JONES has been going around the Amlwch sort of area saying he is going to run against IWJ in the upcoming elections.

Not only this, but he has also been campaigning for the NO vote in the referendum. HE said with a YES vote taxes will go up.
Clearly this is a complete lie.

Any views...?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@15.14 do you seriously believe that you can convince anyone that everything was just fine and dandy at the council before Bowles arrived? Hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Groundhog..16.46 Actually, Brawd o Amlwch predicted it first, old boy, but no matter.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

To 18.31 You`r stupid.

Bowles` biggest mistake was thinking he could draw a line and let his Senior Officers and Councillors alike get away with their corrupt past.
Recovery should have meant recovery, not just brush the crap under the carpet.
Therefore, half the shite that`s gone on since is down to Bowles.
What did he expect ? And, it does`nt look like he has got thing`s done does it. All the problems should have been sorted in 1998, lessons were not learnt.

The Red Flag said...

Anonymous said...
18.10 Any views ?
Yes. JAJ is completely and utterly delusional.......laugh at him....or forget him.

Taking it a stage furher, a NO vote is a vote to keep the WAG the same shambolic mess it is now.

It will never be undone - it's here and that's that and only a YES vote can actually bring any changes to how it currently is.

NO means you're happy with the state of affairs as they are (whether that's what you actually mean or not) and not voting means you couldn't care less.

As for the council, I have said the same as thers above. Make them all stand down and not seek re-election. Yes some are good but sadly unless they are willing to go public about 'antics' then to get rid of the bad they've all got to go.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to read Bowles' response that quote is a little bit of Druid posting, did anyone else find it? So we now know that they all read the Druid and accordingly they all chuckle at the responses by the likes of you and I, now before we all switch our laptops off and hide them under the stairs, do not Panic!

This letter from Carl " Beef cake" Sargeant is nothing but a bluff, he knows that people will panic and reply all sorts to it, this will give Beefcake a bit of a breathing space, by passing a letter saying the auditor is looking into it.

The auditor will then report that his report will have to be passed onto another bureacrat, and during this episode, the vote will take place to give the dogs a yes, no to get more law making power what a joke that is, more breathing space, for Beefcake.

So in maybe 6 months time, we will still be moaning, but unknown to us, a very important issue will be resolved behind our backs.

The merger bus, will be parking in Caernarfon, documents will be carried out of the boot, and overnight, we will wake up and be part of Gwynedd. The problems of the past will be erased overnight.

When we have got over that shock, we will realise that we have been conned again. It won't be the first time, it won't be the last time, but if you actually think that your voice will be heard in Caernarfon, then forget it, nothing could be further from the truth, if they can't hear us in Cardiff, how do you think they will hear us in Caernarfon?

By the time we wake up that fateful day, the merger bus will be flying down the road to Cardiff, and will be parked at the back of the Senedd, alongside IWJ's van, Beefcakes' hot dog van and Carwyn Jones' ice cream van.

They love their vans down there, handy for keeping dogs, well they have their tongues up each other's arses just like the dogs they are.

Anonymous said...

The Photon reckons that there is an avenue to complain to the Welsh Audit Office direct, will the people who want to go down that avenue, please remember the following.

Don't build your hopes up.

Every complaint received is copied and sent to the person you are complaining about, so if you think it's confidential and impartial, sorry it's not.

It's more cost effective to keep this hilly billy Council ticking over, than to try to replace it, it's money at the end of the day.

Or as we say, "diwedd y gan, yddir geiniog"

Anonymous said...

18.31 Interesting list of names, all except one well known obstructives....but what has the new name done to offend, pray tell ???

Anonymous said...

"He's an MD who takes no crap and gets things done. "

You need to be able to provide examples of things he's got done if you're going to make claims like that round here.

Otherwise, folks will say he's more like an MD who takes lots of money and doesn't get much done. And readers can already see he and the Council would have preferred it if no one knew exactly how much money was involved.

Are his/Solace's full contract Ts+Cs with IoACC now public? Was his appointment and/or his payment conditional on meeting specified targets, or is the contract on a "you turn up, you get paid" basis?

Paul Williams said...

Comment made at 18:31 deleted for naming names. I reproduce it below with those names redacted.

"Those against Bowles are clearly stupid.

He is the best thing that has happened to Ynys Mon since 1996. He's an MD who takes no crap and gets things done. I doubt even Nelson Mandela could do a better job with these councillors!

The sooner they remove the likes of [redacted] the more likely we are to continue as Ynys Mon and not Gwynedd.

Ultimately it is up to us the residents of Ynys Mon to stand up and be heard! We need your support! Stand up and put your names forward for the next elections! For too long the so called big wigs have won elections with no competition against their seats! Amlwch, you in particular need this change! Winston may make you believe that he is helping you but believe me he's only interested in himself, he's clearly affecting any chance of investment in your ward!

Stand up and be counted people!"

Anonymous said...

This whole affair is Bowles's doing.

He, along with McGregor, engineered the bloody lot to make it easier for those bastards a the WAG to create a merger with Gwynedd County Council

Anonymous said...

Actually I'm starting to think Bowles' entire intention was to stir the hornets nest.

Some of his comments are very sarcastic, and his focus seems to be solely on destroying the two councillors named in the "Terms Of Engagement"!

Very clever and devious, Mr Bowles!

the outsider said...

I am astonished to read what Mr Bowles has said, whatever is or is not the problem he should refrain from making comments that denigrate the elected Councillors, he is after all a civil servant and so his remarks are inappropriate. Carl Sargeant is a politician and THE politician with the responsibility for this situation so it is correct protocol for him to voice his concerns and take the action he has. However that action does little more than kick the problem into the long grass where it will no doubt be dealt with after the March referendum and possibly even after the May elections. That is not, in my humble opinion, good enough. There surely must be provisions for calling an early election for IoACC and that is the only democratic way forward now.

Anonymous said...

The Minister has the legal power to call an election.......see Local Government Act 2000, Part IV, Sections 85-87 incl.
Google it !

Anonymous said...

I guess the merger bus is on it's way from Cardiff then, is this their idea of democracy, having our identity taken away from us? Are we to blame for this mess? Is Carl Sargeant on the side of the people or is he driving the merger bus to run over our rights as people? Bring the merger bus to Anglesey Carl, let's see what your reasons are and then we will give you our reasons why we don't want to merge!

If the merger bus is driving up hell bent on making us pay for this political fiasco, then we will not letting it through.

Hell on wheels, the merger bus.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Obama will help us out, were fighting for Democracy and getting screwed by an incompetent Authority, a bit like Egypt last week.

Dear Obama,

Yo man, we got oursleves some democracy problems in our hood, some bad guys interfering with our human rights and shit, we need some aid, ships and helicopters and cokea cola, can you dog it?

Bro Jones

Anonymous said...

From the White Office

Dear Bro Jones, see you in May, democracy is your Human Right brother, keep the face, when you said can you dog it I see the reference to the evil government you have, I wondered if you meant can you dig it? I sure can, cos I'm a big shaft fan, you wanna check out his movie some time, I prefer Issac Hayes, Michelle, prefers Richard Rountree, keep the faith bro, and right on!

The Boss

Mr Picton said...

If the minister does what is right for Anglesey and for democracy in Welsh local government, he will in parallel to his announcement today, call for fresh elections to be held this year.

It beggars belief that anything more substantive can come out of another Audit Gen visit. The Recovery Board have been the eyes and ears of WAG in Llangefni. They have enough info to pull the plug.

e.g if a football team has a player who pulls up with a hamstring, does the manager

a) leave him there, shout at him and say that he'll run it off, or

b) get him off, substitute and deal with the injury asap!

why does IOACC get the a) option ?????

Anonymous said...

David Bowles is a Trouble making ba....rd.end of.

kp said...

We are paying for all these people ... it is time we stopped paying.

Nothing is more frightening for any politician than knowing that he isn't going to get paid, WAG or IoCC!

Council Tax be damned .... none of you deserve a penny more.

Anonymous said...

It's the ineffectual Welsh Assembly we have, you see, these problems would never have happened in South Wales, but because we are up here, out of the way, Cardiff turns a deaf ear, but now Carl Sargeant has realised that the people are pissed off with this Council, the Assembly and it's idiots and the anger is now being directed at Carl Sargeant himself.

And there's nothing worse than being made a fool of, he won't like the public having a go at him, he likes to bully and barge his way around, but he's been outfoxed again, by the people of Anglesey, who are calling his bluff.

Poor Carl Sargeant, the minister for Social Justice and Local Government looks like he belongs in an episode of Yes Minister!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Carl Sargeant is feeling the hand of history on his shoulder or will it be the walk of shame he will be doing when he finds out that the people will not swallow this excuse, he hasn't got the power to do anything, all he can do is make the tea and wring his hands when he realises that the people have called his bluff.

Come on Carl, let's call it a day here you know it makes sense.

Anonymous said...


A Member of Staff said...

You say that Carl Sargeant likes to bully his way around. Not half as much as Tin Pot Bowles.

I'll give him a week.

Anglesey Assassin said...
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Anonymous said...

Druid, with your computer technology, how many readers or bloggers are from Cardiff this week? and is one of them built like a gorilla? with cauliflower ears? come on druid we need to know these statistics.

Another Insider said...

Todays shocking news from the Kremlin.

David Bowles's complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman, against Cllr Barrie Durkin, is on the point of collapse.

It is said that David Bowles, has breached the Data Protection Act which in this case is also a criminal offence in his attempt to prejudice the Ombudsman to find in favor of his complaint.

This turn of event will come a hammer blow to Carl Sargent who still thinks the sun shines out of Bowles's arse.
More to follow.

Anonymous said...
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In the Know. said...

David Bowles statement is indicative of his sociopathic mentality but more importantly it again shows that he fails to understand his Position at Anglesey County Council.

David Bowles as the Interim Managing Director/Head of paid service, is in a Political Restricted Post, yet he is seen breaching that restriction on numerous occasions none less so than in this latest statement, making his position untenable.

Anonymous said...

Message to Carl Sargeant.

What the hell do you think you are playing at?

Sack Bowles Now before he causes civil strife.

Anonymous said...

Message to Carl Sargeant.

What the hell do you think you are playing at?

Sack Bowles Now before he causes civil strife.

Anonymous said...

Most of us here want to take the Welsh Assembly on, and why not, they have cause this mess, and I do believe that they are running scared tonight.

Agenda for meeting tomorrow at Cardiff

The people of Anglesey are starting to revolt..discuss and mass debate furiously.

Revolucionista said...

What if...

We all decided to support Comrade Carl and march on the Council to protest? Nice and peaceful, but loud, like.

Prediction: one person would turn up, everyone else would stay at home and tune-in for news on this and the Photon blog.

An election? Who do you think the people of Anglesey will vote for, IF anyone should oppose the clowns we have now? Our history does not bode well.

DOC said...


Manipulative and Conning.
They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victims as merely an instrument to be used, dominated and humiliated.

Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt.
A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in there way.

Callousness/Lack of Empathy
Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others' feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.

Other Related Qualities.
Does not perceive that anything is wrong with themselves.
Authoritarian, Secretive, Paranoid. Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victims life, Unable to feel remorse or guilt and may state readily that their goal is to rule the world.

This is only a small insight into the profile of a Sociopath but fits Mr David Bowles's character to a Tee.

Anonymous said...

If DOC's right, perhaps we should ask if David Bowles claims to be from Naboo, wears a black hooded robe (with abstract clasp) in private, and can throw lightning from his hands.

In other words, Mr Bowles, should we call you Palpatine, or even Darth Sidious?

Anonymous said...

" Mr David Bowles's character to a Tee.


so that'll be to a charact What about er?

Anonymous said...

"he is after all a civil servant and so his remarks are inappropriate"
"making his position untenable"

Careful, good people. One other person who has very publically pointed this fact out (along with pointing out various other shortcomings) has ended up being the victim of a rather unpleasant Llangefni-led smear and hate campaign. It shouldn't happen to anybody, and those behind it should face the consequences (and should not leave with an almost half a million pound payoff like Bowles got in Lincolnshire when he found himself unable to work with councillors there in 2004).

Anonymous said...

"Unable to work with Councillors"

This What David Bowles is renown for. Causing trouble then claims he's bullied and walks away with a load of money. Now I call that creative Fraud.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

O'ye of little Knowledge.

Insider said...

News from the Kremlin

David Bowles's Days are numbered.

Whilst the Information Commission are investigating alleged breaches of the Data Protection Act and whether there is a case of criminal offences by David Bowles against Cllr Durkin, he commits the same offences again?

This is said to have taken place along with the Ombudsman to prejudice David Bowles's complaint against Cllr Durkin.

Senior Councillors are said to be up in arms over the whole affair and are calling for Bowles's immediate resignation.

Anonymous said...

09:06 - Hello, Barrie.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning how are you all today? another fun filled day on the island of dreams.

The merger bus has turned into Carl Sargeant's battle bus, and it's on it's way, flat out, smoke belching, tyres smoking, stero blaring and Carl is fuming!
The breakfast chef prepping Carl's gastronomic breakfast is under duress. he is my mole and has just managed to get five minutes with a mug of tea and I'll give him a call.

" hello cont how are you mate"
" hiya( redacted) what a day Ive had, the merger bus is on its way , we are just passing (redacted) and Carls has just been for a ( redacted) he smells a bit like ( redacted)
" Has he had his breakfast, you should had (redacted) in his (redacted) ha ha.
" He eats like a " (redacted x2)" I have to remind him he's only got " redacted)" arse!
" Is he in a good mood?"
" Oh no, "(redacted)" he was fucking" redacted" he had printed loads of pages off the druids blog and was having a fit reading them, we are stopping in a bit for diesel and to unblock the toilet, this stress plays havoc with his "(redacted)"
" I'll see you later better go, were pulling into "( redacted)" soon, it will be nice there to see the "(redacted") and the new morrisons, see you later "(redacted"

Anonymous said...

See Photon latest blog.

Makes you wonder how insane David Bowles really is.

Anonymous said...

Get a grip Carl there are some very troubled waters ahead and the lot will fall on your shoulders very soon.

Anonymous said...

David Bowles had another staff meeting yesterday,he spent most of the time abusing Councillors in their absence!

Contrary to what David Bowles is saying the Staff are sick to the back teeth of him and can't see the back of him quick enough.

Anonymous said...

Don't you see, that's the whole point, we want the whole blame to land on Carl Sargeant, he insisted that things could only get better, but he has failed, Bowles was sent in, he has failed, the whole Council has failed, let's just admit it, we have a failed Council, let's see how we can get rid of them, that's the main thing, how can we do that without causing more problems. However, don't ask Carwyn Jones
and Ieuan Wyn to help, they are too busy with the yes vote, we are on our own.

Anonymous said...

Carl and Bowles may think they can outfox us all, he forgot that we have nothing to lose here, we have lost the lot already, so that's one tactict they can forget, we have no jobs, no future, no homes, no future, our reputation is in tatters, but we can sleep at night.

The dogs sent up from the Welsh Assembly, want to keep their reputation(s) intact, have we got news for them, as far as the people of Anglesey are concerned their reputation is the same as a pile of manure... pure crap.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you read todays Daily Post, Page 6?

There is an open letter from Bowles to the People of Anglesey. Yet after all his rhetoric, he fail to say that he, and Anglesey County Council, are under investigation for alleged criminal offences against Councillor Barrie Durkin.

This man is undoubtedly totally Insane.

And the people of Anglesey are blaming Carl Sergeant for leaving the nutter in office.

How can we expect anything other than Democratic rebellion by the Councillors and Staff alike now.

Anonymous said...

Inside the battle bus, sent by the mole, danger if easily offended keep out.

Anonymous said...

"he, and Anglesey County Council, are under investigation for alleged criminal offences against Councillor Barrie Durkin."

Have you a definitive published source for that?

Also, a link for the Daily Post letter would be good too - I didn't quickly find it on their site just now (or would it be an advert?)

Anonymous said...

Ring up the Information Commissioners office they should be able to tell you. As for the Daily Post Letter,go buy a paper, it's on page 6.

Anonymous said...

"Ring up the Information Commissioners office"

So it's the same data protection story we've heard before, with no new information. That's fine, thanks.

"As for the Daily Post Letter,go buy a paper, it's on page 6."

I know it's on page 6, thank you, and I'd love to buy a copy, but for the next few days I'm not in an area where the Daily Post is available. This Internerd thing doesn't have that kind of limitation (it has different ones).

Perhaps some helpful person would please type in a sentence from the article and I'll find it from that?

Member of Staff. said...

"The members have lost the trust of the Staff".
David Bowles.

What a trouble making bare faced liar. He makes all this up as he goes along.
Get rid Carl Before we do.

Member of Staff. said...

"The members have lost the trust of the Staff".
David Bowles.

What a trouble making bare faced liar. He makes all this up as he goes along.
Get rid Carl Before we do.

Anonymous said...

Carl Sargeant is saying that "you've not played the game our LABOUR way and we don't like it, so we now find a way to fetter you further"

Carl Sargeant / Recovery Board / Bowles / McGregor = inept

Anonymous said...

Bowles is PAID to cause mayhem, his modus operandi is to divide and conquer. Bowles makes his money by creating arguments and he will eventually resign in a mssive disagreement with a financial claim against Anglesey Council.

Gibbons must be chastised for appointing Bowles.

Anonymous said...

Bowles has done for corporate governance on Anglesey what Harrold Shipman done to his patients, termnination.

Another Member Of Staff said...

Member of Staff. said..."The members have lost the trust of the Staff".
David Bowles. What a trouble making bare faced liar

I beg to differ.

Anonymous said...

Hello David Bowles.

In the Know. said...

Daily Post Today.

Unions accuse David Bowles of Misleading them. I call it bloody well bare-face lying to them.



David Bowles will be gone by Monday Night.

Anonymous said...

"David Bowles will be gone by Monday Night." (19 February 2011 22:53)

It's Monday night.

Has Bowles gone, or was it a different Monday?

The missing person right now seems to be the Photon, following the posting and then disappearance this morning of certain material which was soon clarified and then followed by an apology, material which was largely public on the record stuff, following on from some queries raised in [1] (which is still available, for now).

Rather than clarify those queries, which could doubtless have been done quite quickly, the person to whom they relate appears to have had them forcibly removed, at least for now. That doesn't of course answer the queries and nor can it make them go away.

I hope the Photon is OK, and is soon able to return to much-needed investigatory work without being leaned on by anybody's dark forces.


Anonymous said...

I like the Photon but he won't phone me, if he had done I could have forewarned him about some people who are very dangerous, they are safe in their turf in Anglesey but are now considered to be a part of the problem and not of the solution.
Photon'e email is shagged, and his post this morning was removed, don't lick your wounds get some facts from another investigation up.