Friday, 16 April 2010

Plaid Cymru & Peter Rogers - the saga continues

As per the Druid's post of last night, today's Daily Post does indeed contain a plea from Plaid's Ynys Môn candidate, Dylan Rees, for the Public Services Ombudsman to complete his inquiry as soon as possible (not online for some reason):

"I believe the electorate of Ynys Môn have the right to know whether Peter Rogers has done anything wrong and I urge the ombudsman to complete his inquiries as soon as possible so that the findings can be released before the general election"

Peter Rogers also responds in the Daily Post (not online):

"It is appalling Plaid Cymru have asked for the investigation to be rushed because of the election. This has to follow its proper course with the Ombudsman. I have been elated about the response of my supporters to this, they have really rallied around me. They are equally appalled by Plaid's tactics. As a former policeman Mr Rees should know better than to comment on matters like this while they are still in progress"

It is widely thought that Peter Rogers won just enough support amongst Anglesey's farmers to deny Plaid Cymru a victory at the 2005 general election - thus allowing Labour's Albert Owen to win the seat with a majority of just over 1000 votes. The events of the last couple of days prove that Plaid Cymru are fearful that another strong showing from Peter Rogers may once again rob them of a victory in Ynys Môn. They are right to be worried: their candidate is widely thought, even amongst Plaid supporters, to be weak (his latest press release demanding that David Cameron apologises for leaving Anglesey off the infamous tea towel is a good example of his vacuousness).

Plaid Cymru have consistently tried to present themselves during this election as an honest local alternative to the "same old parties, same old politics" of the "London parties". In that case they would show the Ynys Môn electorate more respect if they tried to win this election with their policies and not by desperately trying to have another candidate disqualified.


Anonymous said...

Peter Rogers has a lot of supporters, people who are totally disillusioned with Ieuan, Albert Dylan. These are the fools who have taken us to this edge of chaos, the edge of anarchy, Peter, we know how hard it is, set your goals, set your agenda, get the people to vote for you, and wipe this filth called Plaid and Labour off this Island.

God Bless you Peter Rogers.

Anonymous said...

Plaid Cymru are desperately trying their best to smear and ruin the integrity of the only friend of the people of Anglesey.

He is outspoken, I agree, a permanent thorn in the side of the Plaid Party, who have no real agenda, a mish mash of ideas, created on a whim, do we want these idiots to really run this Island?
This is what we want..

A final solution to the use of the Welsh Language as a weapon to destroy businesses and jobs. All Plaid do is go on and on about Welsh this and Welsh that, when at the end of the day, all they have done is created more jobs for Welsh job centre staff.

This Welsh Pride, has destroyed our country, yet Plaid Cymru blame everyone else but themselves.
Forget Plaid Cymru, they are the party that have stood by and watched as our heritage has been ruined, our culture wiped away, while our people live in poverty, with no future, and no jobs.

Plaid Cymru we blame the devastation and economic mess on your desk, you created it, and we want you all out, before this Island becomes a third world Island.

Un o Nebo

Anonymous said...

We need to know who works on the public services Ombudsmans office who is related to senior members of IACC and Plaid Cymru's candidate Dylan Rees.

The answer will amaze you, I know who it is but I'm not telling. Maybe this is why he is so sure of pulling the rug from under Peter Roger's campaign?

BIll Hilton said...

Perhaps if Peter Rogers was less of an abrasive, rude bully, then he might just about gather enough support to have a chance of being elected and he wouldn't get into situations like this in the first place.

Good judgement is something that he should ask his brother about.

La Pasionaria said...

If he'd have behaved himself at Holyhead Police Station none of this would have happened. Peter Rogers is an arrogant prat and so far up his own arse its unbelievable. The Tories take anyone, like John Marek, but even they didn't want Peter Rogers.

The Rock said...

If Peter Rogers really had the best interests of Anglesey at heart, particularly at 70 years of age and after heart surgery when the impact he could make at Westminster is very questionable, he would throw his support behind the Conservative candidate. Then there really would be a good chance of ousting Labour and Plaid to the longer term good of the island. Sadly, personal ego trips seem to take precedence over good sense.

sunny jim said...

Druid, do you see a surge in support for Lib Dems on Anglesey after the Clegg debate? how will this affect result? Peter rogers to win?

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Sunny Jim - an interesting question. The problem for the Lib Dems is that no matter how well Clegg performs in the debates, they are the only major party contesting Ynys Mon who are opposed to Wylfa B - which will win them few friends on the Island. They also have a very weak candidate in Matt Wood. That said I should think they will pick up the PAWB (People Against Wylfa B) votes but as they only polled 7% in Anglesey in 2005 they are in my opinion unlikely to do much better this time around.

Anonymous said...

I have no time for Plaid and no time for Peter Rogers either, I remember him canvassing once and when I said I wouldn't vote for him he chased me down the street, very strange man

Anonymous said...

Peter Rogers does not need enemies as he is his own worst enemy. He gets himself into the situations he does on his own and then blames everyone else for his own downfall - a bit like Albert Owen blaming everyone for Anglesey's desperate situation except himself and the party that has governed Wales from Cardiff and London for the last 10 years plus. A vote for Peter Rogers is a wasted vote - he is a thick, arrogant and unpredictable bully who has no influence even on Anglesey County Council let alone should he get to Westminster. He's too old, too much of a twit and would not make one iota of difference amongst 600 MPs as an independent MP. As I said in an earlier contribution - most people ignored or laughed at his contributions when he was a Regional Assembly Member last time round, and he just gets worse and worse. Most people who know him will tell you that he, quite literally, froths at the mouth when he gets het up about something - and the only person in politics on Anglesey I know who has actually physically 'assaulted' another party worker - remember the fracass at the Llangefni County School debate some years ago when he pushed a Lib Dem official over some chairs. Those who pity this fool and try to cry foul because of his age and recent health issues are no better than him, and are blind to his obvious faults.

La Pasionaria said...

Good speech, couldn't agree more!

Selwyn Bach said...

so after the recent upheaval in the polls with Lib Dems leading in one (MAil on Sunday)and Labour 3rd, what is going to happen on Anglesey?

If the Lib Dem's get another say 500 votes, where could they come from? Lab, Plaid or previously didn't vote?

If from Labour and Plaid mananges to hold its 2005 vote, could Dylan Rees still win?

it would be a huge blow for the island, if he did, from all the local talk i'm hearing. What do you say Druid?

Welsh Ramblings said...

"A final solution to the use of the Welsh Language as a weapon to destroy businesses and jobs. All Plaid do is go on and on about Welsh this and Welsh that, when at the end of the day, all they have done is created more jobs for Welsh job centre staff.

Plaid Cymru we blame the devastation and economic mess on your desk, you created it, and we want you all out, before this Island becomes a third world Island."

Yes, despite the powers for labour market regulation including language rights being reserved at Westminster, Plaid Cymru has somehow managed to influence UK economic policy. I know we say the 3 MPs punch above their weight but come on.

So let's forget the global financial crisis, the short-selling of toxic mortgages, and the credit crunch, it is in fact Plaid Cymru that is to blame for the state of the economy.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Selwyn - I think this will be a good topic for a new post. Watch this space!

Anonymous said...

Its a shame that Peter Rogers is such a loose canon. I thought that he had a chance this time of beating IWJ in the Assembly elections.
An acquaintance of mine was arrested a month or so ago after being named by Barrie Durkin as the "Hit Man" hired to take him (Barrie Durkin) out.
The arrest was farcical, the police failed to get down the farm track to reach the Jackal and phoned later to ask him to turn himself in. He denied that he was an assassin and was allowed to go. Barrie Durkin later claimed that he had been "unwell" when he made the allegation.

Plaid's unashamed opportunism in latching onto Peter Rogers difficulties is a disgrace but to be expected.

I don't believe that Plaid can poll any more than 11,000 votes at the election but they won't poll less either.
Labour has also held its vote because of the "Tribal" Holyhead loyalty to Albert Owen.
The Conservatives should be a force but aren't because of the Conservative following of Peter Rogers.
Libdems won't get any Clegg bounce; at 2000 odd votes any potential voter will recognise a lost cause.

The question is; is Plaid sufficiently disliked that even Tories will vote for Albert Owen.

Remember Ceredigion. Plaid lost at the last GE because Labour and Tories alike transferred their vote to the Libdems to keep Plaid out.

Anonymous said...

Its really interesting that the Druid has not referred once to the Welsh leaders debates - amid all the sillyness about the Clegg factor and their obvious surge in the polls across Britain (Wales included), especially as IWJ has won both the Welsh Leaders debates (the first one with over 55% saying he out-performed Peter Hain (a former Cabinet member), Cheryl Gillan (where's this Wales place?) and Kirsty Williams (who thinks that a short skirt is a vote winner!). But then of course we didn't have a contribution form an indipendent - Peter 'Superman' Rogers - in that debate. Pity really, as the more exposure he gets the better it is for all the other candidates as he could not win a debating session in a primary school. He would probably just start shouting, lashing out and then walking out - just as a 5 year old would do.

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful Druid - and whlst you are happy to band aound graphs, stories, skewed analysis etc about other candidates you have not once responded to the questions and points made about Peter Rogers on this blog. He is Albert Owen's stalking horse, put in deliberatley to stop Plaid Cuymru winning - by mutual consent between Albert and Peter. Come on Druid, tell the truth, show your colours! Peter Rogers has lost it big time in this election and Albert is on the way out as well!!

County Councillor Barrie Durkin said...

I suggest Before hiding behind "anonymous" whilst commenting on other people by name, it would be far more interesting if you were able to give a truer account of the facts, rather than rely on second hand third rate information.
County Councillor. Barrie Durkin.

The Druid of Anglesey said...

Barrie - if that is really you, why don't you share with us your side of the story?

County Councillor Barrie Durkin said...

Thank's for the opportunity to give my side of the story, but now is not the time.

The balloon's gone up. Anglesey County Council's Pandora's box is open and the culprits are singing their heads off, stabbing one and other in the back so to speak.

All will be revealed soon.

Cllr Barrie Durkin

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone is helping to lift the cloud off this Island. Thank you Barrie.

Plaid Cymru promised us Change all they have done is small changed us all.

Anonymous said...

Dylan Rees ex cop. Clive mcgregor ex cop is there any more, in the woodwork?
The last election was a cracker, the postings on this website set the whole political fiels ablaze on Anglesey, and the outcome was simple, Plaid Cymru got a bloody nose, and IWJ had a hard time, selling Dylan Rees to a people, who were tired of the same old promises, the worn out rhetoric, when the people had the blindfold lifted from their eyes, they realised that there was life without Plaid Cymru, there is life when IWJ goes, life will continue, but it's who will lead us out of this mess, that is the dilemma we face, Plaid Cymru, have been, gone and left us with nothing, this is their legacy, a legacy of broken dreams, of boarded up factories, and a brokem wasted generation.